Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Kim Dong-ryul's "Replay"

-King Dong-ryul

난 요즘 가끔 딴 세상에 있지
I’m often in a different world these days
널 떠나보낸 그 날 이후로 멍하니
after that day I let you go, just in a daze
마냥 널 생각했어. 한참 그러다보면
I think of you. After doing that for so long
짧았던 우리 기억에 나의 바람들이 더해져
my hopes for our short memories become greater
막 뒤엉켜지지
it all becomes tangled

그 속에 나는 항상 어쩔 줄 몰랐지
in it all, I never knew what to do
눈앞에 네 모습이 겨워서 불안한
you in front of my very eyes was too much. Nervous,
사랑을 말하면 흩어 없어질까 안달했던 내가 있지
afraid you’ll disappear if I mention love, here I am on edge.

그래 넌 나를 사랑했었고
yes, you loved me
난 너 못지않게 뜨거웠고
and I was just as passionate for you
와르르 무너질까
maybe it’ll all crash down/fall apart
늘 애태우다 결국엔 네 손을
always worrying, and ultimately your hand
놓쳐버린 어리석은 내가 있지
was lost by me, so foolish.

난 아직 너와 함께 살고 있지
I’m still living with you
내 눈이 닿는 어디든 너의 흔적들
your trace is everywhere my eyes land on
지우려 애써 봐도 마구 덧칠해 봐도
though I try to erase them, try painting over them like crazy
더욱더 선명해져서 어느덧 너의 기억들과 살아가는
it becomes clearer, and before I know it, I’m living with
또 죽어가는 나
and dying with your memories.

네가 떠난 뒤 매일 되감던 기억의 조각들
after you left, pieces of memories that I rewind through every day
결국 완전히 맞춰지지 못할
in the end I can’t even fully put them together
그땐 보이지 않던 너의 맘은 더없이 투명했고
your heart that I couldn’t see then, couldn’t be more clear
난 보려 하지 않았을 뿐
I just didn’t ry to see it then.

넌 나를 사랑했었고
you loved me
난 너 못지않게 간절했고
and I was just as earnest
그 순간을 놓친 죄로
because I lost that moment
또 길을 잃고 세월에 휩쓸려
I’m once again lost and time has swept by
헤매 다니는 어리석은 내가 있지
and here I am foolishly wandering

널 잃어버린 시간을 거슬러
fighting against the time I lost you
떠다니는 어리석은 내가 있지
here I am foolishing floating around

너 머물렀던 그 때로 거슬러
fighting to get back to the time where you were
멈춰있는 어리석은 내가 있지
here I am foolishly stuck in time

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  1. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for putting up a Kim Dong Ryul song.
    Sophie says she likes songs and not singers,
    but she likes Kim Dong Ryul. He's her favorite.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.