Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Phantom's 얼굴 뚫어지겠다 / About To Bore A Hole In Your Facee

모두에게 크리스마스
-Jellyfish Entertainment (Sung Shi-kyung, Brian, Seo In-gook, Park Hak-gi, Park Jang-hyun, Hwang Project)

거리를 가득 채운 불빛이 싫은가요
Do you not like the lights that fill up the streets?
온 세상 울리는 음악소리도
anand the sound of the music ringing through out the whole world

나와는 어울리지 않는다고 느끼며
if you feel like it doesn’t match you
혼자서 웅크린 채 못 본 척 하나요
and so huddle by yourself pretending to not notice them

남들은 다를 거라 생각하나요
do others think it would be different?
사실은 그리 다를 것 없죠
the truth is that there’s nothing really different

저마다 오랜 외로움에 지친 사람들
each person has their own share of long ensuing loneliness
한때는 산타를 믿었었던
at one point they even believed in Santa
아직 사랑을 찾는 사람들
they still search for love

착하게 두 손 모아 소원을 빌던 기억
memories of folding both hands like a good child and begging for their wishes
모두 다 잊지는 않았을 테니
everyone’s sure to remember such times

어쩌면 우린 생각보다 멀리오지는 않은 거죠
in some ways we really haven’t come far that far
세상과 다정했던 그 시절로부터
from the world and those tender times

지금 이대로 내버려두라고 말하지는 말아요
please don’t say to leave everything the way it is
외롭다는 건 그 누군가를 기다린단 뜻인 걸
it would mean that being lonely means I’m waiting for someone special

다시 또 사랑은 꼭 올 거라고
that love will for sure come again
점점 더 행복해질 거라고
that I’ll become more and more happy

나 아주 오래 전 꿈꾸던 그 먼 곳으로
to the place that I dreamt about a really long time ago
언젠간 갈 수 있을 거라고
I’ll be able to go again someday

착한 사람들은
that kind/good people
아프지 않을 거라고
won’t be in pain

모두에게 메리 크리스마스
merry christmas to everyone

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Phantom's 얼굴 뚫어지겠다 / About To Bore A Hole In Your Face

얼굴 뚫어지겠다 / About To Bore A Hole In Your Face

듣고있니 너와 나 이렇게 너무 보고싶은데 왜
Are you listening? You and I, I miss us so much. Why?
자꾸만 멀어지는지 난 또 멍때리고있어 yeah
(Why) do you keep getting more distant. I’m in a daze wondering again. Yeah.
얼굴 뚫어지겠다 정말 구멍나겠다 니 사진보고
About to bore a hole in your face, there really may just become a hole as I stare at your picture
(하루종일 보니까 Baby girl)
(staring at it all day baby girl)
얼굴 뚫어지겠다 정말 구멍나겠다 널 바라보다
About to bore a hole in your face, there really may just become a hole as I stare at you
(결국엔 너니까 Baby girl)
(because bottom line, it’s you. Baby girl)

니 사진만 매일 뚫어져라 바라 봐 구멍이 뻥 뚫려버릴만큼
I look at only your picture every day. To the point where a hole may pop out
넌 아직도 내가 밉고 바뀐 내 생활에 약간의 관심도 줄 수 없는거야?
you still hate you. Can you not have even a bit of interest in my changed lifestyle
이것도 이기적인 나의 모습인거야?
Is this another side of my selfish self?
나 좀 바라봐 내 가슴 무너지겠어 아니 내 맘도 뚫어지겠어
please look at me. My heart’s about to collapse. No my heart’s about to get a hole in it too.


lt's been a long time baby
너만 바라본지가 어느 새 가을겨울 다시 봄
since I’ve only been looking at you. Before I knew it, fall, winter, and it’s spring again
난 oh oh oh oh 어떡해야할지
I’m..oh oh oh oh, what am I supposed to do?
hey now stop playin me a wall, baby girl whenever I call

혹시 제발 내 전화 좀 받아줘 그만 사라져라고 말하지 말아 줘 babe

by chance, could you please pick up my call? Stop telling me to just get lost babe
um 매달리기란 쉽지 않아 맘이 곪을대로 곪아 피가 나
um it’s not easy to be hung up. My heart’s continuing to be infected/fester and it’s bleeding
그렇지만 제발 아직 이별은 앞설 때야
however, breaking up is jumping too ahead

사랑하면 모든게 다 될줄 알았어
I thought if we were in love, everything would work out
but she is walkin away, she is walkin away


얼굴 뚫어지겠다
about to bore a hole in your face

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Monday Kiz's 고장난 열차 / Broken Train Car

고장난 열차 / Broken Train Car
-Monday Kiz feat. Juvie Train of Buga Kingz

매일 방황 하는 나의 하루는 갈 곳을 잃어 해매여 가고나를 찾지 않는 너의 걸음은 점점 나를 녹슬게 만해
My every day spent wandering with losing my way and roaming leaves me more and more exhausted because your steps aren’t spent looking for me
다가가도 닿을 수 없는 사람아 언제까지 이별인건지
a person where even if I come closer I can’t touch you, when will this breakup end?
너를 잊으려해도 익숙해진 내 가슴은 고장난 열차처럼 막을 방법이 없어
even though I try to forget you, my heart used to its ways can’t find a way to stop, like a broken train car
가슴 아픈 사랑아 날 버린 사람아 그만 여기서 날 내려주겠니
love that’s left my heart aching, will you stop and let me off here?
바람 부는 날이면 눈물 나는 날이면 니 곁에 머물고 싶어
if it’s a windy day or a tearful day, I want to stay by your side

우연히 널 한번은 마주치기를 버릇처럼 그곳으로가
like a habit, I go to that place hoping to bump into you coinidentally
이젠 너만의 향기 어디도 찾을 수 없어 멍하니 이곳에서 너의 이름만 불러
now I can’t find your scent no matter where I look. I just sit here dazed calling out your name

가슴 아픈 사랑아 날 버린 사람아 그만 여기서 날 내려주겠니
love that’s left my heart aching, will you stop and let me off here?
바람 부는 날이면 눈물 나는 날이면 니 곁에 머물고 싶어
if it’s a windy day or a tearful day, I want to stay by your side

세월 지나가면 알아주기를 너를 이토록 원한다는 걸
when time passes I hope you know: I want you this bad
너는 나의전부야 이 세상 너뿐이야 너 없이 나는 살수가 없어
you’re my everything. Only you in this world. I can’t live without you
텅빈 가슴이 아파 쓰린 가슴이 아파 사랑은 너 하나니까
my empty heart aches. My burning heart aches. Because there’s only you, my love

가슴 아픈 사랑아 날 버린 사람아 그만 여기서 날 내려주겠니
love that’s left my heart aching, will you stop and let me off here?
오늘 같은 날이면 니가 그리워지면 영원히 안기고 싶어
a day like today, when I miss you, I want to hold you forever

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Norazo's 판매왕 / Sales King

판매왕 / Sales King

우린 고객봉사 역사적 사명을 띠고 이 땅에 발을 딛었다
we were entrusted with the historical mission of customer service and planted our steps in this territory

많은 고객들의 마음속 어두운 장막을 거두어낼 오늘 이날을
잊지 마시오
don’t forget this day where the dark tents in many customer’s hearts will be taken down

어서 옵쇼~ 사 는 게 힘 들 때 어서 옵쇼~ 잘 찾아왔어요
Welcome~ whenever living gets too hard, welcome~ it’s good you’ve come
어서 옵쇼~ 막~ 눈물이 흐를 때 어서 옵쇼~ 탁월한 선택이야
welcome~whenever tears just fall, welcome~what a great choice

으라차 으라차 으라차 야 당신을 미치게 할 이 에너지
으라차 (3xs), hey! This energy will make you crazy
울랄라 울랄라 울랄라 숑 이 노랠 크게 틀~고
ooh-lala (3xs) whee! Turn this music up loud
두 팔을 벌리고 벌리고 흔들어 겨에 땀나게
spread both your arms, spread ‘em and shake them, until your armpits sweat
쌓여온 모든 걸 털어내 버리게
shake off everything that’s built up until now
목소리 목소리 더 높혀 목청 터지게 이 순간 모든 걸 다 태워fire
your voice, your voice, make it louder. Until your vocal chords burst. Burn it up in the moment, fire.

어서 옵쇼~ 외로워 힘 들 때 어서 옵쇼~ 잘 찾아왔어요
welcome~ when your lonely or struggling, welcome~ it’s good you’ve come
어서 옵쇼~ 막~ 콧물이 흐를 때 어서 옵쇼~ 탁월한 선택이야
welcome~ whenever your nose is mad running, welcome~ excellent choice

고객만족 감동 서비스
customer satisfaction, service that will move you
우리는 판매왕
we are the sales king

한~~ 번~~ 더~~~!!
One~~ more~~ time~~~!!
열나게 열나게 흔들어 발에 땀 나 게
heat it up, heat it up, shake it until your feet sweat
다 아무 말 하지 마 이거나 따라해
nobody say a word, just follow this
동해물과 백두산 마르고 닳도록 이 순간 모든 걸 다 태워 fire
until the east seas dry up and mount. Baekdu wears down, burn it up in the moment, fire
두팔을 벌리고 흔들어 겨에 땀나게
spread both arms, shake it until your armpits sweat
쌓여온 모든 걸 털어내 버리게
shake off everything that’s built up til now
목소리 목소리 더 높 혀 목청 터지게 이 순간 모든 걸 다 태워 fire
your voice, your voice, raise it higher until your vocal chords burst. Burn it up in the moment, fire
Fire fire 다 태워 fire all right
Fire fire burn it all, fire all right

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Kim Dong-ryul's "Replay"

-King Dong-ryul

난 요즘 가끔 딴 세상에 있지
I’m often in a different world these days
널 떠나보낸 그 날 이후로 멍하니
after that day I let you go, just in a daze
마냥 널 생각했어. 한참 그러다보면
I think of you. After doing that for so long
짧았던 우리 기억에 나의 바람들이 더해져
my hopes for our short memories become greater
막 뒤엉켜지지
it all becomes tangled

그 속에 나는 항상 어쩔 줄 몰랐지
in it all, I never knew what to do
눈앞에 네 모습이 겨워서 불안한
you in front of my very eyes was too much. Nervous,
사랑을 말하면 흩어 없어질까 안달했던 내가 있지
afraid you’ll disappear if I mention love, here I am on edge.

그래 넌 나를 사랑했었고
yes, you loved me
난 너 못지않게 뜨거웠고
and I was just as passionate for you
와르르 무너질까
maybe it’ll all crash down/fall apart
늘 애태우다 결국엔 네 손을
always worrying, and ultimately your hand
놓쳐버린 어리석은 내가 있지
was lost by me, so foolish.

난 아직 너와 함께 살고 있지
I’m still living with you
내 눈이 닿는 어디든 너의 흔적들
your trace is everywhere my eyes land on
지우려 애써 봐도 마구 덧칠해 봐도
though I try to erase them, try painting over them like crazy
더욱더 선명해져서 어느덧 너의 기억들과 살아가는
it becomes clearer, and before I know it, I’m living with
또 죽어가는 나
and dying with your memories.

네가 떠난 뒤 매일 되감던 기억의 조각들
after you left, pieces of memories that I rewind through every day
결국 완전히 맞춰지지 못할
in the end I can’t even fully put them together
그땐 보이지 않던 너의 맘은 더없이 투명했고
your heart that I couldn’t see then, couldn’t be more clear
난 보려 하지 않았을 뿐
I just didn’t ry to see it then.

넌 나를 사랑했었고
you loved me
난 너 못지않게 간절했고
and I was just as earnest
그 순간을 놓친 죄로
because I lost that moment
또 길을 잃고 세월에 휩쓸려
I’m once again lost and time has swept by
헤매 다니는 어리석은 내가 있지
and here I am foolishly wandering

널 잃어버린 시간을 거슬러
fighting against the time I lost you
떠다니는 어리석은 내가 있지
here I am foolishing floating around

너 머물렀던 그 때로 거슬러
fighting to get back to the time where you were
멈춰있는 어리석은 내가 있지
here I am foolishly stuck in time

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Words Behind The Music: 4men & Mi's 그 남자 그 여자 / That Man That Woman

그 남자 그 여자 / That Man That Woman
-4men & Mi

밥을 먹어도 혼자 야구를 봐도 혼자
While eating: alone. While watching baseball: alone
거리를 걸어도 나 혼자 혼자이기 싫은데
while walking down the street, I’m alone. I hate being alone.

