Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best Song of 2010...Plus Some Thanksgiving Pictures!

Man it really is winter now huh?? I'm typing this all bundled up in my warm bed while it's snowing outside! It's actually kind of a lot too! So beautiful...

Anyways, this past weekend, I celebrated Thanksgiving with the expat community in Korea at my friend Dorothy's house. She holds an annual Thanksgiving party for all the expats that crave the American Thanksgiving feast, but doesn't have family here to make it. She provides the main Thanksgiving dishes (i.e. turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, etc.) while everyone else brings other side dishes or drinks. I contributed by chipping in for some pizzas and fried chicken! ^^ I can't really cook...or more like am too lazy to. Here are some pictures from the night. If you watch or listen to English broadcasting from Korea (i.e. Arirang radio/TV, TBS efm radio, KBS World), you may recognize some of the faces in the pictures...


This year was an INTIMATE party. Previous year's had doubled the people!

Cecilia (TBS efm reporter and previous Arirang TV weather girl), me (who used to also be the weather girl after Cecilia), Sunny (also known as Kim Sung-hyun, host of Breakfast Club on Arirang Radio), and Gina (Arirang Radio reporter and current Arirang TV weather girl)

Robert Joe (used to do some stuff for TBS efm and Arirang Radio/TV), Brian (as if he needs any introduction!), me, and Kasey (good friend of everyone)

Just looking at those pictures is making me hungry again!

Anyways, hope you all had a great weekend. On to the Y2C question for this week. By the way, this will be the last Y2C question for 2010. I'm gonna change up some things for the last few weeks of the year to squeeze in some more songs and things like that. It will be back in 2011 though so please participate lots and lots then too! =)

How's about we end the year off with:
Best song of 2010? What was your favorite song that was released this year?

Be sure to tune into KPI on Sunday (KST) to hear everybody's answers and of course have a few of those songs played! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Words Behind The Music: 4men "Say I Love You"

“Say I Love You”
*requested by Pa Xiong

입을 맞춰도 불안하고 품에 안아도 초조하고
Even as I kiss you I’m nervous. Even as I hold you, I’m anxious
잠이 들때도 꿈처럼 사라질까 밤새 뒤척이고
even when sleep’s upon me, I’m afraid it will all disappear like a dream so I toss and turn awake all night
보면 볼수록 겁이나고 겁이 날수록 더 보고싶고
the more I see you, the more I get scared. And the more I get scared, the more I want to see you.
사랑할수록 니가 날 떠날까봐 두려워지나봐
as I fall more in love with you, I guess I’m afraid that you’ll leave me

사랑을 다줘도 불안한건 남자야
even after giving all his love, being nervous is what a man is like
넌 너무 모르지 남자의 사랑을
you have no idea huh? About a man’s love.

사랑할수록 더 보고싶고 보면 볼수록 더 안달나고
the more I love you the more I want to see you. The more I see you, the more I gotta have you
평생 내 여자로 만들고픈 조급한 마음인걸
it wants to forever make you my woman, this impatient heart of mine.
평생 내 여자로 살아줄래 나 말곤 없다고 말해줄래
won’t you live as my woman for the rest of your life? Won’t you tell me that there’s no one else but me?
조금도 불안해 하지 않게 한번 더 말해줄래
to make me a bit less anxious, won’t you say it one more time?
Say I love you..

사랑할수록 닮아가고 날이 갈수록 더 좋아져
the more we love, the more we become similar. As the days go by, it gets better

함께 할수록 나 너없인 못살어 너 책임져
the more we’re together, I can’t live with out you. You better take responsibility for that

사랑을 다줘도 불안한건 남자야
even after giving all his love, being nervous is what a man is like
넌 너무 모르지 남자의 사랑을
you have no idea huh? About a man’s love.

Say I love you.. Say I love you..
약속해줘 You are the only my love..
promise me, you are the only my love

한 여자만을 사랑하니까 내겐 그 여잔 너 하나니까
Because I only love one woman. Because to me, that woman is you and you only
자꾸만 니 사랑을 보채도 날 미워하지는 마
even if I keep begging/badgering for your love, don’t hate me
평생 내 여자로 살아줄래 나 말곤 없다고 말해줄래
won’t you live as my woman for the rest of your life? Won’t you tell me that there’s no one else but me?
조금도 불안해 하지 않게 한번 더 말해줄래
to make me a bit less anxious, won’t you say it one more time?
Say I love you..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Your Two Cents: Most Thankful For...???

Hi everyone~
Being that this is the week of American Thanksgiving, I thought, why not revolve our Y2C question around it.
Granted that when the episode of KPI actually airs on Sunday, Thanksgiving would've already been over...but still. =)

So what are you MOST thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Perhaps you underwent some physical issues and so your health is really that much more precious to you then ever. Or maybe you met someone this year and so you're thankful for that new love in your life. Maybe you got a new job and so you're thankful to be employed when many others are still dealing with the repercussions of the global recession. The reasons are endless! Let me know what one person or thing you're EXTRA thankful for this year is!

