Sunday, June 27, 2010

Your Two Cents: What song is currently on repeat???

This week's question is very simple. I wanna know what everyone is listening to these days!

I know we have GAON music chart, album sales, not to mention all of your requests that come in... but I want to get an idea of what songs are MOST popular with OUR KBS World Radio listeners! ^^

Tell me which song is currently on repeat for you on your Ipods, MP3 players, car, CD players, etc.! Don't forget to tune in on Sunday to see if your choice gets played on KPI!

Have a great week all!!! ^^

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Your Two Cents: Meanest celebrity in real life???

Hope you had a great weekend! As for me, I could sure use another day of it, but time stops for no one. And hence, tomorrow is yet another Monday! Actually, although I'd love to sleep in late for another day, I am excited to get back to work and start the week.

Haha...Do I sound like a big nerd/workaholic for saying that?? I don't know why, I just have a good feeling about this week! Maybe it'll be a good one. ^^

ANYWAYS, this week's Y2C question, let's be a little...negative. It's always favorite this or favorite that. Let's find out some of the more not-so-positive thoughts you have towards some of the kpop stars out there. Last week's question received only about half the number of responses that Y2C usually gets so I assume that
1. It's a bad question.
2. Many of you had busy weeks.

Whatever the reason was, hopefully this week will be a better one. Feel free to send in your suggestions for future Y2C questions too! I don't guarantee they'll be used, but there's a high chance for it!

Which kpop celebrity do you think would be a total jerk in real life? Whether it be because they're stuck up, mean in general, too busy to really care how they treat others, kind of socially-awkward, etc. Tell me WHO and WHY you think that (maybe it's just the general vibe you get from them when they appear on TV, maybe you have a friend who's had a bad run in with them, etc.). It can be a kpop singer, actor, model, etc. Any figure in kpop. ^^

Post up your answers and see if they're read on next week's KPI!!! Thanks guys!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Post-Star Chat With DAVICHI!!!

Take 1

Take 2

As you all know, this past airing of KPI on KBS World Radio had a Star Chat session with the ever so talented ladies of Davichi! I hope you guys caught it, but if you didn' worries! You can always rewatch it on our KBS World website!

Anyways, like always, here's a post-interview review on the stars. ^^

I'll be straight up honest (when am I not?!), I wasn't particularly looking forward to this interview. I mean, I was in the sense that I love their music and think they are very talented! HOWEVER, I try to do my homework and watch old interviews with whatever star I'm going to be interviewing beforehand. Re-watching Davichi's older interviews, they seemed a bit...stand-offish. Also, being that they're a bit older (not idol-star age) and with a few years of experience under their belts, I thought they might not be as "eager to please" as some of the newbies in the industry.


The girls came into the studio right on time with their manager and stylists. They were initially kind of quiet and stand-offish again. HOWEVER, looking back on it, I think that was more because they're on the quieter side AND they weren't sure how much Korean I could speak. So they didn't want to start talking to me in Korean in case I didn't understand it too well, and they obviously couldn't speak English. I will say this though: my first impression when they walked in was...
"OMG...they're SOOOOOO skinny!!!!!" They were both pretty tall, but SOOOOO thin. It made me feel like a cow! Haha

Anyways, once we got settled into the studio about to start, I tried to break the ice with a few basic questions. They were both surprised and said to me, "You speak Korean very well. The last English interview we had, the host wasn't as comfortable with Korean so it was a bit awkward. But you seem to speak it pretty well." We then started chatting about random things, trivial things (i.e. what they ate for lunch, what time they needed to get to the Music Bank shooting, etc.) until we started the interview.

At the end of the show, they were seriously so sweet! They both were so generous with their compliments. They said such nice things about me as the host (which of course I reciprocated because the host is only as good as their guests!). They said that they enjoyed the interview so much and to invite them in again whenever! ^^

I also told them I had found them on twitter and was now following them. Min-kyeong is not too bad at tweeting, but Haeri's still a newbie. So we were laughing about how Haeri said she had no idea what she was really doing. Before we knew it, they had to go and that was that!

After finishing my other duties at KBS, I was on my way out to my car when I noticed I had a few new tweets flashing on my cell phone. Both Min-kyeong AND Haeri and found me on twitter and tweeted very sweet messages. Just your basic stuff: thank you, hope to see you again soon, etc.

I re-learned the very important lesson: DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! Just because someone's not super friendly, and in your face, all smiley the very first second you meet them, doesn't mean they're not genuine, nice, and generous people!

Overall, I had a GREAT time meeting the gals and chatting with them! Hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did!