또 방에 누워도 혼자 거실에 나와도 혼자
also when lying in my room: alone. When I come out to the living room: alone
가슴이 아파서 식탁에 앉아서 나 엎드려 또 울잖아
my heart aches so I sit at the table and hunch over to cry again

라면을 끓여도 괜히 니 생각이 나서
while cooking ramyun (instant noodles) I think of you for no reason
그릇을 놓아도 꼭 두 개를 놓고
while setting out plates, I always put out two
먹지도 못하고 눈물만 삼켜내
I can’t even eat, and just swallow my tears
이젠 찬물을 마셔도 쓰린 내 속이 안풀려 떠난 니 생각에
now even if I drink cold water, my insides won’t settle down because of thoughts of you who left

오늘도 술이야 취해 헛소리야 니가 보고싶다
alcohol again today. I get drunk and talk nonsense. I miss you.

친구를 만나도 그냥 수다를 떨어도 그냥
even while meeting friends: just whatever. Even when chatting: just whatever.
별로 관심없잖아 내 속이 안풀리잖아 뭘 해도 소용없잖아
I’m not interested. My insides won’t settle down, doesn’t matter what I do.

예쁘게 머리를 해도 다 맘에 안들어
even if I make my hair all nice, I don’t like it
정말 괜찮다 말해 줄 사람 자랑 할 사람 내 곁에 없잖아
there’s no one to say “it looks good” or to brag about by my side
정말 사랑해 웃는 연인들 다 꼴보기 싫어 가슴이 멍들어
I really love you. I hate all those smiling couples. My heart aches.

나 혼자 술이야 취해 헛소리야 니가 보고싶다
I’m alone, drinking. When drunk I talk nonsense. I miss you.
오늘도 술이야 취해 헛소리야 너무 보고싶다
today is more drinking. When drunk I talk nonsense. I miss you so much.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Im Chang-jung's "Bye"

-Im Chang-jung

오늘은 이제 멀리 가는 구나
Today is now leaving far away
1분 1초가 야속하구나
every minute, every second is so harsh
원래 그런가보다
maybe that’s just the way it is
그 누구가 내 마음 아는가
does anyone understand my heart/understand how I feel?
오늘 두 번 다시 오진 않는가
does a day like today come more than once?
더 이상 미련은 내겐 없어
I no longer have any lingering feelings
너에 대한 욕심은 끝이 없어
my greed/desire for you is endless
그동안 추억 간직 하겠어
I’ll cherish our past memories
너에 대한 마음도 간직하겠어
I’ll also cherish my heart/feelings for you

왜 시간은
why does time
항상 아쉬울때 끝나는 걸까
always run out when it hasn’t been fully enjoyed?
오 나만 그런걸까
oh, is that just me?
왜 시간은
why does time
항상 행복할때 끝나는 걸까
always run out when I’m happy?
나에게만 그런걸까
is that only the case for me?

오늘이 아쉬워 잠 못들고
today still leaves much to be desired so I can’t sleep
한숨만 쉬다 잠이들고
I let out a sign and then fall asleep
오 미련한 사람아
oh you foolish person
내일 아침에도 꼭 해가 뜰거야
the sun will still for sure rise even tomorrow morning

이 순간 난 너무 행복해
I'm so happy right in this moment
내일 또 모래 오늘 같기를 바래
I hope tomorrow and the day after is like today
그게 아니라면 내일이 없다면
if that’s not the case, then hope there’s no tomorrow
난 너무 아쉬워 시간이 미워
I still want so much. I hate time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Words Behind The Music: M.Street's 사랑했다 사랑한다 / I Loved You I Love You

사랑했다 사랑한다 / I Loved You I Love You

잊으려고 노력해도 자꾸 떠오르는 너의 모습
even though I try to forget, your image keeps popping up
이젠 정말 잊으려고 해
I’m really trying to forget you now

그러다가 또 너와 함께 찍은 사진 한장이라도 나오면
but while doing so, if another picture of you and I pop up
나 그날 그 기억속으로 들어가서 아파하고
I go back into the time of the picture and hurt

널 사랑한다고 말 못하고
I couldn’t even tell you that I love you
소리치고 상처주던 그런 못난 나
me, who would yell and hurt you

널 위해 해준게 없어 나 이렇게 아파하고 있잖아
there’s nothing I’ve done for you. I’m here hurting like this
Baby baby baby 미안해요 나 때문에
I’m sorry. It’s my fault.
사랑해 이 말 한마디를 못하고 후회하고 있잖아
I love you. These words I couldn’t say and now I regret it
Love you Love you Love you Loving you

니가 써줬던 편지 한 통 속에 들어있는 너의
the letter you wrote me where you put in all of you
예쁜 마음 나 눈물 안경으로 이제서야 그 마음 느끼고
beautiful thoughts. I couldn’t understand your heart until I put on my tear glasses

늘 미안하다고 말 못하고 소리치고 상처 주던 그런 못난 나
I could never say that I was sorry. Foolish me, I’d just yell and hurt you.

나만 바라보고(바라보고) 사랑했던 (사랑했던)
you who would only look at me, and love me
그런 너를 이젠 볼 수 없는걸-
that kind of person, I cannot see anymore

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Wheesung's 놈들이 온다 / They're Coming

놈들이 온다 / They’re Coming

I'm drownin' myself in the memories of love

my heart is breakin' with the thought of our lost love x2

LOVE.. 한순간에 눈이 맞았지
Our eyes met within a moment
LOVE.. 불이 번져가듯 빨랐지
It was fast like how a fire spreads
LOVE.. 우리는 사랑을 믿었지
We believed in love
그래 그땐 그랬었어
yeah it was like that then

LOVE.. 처음 그 느낌이 좋았어..
The feeling in the beginning was nice
LOVE.. 그 걱정이 시작이었어..
That worry was the start of it all
LOVE.. 뭔가 예전같지 않아서 우린 그게 너무 슬펐어
Something became different from how it was back then and so we became so sad

지독한 놈들이와 눈물과 이별이와 힘없이 틀림없이 당하고 말거야
those aweful things are coming. Tears and breakups. No energy, no doubt. I’ll be hit again.
잠깐이야 곧 지나가고 잊혀질거야 어린시절의 기억들 처럼
it lasts just a moment. It passes soon and I’ll forget. Like my childhood memories.

LOVE.. 마치 보란듯이 만나서
By chance we met
LOVE.. 끝을 향한 시작을 했어
We started something that was headed for the end
LOVE.. 그건 사랑이 아니었어
It wasn’t love
그래 그게 문제 였어..
yeah that was the problem.

LOVE.. 처음 부터 잘못이었어
It was a mistake from the beginning
LOVE.. 외로움의 시작이었어
It was the start of loneliness
LOVE.. 다시 돌이킬수 없는걸 우린 이미 너무 늦었어
Something we cannot undo. We’re too late.

I'm drownin' myself in the memories of love

my heart is breakin' with the thought of our lost love x2

인사처럼 마치 악수처럼 널 안고 손잡고 또 애써 웃지만
like a greeting, like a handshake I hugged you and held your hand and tried hard to smile

끝이란 걸 이미 알고있어 너와 난
we already knew it was the end, you and i.

지독한 놈들이야 모든걸 다 가져가 그만둬 내버려둬 외치고 싶지만
they’re aweful things. They take everything. I wanna scream, “Just stop! Leave me alone!”

잘가란 말 한마디밖에 할 수 없잖아 다신 못 만날 사람들 처럼
I can only say the words goodbye. Like people who’ll never meet again

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Ali's 뭐 이런게 다 있어 / I’ll Be Damned

뭐 이런게 다 있어 / I’ll Be Damned

뒤 돌아 보지마
don’t turn around and look
얼굴 다시 보면 마음 약해지잖아
if I see your face my heart will get weak
미안하다고 해도 가슴 아프다 해도
even if you say sorry and that your heart aches
내 이름을 불러도 제발 돌아보지마
even if you call my name, please don’t turn around
날 버린거야 니가 버린거야
I’ve been left behind. You left me.
이럴 땐 어떻게 해야 해 그걸 모르겠어
what does one do at a time like this? I don’t know the answer
바지라도 붙잡고 가지 말라 해볼까
should I try to hold onto your pants asking to not leave?
구차하게 매달려 눈물만 흘릴까
should I hang on pathetically just crying?

이렇게 될 줄 몰랐어
I didn’t know things would end up this way.
우린 너무나 사랑했잖아
we loved each other so much
날 안아 줄 때 그 어떤 너의 사랑이
when you hugged me this love of yours
언제부턴가 의무적으로 느껴졌었어 변해버렸어
it started feeling forced at some point. It changed.

사랑이 참 허무해 뭐 이런 게 다 있어
love is so pointless/all in vain. I’ll be damned.
이상하게 생긴 게 나를 슬프게 하네
something so weird looking makes me sad
날 붙잡아줘 뭐라 변명 좀 해봐
hold onto me. Make some type of excuse
빈말이라도 그렇게 해주면 좋겠어
even if they’re all empty words, I wish you’d do that for me.
어쩌다가 우리가 이렇게 돼버렸는지
somehow we became like this
그 누구의 잘못인지 가슴이 아파
whoever’s fault it is, my heart hurts

이렇게 될 줄 몰랐어
I didn’t know things would end up this way.
우린 너무나 사랑했잖아
we loved each other so much
날 안아 줄 때 그 어떤 너의 사랑이
when you hugged me this love of yours
언제부턴가 변해버렸어
at some point changed.

돌이켜보면 내가 널 너무 힘들게만 했어
when looking back on it, I made things too difficult for you
이제야 그걸 후회하게 됐어 부디 행복하게 잘 살아줘 오 미안해
I now have come to regret it. Please live a good, happy life. Oh I’m sorry.

이렇게 될 줄 몰랐어
I didn’t know things would end up this way.
우린 너무나 사랑했잖아
we loved each other so much
날 안아 줄 때 그 어떤 너의 사랑이
when you hugged me this love of yours
at some point
의무적인 사랑으로 변해버렸어
changed into a forced/obligated love.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Clover's 아는 오빠/ An Oppa I Know

아는 오빠 / An Oppa I Know
-Clover (Eun Ji-won, Typhoon, Gilme)

(who`s that) 왼쪽 오른쪽
To the left, to the right
everybody stand up
나와 춤을 춰
dance with me
put your hands up
쉽게쉽게 생각해 깊게깊겐 피곤해
think easy, easy. Deeply, deeply is just tiring
(who`s that) 왼쪽 오른쪽
to the left, to the right
everybody stand up
나와 춤을 춰
dance with me
put your hands up
쉽게쉽게 생각해 그냥 아는 오빠일 뿐야
think easy, easy. It’s just an oppa I know

[Verse 1]
Yes yes I'm Playboy 연애는 항상 재밌는 놀이
Dating is always a fun game
(나쁜남자) yo no soy...
(A bad boy)
난 그저 living to enjoy
I’m just living to enjoy
대쉬할 땐 마치 Superman 확률은 99%
when I make a move it’s like Superman. My chances are 99%
그녀는 모르지만 이동네 남자들은 다 알어 Who represent
she may not know it, but all the guys in this hood do
틀려 요즘 들어 자주 만난 그녀는 특별한 사랑이라고 나는 느껴
it’s different. This girl I’ve been meeting often these days is a special love, I can feel it
웃겨 내게도 사랑이라니 Hey 생각만 해도 아이러니 해
it’s funny even to me. To say it’s love. (hey) just thinking about it it’s ironic
그러던 어느날 낯선 남자가 다가오자 그녀는 놀라
then one day, a male stranger walks towards her and she is surprised
그에게 날 소개 했지 (누구?) 그냥 아는 오빠
she introduced me (who?) “it’s just an oppa I know”

(who`s that) 누가 또 누가 또 빠져들었나 상처가 될테니 착각하지마
perhaps someone, another someone has fallen. It’ll become a scar so don’t misunderstand
(who`s that) 누가 또 누가 또 빠져들었나 그저 그냥 넌 아는오빠
perhaps someone, another someone has fallen. It’s just, you’re an oppa I know

