Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Words Behind The Music: SeeYa "“내겐 너무 멋진 그대” “To Me, You’re Too Amazing”

“내겐 너무 멋진 그대” “To Me, You’re Too Amazing”

너의 그런 표정 처음이었어 나를 바라보는 그런모습이
that expression of yours was a first. The one you made as you looked at me
우린 그렇게나 오래 만났지만 어색한건 처음이야
we’ve been dating for a long time but being awkward was a first

정말 이별이란 어쩜 이렇게 아무 예고없이 찾아오는지
how did this thing called a breakup come find us without no warning
우린 아픔도 이별도 어울리지 않았는데
we used to not match with pain or a breakup

왜 그러니 내가 너를 아프게 했니 아니라면 딴사람 생겼니
why are you this way? Did I cause you pain? Or is there someone else?
난 아직 너만을 사랑해서 아무런 준비도 못했는데
Because I still love you, I haven’t prepared myself at all

*그냥 니가 먼저 말해 난 눈물보일까봐 말못해
you just say it first. I can’t because I’m afraid my tears will show
우리의 이별에 마지막 그 말은 한번도 생각한적 없으니까
because I’ve never given any thought to the words for our breakup
아냐 내가 먼저 말할께 아픈말은 내가 다할께
never mind. I’ll say it first. I’ll say all the painful words
사랑했다는 말 넌 그 말만해야해 넌 착한 남자니깐
you just need to say “I love you”. Because you’re a good guy

내겐 너무 예쁜 사람이라서 만날수록 좋은 사람이라서
you’re such a beautiful person. The more we meet, the more it’s so
많은 친구들 앞에서 너를 자랑 했었는데
I used to brag about you in front of many friends

아닌거니 네 마음에 나는 없었니
Is it not true? Am I not in your heart?
너에게는 내가 부족했니
was I not enough for you?
난 눈치도 없는 바보라서 너밖에 모르고 살았는데
I’m so oblivious because I only look/focus on you so I had lived only for you

오랜시간동안 널 닮아가고 있었는데
I was starting to become more like you over the long period of time
작은 습관까지 그 미소까지 이젠 모두 버려야해
but now I have to lose every little habit and even your smile (that I picked up)

제발 웃으며 떠나줘 난 그 모습만 간직할테니
please smile as you leave. I’ll cherish just that image
날 바라봐주던 그 예쁜 두 눈에 눈물은 어울리지 않으니까
because tears don’t match those beautiful two eyes that used to gaze at me
아픈 기억들은 모두다 내가 전부 가져 갈테니
I’ll carry all the painful memories
좋은 추억들만 니가 가져가줄래 넌 행복해야 하니까
so can you just take the happy memories? Because you need to be happy

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