Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Seo In-young "세수" "Washing My Face"

세수 / Washing My Face
-Seo In-young

세수를 해야겠어요. 씻고 나면 좀 괜찮겠죠.
I think I should wash my face. It should get a little better after washing.
손톱이 자라나듯, 금새 잊을꺼라고 사람들은 쉽게 말하지만
People say so easily that like your nails growing out, you’ll quickly forget

\\지워서 지워지는 사랑이 아닐까봐. 널 잡지 않았던게 후회 될까봐.
I fear that despite erasing, it’s an eraseable love. I fear that I’ll regret not having held onto you.
속눈썹을 떼내고 화장을 닦아내면, 사랑한 지난날도 지워질까봐.
I fear that after taking removing my (fake) eyelashes and washing off my makeup, the past days of love will also be erased
거울을 바라보다, 니 사진 쳐다보다, 너라는 그리움 숨이 차게 차올라
After looking at the mirror, after looking at your picture, my missing you makes it hard to breathe
결국 참았던 눈물이 터져 나오다 보고싶다 혼자 중얼거린다.
Eventually the tears I held back burst out and I’m mumbling to myself how much I miss you//

이별이 익숙해져서 며칠 지나고 나면 괜찮다며
“Once I get used to this breakup, after a few days it’ll get better…”
다시 거울을 보고 내가 나를 달래며 했던 말 또 하는 날 어떻게 하니
What do I do with myself that’s looking yet again at the mirror comforting myself with the same words

1년이 지난 후에도, 10년이 지난후 에도
Even after a year, even after 10 years
사랑은 너 하나일까봐 너 하나 뿐일까봐.
I’m afraid you’re my one love, my one and only love

아무리 생각해도 아무리 지워봐도, 비우고 비워내도 난 너여야만 하나봐.
No matter how much I think about it, no matter how much I erase, no matter how much I empty and empty myself out…I think it’s gotta be you.
사랑했던 자리에서 기다릴게요. 아무래도 난 네 여자인가봐.
I’ll wait in the spot where we loved. I can’t help but come to the conclusion that I’m your girl.

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