Sunday, February 20, 2011

Your Two Cents: Spring Is What To You???

It's already the last week of February!! Can you guys believe that?! That is INSANELY fast...2011 is truly like a rabbit, just hopping and zipping on by.

Well, being that after this week it will officially be March which I classify as the first real Spring month (although the weather still feels like winter right now in Korea...), we'll keep the Y2C question related to that.

What reminds you of Spring? What is Spring to you?

Perhaps it's the cherry blossoms. If your country isn't a four season country, maybe it's just what you see in Korean dramas. Perhaps there's a specific song that reminds you of spring (i.e. "You Are My Spring" by Sung Shi-kyung). Perhaps it's a certain outfit that you can now wear. Maybe it's an annual trip you and your loved ones take. Maybe a type of food? Perhaps something school related (i.e. Spring Fling dance?) Whatever the season represents to you...let me know!!!

See you guys on air!!
Thanks :)


  1. 안녕하세요. Where I live, spring time comes with cloudy days and rain as well. So for me, spring is a time for me to get out my collection of what I call Kloudy Day Klassics; older kpop that I can listen to when driving around and feel good. For some of my friends, rainy days are good for eating 라면, 김밥 and watching older Korean dramas. Spring also means being closer to the summer time travel, but higher prices to Korea. But the warmer weather and increased sunlight, spring brings with it time to look back on the past and forward to a good summer.

  2. Hey Angie,

    It's President's Day here, so I finally have time to write on time. Time really is going fast this year.
    I think when I was younger, I thought of Spring Cleaning when I thought of Spring. Weekends spent cleaning up my organized mess.
    Now, I've come to appreciate the flowers blooming because of Sophie. We've been going on walks a lot and have really enjoyed everything about nature.
    Enjoy the flowers in Yeoido. ^^

    Take Care and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  3. Hi everyone! I have ever seen the Korean drama-SPRING WALTZ, From it I knew how beautiful of spring in KOREA. Spring is great because all the flowers start to bloom, it looks like that spring is the rebirth of all things. I love the blooming of trees and flowers. The weather is not too hot and not too cold and surely most people can go around with a smile on their faces. Unfortunately I Live in tropical climate,so I cant feel the sensation of spring. Have a great days guys!. Thanks..bye bye. Hermin

  4. To me, spring is the beginning of the best part of the year. I am not a winter person AT ALL. i hate being cold, and i when i'm cold, i don't sleep well, so winter is a season of cold limbs and bad moods to me. Spring is when it finally starts warming up (i actually wore shorts today for the first time since last august!), and awesome storms. I'm just one of those people that LOVES thunderstorms and rainstorms. They just put me to sleep.
    Unfortunately, Spring is also the time of year that all the bugs come out (yuck!) and all the plants start growing again. I have horrible outdoor allergies, so that part kinda sucks. But the best thing about spring is that it's a clear sign that Summer is on it's way! <3 Hopefully it'll warm up really quickly this year so i can spend more time outside!

  5. Hi Angie,

    Like Hermin, spring for me is an experience largely read about so I still have a romantic notion of cherry, plum and pear blossoms. What I didn't expect was the threat of yellow dust, and unpredictable showers. Beautiful magnolias were another surprise but much more delightful.

    Still spring cleaning but am happy to report that I've thrown out a fair bit of clutter!


  6. Hello , guys ! Hope all of you are well and happy .

    Hmmm . Spring for me ? I don't know la because my country isn't a four season country . I'm jealous over you guys cos you're so lucky to know and feel how is it spring . So , I hope my future 'hero' will take me to any country that is a four season country .

    I really love Jasmine Flower . But , I never seen it in real life . Its damn beautiful .

    I think that's all for now ! Byebye , guys !
    Thanks !

    -aqilah zarime
    - Malaysia