[Verse 2]
주변엔 항상 많은 오빠 그 많은 다른 아는 오빠
in your circle there’s always so many oppas. So many different oppas you know
들 과는 나는 대화 조차 늘 다르다는 것을 몰라?
…don’t you know even a mere conversation with me is different from the rest?
애교 섞인 목소리톤 하트 가득한 이모티콘
a flirty/baby tone voice with heart filled emoticons
그녀의 수많은 인맥 관리 속에 여전히 살아남은 관심일촌
among her many acquaintenances, always the interest that stands out among the rest
우리 사이는 특별해 스타들보다 스페셜해
our relationship is special. More special than the stars
확신을 가지고 난 고백 하기로 해 남자 답게 OK
I decide to make a confident confession. Like a man OK
너의 수 많은 아는 오빠 들처럼 나도 그냥 아는 오빠
“like your countless oppas that you know, am I too just an oppa you know?”
냐고 물어 보자 그녀는 놀라 (뭐? 정말 친한 오빠)
I ask her and she’s surprised (what? You’re a really close oppa)

[Hook repeat]

[Verse 3]
이미 어장안의 물고기
like a fish already in the fishery
바짝 집중하네 눈코귀
on high alert: my eyes, nose, and ears
지도 모르게 질질 끌려오는게
not even knowing, dragging approaching
죄 라면은 죄 줄줄 줄을 서는게
if it’s a crime, crimes line up
당연한 순서 (wassup?) 대기표를 받어 (나 됐어!)
an obvious order (wassup?) take a number (no thanks!)
미안한데 싫음 뒤로빠져
I’m sorry but I don’t want to. I’ll exit out the back
u meet the evil piggy in the middle
깊게 파고들면 자존심을 잃어
if you dig too deep, you’ll lose your self esteem

정말 날 사랑한거니 미안해 내맘 몰랐니 아는 오빠 그이상은
did you really love me? I’m sorry. Did you not know my heart/intentions? More than just an oppa I know?

[Sabi repeat]

[Hook repeat]

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words Behind The Music: LeeSsang's 나란 놈은 답은 너다 / The Answer To A Guy Like Me Is You

나란 놈은 답은 너다 / The Answer To A Guy Like Me Is You
-LeeSsang feat. Ha-rim

Hook] 나란 놈은 답은 너다
The answer to a guy like me is you
나 쉽게 말해도 내가 말이 안 되도
I can put it simply, it may not make sense
나란 놈은 답은 너다 나
but the answer to a guy like me is you
설명 못 해도
I can’t explain it
내 맘이 그래 나 죽어 버릴까 Yeah (3xs)
that’s the way my heart is. Shall I just die?

Verse 01]
헤어지자는 너의 말에 난 화가 나 소리치고
I get mad at your words suggesting we break up. I yell,
술에 취해 벽을 치고 괜한 사람 어깨를 부딪치고
get drunk, punch walls, bump into innocent people’s shoulders for no reason
욕하고 뭘 보냐며 시비 걸고
I swear, start fights saying “Whatchu lookin at?!”
그렇게 세상 모든 게 다 싫고
I hate the world so much
그런 내 모습에 넌 또 실망해
and seeing me that way you get disappointed again
하지만 나 심각해
however, I’m serious
앞뒤 다 자르고 니가 없으면 미치겠는데
not knowing what’s the front or end, without you, I’ll go crazy
어떡해 오죽하면 내가 이래
how else would I be this bad?
너도 울잖아 아직 나 사랑하니까
you’re crying too! Because you still love me
무릎 꿇잖아 내가 미안하니까
I’m on my knees! Because I’m sorry
그러니까 붙잡아
so please hold on
구차한 변명 거창한 약속 따윈
I won’t make pathetic excuses, over the top promises
하진 않을게 돌아서지 마
so please just don’t turn away

Hook repeat]

Verse 02]
너는 왜 나를 못 믿어
why can’t you trust me?
말하면서 속으론 찔려
as I talk, I get guilty pangs inside
우리 사랑했던 1년
the year that we loved each other
그 시간 동안 못할 짓 많이 했던
I did a lot of bad things during that time
내 자신이 너무나 싫어
I hate myself so much
이런 싸움 끝엔 언제나 사랑을 잃어
at the end of fights like this, love is always lost
남잔 바람도 필 줄 알아야 돼
“a man needs to know how to cheat”
여자에 얽매이면 안 돼
“he cant be bound/hung up on one woman”
그렇게 말했던 이 남잔
that’s how this man (I) used to talk
니가 떠나고 홀로 남자 가슴에 불이 난다
after you leave, this man by himself will have a fire start in his heart
그리고 한다는 말이
and then what he says
나에게 정답은 너야
“the answer to me is you”
이제서야 니 소중함을 알았던 거야
he now knows how important you are now
니가 떠나면 난 다 잃어
if you leave, I lose everything
다 잊어 다시 한 번만 날 믿어줘 제발
forget it all. Just trust in me one more time please

Sub Hook] 오~ 나를 견뎌준 내 사랑아
Oh~ my love that has put up with me
지금껏 네게 준 건 눈물뿐인
the only thing I’ve given you is tears until now
이 못난 놈은 그래도 널 언제나 너만 생각해
however, all this loser thinks about is you

네가 내 옆에 있어야 힘이나
you need to be by my side for me to have strength
잘 알잖아 돌아와 Oh
you know all too well. Please come back oh
네가 내 옆에 있어야 완벽해
you need to be by my side for things to be perfect
잘 알잖아 돌아와 줘 Oh
you know all too well, come back oh

Verse 03]
80 넘은 부부도 싸우고
couples past their 80’s even fight
보름도 안 되서 또 티격태격 하지만
it hasn’t even been half a month, yet we’re already bickering again
오늘도 서로 사랑하며 살아가잖아
but even today we’re living, loving each other
넌 나에겐 그런 존재
you’re that kind of being to me
매일 핑계뿐이고 승질 부리고 우기고
everyday it’s just excuses, temper tantrums, stubborn fits
참 못났지만 나에겐 니가 꿈이고
I’m so pitiful, but even so, you’re like a dream to me
사랑이야 사랑에 답은 없지만
it’s love. There’s no answer to love
나에겐 니가 답이야 그게 내 진짜 마음이야
you’re the answer to me. That’s how I really feel.

Hook repeat]

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Sookhee's 긴 사랑 / Forever Love

긴 사랑 / Lasting Love

사랑이란 게 소나기 같은 건가봐
I think love is like passing showers
잠시 왔다 가슴만 적시고 가
it comes for a moment, drenches the heart, then passes
추억이란 게 이토록 질긴 건가봐
Memories must’ve been enjoyed this much
베어낼수록 자꾸 더 자라나
as you weed them out, more grow
처음부터 조금만 덜 사랑할 걸 그랬어
I should’ve loved a little less at the start
뒤돌아 잊을 수 있을 만큼만
so I could’ve turned around and forget

사랑해서 아파도 그리워서 눈물이 나도
though I hurt because I loved. Though I cry because I miss it
너를 놓지 못해 그래도 널 사랑해
I can’t let you go. I still love you
너란 추억이 날 살아가게 하니까
the memories of you allow me to live
너는 목숨 같은 사람이니까
you’re a person like life to me

사랑이란 게 이토록 못된 건가봐
I think love is really mean like this
멀쩡한 가슴 못쓰게 만들어
it breaks down a perfectly fine heart
내 마음도 낡고 닳아 무뎌지면 좋겠어
I wish my heart would wear down and break in and become calloused/hardened
네가 떠올라도 웃을 수 있게
so I could laugh even if I think of you

오늘보다 내일 더 그리워질 사람아
you who I will miss more tomorrow than today
하루 또 하루 힘겹겠지만
each and every day will probably be difficult

그래도 널 사랑해 눈물 나도 너를 사랑해
however I love you. Even if tears come I love you
그리워할 네가 있다는 게 감사해
I’m thankful that there’s someone like you that I can miss
너란 추억이 내 삶을 빛내주니까
because memories of you light up my life
아파도 사랑은 사랑이니까
even though it hurts, it’s still love
아파도 사랑은 사랑이니까
even though it hurts, it’s still love

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Davichi's 안녕이라고 말하지마 Don't Say Goodbye

안녕이라고 말하지마 / Don’t Say Goodbye

떨리는 너의 입술을 난 난 처음 보았지
Your trembling lips, it was the first time I saw
무슨 말 하려고 말 하려고 또 뜸만 들이는지
What are you trying to say, what are you trying to say that you keep pausing
슬픈 예감은 다 맞는단 노래 가사처럼
just like the song lyrics saying sad hunches are all right
설마 아니겠지 아닐꺼야 아니어야만 돼
it can’t be. No way. It has to be not the case.

벌써 넌 나를 떠나 니 마음마저 떠나 또 몸마저도 떠나는데
you’re already leaving me. Your heart has left and now your body will leave too
난 몰라 널 잡을 방법을 좀 누가 내게 말해줘요
I don’t know how to hold onto you. Please someone tell me.

*오늘밤 그 말만은 말아요 왜 날 버리고 갔나요
tonight please don’t say those words. Why did you leave me?
나 마음이 아파 가슴이 아파 눈물 차올라요
my heart hurts. My heart hurts, tears are brimming
아직은 안녕 우린 안돼요 넌 그 입을 더 열지마
not yet goodbye. We can’t. don’t open your mouth any more.
안녕이라고 내게 말하지마
don’t say goodbye to me.

차가운 너의 한마디가 날 주저앉혔지
your one cold word made me slump down/give up
세상 무너질 듯 무너진 듯 눈물만 눈물만
like the world is caving in. like it has collapsed. Only tears only tears

지금 순간이 가면 이 순간이 지나면 영영 우린 이별인데
if this moment passes, once it’s gone by. We’ll be broken up forever
사랑해 죽도록 사랑한 날 날 버리지 말아줘요
loved to death. Me that you once loved, please don’t leave me


이별이 뭔지 나는 몰라요 그냥 서럽고 서러워
I don’t know what a breakup really is. I’m just sad…sad
나 사연이 많아 추억이 많아 가슴 찢어져요
I have a lot of stories, many memories, my heart feels like it’s ripping

아직은 안녕 우린 안돼요 넌 그 입을 더 열지마
not yet goodbye. We can’t. don’t open your mouth any more.
안녕이라고 내게 말하지마
don’t say goodbye to me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Baekchan & Lee Soo-young's 무슨 사랑이 그래요 / What Kind Of Love Is That?

무슨 사랑이 그래요 / What Kind Of Love Is Like That
-Baekchan and Lee Soo-young

항상 이런 식인가요
Are you always this way?
여자를 만날 때마다
every time you meet a woman
왜 그렇게 설레도록 잘해준건가요
why are you so good to them, giving them butterflies
책임지지도 못할 걸
all the while not being able to be responsible
내가 그리 쉽게 보였었나요
maybe I just seemed that easy to you
왜 그랬어요
why did you do it?