And just a little tidbit of info:
I usually start compiling together the comments and put together my script towards Thursday night or Friday morning (Korea time) so if you add on your comments right before the show, I'll still check it later, but the chances I read them are a lot lower because I have the basic script prepared already. Just FYI. ;)

So if you want your answers read, the earlier you post them the better! Thanks guys like ALWAYS and have a GREAT week and GREAT Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. Eat lots of yummy food!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Girls Generation's "내 잘못이죠" "It's My Fault"

Words Behind The Music
"내 잘못이죠" "It's All My Fault
-Girls Generation

난 아직 제자리죠 여전히 그대 곁에서 헤매이다 지쳐서
I’m still in the same spot. Exhausted from wandering by your side
오늘도 그댈 맴돌다 하루 또 하루 흘러 흘러서 여기까지 온거죠
Even today, I’ve come this far after turning round and round in circles around you

알면서 아픈 내 맘 알면서도
knowing all the while, you knowing all the while how much my heart aches
웃는 그대가 날 더 아프게 하죠
you laughing just makes it more painful for me

나를 더 사랑하게 만들지 못한 내 잘못이죠
It’s my fault for not being able to make you love me more
내가 더 사랑해서 만들어버린 내 잘못이죠
It’s my fault for loving you more
내 마음만큼 나를 더 사랑하게 하지 못했었던거였죠 내 잘못이죠
It’s just that I couldn’t make you love as much as my heart loved. It’s my fault.

얼마나 더 많은 시간을 눈물을 흘려야하나요 그 약속만을 믿으며
How many more hours must I spend crying tears? While believing in that promise…
기다려달라던 거짓말 이제 속았던 내 욕심도 지쳐 버리고 만거죠
the lies asking me to wait for you. Having been fooled, even my hopes/desires are exhausted .

알면서 아픈 내 맘 다 알면서
knowing all the while, you knowing all the while how much my heart aches
그렇게 모른 척 웃을 순 없잖아요
it’s not possible for you to have been able to pretend not to know and laugh

가질 수 없는걸 알면서 멋대로 커진 내 마음이
knowing that I couldn’t have you, my heart just kept expanding on its own will
혼자서 기다리다가 혼자서 후회하다가 사랑한 것도 잘못이네요
it was wrong to have loved even after waiting alone and regretting alone

아픈 줄 알면서도 잊지를 못한 내 잘못이죠 (내가 참 바보 같죠)
Knowing how much I hurt, it’s my fault to not be able to forget (I’m truly like a fool)
다칠 껄 알면서도 비우지 못한 내 잘못이죠 (내 잘못이죠)
knowing that I’d get hurt, it’s my fault for not having let it go (my fault)
모든 게 내 탓이래도 (모든 게 내 탓이래도) 그래도 괜찮아요 그대만 있다면 언제까지나
Even if everything is my fault (everything is my fault), it’s still okay. As long as I have you, I can go on this way until whenever
이런 날 용서해줘요 그댈 사랑한 날
Please forgive me for being this way. The me that loves you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

October CD Drawing Winners!!!

Congratulations to our October KPI CD Drawing Winners!!!
Remember if you wanna enter our monthly Cd drawings, email me ( your name, mailing address, and TWO choices of kpop CDs that you want to win. At the end of the month, I pick out four names and we mail out one of your choices to you wherever you are in the world. You can enter once a week so a total of four entries per month! Good luck!

Marwa hassan alhazemi
United Arab Emirates
1- Super Junior - The 2nd Asia Tour Concert : Super Show 2 ( 슈퍼주니어 - 두번째 아시아 투어 콘서트 )
2- Don't Don Repackage (CD) [Album] (돈 돈)

Jennifer Dyachenko
Sacramento, CA (USA)
1. The new 2AM album ~ Saint o’Clock
2. Any 2AM album
3. 2PM mini-album ~Still 2:00PM

Aaron Jauw
2)2ne1-to anyone

Selene Lim
Selangor, Malaysia
1. W and Whale
2. Horan / Ibadi or the OST for City Hall
3. Bobby Kim / Hweesung / Hwanhee

Your Two Cents: What's Your Favorite Winter Food???

Hi everyone,
I'll keep it short and sweet and jump right into this week's Y2C question! ^^

The weather's getting colder and colder and being that we have so many listeners from all over the world, what is your favorite dish to warm you up in the winter season?? It can be from whatever country...whatever food...whatever you like to eat during the winter! Tell us about it (what goes in it, how it's prepared, how common it is, what it tastes like, etc.).

