Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your Two Cents: Best Kiss Scene???

It's the week before ANOTHER romantic day...WHITE DAY!!!

In Korea, girls have to do the chocolate giving to the guys. However, we get our turn to get pampered exactly a month later on March 14th, WHITE DAY!. This is when guys buy US candy (not so much chocolates but hard candy...). If you guys watched the drama IRIS, you may recall Kim Tae-hee getting mad at Lee Byung-hun for not remembering to get her candy on White Day. He thinks she's joking, because White Day is typically more celebrated among younger couples. However, when he sees she's seriously sad, he disappears, only to come back and give Kim Tae-hee a tender kiss. Right then, POP! He slips a hard candy from his mouth into hers. She's surprised, and then her anger melts away. It was a very popular scene that made girls all over Korea long for a "candy kiss". I'm not kidding! One of the top search topics the day after that episode aired was "candy kiss". LOL!

Since then, you may remember other unique kiss scenes. The most recent one being the "latte kiss" when Hyunbin kisses off the foam mustache from Ha Ji-won's upper lip after she drinks her latte (I'm thinking the writers were inspired by the Sex And The City Movie when Miranda has a foam mustache...).

So this week's Y2C question is gonna stay along the lines of White Day and all that romantic stuff being that the next KPI episode will air right before it:

What is the most memorable kiss scene from a drama or movie? It could me that it was unique like the "candy kiss" or "latte kiss". It could be memorable because the two actors just had GREAT chemistry. Perhaps the kiss was just very natural and touching. Whatever the reason it was memorable for you, let us know! Who did the kissing and from what drama or movie? If you can't think of any Korean movies or dramas, other country dramas or movies are fine too. Just describe the scene please!

Thanks and have a great week! ^^


  1. Hey angie!

    My favorite kiss scene in a movie is sarah michelle gellar and selma blair in cruel intentions. It always gets me going lol. Luv ya girl!!


  2. My favorite kiss scene is from the movie: Becoming Jane, starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. The chemistry between these two actors were incredible making the kiss scene my favorite one.

    Which is your favorite kiss scene?

  3. Hey Angie,

    The kiss that I thought of after reading the Y2C is also in Secret Garden. However, when Yoon Sang Hyun (Oska) and Hyunbin kiss. It was very funny and Sophie and I were shocked to see that on a Korean Drama. ^^

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  4. I don't know if they kept it in the Playful Kiss version, but in It Started With A Kiss, the main characters are having yet another argument, and Joe Cheng kisses Ariel Lin just to make her stop yelling at him. very funny scene.
    another scene from the same drama, Ariel takes Joe's little brother to the hospital when he's sick, and completely wears herself out worrying, and JOe gives her a sweet little peck while she's asleep CUUUUUUUUTE! <3

  5. hi angie!!!

    what a question (lol)!!!

    i think the best scene was on the drama bread,love and dream when yun shi yun and Eugene's kiss ..... it was so Innocent



  6. i liked the late kiss on Secret garden .. it was very cute ..
    for me that was the best kiss scene , because i loved the drama so much ..
    and the chemistry between ha jowon and hyunbin was amazing ..

    Rehab .E

  7. Hello , guys ! I'm A BIT free cos my exam just over ! Yahhhhoooo ! Hhahhaa

    Hmmmm . I think the most sweet is in We Got Married version Ga In and Jo Kwon . When Ga In gave Jo Kwon her 'chocolate kiss' . But , she just him on cheek . But , still so sweet !

    Actually , I don't really like kiss scene . Don't know why . Huhu . That's why I love It's Okay , Daddy's Girl cos in that drama , there's no kiss scene . First ever korean drama that I watched , had no kiss scene . Love that drama !
    Try watch it ! The most superb drama ever !

    Byebye !

    - aqilahzarime
    - Malaysia

  8. Hi Angie,
    How about an oldie but goodie? Lee Byung-hun and Choi Ji-woo in "Beautiful Days".

    He surprises her by appearing to walk away and then proceeds to give her one of those slow and compelling smooches that gets her wrapping her arms around him instead of pushing him away.

    Then he walks away as quickly as he reappears, leaving her completely spell-bound before she resolutely pulls off from a gift from the character played by Ryu Si-won.

    There's another great scene in a car from the same drama but I won't go into that. See for yourself - ha2.