바보야 나같은 걸 왜 사랑해
You fool, why do you love someone like me?
볼 게 뭐가 있니
it’s not like I’m much to look at
해준 게 뭐가 있니
It’s not like I’ve done much for you
너만 힘들어질 뿐이야
You’re just bound to suffer
이거 봐 지금도 널 울리잖아
look! Even now I’m making you cry
누굴 사랑할 자격도 난 없는 것 같아 oh~ yeah
I think perhaps I don’t have the right to love someone

무슨 남자가 그래요
What kind of a man is like that?
한 입으로 두 말 왜 해요
Why do you say two things with one mouth
죽을만큼 나를 사랑한다면서요
you said that you love me to death
무슨 사랑이 그래요
what kind of love is that?
상처만을 주고 떠나가나요
just leaving after giving me wounds
정말 나빠요
you’re really bad

그래 돌아서자마자
Alright, as soon as I turn around
내가 무너질 거 맞아
it’s true I’m about to crumble
왜 눈물이 나지
why am I crying?
나 어떻게 살지
How do I live?
(후~ 죽을 것 같다)
*sigh * I feel like I'm going to die
아냐 며칠이면 괜찮겠지
no. it’ll get better after a few days
너도 빨리 날 잊고
you should also forget me
좋은 남자 만나 woo yeah
meet a good man

무슨 남자가 그래요
What kind of a man is like that?
한 입으로 두 말 왜 해요
Why do you say two things with one mouth
죽을만큼 나를 사랑한다면서요
you said that you love me to death
무슨 사랑이 그래요
what kind of love is that?
상처만을 주고 떠나가나요
just leaving after giving me wounds
정말 나빠요
you’re really bad

제발 보낼 때 떠나가란 말야
I’m telling you to please leave when I’m letting you go
나를 보지 마
don’t look at me
네 눈물 보면 마음 약해지니까
My heart will become weak if I see your tears

사랑하긴 했나요
Did you even love me?
한 번만 듣고 싶어요
I want to hear it just this once
나는 아직 사랑하는데
I still love you
나를 울려도 좋아요
it’s okay if you make me cry
나쁜 남자래도 좋아요
it’s okay if you’re a bad guy
그대 곁에 있을 수만 있게 해줘요
please just let me stay by your side
미워도 보고 싶은걸
I still want to see you even if I’m bitter
미치도록 좋은걸 어떡해요
what do I do, I like you so much I’m going crazy
가지 말아요
please don’t leave

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Words Behind The Music: December's 가슴으로 운다 / Crying With My Heart

가슴으로 운다 / Crying With My Heart

내사랑 그대여 거기 멈춰서요
My love, stop right there
나지금 그대에게 가고 있어요
I’m going to you now
그대없이 난 이제 단 하루도 살지 못해서
I can’t live even a single day without you
가슴으로 운다
crying with/in my heart

내가 정말 사랑했던 사람이
the person that I really loved
내겐 무엇보다 소중했던 사람이
the person who was more precious than anything
언제나 내곁에 영원할것만 같았던 그사람이
the person who I thought would be by my side forever
날 두고가네요
is leaving me behind

내가슴이 죽을만큼 너무 아픈데
my heart hurts so much I feel like I could die
난 아직도 그대의 걱정뿐인데
I’m only filled with worries of you
나에게는 세상의 오직 한사람
the only person in the world for me
그사람이 날 떠나네요
that person is leaving me

내가 정말 사랑했던 모습도
even the image that I used to really love
나를 누구보다 아껴주던 마음도
the heart that would care for me more than anyone else
뒤를 돌아보면 서있을것만 같은데
I feel like that person will be there if I just turn around
돌아보면 그대가 없네요
but I turn around and you’re not there

나에게는 세상의 오직 한사람
the only person in the world for me
그사람이 날 떠나네요
that person is leaving me

내사랑 그대여 내말 들리나요
my love, can you hear my words?
나지금 미치도록 울고 있어요
I’m crying like crazy right now
미안해요 난 그대 모습하나 잊지못해서
I’m sorry that I can’t forget a single thing about you
I’ll try calling out for you

내가 잊지못할 나의 사람이
my person that I can’t forget
듣지못할 내사람아~~~아~~~~~~
my person who won’t be able to hear this~~~~

어디에있나요 내게 돌아와요
where are you? Come back to me
나지금 그대에게 가고있어요
I’m going to you now
지금아니면 너를 후회하며 살것 같아서
if not now, I think I’ll live regretting over you
니가 마지막 사랑 같아서~~~~
because I think you’re my last love~~~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Bang Yong-gook feat. Yang Yo-seop of BEAST's "I Remember"

I Remember
-Bang Yong-gook feat. Yang Yo-seop of BEAST

I Remember
-Bang Yong-gook feat. Yang Yo-seop

다 지옥 같던 우리의 기억이
Our memories that all seemed like hell
왜 아직도 머릿속에 남아있는지 난 모르겠어
why they’re still in my head, I don’t know
지난 날 전부 기억할게 날 갖고 놀던 것
I’ll remember all the past days when you used to play me
덕분에 모든 게 난 다 뒤 바뀌었어
thanks to you, everything changed me completely
그저 앞에서 환하게 웃던 예전에 내 모습은 없어
it’s just the memory of you brightly smiling that I can’t find
난 그 어떤 사랑이 와도 웃겨 다 구겨진 심장
no matter what kind of love comes my way, it’s a joke. My heart’s crumpled.
어떻게든 널 잊어보려 했어
I tried to forget you at all costs.
내가 먼저 누구보다 잘나져서
I wanted to get better before anyone else
날 보면서 네가 후회하길 바랬어
hoping you’d look at me and have regrets
그래 너 그렇게 무시하던 내 음악도
that’s right. My music that you used to look down on
이젠 서울 거리에 울려 퍼지니까 (Rock on)
it’s now blaring all over Seoul’s streets
우리 예전 습관들이 붙잡고
our old habits are holding on to me
악몽 같던 네 생각에 홀려 빠져들지 매번
I fall into the pouring nightmarish thoughts of you. Over and over again.
그래도 사랑했던 너였기에
but still because it was you that I loved
절대 잊지 않아
I’ll never forget.
Yes, I Remember

눈을 감아도(도) 우릴 비추던 빛이 아직도(도) 그대로 있어
even if I close my eyes, the light that used to shine on us is still there
소중했던 시간들 난 깊이 간직하겠어
I’ll cherish those precious times
많은 시간 속(속) 아픔이 와도
even if pain comes over a long time
영원을 약속(속) 했던 나날들
those days when we promised forever
그 순간만큼 끝토록 절대 잊지 않겠어
at least those moments I never forget until even the end
I Remember

I Don't Know What You Done to me
Just Like That
집어치워 난 사랑 따윈 안 해
get it out of my face. I don’t do things like love
I Came Back, Yeah
모두 버려 더 이상은 필요 없어 난
throw it all away. I don’t need it anymore
이제 너 없이 잠들 수 있어
I can now fall asleep without you
너 없는 Spotlight 빈자리를 비추어
the spotlight shines on the empty spot you’re no longer at
즉, 내가 꾸는 꿈의 가치를 믿지 못해
in other words, can’t believe the value of the dreams I dream
날 버린 이 현실에 내가 미쳐
I’m go crazy of this reality where you left me
I'm Hot Stuff
너 같은 애들이 만나달라고
there are chicks like you that want to date me
간청할 때 주는 상처는 내 나름대로 악하게 살아가는 법
giving scars when most desperate is my way of living cruelly
계속됐던 이별 후에 내게 남은 건
following the breakup, the thing that’s left for me
영원할 거란 약속은 결국 없어
the promise of forever…in the end it’s gone
그게 날 여기까지 오게 만들었지 매번
that has brought me to this point…on several occasion
네 손으로 직접 놓아버린 날
me, the one your hand deliberately let go of
두 번 다시는 쳐다도 보지마
don’t look at me again
네 생각도 나와 같다고 믿을게
I’ll just believe that you feel the same way as me
절대 잊지 않아
I’ll never forget
Yes, I Remember

함께 하자는 약속
promises of being together
영원토록 (이곳에 간직할게)
forever (I’ll cherish them here)
잠시 이 길을 홀로 걸어가도
even if I walk this path alone for a bit
내 모든 걸 네게 보여줄게
I’ll show you all of me

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Brave Girls' 툭하면 / Easily

툭하면 / Easily
-Brave Girls feat. Skull

난 너 땜에 잠도 못 자 오늘도
I can’t sleep because of you, even today

비오는 거릴 걸었어 자꾸만 눈물이 나서
I walked a stree in the rain. Because I kept getting tears.
그냥 걷다 보면 너를 잠시 잊을 것 같아서
because I thought I’d forget you if I just walke for a bit
소리쳐 펑펑 울었어 (매일 울었어) 니가 너무 미워져 (la-la-la-la)
Screaming, I balled (cried everyday) I’m starting to really hate you (lalalalala)
너를 비워낼 수 없는 슬픔이 나를 더욱 힘들게만 해
the sadness that I can’t empty you out is continuing to make things hard for me

별이 빛나는 밤 / 너와 같이 하고 싶어
a night with stars twinkling / I want to spend with you
떨리는 이 맘 / 너는 알고 있는지
My pounding heart / Do you even know?

너 왜 툭하면 헤어 지자 하고
Why do you say you wanna break up so easily?
툭하면 꺼지라 말하고
say ‘get lost’ to me so easily
툭하면 심한 말 하고
say harsh words so easily
제-제-제 멋대로 하고
do as you you you please

널 사랑한단 말이야
I’m telling you I love you
그만 상처 주란 말이야
I’m telling you stop giving me scars
너무 아프단 말이야
I’m telling you I’m in pain.
왜 툭하면 날 울려 기분 더럽게
Why do you make me cry so easily, so low!

Rap lyric)
너는 반대로만 하는 청개구리
you’re just a little devil that does everything the opposite
이건 해도 너무해 어떻게 어쩜 그리
this is just too much. How the hec could you be this way
여자 맘을 몰라 너무 몰라
you don’t know a girl’s heart. You really don’t.
하얀 백지 같던 내 맘 시꺼멓게 만들고
making my heart which used to be like a clean/white blank paper all black
넌 나 모른 척 하고 너는 가고
and acting like you don’t know me and leaving

Why why why
내 속을 뒤집어 놔-놔-놔
do you flip my insides out-out-out?
너 땜에 나 미쳐 가-가-가
I’m going crazy because of you-you-you
I'mma lil' girl
니 사랑을 기다리는
one that just waits for your love
난, 난 just a lil' girl
I’m, I’m just a lil’ girl

B repeat)

Hook repeat)

I won't cry, I'm alright
내가 너무 아프단 걸 왜 넌 모를까
why don't you know that I’m hurting so much
I won't cry, I'm alright
바보같이 이런 사랑 다신 안 할래
I won’t fall in a love like this again

Hook repeat)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Infinite's "내꺼하자" "Be Mine"

Words Behind the Music
내꺼하자 / Be Mine

지켜봐 왔잖아 니 사랑을 긴 이별을
Kept track of it all this time. Your love and the long breakup.
늘 상처받을 바엔 난 게 나아
always getting hurt
똑바로 봐 우는게 싫어서 그래
look carefully. Because I hate crying
아픈게 힘들어 그래 그런 널 볼 때마다
pain is hard. That’s the case every time I look at you

내꺼 하자 내가 널 사랑해 어? 내가 널 걱정해 어?
Be mine. I love you. hm? I worry about you huh?
내가 널 끝까지 책임질게
I’ll take care of you til the end.
내꺼 하자 니가 날 알잖아 어? 니가 날 봤잖아 어?
Be mine. You know me hm? You watched me huh?
내가 널 끝까지 지켜줄게
I’ll watch over you til the end.
Do you hear me… Do you hear me… oh

젖은 기억 박힌 눈길 끝 내 품에서 죽길 바래
wet memories. Blocked eyesight. The end. I hope you die in my arms
잘린 마음이 흘린 눈물 삼키는 건 나지막이 들린 너라도 감추는 나
cut up heart, swallowing shed tears. Me trying to at least hide you…
넘친다 생각해 넌 나에게 늘 그랬어
overflowing. Think about it. You were always that way to me.
니 상처가 늘수록 커지는 맘
as your scars grow, so does the heart
내게로 와 웃는게 좋아서 그래
come to me. It’s because I like laughter
편하게 해주려 그래 적어도 나만은 널
will make you comfortable. At least me to you

내꺼 하자 내가 널 사랑해 어? 내가 널 걱정해 어?
Be mine. I love you hm? I worry about you huh?
내가 널 끝까지 책임질게
I’ll take care of you til the end.
같이 가자 힘든길 걷지마 어? 쉽지 않았잖아 어?
Let’s go together. Don’t walk hard paths hm? It wasn’t easy huh?
다시는 그런 널 보기 싫어
I don’t want to see you that way again.

내꺼 하자 내가 널 사랑해 어? 내가 널 걱정해 어?
Be mine. I love you hm? I worry about you huh?
내가 널 끝까지 책임질게
I’ll take care of you until the end.

