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Words Behind The Music: Baek Ji-young "그여자" "That Woman"

“그여자” “That Woman”
-Baek Ji-young

한 여자가 그대를 사랑합니다
There’s one woman who loves you
그 여자는 열심히 사랑합니다
that woman really loves you
매일 그림자처럼 그대를 따라다니며
she follows you every day like a shadow
그 여자는 웃으며 울고있어요
that woman is crying as she’s smiling

얼마나 얼마나 더 너를 이렇게 바라만 보며 혼자
how much…how much more must she watch you alone this way
이 바람같은 사랑 이 거지같은 사랑 계속해야 니가 나를 사랑 하겠니
this love that’s like the wind…must I keep giving you this worthless love in order for you to love me
조금만 가까이 와 조금만
come a little bit closer. Just a little bit
한발 다가가면 두 발 도망가는
if I take a step closer, you take two steps running away
널 사랑하는 난 지금도 옆에 있어 그 여잔 웁니다
I’m still here loving you by your side. That woman is crying.

그 여자는 성격이 소심합니다
that woman’s personality is very timid
그래서 웃는 법을 배웠답니다
that’s why she learned how to laugh
친한 친구에게도 못하는 얘기가 많은
she has so much she can’t tell even her closest friend
그 여자의 마음은 눈물투성이
that woman’s heart is just full of tears

그래서 그 여자는 그댈 널 사랑 했데요 똑같아서
that’s why that woman loved you. Because you were the same way
또 하나같은 바보 또 하나같은 바보 한번 나를 안아주고 가면 안되요
another similar fool, another similar fool. Can’t you hold me just once before you leave?

난 사랑받고 싶어
I want to be loved
그대여 매일 속으로만 가슴 속으로만 소리를 지르며
I scream it everyday to you inside, inside my heart
그 여자는 오늘도 그 옆에 있데요
that woman, even today, is by your side

그 여자가 나라는 걸 아나요
do you know that that woman is me?
알면서도 이러는 건 아니죠
you’re not being this way as you know that right?
모를꺼야 그댄 바보니까
you probably don’t know it because you’re a fool

Words Behind The Music: Shin Hye-sung feat. Eric & Nam Gyu-ri "안녕 그리고 안녕" "Hello And Goodbye"

안녕 그리고 안녕 Goodbye And Goodbye
by: Shin Hye-sung ( Feat. Eric, Nam Gyu-ri)
***first note that anyoung is hello AND goodbye in Korean

narr.) The promises... the places... and your smile... When we first met...

rap) Fallin' in love is like an ocean
잔잔한 파도 그 보다 큰 emotion
calm waves…an motion bigger than them
가까이와 비로소 한 번에 찬스 다음은 없어
Come closer for the first time. The only chance…there’s none next time
one time to shine next time is shame
but today
준비했어 많은말들
I’ve prepared a lot of words
I'm done
이벤트도 some 연애기술 테크닉
surprise events and some dating skills and techniques
I learned 머릿속은
I learned…in my head
blur too many concern
내게 안녕이라고 말해주는 love, I'm in love
love that says hello to me. I’m in love

날 사랑에 빠지게 한 그 말 나에게 건넨 맨 처음 그 말
the words that made me fall in love. The first words you spoke to me
내겐 봄볕처럼 설레었던 너의 안녕이란 인사
they made my heart skip a beat (excited) like springtime stars. Your words of hello

난 지울 수가 없어서 널 보낼 수가 없어서
I can’t erase it. Can’t let you go
눈물 삼키며 가지 말라고 온 맘 다해 막아보지만
as I swallow back tears, I tell you to not leave putting my whole heart into it trying to stop you
늘 안녕으로 시작해 또 안녕으로 끝난다
anyoung is how you start it and anyoung is how you end it.
미칠 것처럼 내 가슴을 웃게 하고 울게 하는 한마디 안녕
going crazy…that one word anyoung can make me both laugh and cry

rap) 그녀와의 만남 운명의 장난
my meeting her…it’s fate playing a joke
I don't wanna fake it no more
한순간의 판단
a decision made in an instant
She's a one of a kind, truly hard to find
못 말리는 심장 못 박힌
can’t stop this heart that has nails pounded into it
time to time what up shorty
아무리 노력해도 우리,
no matter how much we try
question with no answer
못 맞춰 발을 둘이
we can’t answer it
ask about me cutie
I still rappin' you're my beauty
잡을 수 없기에 저기 멀리, 저 멀리
because I can’t catch you…far away…way far away

날 슬픔에 가두게 한 그 말 나에게 남긴 마지막 그 말
the words that made me trapped with with sadness. The last words that were left with me
시린 겨울처럼 차디차던 이젠 안녕이란 인사
as chilling as winter, the words goodbye

rap) 어쩌면 난 너를 넘치도록 사랑 했어
Perhaps I overflowed with love for you
그토록 아쉽지만 미치도록 애절했어
that’s why it’s such a shame. I was going crazy with sadness
난 너를 멈추지를 못해 붙잡지도 못해
I can’t stop you, can’t hold onto you
나는 처절하다 못해 비참하지만 여태
I’m desperate and pathetic but couldn’t all this time

너 하나 밖엔 없는데 더 바라는 것 없는데
I only have you. There’s nothing more I want
사랑한다는 천 마디 말로도 끝내 막지 못한 한마디.. 안녕.. 안녕.. 안녕..
it can cancel out a thousand “I love you’s”…the one word that I couldn’t say: anyoung.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

November 2010 CD Drawing Winners!!!

Congrats to last month's CD Drawing winners!!!!
Don't forget to get your entries in for this month's (December) drawing! We have one EVERY month where we pick out four winners and ship out a kpop CD of their choice to wherever they are in the world!
Just email me your full name, mailing address, and TWO kpop CD choices (this is in case your first choice is unavailable/sold out) at

Good luck!

1. Gretchen Geraldino
Puerto Rico
Any SHINee Album
Any Super Junior Album

2. Lizet Gamino
Bakersfield California
United States
1. Postman to Heaven OST
2. King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo OST
3. Any Super Junior CD

3. Isaac Semrad.
Brandon MS. USA.
se7en - Digital Bounce
U-Kiss - Break Time
G. Dragon - Heartbreaker

4. Ana Claudia Diaz Tiburcio
Lima Peru
SS501 - song urman
edition of Boys Over Flowers cd

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best Song of 2010...Plus Some Thanksgiving Pictures!

Man it really is winter now huh?? I'm typing this all bundled up in my warm bed while it's snowing outside! It's actually kind of a lot too! So beautiful...

Anyways, this past weekend, I celebrated Thanksgiving with the expat community in Korea at my friend Dorothy's house. She holds an annual Thanksgiving party for all the expats that crave the American Thanksgiving feast, but doesn't have family here to make it. She provides the main Thanksgiving dishes (i.e. turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, etc.) while everyone else brings other side dishes or drinks. I contributed by chipping in for some pizzas and fried chicken! ^^ I can't really cook...or more like am too lazy to. Here are some pictures from the night. If you watch or listen to English broadcasting from Korea (i.e. Arirang radio/TV, TBS efm radio, KBS World), you may recognize some of the faces in the pictures...


This year was an INTIMATE party. Previous year's had doubled the people!

Cecilia (TBS efm reporter and previous Arirang TV weather girl), me (who used to also be the weather girl after Cecilia), Sunny (also known as Kim Sung-hyun, host of Breakfast Club on Arirang Radio), and Gina (Arirang Radio reporter and current Arirang TV weather girl)

Robert Joe (used to do some stuff for TBS efm and Arirang Radio/TV), Brian (as if he needs any introduction!), me, and Kasey (good friend of everyone)

Just looking at those pictures is making me hungry again!

Anyways, hope you all had a great weekend. On to the Y2C question for this week. By the way, this will be the last Y2C question for 2010. I'm gonna change up some things for the last few weeks of the year to squeeze in some more songs and things like that. It will be back in 2011 though so please participate lots and lots then too! =)

How's about we end the year off with:
Best song of 2010? What was your favorite song that was released this year?

Be sure to tune into KPI on Sunday (KST) to hear everybody's answers and of course have a few of those songs played! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Words Behind The Music: 4men "Say I Love You"

“Say I Love You”
*requested by Pa Xiong

입을 맞춰도 불안하고 품에 안아도 초조하고
Even as I kiss you I’m nervous. Even as I hold you, I’m anxious
잠이 들때도 꿈처럼 사라질까 밤새 뒤척이고
even when sleep’s upon me, I’m afraid it will all disappear like a dream so I toss and turn awake all night
보면 볼수록 겁이나고 겁이 날수록 더 보고싶고
the more I see you, the more I get scared. And the more I get scared, the more I want to see you.
사랑할수록 니가 날 떠날까봐 두려워지나봐
as I fall more in love with you, I guess I’m afraid that you’ll leave me

사랑을 다줘도 불안한건 남자야
even after giving all his love, being nervous is what a man is like
넌 너무 모르지 남자의 사랑을
you have no idea huh? About a man’s love.

사랑할수록 더 보고싶고 보면 볼수록 더 안달나고
the more I love you the more I want to see you. The more I see you, the more I gotta have you
평생 내 여자로 만들고픈 조급한 마음인걸
it wants to forever make you my woman, this impatient heart of mine.
평생 내 여자로 살아줄래 나 말곤 없다고 말해줄래
won’t you live as my woman for the rest of your life? Won’t you tell me that there’s no one else but me?
조금도 불안해 하지 않게 한번 더 말해줄래
to make me a bit less anxious, won’t you say it one more time?
Say I love you..

사랑할수록 닮아가고 날이 갈수록 더 좋아져
the more we love, the more we become similar. As the days go by, it gets better

함께 할수록 나 너없인 못살어 너 책임져
the more we’re together, I can’t live with out you. You better take responsibility for that

사랑을 다줘도 불안한건 남자야
even after giving all his love, being nervous is what a man is like
넌 너무 모르지 남자의 사랑을
you have no idea huh? About a man’s love.

