Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Eru “촌시럽고 유치하게” Tacky and Childish

“촌시럽고 유치하게” Tacky and Childish

사랑하나봐 이제야 아나봐 너뿐인가봐 너여야만 하나봐
I must love you. I must know by now. It must be only you. It must have to be you.
이런건가봐 이제야 알겠어 세상에 하나뿐인 사랑이라는걸
It must be it. I now know, that you’re the only love in this world.

오랜만이란 너의 짧은 인사에 촌스럽게 눈물이 나왔어
It was so tacky I started crying when you gave your short hello in such a long while
할말있다는 어제 너의 전화에 자연스럽게 그러자고 하고
I went along with it naturally after your one call yesterday

미안하다고 다시 만나자고 한다면 늦은 거라고 하려 했는데
“I’m sorry”, “Let’s see each other again”..if you said these words I was going to say that it’s too late

혼자 걸었던 길을 둘이서 걸어 유치하게 손을 놓지 않고
I turned around to walk back on the road I used to walk alone. So childish, I don’t let go of your hand
잘한일이야 잊지않고 기다리던일 잘된일이야 다시 만난일
This is a good thing. That I didn’t forget and kept waiting. It was a good thing. That we’re together again.

이제 다시 너의 곁에서 눈을뜨고 눈감을수가 있겠지
I guess I can now open my eyes and close my eyes by your side.
좋은날에 나쁜날에 기쁜날에 슬픈날에도 기대고 싶은
On good days, bad days, happy days, sad days…I want to lean on
사람은 단하나
Only one person

마지막이야 나 언제까지나 사랑 할사람 사랑해야 할 사람
This is the last one. The person to love, the person I have to love til whenever.

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  1. Hi, Angie... THANK You soooooooo much for the translation... i really searched alot n tried to find the eng lyrics of Erus song but faild...
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