Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chat With ME On KPI!!!

If you guys want a chance to talk over the radio to an INTERNATIONAL audience about WHATEVER you want, sign up for a phone chat with me on KPI which airs on KBS World Radio.

Just leave your name, country, and email address so that I can contact you directly for your phone number and a good time to call you!


  1. Hey! If its not too late for that phone chat...

    My name is Alexandra Feraru, I'm from Bucharest, Romania and my e-mail adress is feraru.alexandra@ymail.com

  2. Hello , Unni . Long time I didn't visit your wonderful blog . Sorry . I am super busy with extra classes everyday . Urhh ! So tiring be a student ! Hahaha . But , It's okay cos after I have finish my study , I wanna fly to Korea ! Can't wait to see you and DJ Young !

    By the way , this is my email address : akeylahzarime@gmail.com and my name is Akey from Malaysia !

    That's all for now ~ Bye :)(;

  3. Hi Angie

    Would really love to chat with u ! if this is still on !

    name: aveline
    email: avelinejap@gmail.com
    resides in sydney
    time to call : anytime as long as it is scheduled, i believe is fine.

    hope to hear from you soon, angie!! :)))

  4. Hi Angie,
    I'm Catherine from Argentina. It would be great if I could talk with you. I would make time to do it even if it's at 3:00AM in the morning XD
    My email is catherine.acl@gmail.com

  5. Annyeonghasaeyo Angie dearie!<3

    How are you?i hope you will be always in pink of health ya!:)

    It has been a long time i didn't visit here due my final year thesis and internship,totally miss it!Chongmal mianhamnida:'(

    Truly hope that after this i can listen to you back and write on your blog like before:)

    Take care always Angie dearie!

    Just wanna try my luck hehehe


    Chongmal kamsahamnida Angie dearie!:D

  6. Hello Angie, this Melanie Sumaria from the Philippines. My e-mail address is melaniesumaria@gmail.com

  7. Hi, Angie
    I wish to talk over the radio, it would be an awesome experience!


  8. 안녕하세요?

    Hope you are doing well.
    Name: 안대웅
    Country: 미국
    E-mail: daeoongahn@gmail.com

    Hope top hear from you soon.

  9. hi angie.! :))
    oh i really miss this blog ..

    uhmm i want to chat with u.

    Name: Ruby Anne Quejada
    Country: Philippines
    E-mail: ruby_anne2223@yahoo.com

  10. OH!!! Hi Unnie! :)
    I miss you guys soooo much! I dislike being in Yr12 lol!

    Name: Kim V
    Country: Australia
    E-mail: kim_valerio@hotmail.com

    Hope to hear from you soon <3 <3

  11. My name is Comrade Evan Akahson,human right activist. I am from Nigeria. Email:evan.akahson@yahoo.com

  12. Hi Angie,

    not sure if this is still happening, perhaps not anymore...but here is my detail:
    Aveline at avelinejap@gmail.com from Australia

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