Say I love you.. Say I love you..
약속해줘 You are the only my love..
promise me, you are the only my love

한 여자만을 사랑하니까 내겐 그 여잔 너 하나니까
Because I only love one woman. Because to me, that woman is you and you only
자꾸만 니 사랑을 보채도 날 미워하지는 마
even if I keep begging/badgering for your love, don’t hate me
평생 내 여자로 살아줄래 나 말곤 없다고 말해줄래
won’t you live as my woman for the rest of your life? Won’t you tell me that there’s no one else but me?
조금도 불안해 하지 않게 한번 더 말해줄래
to make me a bit less anxious, won’t you say it one more time?
Say I love you..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Your Two Cents: Most Thankful For...???

Hi everyone~
Being that this is the week of American Thanksgiving, I thought, why not revolve our Y2C question around it.
Granted that when the episode of KPI actually airs on Sunday, Thanksgiving would've already been over...but still. =)

So what are you MOST thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Perhaps you underwent some physical issues and so your health is really that much more precious to you then ever. Or maybe you met someone this year and so you're thankful for that new love in your life. Maybe you got a new job and so you're thankful to be employed when many others are still dealing with the repercussions of the global recession. The reasons are endless! Let me know what one person or thing you're EXTRA thankful for this year is!

And just a little tidbit of info:
I usually start compiling together the comments and put together my script towards Thursday night or Friday morning (Korea time) so if you add on your comments right before the show, I'll still check it later, but the chances I read them are a lot lower because I have the basic script prepared already. Just FYI. ;)

So if you want your answers read, the earlier you post them the better! Thanks guys like ALWAYS and have a GREAT week and GREAT Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. Eat lots of yummy food!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Girls Generation's "내 잘못이죠" "It's My Fault"

Words Behind The Music
"내 잘못이죠" "It's All My Fault
-Girls Generation

난 아직 제자리죠 여전히 그대 곁에서 헤매이다 지쳐서
I’m still in the same spot. Exhausted from wandering by your side
오늘도 그댈 맴돌다 하루 또 하루 흘러 흘러서 여기까지 온거죠
Even today, I’ve come this far after turning round and round in circles around you

알면서 아픈 내 맘 알면서도
knowing all the while, you knowing all the while how much my heart aches
웃는 그대가 날 더 아프게 하죠
you laughing just makes it more painful for me

나를 더 사랑하게 만들지 못한 내 잘못이죠
It’s my fault for not being able to make you love me more
내가 더 사랑해서 만들어버린 내 잘못이죠
It’s my fault for loving you more
내 마음만큼 나를 더 사랑하게 하지 못했었던거였죠 내 잘못이죠
It’s just that I couldn’t make you love as much as my heart loved. It’s my fault.

얼마나 더 많은 시간을 눈물을 흘려야하나요 그 약속만을 믿으며
How many more hours must I spend crying tears? While believing in that promise…
기다려달라던 거짓말 이제 속았던 내 욕심도 지쳐 버리고 만거죠
the lies asking me to wait for you. Having been fooled, even my hopes/desires are exhausted .

알면서 아픈 내 맘 다 알면서
knowing all the while, you knowing all the while how much my heart aches
그렇게 모른 척 웃을 순 없잖아요
it’s not possible for you to have been able to pretend not to know and laugh

가질 수 없는걸 알면서 멋대로 커진 내 마음이
knowing that I couldn’t have you, my heart just kept expanding on its own will
혼자서 기다리다가 혼자서 후회하다가 사랑한 것도 잘못이네요
it was wrong to have loved even after waiting alone and regretting alone

아픈 줄 알면서도 잊지를 못한 내 잘못이죠 (내가 참 바보 같죠)
Knowing how much I hurt, it’s my fault to not be able to forget (I’m truly like a fool)
다칠 껄 알면서도 비우지 못한 내 잘못이죠 (내 잘못이죠)
knowing that I’d get hurt, it’s my fault for not having let it go (my fault)
모든 게 내 탓이래도 (모든 게 내 탓이래도) 그래도 괜찮아요 그대만 있다면 언제까지나
Even if everything is my fault (everything is my fault), it’s still okay. As long as I have you, I can go on this way until whenever
이런 날 용서해줘요 그댈 사랑한 날
Please forgive me for being this way. The me that loves you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

October CD Drawing Winners!!!

Congratulations to our October KPI CD Drawing Winners!!!
Remember if you wanna enter our monthly Cd drawings, email me ( your name, mailing address, and TWO choices of kpop CDs that you want to win. At the end of the month, I pick out four names and we mail out one of your choices to you wherever you are in the world. You can enter once a week so a total of four entries per month! Good luck!

Marwa hassan alhazemi
United Arab Emirates
1- Super Junior - The 2nd Asia Tour Concert : Super Show 2 ( 슈퍼주니어 - 두번째 아시아 투어 콘서트 )
2- Don't Don Repackage (CD) [Album] (돈 돈)

Jennifer Dyachenko
Sacramento, CA (USA)
1. The new 2AM album ~ Saint o’Clock
2. Any 2AM album
3. 2PM mini-album ~Still 2:00PM

Aaron Jauw
2)2ne1-to anyone

Selene Lim
Selangor, Malaysia
1. W and Whale
2. Horan / Ibadi or the OST for City Hall
3. Bobby Kim / Hweesung / Hwanhee

Your Two Cents: What's Your Favorite Winter Food???

Hi everyone,
I'll keep it short and sweet and jump right into this week's Y2C question! ^^

The weather's getting colder and colder and being that we have so many listeners from all over the world, what is your favorite dish to warm you up in the winter season?? It can be from whatever country...whatever food...whatever you like to eat during the winter! Tell us about it (what goes in it, how it's prepared, how common it is, what it tastes like, etc.).

Answer away and tune into this week's KPI to see if your answers are read on air! ^^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Words Behind The Music: 2AM "전활 받지 않는 너에게” “To You Who Won’t Pick Up The Phone”

“전활 받지 않는 너에게” “To You Who Won’t Pick Up The Phone”

얼마나 얼마나 싫어할 지 알면서도 이것 밖에 할 게 없다
Knowing how much, just how much you’re gonna hate this, this is the only thing I can do
너의 집 앞에서 하릴없이 너를 기다리는 일
The act of waiting in front of your house with nothing to do

아무리 아무리 나 비참해도 너를 잃는 것보단
No matter, no matter how pathetic this makes me, rather than losing you…
잃을 게 없어서 같은 곳에서 너의 집 앞에서 기다린다
…I’ve got nothing to lose so I wait here in the same spot in front of your house

이미 전활 받지 않는 너에게 나를 보려조차 않는 너에게
To you who hasn’t been picking up the phone. To you who tries to not even see me
아무리 빌어도 용서를 구해도 소용 없는 일이라 해도
Even though I’m told that no matter how much I bet, trying to get forgiveness, there’s no point

너의 집 앞에 서서 기다린다 나를 본체조차 하지 않아도
I wait standing in front of your house, even though you pretend to have not even seen me
마치 처음 본 사람처럼 날 지나쳐도
even though you pass by me like I’m someone you’ve never seen before
미안하다는 내 한마딜 들어줄 때까지
until you hear me out long enough for me to say the one message that I’m sorry

하루에도 수 십 번씩 전화기를 보고 작은 소리에도 놀라서
Just in one day I check my phone dozens of times and jump at the smallest noise
너의 문자인지 몇 번씩 확인하곤 했어
to check a number of times if maybe it’s a text from you

처음에는 처음엔 늘 있는 다툼처럼 돌아 올 줄 알았어
In the beginning, at the start of this, I thought you’d come back like after our usual little fights
이렇게 독하게 날 떠나기엔 너는 너무 착한 여자라서
because you’re too nice of a girl to be this harsh and leave me

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Your Two Cents: Significant lyrics???

New Y2C time!!!
Personally for me, this past week was one of the best weeks I had in a long time, so I hope the positive energy keeps flowing into this new upcoming week as well!

This is taking me extra long to type out this entry because I'm eating pistachios and as you all know, that requires hands. Kind of like typing requires hands. See my predicament? But they're so good that I can't stop eating them! Haha

ANYWAYS, for this week, I'm going to go with a listener's request: Selene from Malaysia!
Selene suggested that I do a Y2C question on meangingful lyrics from a kpop song. If you don't know Korean, this is the perfect opportunity to check through some of the translations I did on this blog! (Yup...self promotion!) Just type in "Words Behind The Music" in the search box on the left and all the translation entries will pop up! When translating, I try my best to preserve the beauty of the Korean language while still making it English friendly. Hopefully, I'll be able to have done those original lyrics justice! I'm sure there are plenty of other sites that offer translations too.

So the question is:
Is there any line from a kpop song that particularly stuck out to you? Perhaps it was so poetic? So funny? So weird? So awkward to hear in English? So funny sounding but you have no idea what it means? Just the catchiest part of the song? Whatever the reason is, post up any significant lines and their meanings IF you know them! If you don't I'll try to translate them on the show. We're talking LINES people!!! don't post up entire songs asking for them to be translated because that would take up the entire 50 minutes of KPI! ;)

Thanks guys and don't forget to tune in next week!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Words Behind The Lyrics: Gummy "죽어도 사랑해" "Love You Even If I Die"

“죽어도 사랑해” “Love You Even If I Die”

어떤 일이 있어도 너란 사람
Regardless of what happens, a person like you…
나를 항상 믿어 주기를
I hope you always believe in me
세상 끝에 있어도 너란 사람
Even when at the end or edge of the world, a person like you…
나를 찾을 때까지 걸어와 주기를
I hope you continue walking until you find me.