Your Two Cents: Craziest Thing You've Done as a Fan???

Hi all~

I'm starting to run out of Y2C questions! if you have any suggestions, PLEASE post them up on the blog or email them to me to! ^^

ANYWAYS, this week's Y2C question is this:

What is the craziest or most extreme thing you've ever done as a fan???

I actually posted this up on my twitter a long time ago and got some very interesting responses, so decided I wanted to get more of your opinions on this! Of course being that our show is call KPOP Interactive, it'd be great if you crazy fan behavior was for a KPOP star, but it's not necessary. Perhaps it's something crazy you did for another American singer, British singer, Chinese singer, Filipino singer...WHATEVER! Just the craziest thing you've ever done for a celebrity!

Perhaps you waited for hours in the rain for concert tickets. Maybe you bought them all these gifts for their birthday and sent it to them. Perhaps you bought 50 copies of their album to help out in album sales! LOL...whatever it is, LET ME KNOW!

Be sure to listen on this Sunday's KPI to see if your answers were read!

May CD Drawing Winners!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following KPI listeners on KBS World Radio because you are the lucky FOUR that have won the monthly CD drawing contest!!!

Basically how it works is you all email me your name, address, and Kpop CD of your choice to
Then at the end of each month, I draw out four names to send them their CD! Yup, it's as easy as that. HOWEVER, there is one thing that I'd like to note:

SOMETIMES the CD that you may have requested becomes sold out here in Korea. Sometimes artists will produce more copies, but that's unfortunately not always the case. This is why we try to send you what's the next best CD. I'm sorry, but we simply use our judgment to do that. So for example, if you requested the newest 2PM album, but it's sold out, we'd then probably send you their second to the most recent album. Get it? So please understand that kind of a situation. =( It WOULD help, if you perhaps give me your top two choices. That way, if your first choice is sold out, we can try to get you your second choice. =)

Anyways, without further's MAY's CD drawing winners!!! Congrats again!

Ian Morrison
Any 2AM CD

Ruby Anne T. Quejada
Calamba City, Laguna
Any Super Junior Album

Velancia Teo Yee Cheng
Super Junior's 4th album- Bonamana

Jacqueline McPhee
Super Junior's Sorry Sorry Repackage album

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Next Star Chat!!!

We haven't had a Star Chat on KPI in awhile...but no worries! We have one THIS WEEK (June 13, 2010)!!

Like always, here's a few hints on who our guests are:

1. Females
2. Their name sounds a lot like a famous artist.
3. Could their favorite number POSSIBLY be 82??

If you do know the answer, help me out!
What kind of questions do you want me to ask them??

I can't guarantee I'll use them, BUT I will take them into consideration! ^^

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best UPPITY song???

As you all know, this is the week before the 2010 WORLD CUP in South Africa!!! If you know ANYTHING about Koreans and the Korean culture, it can all be summed up in one word: FIERY.

Fiery tempers, fiery emotions, fiery (flaming hot) food, fiery CHEERING! World Cup season is one of the most exciting times in Korea because soccer fans AND non-soccer fans alike, all get into the cheering. Anything to do with Korea on an international stage is supported FULL FORCE.

As we all know, kpop is of course intertwined with that as well with kpop singers singing World Cup songs, making World Cup ads, and talking about how excited they are to cheer for the World Cup themselves! I was thinking of asking which Kpop star would you want to cheer alongside with...but that's kind of an obvious one. I would assume that the answers would be similar to all of your answers for "Your ideal type" question! Haha

So instead, here's another one. We've done "Best Breakup Song" before on Y2C so let's do the opposite: Best Pick-Me-Up Song? Which song gets you pumped up, energy flowing, ready to get out there and take on the world! Whether it's because of its inspirational lyrics or just the upbeat, fast tempo.

Post up your answers and see if your answers get read on next week's KPI on KBS World Radio! ^^

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Words Behind the Music: Korean or No Korean???

Hi all~
Hope you're having a great week so far. The weather in Korea has just been BEAUTIFUL! Clear, sunny skies...all though the temperatures are starting to get a bit too hot for my liking. Last week's temperatures were like perfect: warm, but not hot.

ANYWAYS, I have a question for you guys regarding KPI's "Words Behind the Music" segment. This is when I translate a Korean song into English for you all. However, before me, DJ Sarah used to just read the translated English version. I started to read the Korean lyrics along with the English as well.

I want to know what you guys prefer. Just reading the English lines or read them with the Korean? I figured reading the Korean part too may make it too it's really up to you guys!

Please let me know! I'll take whatever the majority of our listeners prefer!^^