Rap)다투진 않을까 상처 또 안을까
won’t we argue? Will there be more scars?
끊임 없는 아픈 고리에 항상 소리 없는 전쟁 넌 무리해
an endless painful cycle. A soundless war. You’re pushing yourself.
걱정의 방패로 난 니 앞에
a shield of protection, me in front of you
나는 달 처럼 니 주윌 돌고 돌아
like a moon, I circle round and round you week after week/month after month
불이 꺼져 버린 니 사랑은 놓고 날 봐
put down your love where the light has gone out and look at me
깊이 패여 버린 상처 덮어줄게 웃게할게 내걸로 만들게
I’ll cover your deep wounds. I’ll make you laugh. I’ll make you mine.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Boohwal's 가슴에 그린 성 Castle Drawn In My Heart

가슴에 그린 성 / Castle Drawn On My Heart

누군가에게 기도를 하고
Praying to someone
늘 습관처럼 어딘가를 보면
Looking elsewhere like a perpetual habit
소리 없이 가슴 속으로만
no sound, just within my heart
외치던 시간들이
all the times I shouted

계절이 가고 바람이 불면
as seasons pass and the wind blows
다시 떠오르는 수많은 날들
the days I conjure up again
설레이고 또 설레이던
makes my heart excited and excited
넌 또 다른 내가 되고
and you, again become a different me

그 언젠가 꿈꾸던 그 날이
someday, the day I would dream about
소리 없이 외치던 그 말이
the words I shouted with no sound
늘 가슴 속으로 내 마음 속에
always in my heart, within my heart
나는 너의 이름을 홀로 부르곤 해
I call only your name
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어느 시간 그 어느 곳에서
Whenever, wherever
이루어져 갈 그 시간 속에서
at the time when it’ll all come true
늘 그리워하고 또 그리워서
Always missing you and missing you
많은 계절을 함께 걸었나봐
maybe that’s why I walked through many seasons

그 언젠가 꿈꾸던 그 날이
someday, the day I would dream about
소리 없이 외치던 그 말이
the words I shouted with no sound
늘 그리워하고 또 그리워서
Always missing you and missing you
많은 계절을 함께 걸었나봐
maybe that’s why I walked through many seasons
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Big Mama Soul "눈물나게 사랑해 / Love So Much Tears Come Out"

눈물나게 사랑해 / Love So Much Tears Come Out
-Big Mama Soul

내 가슴이 사랑할 한 사람 매일매일 보고싶은 한 사람
The person my heart loves. The person I miss every single day.
나 지금도 니가 그리워서 또 참기 힘든 말 눈물나도록 사랑해
I still miss you to this day and so I’ll say it again these words that are hard to keep in, I love you so much tears come out.

나를 부르는 소리에 그대일까 뒤를 돌아보며
Could that sound me you calling me? I turn around
그대 다녀간 자리엔 그대 모습 바라보는 나
I just stare at the image of you at the spot you used to frequent
I missing you
하루가 또 일년이 지나도 변하지 않는 말
The words that won’t change after a day…after a year
어제보다 오늘 더 좋은 사람 그런 사람이 너야
A person that’s better today than yesterday. That’s you.

내가 받기에 과분한 사랑이라 두려운가봐
Maybe I was too scared that it was too much of a love for me to receive
내가 해줄 수 있는게 없다는게 미안했나봐
Maybe I was sorry that there wasn’t anything I could do for you.
하지만 꼭 이것만은 알아줘 내 사랑만 믿어줘
But just be sure to know this, just trust in my love

< Chorus repeat>

누군가 사랑을 물어보면 최고의 사랑이 너라고
if anyone asks, I say the best love was you
저 하늘에 외칠게 제일 소중한 사람 너라고 말할게
I’ll scream it to the heavens. That the most important person is you.

이 세상에 나 대신 할 사람 어디에도 찾을 수가 없잖아
no matter where you search in this world, you won’t find someone to take my spot
너만 보면 가슴뛰는 그 말 가슴벅찬 그 말 눈물나도록 사랑해
the words that my heart races if I just see you. The words that makes my heart overflow. The words that I love you so much tears come out.

내 가슴이 사랑 할 한 사람 이 세상에 그대뿐인 걸
the one person my heart loves in all this world is only you

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Jang Gi-ha And The Faces TV를 봤네 "Seems I Watched TV"

TV를 봤네 / Seems I Watched TV
-Jang Gi-ha and the Faces

눈이 시뻘개질 때까지 TV를 봤네 (봤네) (watched it)
Seems I’ve watched TV til my eyes turned bloodshot
아.아.아. 그냥 봤네
Ah.ah.ah. Just watched.
TV 속 사람들은 기쁘다 슬프다 말도 잘 해 (잘 해)
People on TV are happy, sad, and speak well (well)
아.아.아. 참 잘 해
Ah.ah.ah. Very well.
무슨 드라마든 쇼프로든 코미디든 뭐든 간에 (간에)
Regardless of whatever drama, entertainment show, comedy (whatever)
아.아.아. 뭐든 간에
Ah.ah.ah. Regardless of whatever
일단 하는 동안에는 도대체 만사 걱정이 없는데 (없네)
First off, I don’t have a worry in the world while watching (none)
아.아.아. 만사 걱정이 없는데
Ah.ah.ah. not a worry in the world.

왜 자막이 올라가는
Why during the moments captions go up
그 짧디 짧은 시간 동안에는
during that super short time
하물며 광고에서 광고로 넘어가는
so even more for the time between each commercial
그 없는 거나 다를 바 없는 시간 동안에는
they’re the same as the times of not having a TV altogether…

아.아.아. 아.아.아.
Ah.ah.ah. Ah.ah.ah.

결국 나는 눈이 시뻘개질 때까지 TV를 봤네 (봤네)
Seems I ended up watching TV until my eyes turned bloodshot (watched it)
그냥 봤네
Just watched.

그러고 보면 난 참 웃음이 많어 (많네)
Now that I think about it, I laught a lot (a lot)
아.아.아. 참 많어
Ah.ah.ah. Really a lot.
TV 속 사람들의 별스럽지도 않은 농담에도 (농담에)
Even at the unexceptional jokes people on TV make (at the jokes)
아.아.아. 이렇게 웃음이 나는데
Ah.ah.ah. Laughter just comes out like this.

왜 자막이 올라가는
Why during the moments captions go up
그 짧디 짧은 시간 동안에는
during that super short time
또 보다보다 더 이상 볼 것도 없어서
I no longer have anything to watch after watching & rewatching
채널만 이리 저리 돌리다가 꺼버리고 나면
after I channel surf here and there and then turn off the TV…

아.아.아. 아.아.아. 아.아.아. 아.아.아.
Ah.ah.ah. Ah.ah.ah. Ah.ah.ah Ah.ah.ah

눈이 시뻘개질 때까지 TV를 봤네 (봤네)
Seems I’ve watched TV until my eyes turned bloodshot (watched it)
그냥 봤네
Just watched.
TV 속 사람들은 기쁘다 슬프다 말도 잘 해 (잘 해)
People on TV are happy, sad, and speak well (well)
참 잘 해
very well.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Seo In-young "세수" "Washing My Face"

세수 / Washing My Face
-Seo In-young

세수를 해야겠어요. 씻고 나면 좀 괜찮겠죠.
I think I should wash my face. It should get a little better after washing.
손톱이 자라나듯, 금새 잊을꺼라고 사람들은 쉽게 말하지만
People say so easily that like your nails growing out, you’ll quickly forget

\\지워서 지워지는 사랑이 아닐까봐. 널 잡지 않았던게 후회 될까봐.
I fear that despite erasing, it’s an eraseable love. I fear that I’ll regret not having held onto you.
속눈썹을 떼내고 화장을 닦아내면, 사랑한 지난날도 지워질까봐.
I fear that after taking removing my (fake) eyelashes and washing off my makeup, the past days of love will also be erased
거울을 바라보다, 니 사진 쳐다보다, 너라는 그리움 숨이 차게 차올라
After looking at the mirror, after looking at your picture, my missing you makes it hard to breathe
결국 참았던 눈물이 터져 나오다 보고싶다 혼자 중얼거린다.
Eventually the tears I held back burst out and I’m mumbling to myself how much I miss you//

이별이 익숙해져서 며칠 지나고 나면 괜찮다며
“Once I get used to this breakup, after a few days it’ll get better…”
다시 거울을 보고 내가 나를 달래며 했던 말 또 하는 날 어떻게 하니
What do I do with myself that’s looking yet again at the mirror comforting myself with the same words

1년이 지난 후에도, 10년이 지난후 에도
Even after a year, even after 10 years
사랑은 너 하나일까봐 너 하나 뿐일까봐.
I’m afraid you’re my one love, my one and only love

아무리 생각해도 아무리 지워봐도, 비우고 비워내도 난 너여야만 하나봐.
No matter how much I think about it, no matter how much I erase, no matter how much I empty and empty myself out…I think it’s gotta be you.
사랑했던 자리에서 기다릴게요. 아무래도 난 네 여자인가봐.
I’ll wait in the spot where we loved. I can’t help but come to the conclusion that I’m your girl.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Secret "별빛달빛" "Starlight Moonlight"

"별빛달빛" / "Starlight Moonlight"

슈비두바 빠빠빠 슈비두바 빠빠빠 랄랄랄라라 라라리라
Shoobi Dooba Bababa (2xs) Lalalalala lalalila
장미꽃 한송이 받고 너에게 고백을 받고
After receiving a single rose, after receiving your confession
내 맘은 샤랄라라라 (샤랄라라라) 밤 하늘의 별도 노래해
My heart is shalalalala (shalalalala) The stars in the night sky also sing

너는 내 어디가 좋아 나는 네 모든 게 좋아
What about me do you like? I like everything about you
네 맘도 샤랄라라라 (샤랄라라라) 세상 모든게 다 아름다워
My heart too, shalalalala (shalalalala) everything in this world is beautiful

자꾸 생각나 몰래 가슴 떨려와
I keep thinking about it. My heart secretly pounds
어쩌면 좋아 어쩌면 좋아
What to do! What to do!
정말 이런 기분 처음이야
This feeling’s a first

너는 내 별빛 내 마음의 별빛
You’re my starlight, my heart’s starlight
넌 나만의 달빛 소중한 내 달빛
You’re my very own moonlight, my precious moonlight
그저 바라만보고 나를 위해 비춰주는 그런 사람
A person that I just stare at, one that shines just for me
너는 내 하늘 하나뿐인 하늘
You’re my sky, my one and only sky
넌 나만의 바다 소중한 내 바다
You’re my ocean, my precious ocean

서로 바라만 봐도 변함없이 미소 짓는 그런 사람 OH MY LOVE !
A person where we just look at each other with a fixed smile. OH MY LOVE!
슈비두바 빠빠빠 슈비두바 빠빠빠 랄랄랄라라 라라리라
Shoobi Dooba Bababa (2xs) Lalalalala lalalila

구름이 우릴 가려도 두둥실 흘러가듯이
Even if clouds cover us, as if we’re just floating along
언제나 샤랄라라라 (샤랄라라라) 오! 내 사랑 사랑 오! 내 사랑
Whenever is shalalalala (shalalalala) oh! My love love oh! My love

어두운 골목에 등불이 돼줄게
I’ll be your light on a dark street
어두운 바다에 등대가 돼줄게
I’ll be your lighthouse out at the dark sea

아침이 올 때까지 햇빛이 들 때까지
Until morning comes, until the sun comes out to shine
내 곁에서 날 비춰줘 내 맘속에 있어줘
Shine on my by my side, stay in my heart
1. 2. 3. GO!