더 바랄 게 없는 걸 갖고 싶은 게 없는 걸
I don’t hope for anything more. Don’t want anything more
난 너만 있으면 좋아
I’m good as long as I have you

널 사랑해 사랑해 내 말이 들리지 않니
I love you, love you. Can you not hear my words?
눈물 나게 사랑해 내 맘이 보이지 않니
I love you to tears. Can you not see my heart?
숨을 쉬는 모든 것들이 죽어도 모를 만큼
Even if everything that has breath dies, it’s to the point where I wouldn’t notice
너 만을 사랑해
I only love you

하나라도 있으면 안 했겠지
Even if there was just one, I suppose I wouldn’t have
사랑하면 안 되는 이유
One reason where I shouldn’t love you
하나라도 있으면 안 되겠지
Even if there was just one, I guess we shouldn’t
내 손하고 너의 손 떼야 하는 이유
One reason where my hand and your hand lets go of each other

늘 힘 겨운 날에도 잠 못 이루는 밤에도
Even on the hardest of days, even on the most sleepless of nights
난 너만 있으면 좋아
I’m good as long as I have you

먼지처럼 흩어질 행복일까 걱정 돼
I’m worried that this happiness will just scatter like the dust
혼자 불안해 하는 날 안아 줘
Hug me as I’m anxious by myself

널 사랑해 사랑해 내 가슴 안에 둘 만큼
I love you, love you. Enough to keep you in my heart
눈물 나게 사랑해 내 눈에 넣을 그 만큼
I love you to tears. Enough to make you the apple of my eye (literally “enough to put you in my eye”)
처음 만난 그 순간부터 하루도 잊지 않고
From the first moment we met without forgetting for even a single day…
너 만을 사랑해
I only love you

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your Two Cents: Idol-Star Relationships...To Reveal Or Not To Reveal???

Hi all,
So this week, I thought I'd get your opinion on something that was a very hot issue last week in kpop...especially in the idol world. I'm sorry to rub more salt in the wound for you SHINee fans, but as we all know, Shin Se-kyung and SHINee's Jong-hyun were announced to be dating. I think it's been a couple of months already. Some fans are being happy for the couple while others have lashed out at the young actress, Shin, by leaving vicious comments on her cyworld page or joining anti-Shin Se-kyung cafes. Shin ended up having to shut down her mini hompy while SHINee members weren't left unsupervised for even a second at their weekly live music performances.

I almost feel bad for the two because everyone should have the right to date who they want freely, without being scared of the vicious netizens. However, I remember when I was a teeny bopper myself. I absolutely hated any girl that even came within a 100 foot radius of my favorite stars. Haha

Let me ask you all, if you were a star or the manager of a star, would you reveal it to the public who you're dating (or who the star that you're managing is dating)? Or would you go out of your way to keep it a secret? What do you think is the "right" thing to do?

Plus, if you have anything to say regarding the netizens' response towards the young couple, this is your chance to voice it!

To present arguments for both sides, there ARE couples that have been well-received. For example, Se7en and Park Han-byul are looked at quite favorably. If anything, it's helped their careers or brought them more positive attention.

If any of you guys ARE SHINee fans, I just want to say that REALISTICALLY, those two aren't gonna get married or anything. I mean it's possible of course, but HIGHLY unlikely. They're both SOO young with SOOO many future relationships to go through. So don't be too sad. =)

Alritey, answer away and don't forget to tune in next week on KPI to hear everyone's responses!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Words Behind The Music: San E featuring Min of miss A "맛좋은산" "Delicious San"

“맛좋은산” “Delicious San”

아아 마이크 체크 하낫 둘 산이가 왔어요 산이 값싸고 맛 좋은 산이가 왔어요
Mic check, 1,2! SanE’s here! SanE~ cheap and delicious…SanE’s here!

yeah boy (흥흥) Yo! Yo!
(baby ba-baby) mic check one two! one two!(흥흥)

산이랑 놀 사람 여기 여기 붙어라~ 짜자쟌
People who want to play with SanE, here! Here! Stick right here! Ta-da!

자 애들은 가 촌스런 랩 하는 애들은 봐 이모 삼촌 잠깐이면 돼 안 사도 되니 한번 듣고나 가 싸게 드릴께
Kids, get out of here. Kids that rap corny, watch. Aunties, uncles, I only need a second. You don’t need to buy anything, so just listen for a bit and leave. I’ll give it to you cheap.
골라 골라 산이를 골라 들으면 놀라 자빠지고 막 몰랐던 애들은 엄마한테 졸라 엄마 엄마 이거 사줘 나
Pick , pick, pick out SanE. Once you hear it, you’ll be surprised. You’ll fall over on your back. For kids who didn’t kow, go beg your moms. “Mommy, mommy! Buy me this!”

(산이 준비됐나?) 준비됐다! 그대 기다렸던 만큼 나도 기다렸다 믿어주세요~
저는 랩을 할 테니 형은 떡을 썰어주세요~
(SanE, are you ready?) I’m ready! As much as you’ve waited, I’ve waited too. Please believe me~ I want to rap, so hyung, you just cut me up some ricecakes~

나는 화끈해 다른 애들과는 다르네 또 새로 나와 따끈해
I go all in. I’m different from the other kids. I’m also fresh, so I’m still nice and warm.
주목! 나만 바라바라바라봐 내가 싫다면 다른 사람 알아봐
Attention! Look, look, look only at me. If you don’t like me, go look into someone else.

나(나) 그대(그대) uh-음음음 산이랩은(내랩) 정말(정말) uh-음음음
Me (me) You (you). Uh-mmmm SanE’s rap (my rap) is really (really) uh-mmmm
세상사람들(세상) 모두(모두) uh-음음음 산이랩을(내랩) 듣고(듣고) uh-음음음
People of this world (this world), everyone (everyone) uh-mmmm SanE’s rap (my rap) listen to it (listen) uh-mmmm

대세는 여자그룹아이돌 근데 난 여자, 그룹, 아이돌 셋 다 아니고
the trend is female group idols. But I’m not female, a group, or an idol. None of the three
나이도 26살이고 그래도 here i go~
and age 26. But still, here I go~

요즘 가욘 정말 문제가 많아 시험지처럼 노래보다 필요없는 전신성형
kpop music these days has a lot of problems…just like a written test. Rather than songs, there’s more useless full-body plastic surgeries.
모든 노래 똑같은 후크송에 오토튠
all the songs sound the same. Hooks with auto-tune.

질려 질려 양심이 찔려 빌보드 차트에서 빌려온 실력
it gets old, old…pokes at my conscience. Borrowing talents from the Billboard charts.
들어본 멜로디 표절이 트렌드 그래도 팔리는 짝퉁 브랜드
a melody I’ve heard before, plagiarism’s a trend. However it still sells, a bootleg brand.

차렷! 모두 열중셧! 나는 직접 준비가 된 뮤지션 명품 복근 대신 명품랩 (여기 서비스) 한번 더줄께!!
Attention! Everyone, at ease! I personally prepared myself as a musician. Rather than top quality abs, I have top quality raps (this one’s on the house). I’ll give it to you one more time!!

자 여러분 맛 좋은~ 맛 좋은 랩이요 맛 좋은~ 아주 그냥 죽여줘요 거기 새치기 말고 줄 서줘요(x2)
Here everyone, tasty and delicious rap! Delicious…the taste really kills! You over there, don’t cut and stand in line please! (2xs)

예전엔 드렁큰 타이거 힙합을 아느냐? 이젠 우리 할머니도 힙합을 알아
Before, did you know about Drunken Tiger’s rap? Now even my grandma knows hip hop.
“랩?그냥 그거 빠르게 말하면 되 빠르게 말하고 빠르기만 하고 좀 다르게 말하면 돼”
“Rap? That, you just have to talk fast. Just be fast, and talk a little different.”

NO! 틀렸지만 참 잘했어요 (힙합은 했지만 랩은 안 했어요)
NO! You’re wrong, but nice try (got hip hop, but not rap)
내 랩을 들어봐 넌 쿨해지고 재 랩을 들어봐 넌 우울해지고
Listen to my rap. You’ll become cooler. Then listen to his rap. You’ll become bluer/more depressed.

나는 키 작고 또 미쳐 보이지만 진짜 쿨한 힙합보이
I may be short and look kind of crazy, but I’m a really cool hip hop boy
난 이 시대 10대 20대를 대표해 모두 where u at!!
I’ll represent the teens and 20 somethings in this generation. Everyone, where u at!!

(산이 산이 산이) 자~ 내 이름이 뭐니? (산이 산이 산이) 세상에 모든 money!
(SanE SanE SanE) Here~ What’s my name? (SanE SanE SanE) All the money in this world!
(SanE SanE SanE)
다 누구에게 가니? (산이 산이 산이) 더 크게 많이 많이! (산이~)
Who is everyone going to? (SanE SanE SanE) Louder…much much louder! (SanE~)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Your Two Cents: Curious About Korean Culture???

Hi my beloved readers/listeners~

How was everyone's week/weekend? Hope it was a good one full of laughter and REST! Haha I know I shouldn't be complaining because I'm still at a "young and fresh" age, but I gotta say, my body can't keep up with me like it used to. Whereas all-nighters were no problem before, now I can't do 'em anymore. LOL Rest is VERY important.

Anyways, it's the last Y2C for the month of October. MAN! Isn't that crazy? I've been doing some reminiscing about the year of 2010. I know we still have two full months left, but those months are going to FLY by! It's already been over 2 years since I came to Korea and started broadcasting. It's been about 9 months since I joined the KBS World team and started my posts on KPop Connection with DJ Young and KPop Interactive on Sundays. I've met AMAZING people, interview some very talented and sweet singers, and more importantly, gotten introduced to the international KPOP fan base (aka YOU ALL). So thankful for my life and the opportunities that come along with it. Let's all take a moment to just be thankful.


Okay! With that said and done...on to this week's Y2C question:

Do you have any curious questions about any aspect of Korean culture? For example, when I first started typing and texting in Korean, I didn't know what all the "ㅜㅜㅜㅜ" or "ㅠㅠㅠㅠ" were for. They're Korean emoticons for tears! LOL do you see it? the horizontal line represents the closed eyes while the vertical lines are the tears running. Another one was all the "~"''s that were used. They represent a sorta dragged out tone to something. For example, "what are you doing?" with a little "~" put at the end gives it a more "whatchaaaa dooooiiinnnggg??" kind of feel. I don't know if I explained that well, but anyways. So any questions on culture? typing methods? phrases? (i.e. what's with all the "hwaiting"'s?!) etc. etc. etc.

