Sunday, April 3, 2011

Your Two Cents: Most "Westernized" Star???

These days, it seems like Korean stars are all about breaking into the Western markets...especially the US. Whether that means entering into the American music scene or trying to score a role in a Hollywood flick, all the A-list stars are setting their eyes abroad.

There was BoA, Se7en, Rain, Jeon Ji-hyun, Lee Byung-hun, Jang Dong-gun, 2NE1...

Of course I'd love to see Korean stars do well abroad, but there really needs to be the right "formula" for a star to be successful in the US at this current time. The entertainment scene is still dominated by Caucasians, Africans, and Hispanics before Asians. It's good to see though more Asian faces in major US flicks and dramas though!

Anyways, who do YOU think has the BEST shot at making it on the US market. And I don't mean starring in one Hollywood flick or whatever, but continuing to frequent the Hollywood scene. Seeing them pop up in movies regularly, attend award events, guest on talk shows, etc. Who has the right look? right voice? right talents? can they speak English or other languages?

Let me know and don't forget to tune into KPI on Sunday!


  1. HI ANGIE :) im new :)

    i think BIGBANG would be great in the american music market :)
    even 2NE1. i think YGE has a lot of western influences that are more easy to adapt to the US...

  2. Hi angie :)

    mmmmm, interesting question ....!!

    stars like BOA and Rain represented Korea and Asia very nicely in the western markets ...... and I think lots of Korean stars have what it takes to rock the western markets.....But who have the best shot??.... It’s really hard to pick one.

    In my opinion I think... Jessica from girls generation have a really good shot to rock the western market ... she is a good singer, she have the look, the language and the sense of humor. I really can see her as a guest star on a talk show, a guest on a TV series (such as glee) ... I think she would be a great representer of Koreans and Asians in any western markets.

    but I don’t want her to leave the group (lol) :p

    Have a great week angie :)


    A.R from Bahrain

  3. I think 2NE1 hasa good shot here in the US. They have the style that's really popular over here right now (one of the main reasons i don't like them as much), and all they'd really have to do is make their lyrics a bit dirtier, and BOOM! Instant star!

    And i think G-Dragon has a pretty good shot here too, as well as Big Bang as a whole, but i think they'll be bigger during Anime Convention times, like most of the Japanese rock bands that come to the US. G-Dragon, like 2NE1 has a more american flair to his solo stuff, but i still think it's not dirty or angsty enough to be a huge mainstream hit here.

  4. hey angie :) i've been following your radio shows for a while now, but never quite had the courage to write anything for these W2Cs, so today this is a leap forward :)

    music wise, i really think big bang (especially taeyang) have a good chance to make it big in the US. i've been seeing many asian-american covering (and making an english cover) of their songs, and their songs has a good R&B feel that most American would find not too far from home.

    culture wise, im going to be biased and say 2PM, mostly because Taecyeon and Nichkhun is such a strong english speaker (and the other members are quite decent), and they have a good grasp of American culture since they both spent a significant amount of their life over there.

  5. I'm going to have to say Jay Park. I know it might seem like he has a higher advantage as he was born and raised in the USA. But honestly speaking, he has a lot of qualities that make him a possible successor in the US.

    I can't wait to see the reaction from non-kpop fans with his english album and hype nation release. I think it's going to be a positive one as he's working with some very well known people.

    And another random thought, I wonder why Brian Joo hasn't attempted to hit the USA market. He's worked with Jason Derulo...and I'm sure there would be other artists that would like to work with him. He's such a sweet and funny guy :)

  6. I think a variety of K-POP groups/singers have a chance at making it in the American market. However, one of the things I'm noticing is that many people think just because a K-POP group has the right look and sound, they'll automatically become a success in the market. What many people should realize is that the American music market and the Korean music market are different. Majority of the people who are top stars today (Britney, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Black Eyed Peas, etc.) all had to work their way up years before reaching their level of success.

    Therefore, it could be anyone as long as their willing to work hard for years. Kinda like the Wonder Girls, they gave up everything in Korea to solely focus on America. They started at the bottom and are slowly working their way towards the top.

  7. i think bigbang would be the best espicually gdragon keke oh i thinks its kinda wierd that im seeing my american name here ^^ my REAL name is angie but i love knowing others who share the same name as me