너는 내 사랑(Oh love) 하나뿐인 사랑 (널 사랑해 널)
You’re my love (oh love) my one and only love (I love you, you)
넌 나만의 태양 하나뿐인 태양 (MY only one)
You’re my very own sun, my one and only sun (my only one)
그저 서로를 위해 아낌없이 줄 수 있는 그런 사람
A person where we can give freely to one another
너는 내 별빛 내 마음의 별빛
You’re my starlight, you’re my heart’s starlight
넌 나만의 달빛 소중한 내 달빛
You’re my very own moonlight, my precious moonlight
그저 바라만보고 나를 위해 비춰주는 그런 사람 OH MY LOVE !
A person I can just stare at and that shines for me OH MY LOVE!
슈비두바 빠빠빠 슈비두바 빠빠빠 랄랄랄라라 라라리라
Shoobi dooba bababa shoobi dooba bababa lalalalala lalalila

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Im Jeong-hee "Golden Lady"

"Golden Lady"
-Im Jeong-hee

“Golden Lady”
-Im Jeong-hee

너 없이 어떻게 살아가냐고 바보 같은 질문 말아
Don’t ask stupid questions like “how am I supposed to live without you?”
나는 알아 너 같은 남자는 널려 있단 걸
I know that there are so many men like you

너 같은 남자가 아니더라도 전화 한 통에 달려올
Even if it’s not a man like you, a man who’ll come running with a single phone call
그런 남자 나만 기다리는 남자는 많아
that kind of a man, there are plenty of men waiting

벌써 그 사람의 자동차 소리가 들려
already, do you hear his car?
이젠 내 집에서 좀 나가주겠니?
Will you now get out of my house?
아예 없던 것처럼
as if you were never here

Hey, I'm a golden lady
구차하게 왜 이래
Why act so pathetic?
내 내 내 내가 말로 해야만 알겠니
must must must must I spell it out for you?
Hey, I'm a golden lady
불쌍한 My Baby
Poor my baby
빼 빼 빼 이젠 발을 빼줘야 할 때야
go go go it’s now time for you to go

야~ 이 집도 내가 산 거야 이 차도 내가 산 거야 난 이런 여자
Hey~I bought this house. I bought this car. I’m that kind of a woman
야~ 날 위해 살아온 거야 그래서 소중한 거야
Hey~I’ve been living for myself all this time. That’s why I’m so precious

열쇠는 놓고 가 항상 놔두던 현관 입구 바구니에
Leave the keys and go. In the basket always left outside at the entrance
안 보이게 괜히 숨겨 갈 생각 하지 말고
don’t even think about hiding it where I can’t find it

니 옷은 챙겨줘 남기지 말고 내가 선물한 옷들도
Pack up all your clothes. Don’t leave a thing out. All the clothes I bought for you
그냥 줄게 남김없이 싹 다 가지고 가줘
I’ll just give it to you. All of them. Take ‘em all and leave

걸리적 거리니까 옆으로 비켜주겠니
you’re in the way so can you move aside
이젠 현관에서 퇴장해 주겠니?
Will you exit out through the gate?
아예 없던 것처럼
as if you were never here.

불쌍한 척 애교 좀 떨지마
don’t act sad/pitiful, or try to charm/baby your way out
지루한 너의 유먼 이젠 내겐 철 지난 옷과 같애
your lame jokes are now like clothes that are out of season
몇 번을 또 말해야만 알아듣고 내 앞에서 꺼지겠어? 이젠 안돼
how many times must I say it for you to understand and disappear from in front of me? It’s a no now.
나지막히 얘기할 때 나를 떠나줘
leave while I’m still speaking soft
마지막이 아름답게 말을 말아 더
last time, no more speaking nicely

지긋지긋한 너의 어리광
sick of your spoiled/childish ways
차비라도 달라고? 나 참 어이가
you want cab fare? I’m in disbelief!
없어 Good bye!
I don’t have it! Good bye!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Eru “촌시럽고 유치하게” Tacky and Childish

“촌시럽고 유치하게” Tacky and Childish

사랑하나봐 이제야 아나봐 너뿐인가봐 너여야만 하나봐
I must love you. I must know by now. It must be only you. It must have to be you.
이런건가봐 이제야 알겠어 세상에 하나뿐인 사랑이라는걸
It must be it. I now know, that you’re the only love in this world.

오랜만이란 너의 짧은 인사에 촌스럽게 눈물이 나왔어
It was so tacky I started crying when you gave your short hello in such a long while
할말있다는 어제 너의 전화에 자연스럽게 그러자고 하고
I went along with it naturally after your one call yesterday

미안하다고 다시 만나자고 한다면 늦은 거라고 하려 했는데
“I’m sorry”, “Let’s see each other again”..if you said these words I was going to say that it’s too late

혼자 걸었던 길을 둘이서 걸어 유치하게 손을 놓지 않고
I turned around to walk back on the road I used to walk alone. So childish, I don’t let go of your hand
잘한일이야 잊지않고 기다리던일 잘된일이야 다시 만난일
This is a good thing. That I didn’t forget and kept waiting. It was a good thing. That we’re together again.

이제 다시 너의 곁에서 눈을뜨고 눈감을수가 있겠지
I guess I can now open my eyes and close my eyes by your side.
좋은날에 나쁜날에 기쁜날에 슬픈날에도 기대고 싶은
On good days, bad days, happy days, sad days…I want to lean on
사람은 단하나
Only one person

마지막이야 나 언제까지나 사랑 할사람 사랑해야 할 사람
This is the last one. The person to love, the person I have to love til whenever.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Supreme Team "배가불렀지" "Spoiled"

배가불렀지 “Spoiled”
-Supreme Team feat. Gaekko

배가불렀지 어 배가불렀어 그렇게 예쁜너를두고서
I was spoiled. Uh. Spoiled, I was. Letting go of such a beauty like you
배가불렀지 어 배가불렀어 그렇게 착한너를두고서
I was spoiled. Uh. Spoiled, I was. Letting go of such a sweet girl like you
I regret it.

자꾸 헛도는 듯해 헤어진 뒤로 계속
keep feel like I’m spinning in place. Continuously after we broke up
떠나던 그 때 넌 마치 날 털어내듯 했어
that time when you left. It was like you were just shaking me off.
전혀 망설임 없이 돌아섰던 너와 달리
no hesitation at all, you turned around. Unlike you.
난 제대로 실감하지도 못했지
I couldn’t even let it properly sink in.
헤어지던 그 때 넌 완전히 다른사람이었어
that time when we broke up, it was someone totally different from you.
한번도 본 적 없던 니 모습에 너무 당황스러워서
a side of you I’ve never seen before. I was so taken aback.
못 따져봤어 화도 못내봤어 끝났지
I couldn’t even question it. Couldn’t even get angry. It was over.
근데 넌 꼭 예전에 똑같이 해 본 사람같이
but you, like someone who’s done this before
작은 틈하나 안보였어 앞에 널 두고서
there was no room/not a puase. With you in front of me
한마디 말도 못한 내가 바보로 느껴져서
I couldn’t say a word. I felt like a fool
너와 후회로 가득해 시간지날수록 더
I’m just filled with you and regret. Even moreso as time goes by.
딴 사람 찾으란 소리에 화낸것도 몇번
how many times I’ve gotten mad at your words to find someone else
예전으로 추억하기엔 아직 생생해
to call our past times memories, it’s still too fresh
지금도 누가 물으면 또 멈칫하게돼
I still flinch when someone asks about you
익숙해지기가 많이 힘이 들어 혼자인게
it’s very hard to get used to it. Being by myself.
돌아와줘 my baby 달라질게.
Come back my baby. I’ll change.

Gaekko (SA-BI):
배가불렀지 어 배가 불렀어
I was spoiled. Uh. Spoiled, I was.
너는 나를 비워놨지만 나는너로 가득한데 후회돼너를 놓쳤다는게
you emptied me out but I’m filled with you. I regret it that I let you go.
배가불렀지 오 배가 불렀어
I was spoiled. Uh. Spoiled, I was.
지금너는 떠나갔지만
you may have left already
바보처럼 이제서야
like a fool, only now
내가 너를 놓쳤다는게 후회돼
I regret that I let you go.

Simon D(Verse-2):
삐지지마, 이쁜아.
Don’t get mad pretty girl
빌러왔잖아 tonight's the night,
we borrowed it. Tonight’s the night
잠시 한 눈 판 거 때문에 그새 날 잊었나?
Stole a glance for a moment and you’ve already forgotten me?
미안해, 왜 모른 척해? 나 좀 봐 줘.
I’m sorry. Why pretend to not notice me? Look at me.
여기 두 손 딱 모으고 있네? 날 손 봐 줘
you’re just with your hands gathered. Look at my hands
오해 마, 그냥 눈이 잠깐 돌아간 것 뿐야
don’t misunderstand. My eyes just strayed for a bit.
본능이란 여론이 나를 계속 몰아간 것 뿐야
basic human instinct kept driving me to it
죄를 묻는다면, 당연히 벌 받을게 honey
when asked of my wrongdoings, of course I’ll receive my punishment honey
i'm staying focused now, 너만 볼게. 쓸데없이
I’m staying focused now, I’ll only look at you. Won’t needlessly
빨빨거리며 친구들과 어울려 다닌 것도
run around, meeting with my friends
지난 주말이 다야, 진짜라니까, 나 믿어줘
last weekend will be it. I’m for real! Believe me.
니 사랑을 과식해 약간은 좀 물렸었어
overstuffed on your love, I got kind of sick of it for a bit
쉴틈이 없던 이 게임에 머리 좀 굴렸었어
took time to think from this exhausting game
real talk. 변명은 빼고, 이해를 시켜줄게
real talk. No more excuses, I’ll make you understand.
너의 촉에 찔린 내 따끔한 상처 먼저 식혀줄래?
Pricked by your stinger. Will you cool off my burning wound?
이런 거 바라는 내가 밉상인 거 알지만
I know I must be unbearable asking of all this
내 맘 안 변해 절대. 사랑은 여전하니까.
My heart won’t ever change. My love’s the same.

개코(SA-BI) repeat

simon D(Bridge):
너 없이 하루종일 해매인 날
without you, I wander all day
너에게 보기좋게 채인 나
my dumped self trying to look good to you
배부른 소리는 안할테니까
I won’t mention being spoiled
잘못을 빌게, everyday everynight
I’ll beg for forgiveness everyday every night

E-sens(Bridge repeat):

Gaekko(SA-BI) repeat

CD Drawing Winners For April!!!

1. Samia mohamed moussa
1-JYJ music essay -their rooms
2- TVXQ -keep your head down (repackage)
3- Rain vol.5 Rainism
4-Rain's world

country: kingdom of bahrain

1. f(x) pinocchio
2. super junior 4th album

3. Sarai Joanna Vides Aguilera
Moreno Valley, CA
BigBang's special Edition album
BigBang's 2nd ALBUM "Remember".

4. Tracy Vallejo
Redlands CA,
Bran New U-Kiss album
new Infinite CD or
Big Bang Tonight.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Your Two Cents: Who Can Come Up With The Best Idea???

It's been over a year since Y2C (Your Two Cents) has been going on and I'm no dummy...
We're in need of a change.

The question that I've been battling with is with WHAT?!?!?!

So I talked it over with Sophia (my producer) and she said, why don't you stop stressing about it and let the listeners decide??

So I thought, "what a great idea!" so here goes...

The listener that suggests the best idea for a way that I can interact with the listeners on a regular basis (with Y2C ending AND the monthly CD drawing ending after April...), we will send out a special prize.

Please post up your suggestions AND (THIS IS SOOO IMPORTANT!!!) your mailing address. I'll let this one go for more than one week~ until we have a good number of entries~

If you have ANY suggestions for KPI in general (aside from just Y2C), please let me know now. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO HELP US TO IMPROVE OUR SHOW!!!!!!!

Thanks and hope you guys have a GREAT week! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Words Behind The Music: 4minute 거울아 거울아 "Mirror Mirror"

거울아 거울아 "Mirror Mirror"

Let’s go
4minutes left 4minutes left Ah! Ah!
4minutes left 4minutes left Ah! Ah!

대체 왜 그땐 날 거들떠 보지 않고
Why in the world won’t you even give me a glance
매일 날 그대만 바라보게 만들고
You made me only look at you everyday

오늘은 좀더 예쁘게 나 나 나 날 (오늘도)
I, I, I, I’ll be a little prettier today (again today)
보여줘 너무 멋진 너 너 너 너 너에게
show me you, you, you, you, so good-looking

거울아 거울아 이 세상에 누가 제일 예쁘니?
Mirror mirror, who’s the fairest of them all?
거울아 거울아 이 세상에 내가 제일 예쁘니?
Mirror mirror, am I the fairest of them all?
오늘만은 내가 제일 예쁘다고 말해줘 봐
just for today tell me that I am the prettiest
너를 생각하면 더 거울에 비친 내 모습은 마치
when I think of you, my reflection shown in the mirror
너무 예쁜데 너는 자꾸 왜 다른 생각만 하는지
is so pretty but why do you keep thinking something different?
왜 날 보지 않는건데
why aren’t you looking at me?
내 거울아 (거울아 거울아 거울아 거울아)
my mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
거울아 (거울아 거울아 거울아 거울아)
mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
내 거울아 (거울아 거울아 거울아 거울아)
my mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)
거울아 (거울아 거울아 거울아 거울아)
mirror (mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

대체 왜 언제나 본 체 만 체만 하고
why in the world do you always pretend to not notice me
매일 밤 너는 날 가슴 뛰게 만들어
every night you make my heart race

언제나 너무 멋진 너 너 너 너 너
you, so good-looking whenever
내게로 다가오게 더 더 더 더 더 Ma boy
come to me, more more more more more more Ma boy

Oh mirror shine Let me fix my make up
Break it down Break it down
Baby I like that Baby baby just I like that
Baby I like that Baby baby just I like that

더 더 더 내게 빠져들어
more more more, fall for me
Shine on my face
모두 놀라지 Oh
everyone’s surprised
거울아 거울아 이 세상에서 누가 제일 예쁘니? It's me
mirror, mirror, who’s the fairest of them all? It’s me
좀더 너에게 다가가서 난
I’ll go a little closer to you
1,2 step 1,2 step 1,2 step
Let's live it up Let's make it up
나를 보면 니 마음 흔들릴수 있게
so that your heart flutters when you look at me

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Your Two Cents: What Do You Think About Seo Taiji & Lee Ji-ah???