Throw me your questions and I'll try to answer as many as I can on this week's KPI. If you don't have any questions, what WERE some questions you had and how did you get them answered? Let me know~~~~~~~~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Your Two Cents: Most Unique Voice???

Hi all~
Hope everyone's been having a great month of October so far. We've already passed the midpoint so far which means Halloween is just around the corner!

This week's Y2C question is about a singer's voice. I don't necessarily mean how great of a singer they are. Some people have nice voices, but they can't sing all THAT well. Some people have not such nice voices, but can do amazing things with it (vibration, falsetto, etc. etc.) that makes them an amazing singer. I think the best example of explaining my point would be Fly To The Sky. Most people think that STRICTLY from a vocal technique point of view, Hwanhee is the "better" singer. That man can put so much ups an downs in one breath that it leaves you in awe. However, (this is just MY opinion!!! please don't get offended) I actually like the tone of Brian's voice better. It's more clear and sweet. Do you guys get the point I'm trying to make?

Basically, I want you guys to get the difference between just the voice tone and quality versus singing ability.

ANYWAYS, so this week's question: Who do you feel has the most unique voice tone? Where the second you hear it, you know who it is. This isn't about who's the best singer. It's simply just the voice. Actually, re-using the example from before, I think Hwanhee is one of the singers at the top of my list. The second I hear Hwanhee, I know it's Hwanhee. Another example can be Bobby Kim or Kim Gun-mo. They both have unique voices.

Answer away, and don't forget to tune into KPI on Sunday! ^^

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best Male Star With Makeup???

These days all male idol group stars are wearing makeup. Man...these kids are wearing more eye liner than me!!! And THAT'S saying something! Hehe.. I have to be honest with you first, I was a little thrown off by this trend. Granted now there ARE some American singers sporting the eye makeup (i.e. Adam Lambert), but still. It's not exactly the norm for male stars to wear such heavy eye makeup. The more I see it though, I guess I can kind of understand the logic. Us Koreans, we're not exactly blessed with the same big, beautiful eyes as some other foreign singers so why not use a little bit of makeup to enhance them? And girls wear makeup, so if you think about it, guys are getting a little gipped when it comes to getting some help to look better. Actors on stage wear makeup for theatre performances and essentially, singers are doing the same thing right? Performing!

Anyways, regardless of whether you're FOR the male stars wearing eye makeup or AGAINST...this week's question is going to be more specific. (Although I DO want to know if you're FOR it or AGAINST it too!)

Which male star do you think pulls off the eye makeup look the best? Some stars look better with it than others. Some stars look COMPLETELY different with eye makeup while other stars don't look that different. All of those factors taken into consideration, which male star just looks the best with eye makeup?

If you're a guy, even better!!! I wanna know how you feel about this eye makeup trend. More importantly, would you do it?

Answer away and don't forget to tune in on Sunday for KPI! ^^

CD Drawing Winners For September!!!

Congratulations to our September CD Drawing Winners!!!
For those of you who didn't know what they say! Try, try, and try again!
Just email me your full name, mailing address, and the top two kpop CDs that you'd like to win (just in case your first choice is sold out, we'll try to get your your second choice!).

Winners are picked and announced on the second Sunday of every month on our KPI program on KBS World Radio. ^^

Well, without further adieu...the winners!

1. Kim Valerio from Victoria, Australia
#1 Super Junior - Don't Don Repackaged
#2 Any 2AM
#3 And FT Island

2. Kristine Bui from London, England
any CN Blue or B2ST CDs

3. Stacey Agena from Mililani, Hawaii
CD: CNBLUE's Japanese singels
super junior bonamana repackaged cd album

4. Lilian Yau from Middlesex in the UK
1. B2st-Shock Of The New Era (Asian Edition)
2. SS501-Destination

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post Star Chat With Lim Jeong-hee!!!

Like always, here's the lowdown on how my latest Star Chat interview went. *cue evil laughter: muahahaha...*

So for those of you who missed it, I got a chance to interview Lim Jeong-hee for last week's KPI on KBS World Radio. If you missed it, never fear, you can just watch it again HERE.

When it comes to celebrities or ANYONE for that matter, you can tell a lot about them by their punctuality. So props to Lim Jeong-hee who came right on time with not one, but TWO managers. I have to say, her managers work really hard for her. They were very cordial with me and the staff. Brought me THREE copies of her latest mini-album and were carrying around a whole stack. I ran into them later after the interview and I realized they were circling the floor, giving out CDs to some of the producers they were running into. If you noticed during the interview, she kept mentioning how important it was to find a GOOD management team. I don't think that was just something for her to say. I think she really does appreciate her management, which is good because they do seem to work hard for her.

The first thing I really thought when I saw Lim for the first time was, "Wow, she's not photogenic." She looks so much prettier in person. Even the picture that she and I took together isn't very flattering of her. Don't be fooled all~ she's beautiful! I think the video clip is a little better though.

Okay so with the first impression stuff out of the way, personality-wise, Lim was very quiet and reserved. I could see why she's not exactly a singer known for her "variety show" talents. She's not cold or anything...not at all. She's very warm and sincere. She just seemed...REAL. She didn't care about the extra fluff, or about putting up an image, or about saying the "right" thing for the media to approve of. She thought about her answers and said it. That's all there was to it. Some of the younger stars or group stars think more along the lines of "how can I make this answer interesting or funny?". She didn't think like that. She just answered whether it was funny or not. It was pretty refreshing actually.

We talked a little about dieting and her weight-loss. She lost like 6-7 kilos! She said she hiked a lot up the mountain near her house. So ladies, that might be the way to shed those pounds if you're looking for Lim Jeong-hee's secret. Haha

We had to wrap things up quick because she had another schedule to get to RIGHT after the interview. She left asking if she could contact me when she needed help with her English. Haha

So that's it. Nothing all that juicy, but I really REALLY wanna emphasize that as just because some singers aren't right in the enter of the spotlight (in variety shows and lots of interviews) doesn't mean they should be overlooked. Lim is so sweet and RAW in a very genuine and souful way...whether it be in her music or in real life!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Your Two Cents: First Thing You'd Want To Do When You Visit Korea???

I've been getting a lot of emails ( and tweets ( about how many of you are planning on visiting Korea within the next year or so. GREAT!!! Especially because the country currently has a VISIT KOREA campaign going on until 2012 (I think...). I can HONESTLY say that Korea is WORHT YOUR WHILE. It's an amazing country with so much diversity depending on what region you visit. I'd assume most of you are visiting the nation's capital, Seoul. Seoul is AMAZING. The food, shopping, sights, food, nightlife, food, culture, museums, food...LOL There's ALWAYS something to do. If you're bored, just grab a sandwich and some coffee, walk to a bustling area, and people watch! That's always fun too.

Many of you have never been to Korea, so here's this week's Y2C question:
What's the FIRST THING you want to do when you come to Korea???

If you HAVE been to Korea before, what is the best/most memorable thing you did on your visit(s)???

Let me know and of course, be sure to tune into KPI this week to hear everybody else's responses! This week, I have a SPECIAL giveaway for Y2C participants! ^^

After our STAR CHAT with Lim Jeong-hee, she was so kind to give me signed copies of her latest mini-album featuring the songs "On The Way To Break Up (featuring 2AM's Jo-kwon) and "This Can't Be Real". She's an AMAZING singer with such a beautiful, soulful voice so I think it's a real treat. I haven't decided yet how MANY copies I'll be giving away. I'm going to make that decision after I see how many people respond. ^^

Ok~~~ Answer away!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

STAR CHAT: Im Jeong-hee!!!

Hey all,
quick update:

We FINALLY have a new STAR CHAT on this week's KPI! YAY!!!! It's been a tough streak because stars are starting to jam pack their schedules so much that it's hard to grab them even for a quick interview =(

Also, as you all know, these days, the BEST way to promote yourself as a star is VARIETY PROGRAMS...
this makes radio interviews almost...obsolete. I mean it DOES happen, but it's not as appealing to entertainment agencies anymore. Who knows, the stars themselves may enjoy radio interviews more because they're a lot more raw, free-flowing, and less burdensome. However, the moneymakers backing these stars up (aka their agencies) are all about the coverage/exposure/promotional effectiveness.

Alright, with that ranting aside, we have IM JEONG-HEE coming into the studio!!! For those of you who aren't as familiar with her, she's the singer that 2AM's Jokwon recently did a collaboration with. Refer to the blog entry before this one for the song and the words behind the lyrics. =)

Hope you guys tune in! I know it's been awhile since we had a Star Chat so I wanna thank you guys for being so patient with us! Chuseok and summer trips/vacations/etc. didn't make the past couple months the most ideal time for scheduling interviews...hehe

Always trying to improve our programs for our LOYAL listeners,

Words Behind The Music: Im Jeong-hee featuring Jokwon " 헤어지러 가는길" "On My Way To Break Up"

Words Behind the Music
“헤어지러 가는 길” “On My Way To Break Up"
-Im Jeong-hee & Jo-kwon

(Im Jeong-hee)
헤어지러 가는 길 널 버리려 하는 일
On my way to break up with you. To throw you away/leave you.
니 가슴 아픈 만큼 내 가슴도 아플 걸 알지만
I know that as much as your heart will hurt, my heart will hurt too…
이게 나아서 하는 일
but I’m doing it anyway because this is the best way

(Im Jeong-hee)
내 마음이 맨날 내 생각만 하던 마음이
My heart…this heart that was so used to only thinking of myself
처음으로 너를 위해서 하는 일을 그런 일을 하러 가는 길
For the first time, I’m doing something for you. I’m on my way to do that very deed

널 만나러 가는 길 너무나 행복한 일
On my way to see you. Such a happy thing to do.
그 동안 못해줬던 소중한 말 한마디 사랑해
All this time I couldn’t say it. The precious words “I love you”
그 말을 하러 가는 길
so I’m on my way to tell you those words

(Im Jeong-hee)
너무 늦은 걸 알아
I know it’s too late.
그래 늦은 걸 알아
Yes, it’s too late, I know.
(Im Jeong-hee)
이미 내 맘은 니 곁을 떠났는 걸
My heart has left your side already
내 사랑은 넘치는 걸
My love overflows
이제야 말하지만 내 진심이니까
I have to tell you now, because it’s what I’m really feeling
꼭 받아주길 바래
I hope you accept it

(Im Jeong-hee)
헤어지러 가는 길
널 만나러 가는 길
내가 위하는 만큼 너도 날 위하는 걸 알기에
지금 가고 있어

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Your Two Cents: How Do YOU Feel About The LIfe Of Girl Idol Groups???

