Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your Two Cents: Song You Can't Get Enough Of These Days???

Happy New Week Everyone! ^^

For this week, we're going to keep things simple. I think I asked this before...but I'm gonna ask it again because it's been a while and answers for this particular question change every month...week....maybe even day!

What k-pop song can you just NOT get enough of these days??? I'll take them as song requests and play 'em for this week's KPI!

Answer away~


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  2. hi angie

    wow this question is very hard .... !!!

    these days i cant get enough of IU's (the story i didn't know)... because its remind me of someone !!!! i mean somthing (lol) ....

    wow writing this brought bad memory's !!!



    but if you ask me wich song that i cant get enough all my life its (SNSD's(GENIE)).... because it was the first k-pop song that i ever hear ... and its the reson why im listening to k-pop now :)


    name : A.R
    FROM : bahrain

    before 2 weeks u said bahrain sent ( bahrain is my country ) my name is A.r (lol)

  3. Hi Angie Noona! Well, the song I kinda listen to constantly these days is ZEA's new song 'Here I am'.(I just watch the MV on Youtube. lol.) I LOVE IT! It's so catchy and fun! But If you don't have that one, I'm liking Butterfly on Line Three's 무언가 나의 곁에. (I hope I spelled it correctly >.<)

    Isaac Semrad. USA.

  4. I have been addicted to Secret's Shy Boy(and Madonna too especially the mamamiya part ^^) since their winnings on various music shows. Hwaiting to Secret!

    Thanks for playing it Angie! :)

    Adeline Toh from Australia.

  5. I can't get enough of Park Jung Min's "Do you Know"
    I love the lyrics because they express exactly what I feel toward someone really special for me.

  6. Hi Angie dearie!:D

    How are you?I really hope that you'll be always in pink of health.Such a long time I didn't listened to KPC due to time constraint.Seriously i miss it!<3

    Back to your question,currently i love to listen 'What is right' from Big Bang!:D

    All the best Big Bang and please come to Malaysia!hehehe:)

    Thank you very much Angie dearie.


  7. Hey hey, been busy late and missed a few radio shows. Haha, managed to pick out some time to answer this question ;D

    I really can't get enough of G.NA's "I Already Miss You" these days. I'm a lot more partial to ballads so this song caters to my liking. Plus, the slow melody and meaningful lyrics make for an awesome song by an awesome vocalist. ;D


  8. Hi Angie it have been along time since i wrote... Hope u r doing fine?!! ^^ ...
    about the song which i cant get enough of these days, actually not only these days it have been MONTHS & i daily listen to it.. its "White tears" by 이루 i really like his pure unique voice which i cant get bore from it. and im really aBig Big fan of him..
    Hope u play it in the show.. ^^

  9. Annyeong all ! Hope you're all in good condition !
    Song that I can't get enough these days ? I think it's Tell Me Goodnye_-_Big Bang . I just can't stop listening to that catchy song !

    The MV is also different from others . Play it eh ? Muchoo Gracias ! GOD BLESS US !

    aqilah zarime

  10. The current song that I'm totally listening on repeat is by BEAST - Because of You from My Princess sound track. Love the song and love the drama (which I've just finished watching recently...KIM TAE HEE and SONG SEUNG HOON are totally eye candy).


  11. Hey Angie,

    How's it going? I know I'm late again, but I had a busy week and now it's time for spring break ^^
    The song that I can't get enough of right now is Kim Bum Soo and Park Jeon Soo's "Man and Woman." After watching "Survival: I am a Singer," I have been hooked on Kim Bum Soo, Lee So Ra, and Yoon Do Hyun songs. This is a song that Sophie and I want to learn to sing together. Have a great week.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.