Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who Do YOU Want For Our Next Star Chat???

So I was talking with my producer Sophia the other day about who our next Star Chat guest(s) should be...

It seemed that many of you were okay with our last guest (Beast! *SHRILL screeeaaaaammmm*)...haha
Perhaps "okay" in an understatement...

Well, we haven't decided on our next guest(s) yet so thought I'd throw the question out to YOU GUYS because really,
the interview is for Y'ALL!

So throw me some suggestions and I'll fly them by Sophia to see if she can work her powers to get them in our KBS World Radio Studio! ^^

Also here's the newly released one by Rain... because it's raining here in Seoul today... ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photos from Our Star Chat with BEAST!

Take 1

Take 2...although they look pretty much the same! Haha

Initially, the boys all were just posing on their own, but I made what we call in Hawaii as the "shaka" sign and told them that this was what people from Hawaii do, they all got excited and joined in with the "shakas". They were all asking "what does this mean?" and so I answered that it's carries a number of different meanings depending on when you use it. It could be a greeting, an apology (for example, when you cut in front of another driver on the road, you would flash the "shaka" sign), a thank you, etc.

ANYWAYS...so as some of you have correctly guessed (*cough* Michie, Kim, Hermin, Jacqueline, Paul *cough*), our last Star Chat guests were the ever so studly members of BEAST!

This was my first Star Chat with KBS World Radio and so I don't have much to compare this experience to...BUT I still have to say that they were a lot of fun! Conducting an interview is difficult when the people you're interviewing aren't talkative, witty, honest, interested, etc., but the guys were great! I was told to keep it down to like 5 to 10 minutes, but our interview went on for almost 20 minutes! So that should say something in and of itself!

For those of you who missed it, just click here for not only the interview but VIDEO FOOTAGE of the interview! If you're too quick for us slowpokes at KBS, it may not be up YET, but it will be uploaded within the next day or so... so keep checking! (Also, for future reference, just go to world.kbs.co.kr and click on "Entertainment" up on top, and then "Star Chat" on the left,)

I can honestly say that the guys were SO flattered and blown away by ALL OF YOU! I don't think they realized how many international fans they had! I was reading them some of the messages on my blog and on our message board. They kept saying "Really??", "Wow...", "No way!"! Haha...it was sweet.

And I remember when I would see interview clips of bands I was OBSESSED with~ Rather than the actual interview CONTENTS, I was interested in what the interviewer HONESTLY thought of the artist/band in terms of how polite they were, their little quirks, how they looked in person, etc. So I'll give you the low-down!

Honestly speaking, they were a bit late to the interview. BUT it was forgivable because they had JUST finished another gig and were trying to squeeze in a quick meal to refuel. Celebrities are always on the go so it's hard for them to eat regularly. When they got there, they gave deep bows to each person in the studio (me, our producer Sophia, our sound engineer, etc.). In Korea, the level of respect you show to someone can be measured by how far down you bow, They gave what we here call "the 90 degree bow" because that's when someone bows so deep that their backs are horizontal creating a 90 degree angle with their legs!

I could tell they were a little nervous because this was an interview in English and none of them spoke English fluently. We usually try to give the artists a few minutes to study a list of translated questions that will be asked. However, because they came so late, they only had a few seconds before we had to start.

If you watch the interview, Doo-joon was the more talkative one I think. And that's kind of how he was in person. He was the most at ease, joking around, etc. I would say Gi-gwang was next at east. The other three were a tad bit shyer. Yo-seob was the shortest of the bunch (as you can tell in the picture), but overall, I was surprised that they were a lot taller than I had expected them to be. They all had GREAT skin (all those celebrity skin treatments probably...) although some of that could have been attributed to make up being that they were wearing some eye make up, foundation, etc.

Hmm...what else can I dish out? I'm already kind of forgetting the little details! Haha...
They were busy (of course!), so as soon as we finished the interview, they signed autographs for Sophia's daughter, took a couple pics, and then their manager was already ushering them out.

Overall, they impressed me with their poise and respect despite the fact that they're IDOL stars and must've been so tired from their hectic lifestyle. And from the SHORT time I spent with them, they seemed to genuinely get along with each other.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Hmm...who should our NEXT Star Chat guest be...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best Breakup Song??

Here's the next "Your Two Cents" question!!!!

What is your favorite (kpop) "breakup" song??
Basically... what is the best song to listen to after a heartbreaking breakup where you just want to lock yourself in your room, close the curtains, eat chocolate and ice cream all day long, and cry...cry....and cry??

Haha...is this kind of depressing??

