Thursday, May 12, 2011

CD Drawing Winners For April!!!

1. Samia mohamed moussa
1-JYJ music essay -their rooms
2- TVXQ -keep your head down (repackage)
3- Rain vol.5 Rainism
4-Rain's world

country: kingdom of bahrain

1. f(x) pinocchio
2. super junior 4th album

3. Sarai Joanna Vides Aguilera
Moreno Valley, CA
BigBang's special Edition album
BigBang's 2nd ALBUM "Remember".

4. Tracy Vallejo
Redlands CA,
Bran New U-Kiss album
new Infinite CD or
Big Bang Tonight.


  1. Hi Angie! I believe I won last March's CD drawing (announced April). Do you know around when I will be receiving my CD? Does it have a tracking number so I could inquire at the post office?

    Thanks and more power to your show! ^^

    Rhea Belciña

  2. The CD has not arrived up until now .. :( no tracking number whatsoever..

    Rhea Belciña

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