Hey all~
Guess who's back re-energized, reinvigorated, and ready to dive back into work with gusto?!?!

okay so maybe that's kind of over the top, because I would've loved a longer vacation. Haha...just being honest! However, I do feel VERY refreshed. ^^ And I guess I got the confirmation that I'm meant to be in this field because I missed broadcasting, my shows, and of course, MY LISTENERS!!! =(

Well, hope you all have been listening to KPC. Me and DJ Young talked about this on Monday, so hope you guys got a chance to tune in.

The hard lives that girl idol groups go through. Refer to this article if you missed it.

Idol groups have a hard live despite the seemingly glitzy, glamorous life. We're talking demanding schedules, lack of personal space, no social life, hardly any free time, monitored cell phone/computer access.

What do you guys think about this? Would you do it? Is it worth it? Why or why not? What do you think needs to be kept or changed? ANY OPINION~~~~ let me know! Open and free-style!

Answer and tune in for this week's KPI to see what everyone had to say!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Park Hyo-shin's "널 사랑한다" "I Love You"

Words Behind the Music
“널 사랑한다” “I Love You”
-Park Hyo-shin
from OST of Athena

내 심장에 살고 눈물에 살고
Lives in my heart, lives in my tears
또 기억에 사는 그리운 사람
also lives in my memory. This person that I long for.
지우지 못하고 버리지 못 할
I can’t erase them, can’t throw them away
아름다운 사람아
You beautiful person,
날 숨쉬게 하고 꿈꾸게 하고
Allows me to breathe, allows me to dream
또 아프게 하는 오직 한 사람
also makes me feel pain. Only one such person.
바라볼수록 더 다가설수록
The more I look at them, the more I get closer to them
눈물겨운 사람아
You tear-inducing (pathetic) person

--- 널 사랑한다
I love you
그 사랑 때문에 가슴 시려도
Because of that love, even if my heart is cold
그 사랑 때문에
Because of that love
또 다시 하루를 견뎌낸다
I can get through yet another day
널 사랑한다
I love you
사랑한다는 그 말보다 더
More than the mere words “I love you”
나조차도 겁이날만큼
so much more that even I get scared
미치도록 내 가슴이
Enough to make me go crazy, my heart
널 사랑한다
loves you---

닿을 수 없고 늘 머물 수 없고
I can’t reach for you, and can’t just stay here
더 가질 수 없는 머나먼 사람
Such a faraway person I can’t have

그저 눈물로만 가슴으로만
Only through my tears, through my heart
불러보는 사람아
You, the person I call out for,

단 한번도 전하지 못했던 바보 같은 나이지만
I’m such a fool for not having expressed this, not even once
I love you
널 사랑한다
I love you
널 기다린다
I’m waiting for you
그 사랑 때문에 눈물 고여도
Because of that love, even if tears collect
그 사랑 때문에
Because of that love
메마른 내삶이 빛나니까
my barren/empty life shines bright
널 기다린다
I’m waiting for you
영원이라는 시간보다 더
longer than forever
곁에서도 그리워질만큼
so much so that even if you’re right by my side, I’d miss you
아프도록 내 가슴이
So much so that my heart aches
널 사랑한다
I love you

Words Behind The Music: 2PM's "Thank You"

Words Behind the Music
“Thank You”

This is for my Hottest

어떻게 말할 질 몰라서 어떤 말로도 모자라서
Because I don’t know how to say this. I’m lacking the words.
아무 말도 할 수 없었어 너무나 고마워서 어떡할 줄 몰라서
I can’t get a word out. I’m so thankful I don’t know even know what to do

왜 내가 좋은 건지 이 많은 사람 중에 나를 고른 건지
Why do you even like me? Out of all these many people, why did you choose me?
난 해줄 수 있는 게 너무 모자라서 이 노랠 만들었어
Because I don’t have much to offer you, I made this song

So I thank you thank you thank you
And I love you love you love you
난 아무것도 못해줬는데
I couldn’t even do anything for you
넌 끝없이 주기만 하는데 왜
There’s no end to what you give to me. Why?

So I thank you thank you thank you
And I love you love you love you
니가 보내준 사랑 때문에
Because of the love you sent me
내가 여기 서있어 이렇게
I’m able to stand here, like this

나를 사랑하며 사는 게 너무나 힘든걸 아는데
I’m aware of how difficult it is to go on about loving me
너는 계속 그 자리에서 변함없이 서있어 오직 나를 위해서
but you continue to stand firm in that spot. Standing only for me

왜 돌아서질 않니 너무나 힘들 텐데
Why don’t you turn around (and leave)? It must be so difficult
왜 계속 사랑하니 난 어떻게 너에게
Why do you continue to love me? How can I…do for you…
갚을 줄 몰라서 이 노랠 만들었어
Because I don’t know how to repay you, I made this song

너의 그 마음 흘린 그 눈물 그 모든 것 다 잊지 않을게
I won’t forget that heart of your, the tears you shed, everything.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Your Two Cents: Favorite 2NE1 Comeback Song/Music Video???

I can't believe it's already Sunday night and I have to get ready for another week! The weekend flew by so fast =(

A bunch of friends (mostly others also in English broadcasting) went on a very short overnighter to Wonju in Gangwon province. It was very chill: good food + good company = good times. Here's a picture for you to enjoy of DJ Young cooking ramen noodles for his wife. It a was actually very sweet. I asked his wife if he did this often (cook for her that is) and she said yes. He likes to make things for her/people. Okay people, on the count of one, two, three: "AWWWWWWWWW~~~~~~~~~~~" Haha

ANYWAYS, so this past week was a big one for K-pop because one of the BEST girl groups out there have FINALLY made their long awaited comeback and they're taking the charts, album sales, industry by storm! So I thought to myself, I wanna ask a Y2C question specifically on this group...but is that playing favoritism??

Then I realized, it's MY blog so who the hec cares?! LOL So here I go asking a question specifically on 2NE1's comeback!

Out of the THREE title songs ("Clap Your Hands", "Go Away", "Can't Nobody"), which is your favorite?? And what about the three music videos? Which one was your favorite out of the three videos in terms of storyline and style?

If you haven't seen the videos yet, here they are:

"Clap Your Hands"

"Go Away"

"Can't Nobody"

Answer and don't forget to tune into KPI on Sunday! ^^

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Your Two Cents: Most reoccurring theme in Korean dramas???

Children getting switched at birth? Wicked rich mothers? Loss of sight? Loss of memory?

There are SO many reoccurring themes that you see pop up over and over again in dozens of Korean dramas! However, they're so effective in drawing us back for more...despite the repetitive story lines.

What do YOU think is the MOST repetitive theme/problem that pops up in Korean dramas? And name at least two dramas that have them!

Answer away and don't forget to tune into KPop Interactive on Sunday to see if your answers are read! I'll try to play some OST tracks from the dramas you guys list!^^

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Seo In-gook's "애기야" "My Baby U"

Words Behind The Music
"애기야" "My Baby U"
-Seo In-gook

정말 인형처럼 예뻐서 볼수록 사람 맞나 싶어
You really look like a doll. So much where the more I look like you, I question whether you’re human
세상 누가 널 앞에 두고 귀여움을 말할 수 있어
Who in all this world could talk about cuteness in front of you

너는 보석보다 소중해 감히 비교해서 미안해
You’re more precious than gems. Sorry for even daring to make such a comparison
너는 날개를 감춘 천사 갑자기 날아갈까 겁나
You’re an angel with hidden wings. I’m scared that you’ll fly away

내가 아주 너땜에 산다 거짓말이 아니야
I totally live just for you. This is not lie
사랑해 사랑해 이말로는 부족해
I love you. I love you. These words aren’t enough.

--사랑스러워 넌 나의 애기야
You’re so loveable. You’re my baby
너무 귀여워 넌 나의 애기야
You’re so cute. You’re my baby
정말 요리보고 조리봐도 어쩜 넌
깨물고만 싶어 꼬집고만 싶어
I look at you this way and that way. How is it that I just want to bite you and pinch you
넌 나만의 Baby 영원한 나만의 자기
You’re my only baby. You’re forever my honey
아주 꼭꼭 숨겨놓고선 나만 볼래
I just want to keep you hidden really well so I’m the only one who can look at you

가끔 정신을 쏙 빼놓는 너의 애교에 온몸이 녹아
My entire body melts at your aegyo (babyish/sweet/cute charms) which often I lose myself over
일부러 울려보고 싶어 그래도 예쁠지 궁금해
I want to make you cry on purpose. Because I’m curious if you’d still be pretty

이건 병이라면 병이야 네 목소리 없인 난 못 자
If this is an illness, than I’m ill. I can’t go to sleep without your voice
네 꿈 없이도 잠을 못 자 행복이란 이름의 큰 병
I can’t sleep without dreams of you. This illness has a name: happiness

내가 아주 너땜에 산다 거짓말이 아니야
I totally live just for you. This is not a lie
감사해 감사해 이말로는 부족해
Thank you. Thank you. These words aren’t enough

보면 볼수록 더 좋은걸 나 하루종일 네 생각만 하는걸
The more I see you, the more I like you. I only think of you all day
너를 보면 너무 행복해져 나도 몰래 내 입술은 사랑해 U
I become so happy at the mere sight of you. My lips start to go..."I Love U" without me even knowing it
U U U 이젠 네가 대답 할 차례 매일 들어도 듣고 싶어 어떡해 Stop
U, U, U, Now it's your turn to answer. Even if I were to hear it every day, it wouldn't get old. What to do? Stop
Please tell me ~ Baby

나만 볼래
I want to be the only one who can look at you

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Two Cents: Which k-pop entertainer will still be around in 10 years???

