Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your Two Cents: If there were a natural disaster, I would save my...???

This week's two cents will actually have nothing to do with kpop. As we all know, a huge disastrous earthquake struck Japan on March 11th. There were after tremors, not to mention horrifying tsunamis that swept away homes. The consequences even reached my hometown of Hawaii. Though the government evacuated the coasts and warned people to be prepared for a tsunami, luckily it ended up being nothing too major.

We have a lot of Japanese listeners and listeners that know someone in Japan. Sure it's K(orean)-pop, but this shared passion has linked us all together as one. I think I can speak for everyone when I say our hearts go out to those affected by the natural disasters. :(

This is actually where this week's question comes into play...
If you were lucky enough to have time to prep for natural disaster and could save ONE thing, what would it be???
Perhaps photos, a dog, a piece of jewelry (i.e. wedding ring, etc.), a book, journal, etc. etc.
Also, if you want to make any shout outs to anyone affected by this particular recent earthquake, or any tragic disaster, this is also an opportunity to do that. :)
LASTLY, if you have any song requests that you feel is fitting for the situation in Japan, please send them out through the blog so that I can play it for our JAPAN SPECIAL on KPI this week (March 20th).

Thanks guys! Times like this, it really makes you realize we have a lot to be thankful for!! Let's all be THANKFUL and POSITIVE!!!


  1. hi angie :)

    first i want to say ... god be with japan ... pray for japan please

    oh, intresting question .....!!!

    if there were a natural disaster i would save my grandparents photo album (because its the last memory's of them) and of course my pet(parrot):P.

    have a nice week



  2. Hi Angie,

    The images from Japan have been mind-boggling - a car on top of a three storey building, a jet fighter plane flicked into the side of a hangar and whole houses swept away by the tsunami. Worse still, the probability that 10,000 in a town of 17,000 may have been killed.

    But I take my hat off to the people for their calm and resolute demeanour in the face of this terrible crisis - impressed by the sight of them queueing patiently for water, the orderly ways in which they organise themselves at relief centres and the way NHK has kept people posted on specific details about where help is available.

    Here's hoping all those surviving or residing in the areas affected will find relief soon esp to get water and food. And am keeping fingers crossed that the situation at the nuclear power plants will be under control.


  3. Hi Angie,

    It was so heartbreaking to watch the news of Japan's tsunami. I think it is similar to the tsunami that hit Aceh, Indonesia in 2004. I lived somewhere quite near Aceh (that is Medan) and that day, my family and I can feel the earthquake before the tsunami hit. It was so sudden.

    All I want to say is Pray for Japan.

    I am not sure what I would take with me if there is a natural disaster. I will be panicked by then.
    But i definitely want to be with my family.

    Because I am now living in Australia and my family is in Indonesia, I will save my family photos. I don't want to not remember their faces.

    How about you Angie? What will you save?

    Thank you.

    Greetings from Australia.

  4. My radio. Because I want to be updated with the latest about our location for us to be informed of possible help, or any life-saving announcements from radio stations, so that all of us will know our part to save ourselves.

    randolf, philippines

  5. Hi again,

    Don't know Marc personally but he's the only Japanese that I know who does listen to KBS. He posted a message on the Board but I'm not sure if you saw it so here's his request: Seeya's "Dirty Dancing".

    Can I also have a shout-out to Emi in Saitama? I'm really not sure what song is suitable because the lyrics may not be appropriate so could I leave the choice to you?

    Selene in Malaysia

  6. the earth is going to do what it wants and there'sreally not much man could do about it, except maybe prepare. I think I would to save my Cell phone with the chargers. so that if I need to get in touch after the disaster, it was very easy to find.The Japanese people need all the courage off de world. For those who simply fear for their future, eg because their homes were washed away. For those who mourn, because they lost family and friends. And now, especially for those women and men who try to avoid an even greater disaster.lets pray to the people in japan whose affected and victims in this tragedy!!!