Answer away and tune into this week's KPI to see if your answers are read on air! ^^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Words Behind The Music: 2AM "전활 받지 않는 너에게” “To You Who Won’t Pick Up The Phone”

“전활 받지 않는 너에게” “To You Who Won’t Pick Up The Phone”

얼마나 얼마나 싫어할 지 알면서도 이것 밖에 할 게 없다
Knowing how much, just how much you’re gonna hate this, this is the only thing I can do
너의 집 앞에서 하릴없이 너를 기다리는 일
The act of waiting in front of your house with nothing to do

아무리 아무리 나 비참해도 너를 잃는 것보단
No matter, no matter how pathetic this makes me, rather than losing you…
잃을 게 없어서 같은 곳에서 너의 집 앞에서 기다린다
…I’ve got nothing to lose so I wait here in the same spot in front of your house

이미 전활 받지 않는 너에게 나를 보려조차 않는 너에게
To you who hasn’t been picking up the phone. To you who tries to not even see me
아무리 빌어도 용서를 구해도 소용 없는 일이라 해도
Even though I’m told that no matter how much I bet, trying to get forgiveness, there’s no point

너의 집 앞에 서서 기다린다 나를 본체조차 하지 않아도
I wait standing in front of your house, even though you pretend to have not even seen me
마치 처음 본 사람처럼 날 지나쳐도
even though you pass by me like I’m someone you’ve never seen before
미안하다는 내 한마딜 들어줄 때까지
until you hear me out long enough for me to say the one message that I’m sorry

하루에도 수 십 번씩 전화기를 보고 작은 소리에도 놀라서
Just in one day I check my phone dozens of times and jump at the smallest noise
너의 문자인지 몇 번씩 확인하곤 했어
to check a number of times if maybe it’s a text from you

처음에는 처음엔 늘 있는 다툼처럼 돌아 올 줄 알았어
In the beginning, at the start of this, I thought you’d come back like after our usual little fights
이렇게 독하게 날 떠나기엔 너는 너무 착한 여자라서
because you’re too nice of a girl to be this harsh and leave me

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Your Two Cents: Significant lyrics???

New Y2C time!!!
Personally for me, this past week was one of the best weeks I had in a long time, so I hope the positive energy keeps flowing into this new upcoming week as well!

This is taking me extra long to type out this entry because I'm eating pistachios and as you all know, that requires hands. Kind of like typing requires hands. See my predicament? But they're so good that I can't stop eating them! Haha

ANYWAYS, for this week, I'm going to go with a listener's request: Selene from Malaysia!
Selene suggested that I do a Y2C question on meangingful lyrics from a kpop song. If you don't know Korean, this is the perfect opportunity to check through some of the translations I did on this blog! (Yup...self promotion!) Just type in "Words Behind The Music" in the search box on the left and all the translation entries will pop up! When translating, I try my best to preserve the beauty of the Korean language while still making it English friendly. Hopefully, I'll be able to have done those original lyrics justice! I'm sure there are plenty of other sites that offer translations too.

So the question is:
Is there any line from a kpop song that particularly stuck out to you? Perhaps it was so poetic? So funny? So weird? So awkward to hear in English? So funny sounding but you have no idea what it means? Just the catchiest part of the song? Whatever the reason is, post up any significant lines and their meanings IF you know them! If you don't I'll try to translate them on the show. We're talking LINES people!!! don't post up entire songs asking for them to be translated because that would take up the entire 50 minutes of KPI! ;)

Thanks guys and don't forget to tune in next week!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Words Behind The Lyrics: Gummy "죽어도 사랑해" "Love You Even If I Die"

“죽어도 사랑해” “Love You Even If I Die”

어떤 일이 있어도 너란 사람
Regardless of what happens, a person like you…
나를 항상 믿어 주기를
I hope you always believe in me
세상 끝에 있어도 너란 사람
Even when at the end or edge of the world, a person like you…
나를 찾을 때까지 걸어와 주기를
I hope you continue walking until you find me.

더 바랄 게 없는 걸 갖고 싶은 게 없는 걸
I don’t hope for anything more. Don’t want anything more
난 너만 있으면 좋아
I’m good as long as I have you

널 사랑해 사랑해 내 말이 들리지 않니
I love you, love you. Can you not hear my words?
눈물 나게 사랑해 내 맘이 보이지 않니
I love you to tears. Can you not see my heart?
숨을 쉬는 모든 것들이 죽어도 모를 만큼
Even if everything that has breath dies, it’s to the point where I wouldn’t notice
너 만을 사랑해
I only love you

하나라도 있으면 안 했겠지
Even if there was just one, I suppose I wouldn’t have
사랑하면 안 되는 이유
One reason where I shouldn’t love you
하나라도 있으면 안 되겠지
Even if there was just one, I guess we shouldn’t
내 손하고 너의 손 떼야 하는 이유
One reason where my hand and your hand lets go of each other

늘 힘 겨운 날에도 잠 못 이루는 밤에도
Even on the hardest of days, even on the most sleepless of nights
난 너만 있으면 좋아
I’m good as long as I have you

먼지처럼 흩어질 행복일까 걱정 돼
I’m worried that this happiness will just scatter like the dust
혼자 불안해 하는 날 안아 줘
Hug me as I’m anxious by myself

널 사랑해 사랑해 내 가슴 안에 둘 만큼
I love you, love you. Enough to keep you in my heart
눈물 나게 사랑해 내 눈에 넣을 그 만큼
I love you to tears. Enough to make you the apple of my eye (literally “enough to put you in my eye”)
처음 만난 그 순간부터 하루도 잊지 않고
From the first moment we met without forgetting for even a single day…
너 만을 사랑해
I only love you