As you all know, the main headline in kpop is the situation between Seo Taiji and Lee Ji-ah. If you don't know catch up here!

So what do you all think?? Who's the "bad person" in this situation? the victim? Personally, I'm feeling sorry for Jung Woo-sung!!! Also, a lot of people around me are gossiping, "Wow...Lee Ji-ah can kiss her career goodbye!" Do you agree with this? Do you think it's kind of dramatic for Korean media to butcher her up like this? How come Seo Taiji's not getting the bad limelight? What do you think would be the best way for her to handle this with as little repercussions as possible? For example, lay low for about a year and then make a dramatic comeback? Make a public apology and keep going strong?

I would love to hear what all of her INTERNATIONAL listeners have to say. It'd be nice to get some objective viewpoints on this matter.

Have a great week! And don't forget, this month is the LAST month for our CD drawings!!! To enter, email your full name, correct address, and at least TWO kpop cds that you would like to receive!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Geeks "Officially Missing You"

“Officially Missing You”

널 기다리던 밤처럼
like the night waiting for you
길고 어둡던 우리 사이 공백
long and dark, the gap between us
이게 끝이 아니길 바래 I wanna go back
I hope that this isn’t the end.
너가 원하던 거
what you wanted
다 고친 지금에야 넌 어디로 갔는지
it’s all fixed now. where have you gone?
난 홀로 남아 lonely
I’m left alone.

오늘 따라 부는 바람도
the wind blowing tonight
참 시린 것 같은데
it seems unusually chilling
넌 왜이리 멀쩡해보이는 건지
why is it that you look fine?
눈치도 없는 너지만
despite you being oblivious
예전처럼만 웃어주면돼
all you have to do is smile like you used to

나에겐 너 하나뿐인 걸
you’re the only one for me
너땜에 아파 하는걸
I’m hurting because of you
널 잊으려고 노력해봐도 잘 안돼
although I try to forget you, it’s not working
널 미워하는 건
I hate you

추억속 너에겐 못된 일이라 난 할수가 없어
in my memories, I can’t do bad deeds to you
이렇게 널 그리워 하는 날 알고있는지
do you even know about me who’s missing you this badly?

too hard 너무 어려워 날 몰라주는 너도 서러워
it’s too hard. It’s sad you don’t even see
I'm officially missing you
officially missing you

yeah im officially missing you
you know how i've been through
이젠 너와 내가 친구
now you and I are left as friends
사이로 남아 내 삶이 전부
my entire life
진부하게만 느껴져 마치 실이 빠진 진주
feels stale. Like a loose pearl
혹은 가벼운 티슈 우리둘 간에 issue
or a light tissue. The issue making between us
makin 은 이젠 없을거야 넌 아무 느낌도
will be no more. You have no more feelings…
안나겠지만 서도 나 없는 밤이 긴듯
…I’m sure. A night without me may seem long
혼란스럽겠지 나 역시 옆구리 시린 just sandle
and confusing. Me my sides are just chilly
지루한 스캔들 내 안티팬들이 되버린
dragged out scandal. Have become my anti-fans/haters
니 주위 사람과 불리한 game을 하기도 전에
before I even started these disadvantageous games with the people around you
over를 쳤지만 just painful
said it was over

yeah I just can do it but can't be single
사랑노랠 들어도 where the melodies at
행동 하나하나 모두 다 외로움이 돼
so I'm officially missing you
날 떠난 너지만 아직 날 괴롭히네

추억속 너에겐 못된 일이라 난 할수가 없어
in my memories, I can’t do bad deeds to you
이렇게 널 그리워 하는 날 알고있는지
do you even know about me who’s missing you this badly?

too hard 너무 어려워 날 몰라주는 너도 서러워
it’s too hard. It’s sad you don’t even see

I'm officially missing you
officially missing you

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Your Two Cents: What Makes For A Good MC???

There are so many articles praising the two "nation's emcees": Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-suk. These two alone dominate pretty much all the major variety shows on the three main broadcasting networks in Korea: KBS, SBS, MBC. You can flip through channel after channel, and it's these two that are alternated between them.

As a host/emcee myself, I watch these two to see what their secret to success is. What is it about Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-suk that seem to never bore viewers?

So let me ask YOU dear listeners, what makes a good MC? If you want to get specific, why are Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-suk SOOOO popular? What are their strengths (and weaknesses)? For example, I AM a Kang Ho-dong fan, but sometimes he's just too loud and shrill even. LOL! So that could be a possible weakness. To be fair and cover the other side, Yoo Jae-suk sometimes seems to laugh at EVERYTHING in exactly the same way. It makes things less funny when they really ARE funny. (Again, these are just MY personal opinions...don't send me hate mail! :P )

Post up your responses and don't forget to tune into KPI to listen for all the fun answers!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Two Cents: Bedtime Rituals???

What a gloomy Sunday it is in Korea! :(

Weather's very gray...temperature's kinda chilly thanks to the wind.
One of those drink-hot-cocoa-while-wallowing-over-sad-music-or-movies kind of day...

ANYWAYS, hope you all had a great weekend! :) it bad that I'm trying to be upbeat after that kind of an opening to this blog entry?

I've been having trouble sleeping these days...perhaps it's the changing of the seasons. In Korea, we say, "봄 탄다" (bom tan-da). This means that we're feeling the effects of the changing of the seasons (becoming Spring). In English, we call it "Spring fever". People feel lazy or restless...perhaps on the other end, excited for no particular reason it seems.

So this week's question has nothing to do with kpop, but I figured it's a good way to get to know the listeners. Perhaps there are some cultural differences that can be seen too. :)

What are your bedtime rituals? What do you do to help you go to sleep? What do you do right before you drift off to sleep? Read? Watch TV? Write in your journal? Listen to good music? Tweeze your eyebrows? Log in your food journal about everything you ate that day? :P

If you have any kpop favorites that always put you in a peaceful sleepy mood, lemme know too! I mean, I don't wanna put my listeners to sleep during the next episode of KPI, but I will play them for you guys.

Well, answer away, and don't forget to tune in next Sunday to hear everyone's reponses!

Words Behind The Music: Lee Eun-mi "Nocturne"

Words Behind the Music
Nocturne (녹턴)
-Lee Eun-mi

그 동안 잘 지냈나요
how have you been?
먼저와 기다렸어요
I came early/first and have been waiting
꼭 다문 그대 입술이
your lips closed so tight
왠지 오늘 더 슬퍼 보여
I don’t know why but they look sadder than usual

무슨 일 있었나 봐요
Something must’ve happened
초조해 숨이 막혀요
I’m so anxious I can’t breathe
떨리는 그대 눈빛에 자꾸
in front of your shaky/nervous eyes,
눈물이 흘러 내려요
tears keep falling down

이미 나는 알고 있어요
I already know
어떤 말을 하려 하는지
what you want to say
미안해하지 말아요
don’t feel bad/sorry
그대가 잘못한 게 아녜요
it’s not your fault
사랑 하나로 그 모든
love alone can’t cover all…
비난을 이길 순 없겠죠 안 되겠죠
…all the attacks. That’s no possible

꿈은 여기까지죠
the dreams end here
그동안 행복했어요
I was happy [through it]

꽃잎이 흩날리네요
flower petals are fluttering
헤어지기엔 아름답죠 그렇죠
it’s beautiful to breakup to. Don’t you think?

괜찮아 울지 말아요
It’s okay, don’t cry
우리가 잘못한 게 아녜요
it wasn’t our fault
대답 해봐요 그럴 자격이
answer me. Those that don’t have the right…
없는 사람들의 말 따윈 믿지 마요
…the right to say those things, don’t believe them.

꿈은 오늘까지죠
the dreams end today
운명에 우릴 맡겨요
let’s leave us to fate
꽃잎이 흩날리네요
flower petals are fluttering
내 사랑 그대 이제 나를 떠나가요
my love, you are now leaving me

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Words Behind The Music: CNBLUE "직감" "A Hunch"

“직감” “A Hunch”

Uh come on yeah

네가 날 떠날 거란 직감이 와 (Don’t give up)
I have a hunch you’re going to leave me
자꾸만 이런 저런 핑계들만 (Don’t give up)
continuous excuses about this and that
느낌이 달랐던 싸늘한 Bye Bye (Don’t give up)
It’s a different vibe. Cold.
난 보낼 수 없어 (Because I love you)
I can’t let you go

나를 사랑한다 할 땐 언제고 이제 와서 Why you say goodbye
How could you be this way after it not being long since you said “I love you”
이대로 보낼 순 없어 never (because I love you)
I can’t let you go this way

이유 아닌 이유로
don’t give ridiculous excuses
나를 떠나가려 하지마
don’t try to leave me

Please don’t go go go
제발 떠나가지마
한번만이라도 날 돌아봐줄래
even if it’s just once, turn around to look at me again
Please don’t go go go
슬픈 인사는 싫어
I hate sad good-byes
널 사랑하니까 다시 돌아와
I love you, so please come back
Step by step one two three Dipdi daridu
긴긴 시간들이 너를 지워가겠지만
after a long long time, I supposed I’d eventually forget you
Step by step one two three Dipdi daridu
난 하루 하루가 고통일거야
but every passing day will be painful

너와 난 끝이라는 직감이 와 (Don’t give up)
I have a hunch you and I are over
자꾸만 이런저런 짜증들만 (Don’t give up)
continuous irritation over this and that
기회만 엿보다 차가운 Bye Bye (Don’t give up)
cold to me every chance you get
난 보낼 수 없어 (Because I love you)
I can’t let you go

거짓 같은 사랑이
this love that’s like a lie
점점 나를 아프게만 해
all it’s doing is making me hurt more and more

Uh 네 입술은 이별을 말하길 원해
Your lips want to talk about breaking up
네 눈빛은 나를 피하려고 만해
your eyes are just trying to avoid me
I already know 난 아주 직감적으로 (I don’t wanna say goodbye)
I’m going by this hunch
Don’t say goodbye
이별을 말하지마
Don’t say bye bye
나를 떠나지마
don’t leave me
사랑을 떠나서 나란 사람에게 이러지마 (Because I love you)
don’t let go of love and do this to a person like me

#’ Don’t say no no no
내 눈을 피하지마
don’t avoid my eyes
한 걸음 한 걸음 왜 멀어지려 해
why do you try to take steps further away from me
Don’t say no no no
그런 표정은 싫어
I don’t like that expression
눈물로 이렇게 애원하잖아
I’m begging/pleading to you like this with tears

Please don’t go go go
제발 떠나가지마
Don’t break my heart Don’t you break my heart
나를 떠나지마 yeah, still loving you
don’t leave me

Please don’t go go go
슬픈 인사는 싫어
I hate sad good-byes
널 사랑하니까 다시 돌아와
I love you so please come back

Step by step one two three Dipdi daridu
긴긴 시간들이 너를 지워가겠지만
I supposed after a long long time I’ll eventually forget you
Step by step one two three Dipdi daridu
매일 매일이 악몽일거야
but every passing day will be a nightmare

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Your Two Cents: Most "Westernized" Star???

These days, it seems like Korean stars are all about breaking into the Western markets...especially the US. Whether that means entering into the American music scene or trying to score a role in a Hollywood flick, all the A-list stars are setting their eyes abroad.

There was BoA, Se7en, Rain, Jeon Ji-hyun, Lee Byung-hun, Jang Dong-gun, 2NE1...

