Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Two Cents: Best Actor/Actress in Korea???

Let's shift our focus from the music realm in Korea, and take a look at the acting realm.

C'mon, let's be real. There are certain actors/actresses that aren't all that good at their craft compared to other actors/actresses. However, they're so good looking that they still get cast for major parts anyway.

From your experience of watching Korean dramas or movies, which actor/actress do you think is the best at their job? If that's too difficult, which actor/actress do you think is horrible at their job?

Answer away and don't forget to tune into KPI next week to hear all of the interesting responses!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your Two Cents: Song You Can't Get Enough Of These Days???

Happy New Week Everyone! ^^

For this week, we're going to keep things simple. I think I asked this before...but I'm gonna ask it again because it's been a while and answers for this particular question change every month...week....maybe even day!

What k-pop song can you just NOT get enough of these days??? I'll take them as song requests and play 'em for this week's KPI!

Answer away~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your Two Cents: If there were a natural disaster, I would save my...???

This week's two cents will actually have nothing to do with kpop. As we all know, a huge disastrous earthquake struck Japan on March 11th. There were after tremors, not to mention horrifying tsunamis that swept away homes. The consequences even reached my hometown of Hawaii. Though the government evacuated the coasts and warned people to be prepared for a tsunami, luckily it ended up being nothing too major.

We have a lot of Japanese listeners and listeners that know someone in Japan. Sure it's K(orean)-pop, but this shared passion has linked us all together as one. I think I can speak for everyone when I say our hearts go out to those affected by the natural disasters. :(

This is actually where this week's question comes into play...
If you were lucky enough to have time to prep for natural disaster and could save ONE thing, what would it be???
Perhaps photos, a dog, a piece of jewelry (i.e. wedding ring, etc.), a book, journal, etc. etc.
Also, if you want to make any shout outs to anyone affected by this particular recent earthquake, or any tragic disaster, this is also an opportunity to do that. :)
LASTLY, if you have any song requests that you feel is fitting for the situation in Japan, please send them out through the blog so that I can play it for our JAPAN SPECIAL on KPI this week (March 20th).

Thanks guys! Times like this, it really makes you realize we have a lot to be thankful for!! Let's all be THANKFUL and POSITIVE!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your Two Cents: Best Kiss Scene???

It's the week before ANOTHER romantic day...WHITE DAY!!!

In Korea, girls have to do the chocolate giving to the guys. However, we get our turn to get pampered exactly a month later on March 14th, WHITE DAY!. This is when guys buy US candy (not so much chocolates but hard candy...). If you guys watched the drama IRIS, you may recall Kim Tae-hee getting mad at Lee Byung-hun for not remembering to get her candy on White Day. He thinks she's joking, because White Day is typically more celebrated among younger couples. However, when he sees she's seriously sad, he disappears, only to come back and give Kim Tae-hee a tender kiss. Right then, POP! He slips a hard candy from his mouth into hers. She's surprised, and then her anger melts away. It was a very popular scene that made girls all over Korea long for a "candy kiss". I'm not kidding! One of the top search topics the day after that episode aired was "candy kiss". LOL!

Since then, you may remember other unique kiss scenes. The most recent one being the "latte kiss" when Hyunbin kisses off the foam mustache from Ha Ji-won's upper lip after she drinks her latte (I'm thinking the writers were inspired by the Sex And The City Movie when Miranda has a foam mustache...).

So this week's Y2C question is gonna stay along the lines of White Day and all that romantic stuff being that the next KPI episode will air right before it:

What is the most memorable kiss scene from a drama or movie? It could me that it was unique like the "candy kiss" or "latte kiss". It could be memorable because the two actors just had GREAT chemistry. Perhaps the kiss was just very natural and touching. Whatever the reason it was memorable for you, let us know! Who did the kissing and from what drama or movie? If you can't think of any Korean movies or dramas, other country dramas or movies are fine too. Just describe the scene please!

Thanks and have a great week! ^^