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Words Behind The Music: Supreme Team "배가불렀지" "Spoiled"

배가불렀지 “Spoiled”
-Supreme Team feat. Gaekko

배가불렀지 어 배가불렀어 그렇게 예쁜너를두고서
I was spoiled. Uh. Spoiled, I was. Letting go of such a beauty like you
배가불렀지 어 배가불렀어 그렇게 착한너를두고서
I was spoiled. Uh. Spoiled, I was. Letting go of such a sweet girl like you
I regret it.

자꾸 헛도는 듯해 헤어진 뒤로 계속
keep feel like I’m spinning in place. Continuously after we broke up
떠나던 그 때 넌 마치 날 털어내듯 했어
that time when you left. It was like you were just shaking me off.
전혀 망설임 없이 돌아섰던 너와 달리
no hesitation at all, you turned around. Unlike you.
난 제대로 실감하지도 못했지
I couldn’t even let it properly sink in.
헤어지던 그 때 넌 완전히 다른사람이었어
that time when we broke up, it was someone totally different from you.
한번도 본 적 없던 니 모습에 너무 당황스러워서
a side of you I’ve never seen before. I was so taken aback.
못 따져봤어 화도 못내봤어 끝났지
I couldn’t even question it. Couldn’t even get angry. It was over.
근데 넌 꼭 예전에 똑같이 해 본 사람같이
but you, like someone who’s done this before
작은 틈하나 안보였어 앞에 널 두고서
there was no room/not a puase. With you in front of me
한마디 말도 못한 내가 바보로 느껴져서
I couldn’t say a word. I felt like a fool
너와 후회로 가득해 시간지날수록 더
I’m just filled with you and regret. Even moreso as time goes by.
딴 사람 찾으란 소리에 화낸것도 몇번
how many times I’ve gotten mad at your words to find someone else
예전으로 추억하기엔 아직 생생해
to call our past times memories, it’s still too fresh
지금도 누가 물으면 또 멈칫하게돼
I still flinch when someone asks about you
익숙해지기가 많이 힘이 들어 혼자인게
it’s very hard to get used to it. Being by myself.
돌아와줘 my baby 달라질게.
Come back my baby. I’ll change.

Gaekko (SA-BI):
배가불렀지 어 배가 불렀어
I was spoiled. Uh. Spoiled, I was.
너는 나를 비워놨지만 나는너로 가득한데 후회돼너를 놓쳤다는게
you emptied me out but I’m filled with you. I regret it that I let you go.
배가불렀지 오 배가 불렀어
I was spoiled. Uh. Spoiled, I was.
지금너는 떠나갔지만
you may have left already
바보처럼 이제서야
like a fool, only now
내가 너를 놓쳤다는게 후회돼
I regret that I let you go.

Simon D(Verse-2):
삐지지마, 이쁜아.
Don’t get mad pretty girl
빌러왔잖아 tonight's the night,
we borrowed it. Tonight’s the night
잠시 한 눈 판 거 때문에 그새 날 잊었나?
Stole a glance for a moment and you’ve already forgotten me?
미안해, 왜 모른 척해? 나 좀 봐 줘.
I’m sorry. Why pretend to not notice me? Look at me.
여기 두 손 딱 모으고 있네? 날 손 봐 줘
you’re just with your hands gathered. Look at my hands
오해 마, 그냥 눈이 잠깐 돌아간 것 뿐야
don’t misunderstand. My eyes just strayed for a bit.
본능이란 여론이 나를 계속 몰아간 것 뿐야
basic human instinct kept driving me to it
죄를 묻는다면, 당연히 벌 받을게 honey
when asked of my wrongdoings, of course I’ll receive my punishment honey
i'm staying focused now, 너만 볼게. 쓸데없이
I’m staying focused now, I’ll only look at you. Won’t needlessly
빨빨거리며 친구들과 어울려 다닌 것도
run around, meeting with my friends
지난 주말이 다야, 진짜라니까, 나 믿어줘
last weekend will be it. I’m for real! Believe me.
니 사랑을 과식해 약간은 좀 물렸었어
overstuffed on your love, I got kind of sick of it for a bit
쉴틈이 없던 이 게임에 머리 좀 굴렸었어
took time to think from this exhausting game
real talk. 변명은 빼고, 이해를 시켜줄게
real talk. No more excuses, I’ll make you understand.
너의 촉에 찔린 내 따끔한 상처 먼저 식혀줄래?
Pricked by your stinger. Will you cool off my burning wound?
이런 거 바라는 내가 밉상인 거 알지만
I know I must be unbearable asking of all this
내 맘 안 변해 절대. 사랑은 여전하니까.
My heart won’t ever change. My love’s the same.

개코(SA-BI) repeat

simon D(Bridge):
너 없이 하루종일 해매인 날
without you, I wander all day
너에게 보기좋게 채인 나
my dumped self trying to look good to you
배부른 소리는 안할테니까
I won’t mention being spoiled
잘못을 빌게, everyday everynight
I’ll beg for forgiveness everyday every night

E-sens(Bridge repeat):

Gaekko(SA-BI) repeat

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