Sunday, May 1, 2011

Your Two Cents: Who Can Come Up With The Best Idea???

It's been over a year since Y2C (Your Two Cents) has been going on and I'm no dummy...
We're in need of a change.

The question that I've been battling with is with WHAT?!?!?!

So I talked it over with Sophia (my producer) and she said, why don't you stop stressing about it and let the listeners decide??

So I thought, "what a great idea!" so here goes...

The listener that suggests the best idea for a way that I can interact with the listeners on a regular basis (with Y2C ending AND the monthly CD drawing ending after April...), we will send out a special prize.

Please post up your suggestions AND (THIS IS SOOO IMPORTANT!!!) your mailing address. I'll let this one go for more than one week~ until we have a good number of entries~

If you have ANY suggestions for KPI in general (aside from just Y2C), please let me know now. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO HELP US TO IMPROVE OUR SHOW!!!!!!!

Thanks and hope you guys have a GREAT week! :)


  1. Hm... I hope I could interact with Korean Star whom be StarChat by phone and once a month you choose one listener to interact with you and aired while the program airing..
    Eotte ??!!

  2. Hi Angie,

    How bout giving a chance for listeners to select their favourite playlist something like:
    My fav top 5 kpop songs with a theme or the story behind the selection.

    or maybe
    My fav band/singer with selection of songs from his/her old to new songs.
    Thanxs for reading!

  3. Hey Angie,

    How's it going?
    I'm really sad to hear that Y2C is ending. I liked most of the questions and hearing what others had to say.
    However, here are two suggestions:

    1. Romantic Reading. Like in "Daddy Long Legs" or "Speedy Scandal" where the radio hosts read a romantic story, with romantic music playing, it's so...romantic ^^

    2. Facebook Shout Out. You can start a facebook page and read facebook shout outs. Maybe even throw in a Y2C question every so often. ^^
    I don't know if you know Conan O'Brien but his facebook staff puts up a fan info page every Friday:

    3. NoRaeBang Time. Where you can play audio of listeners singing kpop songs. I don't know if it's allowed, but everybody loves noraebangs. I'd need to get a tambourine though ^^

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  4. Hi angie

    How are you

    How was your week??!!

    I have some suggestions I will point them below:

    1)Continuo with a segment like y2c deal with only k-pop/celebrity's/k-dramas/gossiping questions

    2) Segment deals with other questions other than celebrities and gossiping (normal life style)…………. (Like the bedtime ritual question)

    3) Segment that give an idea to us around the world about things Korea

    4) Segment like (interview with celeb) or a recorded some words from the celeb to his/her fans

    5) Do your own k-pop chart (listener will vote all the week long)

    6) Question for the listeners about anything…....and the weekly winner will get something simple like play songs of an artist that he/she choose all the program time or a soundtrack (like a medley ) (the winner from the past week will be chosen by draw or one picked by you or the producers)

    i hope i didnt annoy you with all these suggestion's

    the last suggestion : i hope (KPI) get more addvertisment cause its really great show in the arabian country's there is few people who know about it ...( i would never know about if i didnt use kbs radio ipod program)

    i wish KPI get more successful week by week :)

    A.R from bahrain

  5. Y2C is ending?! OH NO! Y2C was one of my favorite parts of KPI :(

    i've been thinking for a while that we need a forum or something so the listeners can interact with each other better, so maybe that's an idea...
    another thing i was thinking is maybe have the fans vote for who they'd like to have a StarChat with, and maybe throw a few questions from the listeners into the interview.

    a few more ideas:
    1) a weekly/monthly corner focused on a regular listener perhaps?
    2) maybe a weekly "Getting to know Angie Park" thing where we ask you questions or you could tell us something interesting about yourself or something interesting that happened to you during the week :D
    3) some music websites have a "retro special" where they focus on an older artist that may not be as well know today.
    4) maybe the simplest thing would be a weekly poll to help listeners get to know each other better
    5) there are a lot of talented cover artists on youtube, both for vocals and dance. i'd love to see them get some recognition on the airwaves.
    6) i know a lot of people are wanting to pick up Korean, so maybe you or a well known star who speaks English could introduce a new phrase or saying each week

    hope this helps :)

  6. Hi Angie,

    Could you do regular corners where:

    1. you chat by phone and interview Kpop listners from around the world? I'm curious to know how people in the Middle East or South America were introduced to Hallyu and see how far its influence reaches.

    2. there are reviews of the latest albums esp by indie acts?

    3. you compile questions from listeners after announcing the interviewee for Star Chat? So even if the person isn't able to turn up at the recording studio at KBS, he or she could take some the questions which you could then post on your blog ( though that may mean quite a bit of work??)

    4. you also interview managers, lyricists, choreographers, DJs and anyone else connected to the Kpop entertainment scene to give us some behind-the-scenes insights?

    5. you talk to people in Seoul who have just attended concerts by Kpop entertainers or less well-known performers who have live acts in the local clubs?


  7. Hi Angie..
    i know im writing late.. but THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH my dear for playing my Sis brides song.. she was so happy by the song..

    abt this weeks Question it toke me the whole week to think abt it.. 1. do more star chats & while doing the chat call some of the fans around the world so they can take the chance to talk to their favorite stars..

    2. some of the episodes call also the fans & let them request some songs.. by this u will gain lots of listeners.. OR u can call the listeners n make them countinue some songs like how Lee teuk & eunhyuk do on Kiss the radio.. its a nice game...

    Thank you Angie for giving us the chance for this..

  8. 안녕하세요,

    Some of the ideas I had may be somewhat similar to what other people have said, but here it goes.

    1) Viewer countdown of the top kpop songs to play during certain times, like if you are going through a breakup, when you are feeling sick or if it's cold and your stuck inside all day. What are peoples favorite songs for spring or winter, their favorite songs for dramas or the funniest songs in kpop.

    2) Angie Ask. A segment where you pick a viewer or two that you will e-mail questions to for an interview. The best responses from the viewers chosen will be read on the show. It can be a fun way to show that no matter where we are from, the power of kpop can unite all of us.

    3) Seoul Sessions. If a listener has hopes of starting a career in kpop, it would give them an opportunity to be interviewed and give the world a chance to hear their music for the first time. Or it can give us a chance to hear up and coming Korean artist that are hoping to make a name in an English market.

    4) Viewer Starchat. This one may be the hardest one; but have the viewers choose who they would like to hear you interview and submit the questions they want to hear the stars answer. It can help stars to see how many fans they have worldwide in places they may not have even imagined.

    I'm sure I could give a couple of more ideas, but that's all I can thank of off of the top of my head. Thanks so much for the show. Hope to be listening to you for a long long time.

  9. Hi,
    I have been listening to KBS international for a couple of weeks and I have listened to you r show it might be a good way to interact by playing bands from their country that are popular in Korea. I know that a band I know have had some interest in Korea called Swimmer one so it might be an idea to play them once the fact that I was friendly with Hamish's wife's sister several years ago may have something to do with that.
    Well take care and don't eat yellow snow - it's not lemon flavoured.

  10. Hi Angie,
    This is a follow-up to my earlier post and suggestion to cover the spread of Hallyu around the world.

    Saw an article in today's local paper about how Kpop has grown in popularity in a little remote state in India called Manipur. Apparently Bollywood entertainment has been banned by the local government there, and Kpop has filled the vacuum.

    Question is: did it happen by chance? or did some enterprising Korean who happened to be there seize the opportunity to introduce SuJu or Beast to the youths there?

    BTW, just google "Hallyu in Manipur" and you'll find it was even covered by BC last year!


  11. Sorry - correction! I mean BBC - the BEEB.