How was everyone's weekend??
I'm sure you all are sick of me talking about the weather, but I swear the weather's CRAZY! LOL
It's SUNNY one minute, POURING BUCKETS the next. Shouldn't monsoon season be over already?! It's practically September already!


This week's Y2C question is this:
Being that the turnover rate on which star is the "IT" star is so freakin fast in k-pop, it's hard to stay on top for a long period of time. For example, remember who was super hot last year? Perhaps Lee Min-ho from Boys Over Flowers? Not that he's NOT popular now, but nowhere NEAR as popular as he was last year! I barely hear about him anymore! And that's just one year!

So which kpop star (singer, model, actor, etc... can be in any type of entertainment) do you think will still be hot in 10 years! Let's be realistic, they probably won't be like NUMBER 1 hot because we'll have newer and younger acts coming out. However, still relatively hot. Like within the top 10 or something.

Some examples of stars still at the top after 10 years is of course Lee Hyo-ri, Yoo Jae-suk is still very popular, hmm...DJ DOC didn't exactly MAINTAIN their popularity throughout the years, but they still got it judging that it's been 16 years since they debuted and they hit #1 on the music charts with their most recent comeback. Shinhwa has been around for forever and they're MIA right now because of some of their members being in the military, but I'm sure they'd still be pretty popular. These are just a few give me YOUR picks!

Answer away and don't forget to tune into KPC all this week and KPI next Sunday...RAIN OR SHINE! ^^

Saturday, August 21, 2010

See! Romance ISN'T Dead!!!

So I've discovered a great way to pass the time on the web...
Now it sounds a little desperate/psycho/etc., but it's just so stinking sweet that I can't help it...

I've been reading some of the entries and updates that Sean (of the famous 1990's hip hop duo JINUSEAN) has been posting on his Cyworld page. If you guys aren't familiar with Sean, shame on you! JINUSEAN was so big in the late 90's! They're kind of what really put YG Entertainment on the map! YG Entertainment is now known for Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en...but JINUSEAN was one of the ORIGINALS. Also, his wife Jung Hye-young is an actress also signed under YG. She's played the role of Janice in "East of Eden" with Song Seung-heon, Baek-ma (I think...?) in "Iljimae", she was in "Playful Kiss", etc... Sean and Hye-young are known to be like THE lovey-dovey couple in kpop. They love each other so much and do soooooooo much good in the charity sector that they make you almost want to barf. LOL They're KNOWN for making consistent donations, they do volunteer work all the time, Sean also is an advocate for Lou Gehrig's disease, etc. etc. etc. They've been together for almost 10 years now (dating + married life) with three kids (1 daughter and 2 sons). Sean's a devoted Christian and Hye-young came to be a Christian too through Sean. Sean also has this thing with numbers. He keeps count of ALL the days that him and Hyeyoung were together, how many days it's been since they got married, etc. If you were to ask him point blank, how many days as it been since you've met Hye-young? He'd tell you right away because he would know off of the top of his head!

Anyways, I read these two particular passages and found them so sweet and thought I'd translate it and share with you guys. Pretty much every entry is as sweet as these two. The first one is a message Sean wrote while the second one is one that Hye-young wrote. I think they share Sean's cyworld page because there are just as many entries written by Hye-young as there are written by Sean. It's kinda too much sometimes (to be, but when you're in a really cheesy, lovey-dovey mood it's kind of moving.

나의 사랑하는 혜영이에게
혜영아 하율이 낳느라 수고했어.그리고 한달 동안 키우느라 수고했어.
지금 이순간 하음이,하랑이,그리고 특히 하율이 엄마로 살아가는 너의 모습을 보며 얼마나 감사한지 몰라.
하루에 최소 8시간 정도 하율이에게 젖을 물리고 그리고 하율이에게 온 정성을 다하느라 밤에 잠도 잘 못자고 그리고 자신을 위해 쓸 시간이 하나도 없으면서 몇일전에 나와 하음이 하랑이에게 충분히 못해주는게 마음이 아프다며 눈물을 보이는 너를 보며 나는 또 감동했어.

너의 그 마음.
그리고 우리 아이들을 위한 너의 희생.

이제 3번째 우리 아기 하율이도 잘 키워보자.
하나님을 사랑하는 아이로.
이웃을 사랑하는 아이로.
기도하는 아이로.
행복한 아이로.
웃음이 많은 아이로.

혜영아 항상 기억해.
너가 아이들을 키우느라 하루종일 세수를 못해도 너를 보는 나의 마음은 오늘도 설레여.
너의 존재 자체가 나에게는 설레임이니까.

혜영아 사랑해!
너와 너의 모든 것을.

어느새 세아이의 아빠가 된 션이^^

PS 혜영아 딸 하나 아들 둘 낳은 너는 10점 만점에 100점이야.
하음이 하랑이 하율이와 함께 행복하게 살자!^^

To my beloved Hye-young,
Hye-young, you've been through a lot giving birth to Ha-yool. And even more during the past month raising him.
You have no idea how grateful I am at this very moment when I think of you living as Ha-eum, Ha-rang, and Ha-yool's mom.
I was once again moved when you recently started tearing up, talking about how sad you felt about not having as much time to be there for Ha-eum, Ha-rang, and me...
This is all the while you are busy running about doing your best for Ha-yool while he's still breastfeeding for like 8 hours out of the day, without enough time to even sleep or have to yourself.

Thank you.
For that heart of yours.
And for the sacrifices you make for our children.

Let's now try to raise our third child, Ha-yool well
Into someone that loves God
someone that loves his neighbors
someone that prays
someone that's happy
someone that's full of laughter.

Hye-young, always remember this:
Even if you don't get a chance to wash your face all day while busy taking care of the kids, to this day my heart still flutters when I look at you.
Your entire being is a heart flutter/excitement to me.

I love you Hye-young!
You and everything about you.

Sean, who's become a father of three in a blink of an eye

P.S. Hye-young, the mother of 1 daughter and 2 song: you're a 100 out of 10!
Let's live happily altogether with Ha-eum, Ha-rang, and Ha-yool!^^

저는 이런 꿈을 가져봅니다.
천국에 가서도 남편과 같이 부부로 사는 꿈을...
저는 천국을 알지 못했지만 남편을 만나 천국에 대해서 알게 되었습니다.
그리고 천국에 대한 소망도 갖게 되었습니다.
남편과 결혼해서 가정을 꾸리고 행복하게 살면서
천국에 가 본적은 없지만 그냥 우리 가정이 작은 천국이다라고 생각하며 행복하게 살고 있습니다.
이렇게 서로 사랑하며 서로 아끼며 그리고 서로 감사하며 살다가
이 세상에서의 우리 삶이 끝나고 천국에 가게 되는날 저는 하나님 앞에 서게 될겄입니다.
그리고 말도 안되는 일일수도 있지만 하나님께 부탁드리겠습니다.
천국에 가서도 제 남편과 부부로 살게 해달라고.

I have this dream..
A dream where I get to live together with my husband as a couple even in heaven.
It wasn't until I met my husband that I even came to know about this place, heaven.
I came to also have hope for heaven.
I've never been to heaven, but I can't help but think as I'm living so happily married to my husband and creating a family together with him, that our family is like a small piece of heaven.
We'll continue to love each other, cherish each other, and be thankful for each other
until the day comes when our lives here on Earth ends and I'll have to stand before God in heaven.
And this may sound ridiculous, but I'm going to ask of God for a favor.
That I get to be together with my husband even in Heaven.

Your Two Cents: Favorite Variety Program???

Hi all~
After working ALL weekend cooped up in my home (literally left my house ONCE to pick up lunch), I'm taking a break watching some of the popular variety programs here in Korea.^^ Perfect way to unwind...lunch in front of a TV, laughing... haha

I mean I've thought this before, but I'm reminded once again how many variety programs are out in Korea. And on top of that, it's like all the same people. There are slight concept differences or thematic differences...but really it's all the same people.

I mean that's not necessarily a BAD thing because they are funny! No doubt about that!

Well, here's this week's question regarding this topic...

What is your favorite Korean variety program? And why?
BECAUSE they're so similar with the same people, I'm curious to know what show stands out to YOU!

Hope you all had a great weekend~ Don't forget to tune into KPI today (August 22nd) and every week of course! ;)
Post up your answers for Y2C so I can get your guys' input!


Words Behind The Music: Zia "웃음만" "Just Laughter"

Words Behind the Music
“웃음만” “Just Laughter”

묻는다 너를 맘에 묻는다 묻는다
I ask. In my heart I ask you, ask you
차마 놓칠 못해 맘에 묻는다
I can’t hold it in and miss this opportunity. I ask you in my heart
빙빙빙 자꾸 맴돌아 빙빙빙 가슴안에서
Round and round and round, I keep spinning. Round and round and round within my heart
묻는다 내가 내게 묻는다
I ask. I ask myself
묻는다 이게 잊는거냐고 물어본다
I ask. I ask if this is how to forget
꺼내고 꺼내보면서 뭘 대체 잊는 거냐고
I keep taking it out and bringing it up. What do I expect to forget this way?

--그저 웃음만 그저 웃음만 그저 웃음만 나와
It’s just laughter, just laughter, just laughter that comes out
흔한 눈물도 헤픈 눈물도 다 말라 버렸어
Tears that run amany, these overflowing tears have dried right up
이제 어떻게 해야 살아갈수 있겠니
What should I do now to keep alive?
이제 어떻게 내가 너를 잊을 수 있니
What do I have to do now to forget you?
웃음만 웃음만..—
Just laughter, just laughter…

덮는다 거짓 웃음으로 널 덮는다
I cover it up. Cover you up with fake laughter
애써 감춰보려 마음을 덮는다
I try my best to hide it. I cover my heart
핑핑핑 자꾸 눈물만 윙윙윙 또 자꾸 들려와
Drip, drip, drip my tears. A buzzing, buzzing, buzzing in my ear

웃음만 웃음만 난 웃음만
Just laughter, just laughter. I just laugh.
Just laughter…

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Koyote “사랑하긴 했니” “Did You Even Really Love Me”

Words Behind the Music

“사랑하긴 했니” “Did You Even Really Love Me”
-Koyote (Kim Jong Min, Shin Ji, and Bbaek Ga)

다 끝난줄알면서도 난 아닌줄알면서도
Even though I know it’s over. Even though I know I’m not the one.
널 기다려왔어 그럴리가 없다며 오늘도 난 너를 기다려
I’ve waited for you. Even if there’s no need to, I’m still here waiting for you today.