Of course I'd love to see Korean stars do well abroad, but there really needs to be the right "formula" for a star to be successful in the US at this current time. The entertainment scene is still dominated by Caucasians, Africans, and Hispanics before Asians. It's good to see though more Asian faces in major US flicks and dramas though!

Anyways, who do YOU think has the BEST shot at making it on the US market. And I don't mean starring in one Hollywood flick or whatever, but continuing to frequent the Hollywood scene. Seeing them pop up in movies regularly, attend award events, guest on talk shows, etc. Who has the right look? right voice? right talents? can they speak English or other languages?

Let me know and don't forget to tune into KPI on Sunday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Two Cents: Best Actor/Actress in Korea???

Let's shift our focus from the music realm in Korea, and take a look at the acting realm.

C'mon, let's be real. There are certain actors/actresses that aren't all that good at their craft compared to other actors/actresses. However, they're so good looking that they still get cast for major parts anyway.

From your experience of watching Korean dramas or movies, which actor/actress do you think is the best at their job? If that's too difficult, which actor/actress do you think is horrible at their job?

Answer away and don't forget to tune into KPI next week to hear all of the interesting responses!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your Two Cents: Song You Can't Get Enough Of These Days???

Happy New Week Everyone! ^^

For this week, we're going to keep things simple. I think I asked this before...but I'm gonna ask it again because it's been a while and answers for this particular question change every month...week....maybe even day!

What k-pop song can you just NOT get enough of these days??? I'll take them as song requests and play 'em for this week's KPI!

Answer away~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your Two Cents: If there were a natural disaster, I would save my...???

This week's two cents will actually have nothing to do with kpop. As we all know, a huge disastrous earthquake struck Japan on March 11th. There were after tremors, not to mention horrifying tsunamis that swept away homes. The consequences even reached my hometown of Hawaii. Though the government evacuated the coasts and warned people to be prepared for a tsunami, luckily it ended up being nothing too major.

We have a lot of Japanese listeners and listeners that know someone in Japan. Sure it's K(orean)-pop, but this shared passion has linked us all together as one. I think I can speak for everyone when I say our hearts go out to those affected by the natural disasters. :(

This is actually where this week's question comes into play...
If you were lucky enough to have time to prep for natural disaster and could save ONE thing, what would it be???
Perhaps photos, a dog, a piece of jewelry (i.e. wedding ring, etc.), a book, journal, etc. etc.
Also, if you want to make any shout outs to anyone affected by this particular recent earthquake, or any tragic disaster, this is also an opportunity to do that. :)
LASTLY, if you have any song requests that you feel is fitting for the situation in Japan, please send them out through the blog so that I can play it for our JAPAN SPECIAL on KPI this week (March 20th).

Thanks guys! Times like this, it really makes you realize we have a lot to be thankful for!! Let's all be THANKFUL and POSITIVE!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your Two Cents: Best Kiss Scene???

It's the week before ANOTHER romantic day...WHITE DAY!!!

In Korea, girls have to do the chocolate giving to the guys. However, we get our turn to get pampered exactly a month later on March 14th, WHITE DAY!. This is when guys buy US candy (not so much chocolates but hard candy...). If you guys watched the drama IRIS, you may recall Kim Tae-hee getting mad at Lee Byung-hun for not remembering to get her candy on White Day. He thinks she's joking, because White Day is typically more celebrated among younger couples. However, when he sees she's seriously sad, he disappears, only to come back and give Kim Tae-hee a tender kiss. Right then, POP! He slips a hard candy from his mouth into hers. She's surprised, and then her anger melts away. It was a very popular scene that made girls all over Korea long for a "candy kiss". I'm not kidding! One of the top search topics the day after that episode aired was "candy kiss". LOL!

Since then, you may remember other unique kiss scenes. The most recent one being the "latte kiss" when Hyunbin kisses off the foam mustache from Ha Ji-won's upper lip after she drinks her latte (I'm thinking the writers were inspired by the Sex And The City Movie when Miranda has a foam mustache...).

So this week's Y2C question is gonna stay along the lines of White Day and all that romantic stuff being that the next KPI episode will air right before it:

What is the most memorable kiss scene from a drama or movie? It could me that it was unique like the "candy kiss" or "latte kiss". It could be memorable because the two actors just had GREAT chemistry. Perhaps the kiss was just very natural and touching. Whatever the reason it was memorable for you, let us know! Who did the kissing and from what drama or movie? If you can't think of any Korean movies or dramas, other country dramas or movies are fine too. Just describe the scene please!

Thanks and have a great week! ^^

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your Two Cents: Most Overrated Kpop Star???

Uh oh...I have a feeling this question may open up a can of worms, but I'm gonna throw it out there anyway!!!! *cue evil laughter*

It's time to get a little bit negative. I mean c'mon! Let's be REAL. We don't ALL love ALL the kpop stars out there right? And there are some where we're like, "Um...why is this person/group SO famous?!" That's where this week's Y2C question comes into play

Which Kpop star/group (actor, singer, model, MC, comedian, etc) do you think is overrated? You don't think they're THAT good looking, THAT funny, THAT talented in singing or dancing, THAT stylish, THAT whatever!

Let's all respect each other's opinions! It's just an opinion that NOT something we all agree with. I think it would be interesting to see if some of the answers overlap or perhaps we all have different choices. Either way, it'll be a great way to get to know the listeners' tastes a little better!

Thanks guys and have a GREAT week!

Star Chat: Post-Interview With!!!

As many of you may have already heard on our February 20th edition of Kpop Interactive, we had an English interview with She was seriously the cutest thing ever! Not to mention, a godsend for me because she spoke English. Here's a post-interview report on how it went.

First off, she was ON TIME. I LOVE artists who are on time! LOL In fact, she was there in the studio even before I got there! This was because I had to take a quick bathroom break in between recordings (sorry was that TMI?? ^^;;). She was just so at ease, down-to-earth, and friendly. I could tell she was close with her manager and they got along very well. It was like they were good friends or sisters. I explained to her how the interview was going to go and we went straight into the studio. While my producer and engineer were setting up the cameras and what not, me and got to chatting a bit.

I asked her about adjusting to Korea. She was very honest with her answers and just so...humble and real. I was immediately taken to her in the first five minutes of her conversation. She did mention that she had a lot of Korean friends, but sometimes it was hard because it's not QUITE the same as having a friend that can speak your native language. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to divulge this information, but she did mention that she had written the English lyrics for all her songs. She seemed pretty proud of herself for that so I could tell she took pride in her lyrical skills as well. She mentioned that she hadn't released those songs yet, but they are on standby! I can't wait to take a listen to them when they come out. I'm sure it'll be a totally different feel from her Korean version songs.

While doing the interview, I noticed that she had some pauses where a certain English word or expression wasn't coming to mind. I kept trying to fill in the blanks for her but most of the time, my suggestions were wrong! LOL I made a note to myself that that really showed how much effort she must have been putting into learning Korean. You see, even native English speakers start to see a deterioration in their English skills when living in Korea. This is because there are so many "konglish" (English phrases that Koreans use, but that are different from the actual English definition) phrases and we just use English a lot less when living here. I give her props for doing so well in a foreign country!

After the interview, we took pictures in front of the KBS World sign together and (I LOVE her for this...) she said to me, "how do you keep in shape in Korea?" I was like, "Uh...are u kidding me Miss Skinny Pants?? I'm not in shape!" She said, "Yes you are. You're skinny!" *sigh* I love LOL!! I told her, " I go to the gym." And she seemed surprised by that. I guess not as many girls she knows go to the gym..?? I dunno... Not all of us are blessed like her with skinny genes though. She was TINY! But TALL. Small face, skinny body, tall height. *Sigh* God's not fair sometimes...

She thanked us and asked us to invite her again in the future, and then had to hurry off to her next scheduling. All in all, a GREAT interview and just such a SWEET girl. It's rare to find people who just love what they do and are so driven yet humble, It's safe to say that she's really making a place for herself in the kpop scene and that this is only the beginning!

Good luck!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Your Two Cents: Spring Is What To You???

It's already the last week of February!! Can you guys believe that?! That is INSANELY fast...2011 is truly like a rabbit, just hopping and zipping on by.

Well, being that after this week it will officially be March which I classify as the first real Spring month (although the weather still feels like winter right now in Korea...), we'll keep the Y2C question related to that.

What reminds you of Spring? What is Spring to you?

Perhaps it's the cherry blossoms. If your country isn't a four season country, maybe it's just what you see in Korean dramas. Perhaps there's a specific song that reminds you of spring (i.e. "You Are My Spring" by Sung Shi-kyung). Perhaps it's a certain outfit that you can now wear. Maybe it's an annual trip you and your loved ones take. Maybe a type of food? Perhaps something school related (i.e. Spring Fling dance?) Whatever the season represents to you...let me know!!!

See you guys on air!!
Thanks :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Words Behind The Music: SeeYa "“내겐 너무 멋진 그대” “To Me, You’re Too Amazing”

“내겐 너무 멋진 그대” “To Me, You’re Too Amazing”

너의 그런 표정 처음이었어 나를 바라보는 그런모습이
that expression of yours was a first. The one you made as you looked at me
우린 그렇게나 오래 만났지만 어색한건 처음이야
we’ve been dating for a long time but being awkward was a first

정말 이별이란 어쩜 이렇게 아무 예고없이 찾아오는지
how did this thing called a breakup come find us without no warning
우린 아픔도 이별도 어울리지 않았는데
we used to not match with pain or a breakup

왜 그러니 내가 너를 아프게 했니 아니라면 딴사람 생겼니
why are you this way? Did I cause you pain? Or is there someone else?
난 아직 너만을 사랑해서 아무런 준비도 못했는데
Because I still love you, I haven’t prepared myself at all

*그냥 니가 먼저 말해 난 눈물보일까봐 말못해
you just say it first. I can’t because I’m afraid my tears will show
우리의 이별에 마지막 그 말은 한번도 생각한적 없으니까
because I’ve never given any thought to the words for our breakup
아냐 내가 먼저 말할께 아픈말은 내가 다할께
never mind. I’ll say it first. I’ll say all the painful words
사랑했다는 말 넌 그 말만해야해 넌 착한 남자니깐
you just need to say “I love you”. Because you’re a good guy

내겐 너무 예쁜 사람이라서 만날수록 좋은 사람이라서
you’re such a beautiful person. The more we meet, the more it’s so
많은 친구들 앞에서 너를 자랑 했었는데
I used to brag about you in front of many friends

아닌거니 네 마음에 나는 없었니
Is it not true? Am I not in your heart?
너에게는 내가 부족했니
was I not enough for you?
난 눈치도 없는 바보라서 너밖에 모르고 살았는데
I’m so oblivious because I only look/focus on you so I had lived only for you

오랜시간동안 널 닮아가고 있었는데
I was starting to become more like you over the long period of time
작은 습관까지 그 미소까지 이젠 모두 버려야해
but now I have to lose every little habit and even your smile (that I picked up)

제발 웃으며 떠나줘 난 그 모습만 간직할테니
please smile as you leave. I’ll cherish just that image
날 바라봐주던 그 예쁜 두 눈에 눈물은 어울리지 않으니까
because tears don’t match those beautiful two eyes that used to gaze at me
아픈 기억들은 모두다 내가 전부 가져 갈테니
I’ll carry all the painful memories
좋은 추억들만 니가 가져가줄래 넌 행복해야 하니까
so can you just take the happy memories? Because you need to be happy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your Two Cents: Valentine's Day Shoutouts???

It's Valentine's Day on February 14th (along with DJ Young's birthday by the way!!! shoot him a bday tweet: This can be good news for those in happy, passionate relationships...or bad news for the singletons out there.

I thought I'd keep it pretty general to accommodate for all people for this week's Y2C. Anything to do with V-day, lemme know!
If you're in a relationship, this is your opportunity to give your loved one a shout out! Include any special songs that may have special meaning for you two (it doesn't have to be just kpop songs...).

If you're single, this is your chance to rant and rave about how stupid Valentine's Day is and how it's not even a REAL holiday. LOL Or maybe a less bitter question to answer can be what you feel is the perfect Valentine's Day kpop song? Or which kpop artist you would love to spend your lonely, single Valentine's Day with?

Hope you guys get to eat a lot of chocolates and even if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, give SOMEONE you love a big bear hug and word of appreciation this week! ^^