Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Im Jeong-hee "Golden Lady"

"Golden Lady"
-Im Jeong-hee

“Golden Lady”
-Im Jeong-hee

너 없이 어떻게 살아가냐고 바보 같은 질문 말아
Don’t ask stupid questions like “how am I supposed to live without you?”
나는 알아 너 같은 남자는 널려 있단 걸
I know that there are so many men like you

너 같은 남자가 아니더라도 전화 한 통에 달려올
Even if it’s not a man like you, a man who’ll come running with a single phone call
그런 남자 나만 기다리는 남자는 많아
that kind of a man, there are plenty of men waiting

벌써 그 사람의 자동차 소리가 들려
already, do you hear his car?
이젠 내 집에서 좀 나가주겠니?
Will you now get out of my house?
아예 없던 것처럼
as if you were never here

Hey, I'm a golden lady
구차하게 왜 이래
Why act so pathetic?
내 내 내 내가 말로 해야만 알겠니
must must must must I spell it out for you?
Hey, I'm a golden lady
불쌍한 My Baby
Poor my baby
빼 빼 빼 이젠 발을 빼줘야 할 때야
go go go it’s now time for you to go

야~ 이 집도 내가 산 거야 이 차도 내가 산 거야 난 이런 여자
Hey~I bought this house. I bought this car. I’m that kind of a woman
야~ 날 위해 살아온 거야 그래서 소중한 거야
Hey~I’ve been living for myself all this time. That’s why I’m so precious

열쇠는 놓고 가 항상 놔두던 현관 입구 바구니에
Leave the keys and go. In the basket always left outside at the entrance
안 보이게 괜히 숨겨 갈 생각 하지 말고
don’t even think about hiding it where I can’t find it

니 옷은 챙겨줘 남기지 말고 내가 선물한 옷들도
Pack up all your clothes. Don’t leave a thing out. All the clothes I bought for you
그냥 줄게 남김없이 싹 다 가지고 가줘
I’ll just give it to you. All of them. Take ‘em all and leave

걸리적 거리니까 옆으로 비켜주겠니
you’re in the way so can you move aside
이젠 현관에서 퇴장해 주겠니?
Will you exit out through the gate?
아예 없던 것처럼
as if you were never here.

불쌍한 척 애교 좀 떨지마
don’t act sad/pitiful, or try to charm/baby your way out
지루한 너의 유먼 이젠 내겐 철 지난 옷과 같애
your lame jokes are now like clothes that are out of season
몇 번을 또 말해야만 알아듣고 내 앞에서 꺼지겠어? 이젠 안돼
how many times must I say it for you to understand and disappear from in front of me? It’s a no now.
나지막히 얘기할 때 나를 떠나줘
leave while I’m still speaking soft
마지막이 아름답게 말을 말아 더
last time, no more speaking nicely

지긋지긋한 너의 어리광
sick of your spoiled/childish ways
차비라도 달라고? 나 참 어이가
you want cab fare? I’m in disbelief!
없어 Good bye!
I don’t have it! Good bye!


  1. Hey Angie,

    Thanks for putting up this video.
    I love the song. Isn't that one of the managers from Nanun Kasooda?

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  2. Hi Paul~
    Can I be completely honest with you? I haven't watched a full episode of I'm A Singer. I just watch Youtube clips of the singers' performances. ^^;; Therefore, I'm not sure if the guy in the MV (Park Hwi-soon; singer/comedian) is on the show. However, I do know he's on "Hot Brothers"...another variety show which had Simon D, Lee Gi-gwang, Tak Jae-hoon, Park Myung-soo, etc.

    Hope that helps!!!
    -Angie ^^