단 이것만은 알아줘 너를 너무 사랑했단걸
Just know this one thing: I really loved you
너도 알고있잖아 니가 더 잘알잖아 우린 너무 행복했었다는걸
You know it too, you know it better than anyone. We were really happy.

(Chorus: )
---정말 끝난건가요 그댄 두번다시 연락하지말자며
Is it really over? You’re the one who said to never contact you again
부디 행복하란 말만 남긴채 나를 울린채너는 뒤도 않보며 떠났어
Your last words were “Please be happy” as I was crying. You left without a second glance back.

정말 사랑했는데 짧은 몇마디에 남이 될수있나요
I really loved you. Is it really possible to become strangers after a few short words?
날 사랑했다면 다 지워놓아요 첨으로 돌려요
If you really loved me, let’s forget everything and go back to how it was in the beginning
나의 사랑 너 아니면 안되요 떠나지마요
No one else will do, my love. Please don’t leave.---

참 사랑은 이상하죠 너무 지겹던 잔소리가
Love is a strange thing. The annoying nagging…
자꾸 생각이나서 머리속에 남아서 내 마음을 너무 아프게하죠
That’s all I think about and remember. It’s making my heart ache.


가지말아요 울리지말아요 지금이라도 돌아와줘요
Don’t leave. Don’t make me cry. It’s not too late, please come back.

사랑하긴 했나요 결국 이럴거면 왜 날 안아줬나요
Did you even really love me? Why did you hold me when this was what was going to eventually happen?
사랑 모르겠단 말은 말아요 변명말아요 그저 그대 맘이 변했잖아
Don’t tell me you don’t know what love is. Don’t make excuses. It’s just that your heart has moved on.

정말 사랑했는데 짧은 몇마디에 남이 될수있나요
I really loved you. Is it really possible to become strangers after a few short words?
날 사랑했다면 다 지워놓아요 첨으로 돌려요 그대 이름조차 모르던 나로
If you really loved me, let’s forget everything and go back to how it was in the beginning…when I didn’t even know your name
되돌려놔요 가슴아파요 나 어떡하나요
Change it back. My heart aches. What am I supposed to do?

Words Behind The Music: CNBLUE "Sweet Holiday"

Words Behind the Music

“Sweet Holiday”

난 그댈 만나 행복합니다
I’m happy because I met you
난 그댈 만나 꿈을 꿉니다
I dream dreams because I met you
그대만 보면 웃음이 나죠
I can’t help but smile just at the sight of you
아마도 사랑인가봐
I think this just might be love
처음 본 순간 Stop my heart
The moment I first saw you…Stop my heart
꿈은 아닐까 Fall in love
Is this a dream…Fall in love
두근대는 맘 Oh my girl
My heart’s pounding…Oh my girl
This is love

어떻게 고백을 해야 할까
How can I profess my feelings for you
두근대는 내 맘 들키진 않았을까
I think you might be able to hear my pounding heart
혹시 나와 같은 생각일까
Are you maybe feeling the same way I do?
Everyday I`m thinking of you
우리 둘만의 Sweet Holiday
Just for the two of us…Sweet holiday

다가가볼게 Step by step
I’ll try to come closer…Step by Step
고백해볼게 Oh pretty girl
I’ll try to confess my love…Oh pretty girl
우리 함께면 Oh I`m okay
If we’re together… Oh I’m okay
This is love

매일 밤 꿈에 그대 보일 때
Every night when I see you in my dreams
난 자꾸만 그대 보면 두근거릴 때
Every time I see you, my heart starts to pound
두 손 꼭 잡고 잠들었을 때
When I fall asleep with both hands are gripped tightly together
You and I belong together
우리 둘만의 Sweet Holiday
Just for the two of us…Sweet holiday

될 수 없는 걸 느껴 가슴이 뛰네
I can feel what cannot be, My heart’s racing
확실히 What a wonderful Girl
There’s no doubt…What a wonderful girl
한시도 가만있지 않고 웃어
I can’t stop smiling even for a moment
~better than this uh
나를 비춰 좀 더
I shine a little more
Sweet girl Good my girl

난 그댈 만나 행복합니다
I’m happy because I met you
난 그댈 만나 꿈을 꿉니다
I dream dreams because I met you

혹시 나와 같은 생각일까
Are you maybe feeling the same way I do
Oh oh no

Words Behind The Music: Haha feat. Tiger JK "술병" "Liquor Bottle"

Words Behind the Music

“술병” “Liquor Bottle”
-Haha featuring Tiger JK

잊을 수가 없는데 떠날 수가 없는데
I can’t forget you, can’t leave you
난 아무 말도 못하고
I can’t say a word
자꾸 숨이 막히네
I can’t breathe
술에 취한 이 밤에ㅔㅔ
Another drunken night
겁이나 네가 없는게
I’m scared without you here
술 때문에 내 속이 더 아픈데
The alcohol is only making my heart hurt more
쓸데없는 생각만 자꾸 드네
I keep thinking of things I shouldn’t be thinking about
너를 두고 나를 두고
Over you, over me
I`m crying

널 잃은 아픔에 내 속이 아픈데
My heart’s hurting over the pain of losing you
또 다른 슬픔의 끝에
Holding onto the end of yet another sadness/heartbreak
너를 두고 너를 두고 I`m crying
Over you, because of you, I’m crying

이젠 수가 없는데 다른 수가 없는데
There’s no solution, no way out of this
술 때문에 내 속이 더 아픈데
The alcohol’s making my heart hurt more
쓸데없는 생각만 자꾸 드네
I keep thinking of things I shouldn’t be thinking about
너를 두고 나를 두고
Over you, over me
I`m crying

사랑에 서툰 게 사랑을 내친게
I’m not good at love, I chased love away
내 손해가 아닌데 끝내
It wasn’t my doing. End it.
사랑에 서툰 게 사랑을 내친게
I’m not good at love, I chased love away
내가 아닌데 끝내
It wasn’t me. End it.

너 없는 내 맘은 어둠뿐
My heart’s just blackness without you
끝이 없지 빛이 없지
There’s no end. There’s no light
잊을 수도 있는데 떠날 수도 있는데
I can forget you, can leave you.

Words Behind The Music: Lee Hyori feat. Daesung from Big Bang "How Did We Get"

Words Behind The Music

"How Did We Get"
-Lee Hyori feat. Daesung from Big Bang

Do baraba Do baraba Do baraba
Do baraba dododo oh oh
Do baraba dododo oh oh
Do baraba dododo oh oh
Do baraba dododo oh oh

Do baraba
너무 많이 겪었던 가벼운 인연들
Too many meaningless meetings and relationships we went through
너 또한 그렇게 스쳐갈 줄 알았어
I thought you’d be just another one of them
시간이 갈수록 조금 너는 달라서
As time passed, you gradually proved to be different
그저 그런 가식없이 넌
Without any false pretenses
내 맘을 다 보여 주었지
You fully showed me your heart

(Do baraba )
I don''t sWannna (oh Oh)
See you cry
널 보면 잊었던 뜨거웠던 꿈
When I look at you, I remember forgotten passionate dreams
어린 내가 떠올라
the ones I had when I was younger
You always Keep me a smile
어제 보다 멋진 Woo 내일에
Tomorrows are even better than -- Woo -- yesterdays

Tell me how did we get
꿈 같은 기억들
Dreamlike memories
How did we get 아팠던 눈물도
How did we get… painful tears
How did we get 여기까지
How did we get… to this point
How did we get 함께 걸어 왔으니
How did we get… because we walked it together
내가 (내가) 이젠 (이젠)
Now I…
나의 손 놓지 않을테니
I won’t let go of your hands

빛나는 별처럼 늘 반짝거리며
Twinkles like the brilliant stars
내 삶을 비춰준 오직 단 한사람
The one and only person that has given my life meaning
믿지 못할걸 Oh baby 간절히
You probably won’t believe me…Oh baby. How badly I wanted,,,
널 만날 수 있길 내가 바래 왔는지
…to meet you all this time

But I don''t wanna let you down
겁쟁이던 내가 널 보면서
I used to be such a coward, but as I look at you
조금씩 자라났어
I start to grow out of those fears
You always give me a dream
내 미래가 되줘 너만을 위해
Be my future where everything’s for you


Tell me how did we get
함께 할 시간들
The times we spent together
How did we get 어떤 상처라도
How did we get… regardless of past scars
How did we get 저 끝까지
How did we get… until the end
How did we get 함께 걸어 갈테니
How did we get… we’ll walk it together

우리 둘이 이젠 함께 걸어 갈테니
Because now the two us, we’ll walk it together

Words Behind The Music: UV “쿨하지못해 미안해” "No Cool, I'm Sorry"

Words Behind the Music

“No Cool, I’m Sorry” “쿨하지못해 미안해”

정말 예쁘게 아름답게 헤어져놓고
I really wanted our breakup/last moments together to be beautiful
드럽게 달라붙어서 미안해 So So CooL
I’m sorry that I’m being so pathetically clingy. So So cool…