Here! Take a listen/look at this. Baek Ji-young's music video for "Like Taking a Bullet" "총 맞은 것처럼".

This isn't necessarily what I think is the best breakup song, but I'm sharing the music video because that one scene where she's eating ramyun (noodles) while crying is just...so sad!!! I think we've probably all done that at least once (maybe with different food though) because we know we have to eat, but we so don't want to!


Don't be sad though! You know why right?! Only one more day til STAR CHAT tomorrow! Be sure to tune into KPI!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone's answers!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*Insert Fan Girl Scream Here"

You guys are NOT gonna want to miss out on this Sunday's Korean Pop Interactive (KPI) Show!!!!!!!!!!
I repeat...NOT gonna wanna miss it!!!!

We have a star chat. Hmm....who could it be...

I'll give you THREE hints and that's it!

1. They (that should already be a HUGE hint!!!) will be performing at the Korean Music Festival (aka Hollywood Bowl) this year!
2. The FEMALE fans will probably enjoy this just a TAD bit more than the male fans!
3. None of THEM can speak English!

Good stuff guys so do tune in on Sunday!!! Keep in mind that if you miss Sunday's KPI broadcast, you can re-watch the interview clip online at world.kbs.co.kr (just click on "Entertainment" and then "Star Chat".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Better late than never!!! DJ Young and Park Hyun-bin from the last Star Chat!

Sorry all... =(

I know this is very late, but you know what they say right?!

Anyways... this is from the last Star Chat where DJ Young interviewed the "Trot Prince" Park Hyun-bin! If you want to see the video clip/interview, click here. Basically, world.kbs.co.kr and then click on "entertainment". Everything for our KPOP stuff is there!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Two Cents: Who do you wish you spent WHITE DAY with???

Now many of you may already know, but this past Sunday (March 14th) was WHITE DAY here in Korea! What is White Day you ask?? Well, think Valentine's Day except with gender specific rules...

In western countries, both sexes usually exchange gifts on Valentine's Day. Well, in Korea, the GIRLS are supposed to do the gift giving with chocolates and stuff. Now I know a lot of you ladies are thinking, "WHAT THE HEC?! WHERE'S THE JUSTICE IN THAT?!" Don't worry, we get our day too (although if it was up to me, I'd make it where the guys give girls gifts ALL THE TIME! Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving...you name it! haha). White Day is when the guys give girls our gifts. However, it's usually hard candy (not so much chocolate).

So how did you all spend your White Day? As for me, I had yummy yummy food and wine all weekend~

Me and a few of my friends had a get-together where we all cooked a dish (I brought the drinks...muahaha so no cooking from my end!). In fact, the hamburger meat in the pic below and the fruit parfaits (they were soooo yummy...) in the pic below were made by a KPop star himself!!! For the sake of anonymity I wont say his name, but here's a hint (if any saavy kpoppers can guess...): for the rest of the night, the taste of those yummy dishes were in my head...

Haha...I wonder if that was too big of a hint. If you keep up with all the latest kpop news and what kind of songs are coming out (AND if you listen to Kpop Connection where me and DJ Young drop some names...), you should have guessed it...

Anyways, again, lemme know how you spent your White Day (if you celebrate it). If you don't celebrate it, give me your two cents on this...


Let the answering begin!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just wanna get to know everyone better...^^

Hey guys!!!

Just thought we'd try something new here because I wanted to get to know the blog readers a bit better...


What was the FIRST Kpop song you were introduced to??? And by who??

After getting a few responses, perhaps me and DJ Young will share with you our answers on air~!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Look Forward to Next KPI!!!

Hey all!
Sorry I've been kind of MIA for a bit... ㅠㅠㅠ

To all the KPC and KPI listeners, you guys are AWESOME! Keep those messages and emails (kpop@kbs.co.kr for KPC and angela@kbs.co.kr for KPI ^^ ) coming!!! We LOVE LOVE getting them~

AND...I don't know if I should be saying this...
but the MORE listeners we have (meaning the MORE listener interaction and feedback we get!!), who knows...KPC MAY become a LONGER show... *shrug* Just saying... ;) Tell all your friends about it! And now that iPhones have an application for it, tuning into KPop Connection is easier than ever.

Also, KPI listeners, this Sunday's edition will have a Kpop Star Chat done by DJ Young!!! It's not one of your idol groups, but a young man who's considered to be the "Trot Prince"! For those of you who don't know what trot music is like... it's definitely one of the more unique sounds Korea has to offer. It's been really making a comeback these days...

Well, that's all I have for now~

Meet you guys on-air!! ^.^