합의하에 헤어져놓고 전화해서 미안해
I’m sorry that despite the fact that it was a mutual breakup, I keep calling you
합의하에 헤어져놓고 문자해서 미안해
I’m sorry that despite the fact that it was a mutual breakup, I keep texting you
답장도 없는 문자 받지도 않는 전화
Texts that go unanswered. Calls that aren’t picked up.
그래 이제 난 더 이상 안할께
Alright, I’ll stop now.
하지만 난 CooL 하지못해
However, I can’t be cool about it
너는 CooL해 넌 참 좋겠다 그래 참 좋겠다
You’re cool with it. Lucky you…you’re so lucky.
나만 울어 너는웃어 나는 울고 너는웃어
It’s only me that’s crying while you laugh. I cry and you laugh.
정말 비겁하지 나 이렇게 비겁하지
I’m such a coward…such a big coward
몇일전엔 0번으로 문자보냈어
I sent a text to the number “0” a few days ago
그럼 알줄알았어 나도0번으로 문자올줄알았어
I thought you’d know and send a reply to “0” too
근데 없어 486로도 보냈어 1004으로도 보냈어
But no. I even sent one to “486” and “1004” (“cheon-sa” or “angel” in Korea)

No CooL i'm Sorry
CooL 하지 못해 미안해
Sorry that I can’t be cool
No CooL i'm Sorry
하지만 넌 넌 So So CooL
But you, you’re so so cool

얼마전에 너의 미니홈피 들어가봤어
A while back, I visited your cyworld homepage (Korea’s popular social networking site)
사진이 보이지않아 왜 일까
I couldn’t view any of your pictures. Why was that?
생각해봤어 맞아 너와나는 일촌이 아니였어
I thought about it… and realized, you and I are no longer “friends”
왜 나랑 일촌끊었어?
Why’d you defriend me?
괜히 끊었어 괜히 끊었어 걱정하지마 다시 일촌하면돼
You shouldn’t have done that, shouldn’t have done that. Don’t worry because I’ll just re-request you as a friend.
뭐라고할까 뭐라고할까? 예전 그때처럼 내 사랑 유세윤 으로
What relation should I say I have with you? I’ll be your love, Yoo Sae-yoon like the good old days…

너의 일촌 댓글 파도타고
I then went through some of your messages and postings
널 볼수있지만 초라한 나
just so I can see you (what you’ve been up to). I’m such a coward…
어젠 너의 얘길 들었어
I heard about your recent events
내가 사준 핸드폰 바꿨다며~
Like how you switched the cell phone that I bought for you.

Chorus 2Xs

No CooL you so cool 난 No CooL
No cool, you so cool. I’m no cool…
soso cooL

Words Behind The Music: Gummy “날 그만 잊어요” “Forget About Me”

Words Behind the Music
*Requested by Paul T. Congratulations on his and his wife’s 1 year anniversary!

“날 그만 잊어요” “Forget About Me”
*from "내 머리속의 지우개” movie or “An Eraser In My Head” or “A Moment To Remember”

난 이제 조금씩 그댈 잊어가나 봐요
I think I’m slowly starting to forget about you
가끔 웃기도 하는 걸 보니
Seeing as how I can sometimes laugh about it
조금 더 지나면 그댈 만나게 되도 반가울 거 같아요
With a bit more time, I think I can be happy to see you the next time we meet

난 그런 마음에 그대 내게 남아있는
Amidst all that, you’re still in my heart
사진을 한장씩 뒤적여 보다가
As I look through our pictures one by one
혹시나 그대는 또 나와 달라서
I think maybe you’re not like me
아직까지 혼자만 힘들어 할까봐
that you’re alone and having a hard time

오 날 그만 잊어요
그댈 보낸 못난 내 기억에 행복하지
못하면 안돼요 그대까지
오 날 그만 잊어요
난 왜 이제 까맣게 잊은 채 행복하게
잘 지낼 그대가 걱정되죠 아직도

아직도 모두 다 잊지 못한 건 가봐요
It seems that I haven’t yet forgotten everything
그대를 걱정하고 있는 걸 보니
Seeing as how I still worry about you
날 버린 기억이
The memory of you leaving me
아픈 지난 기억이
The painful memories from the past
가슴에 남아서
They’re still in my heart
혹시라도 나처럼 울기만 할까봐
I worry that you might just be crying like me


그 긴 그 긴 시간 시간 힘이 힘이 든 건
The hardships, hardships of that long, long period, period
오 나만 그 긴 시간만 내 맘 내 맘 그 어디에 어디
Oh~ Just me…that long period…my heart, my heart…Where, where
그대 남아있어 남아 마지막
You still linger, linger…One last time
마지막 한번만 한번만 날 위한 날 위한 그대가 날
Just one last time, just once…For me, for me…You, for me…
그대가 그대 이제 이제는 날 그만 떠나요
You, you…once and for all, once and for all just leave me
잊어줘요 날 이제는 그만 모두
Forget about me now. All of it.
그댈 못잊은 채 힘들게 행복하게 보려는 날 위해서 내가 행복할 수 있도록
As I’ve yet to forget about you, I’m trying so hard to look happy.
For me, so that I can be happy…
오 날 그만 떠나요 잊어줘요 날 이제는 그만 모두
Oh~ Just leave me. Forget about me. About all of it.
그대 이제 내 맘에 이렇게 남은 채로
You’re still in my heart
힘들게 하지말고 떠나요
Don’t make this any harder and just leave.

Words Behind The Music: Yesung from Super Junior "너 아니면 안돼" "No One Else Will Do"

Words Behind The Music

"너 아니면 안돼" "No One Else Will Do"
-Yesung from Super Junior

오늘도 내 기억을 따라 헤매다
Today, once again, I’m wandering through my memories
이 길 끝에서 서성이는 나
Just lingering at the end of this road

다신 볼 수도 없는 니가 나를 붙잡아
I can never see you again, but yet you still have this hold on me
나는 또 이 길을 묻는다
So I ask and beg of this road one more time…

널 보고싶다고 또 안고싶다고
That I want to see you again and hold you again
저 하늘 보며 기도하는 나
I look to the heavens and pray

니가 아니면 안돼
No one else will do
너 없이 난 안돼
I can’t live without you
나 이렇게 하루 한달을 또 일년 나 아파도 좋아
Even if I have to live through a day, a month, a year of pain…It’s fine
내 맘 다쳐도 좋아 난
Even if I have to endure heartbreak
그래 난 너 하나만 사랑하니까
It’s all fine because you’re the only one I love

나 두번 다시는 보낼 수 없다고
I can’t be separated from you again
나 너를 잊고 살 순 없다고
I can’t just live my life forgetting about you


내 멍든 가슴이
My broken heart
널 찾아오라고
is trying to find you
소리쳐 부른다
it’s yelling and screaming for you

넌 어딨는거니
Where are you?
나의 목소리 들리지 않니
Can’t you hear me calling?
For me,

나 다시 살아도
If I live another life
몇번을 태어나도
Even if I get reborn again and again
하루도 니가 없이 살 수 없는 날
I can’t live a day with you
내가 지켜줄 사랑
You’re the love of my life that I need to protect
내가 사랑할 사랑
The love of my life I need to cherish
난…그래 난 너 하나면 충분하니까
For me…Yes, I’m more than satisfied with just you

너 하나만 사랑하니까
because you’re the only one I love

Words Behind The Music: BEAST "내 여자친구를 부탁해" "Say No (Take Care Of My Girlfriend)"

Words Behind the Music

"내 여자친구를 부탁해" "Say No (Take Care Of My Girlfriend)"

오늘 내 친구가 물었어 너와 사귀면 안 되겠냐고
my friend asked me today if he could start dating you
어차피 이젠 너와 헤어진 내 대신 너를 아껴 주겠다고
since we’re broken up now anyway, he’d take my place and be good to you

That that that that that’s ok
Get get get get away
괜찮아 뭐 우리 관계 남은 정도 없는데
It’s okay. There’s not much left to our relationship anyway
미안하단 말은 그만둬 어차피 가슴만 아퍼
Stop with the apologies. They only bring heartache.
내 대신 좋은 남자친구가 돼줘
Just be a good boyfriend to her for me

아직 너 때문에 잠 못 이루는데 그렇게 말하지를 못해
I couldn’t even tell him that I still lose sleep over you
억지 웃음에 격려까지 더해 친구를 보내줬지만 oh girl
I forced a smile and even encouraged him to pursue you. Oh girl.

Oh can’t u see I’m still lovin’ you
아직 내 맘이 널 보낼 수가 없어
I’m not ready to let you go yet

Say no! no! no! no! no! Say no! no! no! no! no!
안 된다고 말해 아직 니 맘 속에 날 기다리고 있다고 say no!
Please tell him no. Tell him that you still care for me, that you’re waiting for me. Say no!

술은 많이 못해 담배 연기는 싫어해
I can’t drink that much. I hate cigarette smoke.
혼자 있는 거 싫어하니까 언제나 함께
Hate to be alone, so spent all my time with you.

있어줘 생일 기념일은 꼭꼭 챙겨줘
Be there for her. Don’t forget all birthdays and anniversaries.
난 왜 이 짓을 하고 있나 도대체 왜
Why the hec am I concerning myself with all this? Why?

돌아서면서 후회할 거면서 억지로 멋있는 척 했어
I’ll regret this as I walk away. Trying so hard to be cool.
친구 뒤에서 화를 낼 거면서 안 되라고 빌 거면서
I’m gonna get upset behind my friend’s back. Gonna beg him to not.

(say) no no no (say) 안 된다고 (say) 그 사람 기다릴 거라 아아아 고
say no no no, say no. Tell him you’re still waiting for someone else.
(say) no no no (say) 안 된다고 (say) 그 사람 기다릴 거라 아아아 고
say no no no, say no. Tell him you’re still waiting for someone else.

(아직 너 때문에 잠 못 이루는데 그렇게 말하지를 못해
I couldn’t even tell him that I still lose sleep over you
억지 웃음에 격려까지 더해 친구를 보내줬지만 oh girl
I forced a smile and even encouraged him to pursue you. Oh girl.

Oh can’t u see I’m still lovin’ you
아직 내 맘이 널 보낼 수가 없어
I’m not ready to let you go yet)

Say no! no! no! no! no! Say no! no! no! no! no!
안 된다고 말해 아직 니 맘 속에 날 기다리고 있다고 say no!
Please tell him no. Tell him that you still care for me, that you’re waiting for me. Say no!)