Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your Two Cents: Most Overrated Kpop Star???

Uh oh...I have a feeling this question may open up a can of worms, but I'm gonna throw it out there anyway!!!! *cue evil laughter*

It's time to get a little bit negative. I mean c'mon! Let's be REAL. We don't ALL love ALL the kpop stars out there right? And there are some where we're like, "Um...why is this person/group SO famous?!" That's where this week's Y2C question comes into play

Which Kpop star/group (actor, singer, model, MC, comedian, etc) do you think is overrated? You don't think they're THAT good looking, THAT funny, THAT talented in singing or dancing, THAT stylish, THAT whatever!

Let's all respect each other's opinions! It's just an opinion that NOT something we all agree with. I think it would be interesting to see if some of the answers overlap or perhaps we all have different choices. Either way, it'll be a great way to get to know the listeners' tastes a little better!

Thanks guys and have a GREAT week!

Star Chat: Post-Interview With!!!

As many of you may have already heard on our February 20th edition of Kpop Interactive, we had an English interview with She was seriously the cutest thing ever! Not to mention, a godsend for me because she spoke English. Here's a post-interview report on how it went.

First off, she was ON TIME. I LOVE artists who are on time! LOL In fact, she was there in the studio even before I got there! This was because I had to take a quick bathroom break in between recordings (sorry was that TMI?? ^^;;). She was just so at ease, down-to-earth, and friendly. I could tell she was close with her manager and they got along very well. It was like they were good friends or sisters. I explained to her how the interview was going to go and we went straight into the studio. While my producer and engineer were setting up the cameras and what not, me and got to chatting a bit.

I asked her about adjusting to Korea. She was very honest with her answers and just so...humble and real. I was immediately taken to her in the first five minutes of her conversation. She did mention that she had a lot of Korean friends, but sometimes it was hard because it's not QUITE the same as having a friend that can speak your native language. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to divulge this information, but she did mention that she had written the English lyrics for all her songs. She seemed pretty proud of herself for that so I could tell she took pride in her lyrical skills as well. She mentioned that she hadn't released those songs yet, but they are on standby! I can't wait to take a listen to them when they come out. I'm sure it'll be a totally different feel from her Korean version songs.

While doing the interview, I noticed that she had some pauses where a certain English word or expression wasn't coming to mind. I kept trying to fill in the blanks for her but most of the time, my suggestions were wrong! LOL I made a note to myself that that really showed how much effort she must have been putting into learning Korean. You see, even native English speakers start to see a deterioration in their English skills when living in Korea. This is because there are so many "konglish" (English phrases that Koreans use, but that are different from the actual English definition) phrases and we just use English a lot less when living here. I give her props for doing so well in a foreign country!

After the interview, we took pictures in front of the KBS World sign together and (I LOVE her for this...) she said to me, "how do you keep in shape in Korea?" I was like, "Uh...are u kidding me Miss Skinny Pants?? I'm not in shape!" She said, "Yes you are. You're skinny!" *sigh* I love LOL!! I told her, " I go to the gym." And she seemed surprised by that. I guess not as many girls she knows go to the gym..?? I dunno... Not all of us are blessed like her with skinny genes though. She was TINY! But TALL. Small face, skinny body, tall height. *Sigh* God's not fair sometimes...

She thanked us and asked us to invite her again in the future, and then had to hurry off to her next scheduling. All in all, a GREAT interview and just such a SWEET girl. It's rare to find people who just love what they do and are so driven yet humble, It's safe to say that she's really making a place for herself in the kpop scene and that this is only the beginning!

Good luck!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Your Two Cents: Spring Is What To You???

It's already the last week of February!! Can you guys believe that?! That is INSANELY fast...2011 is truly like a rabbit, just hopping and zipping on by.

Well, being that after this week it will officially be March which I classify as the first real Spring month (although the weather still feels like winter right now in Korea...), we'll keep the Y2C question related to that.

What reminds you of Spring? What is Spring to you?

Perhaps it's the cherry blossoms. If your country isn't a four season country, maybe it's just what you see in Korean dramas. Perhaps there's a specific song that reminds you of spring (i.e. "You Are My Spring" by Sung Shi-kyung). Perhaps it's a certain outfit that you can now wear. Maybe it's an annual trip you and your loved ones take. Maybe a type of food? Perhaps something school related (i.e. Spring Fling dance?) Whatever the season represents to you...let me know!!!

See you guys on air!!
Thanks :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Words Behind The Music: SeeYa "“내겐 너무 멋진 그대” “To Me, You’re Too Amazing”

“내겐 너무 멋진 그대” “To Me, You’re Too Amazing”

너의 그런 표정 처음이었어 나를 바라보는 그런모습이
that expression of yours was a first. The one you made as you looked at me
우린 그렇게나 오래 만났지만 어색한건 처음이야
we’ve been dating for a long time but being awkward was a first

정말 이별이란 어쩜 이렇게 아무 예고없이 찾아오는지
how did this thing called a breakup come find us without no warning
우린 아픔도 이별도 어울리지 않았는데
we used to not match with pain or a breakup

왜 그러니 내가 너를 아프게 했니 아니라면 딴사람 생겼니
why are you this way? Did I cause you pain? Or is there someone else?
난 아직 너만을 사랑해서 아무런 준비도 못했는데
Because I still love you, I haven’t prepared myself at all

*그냥 니가 먼저 말해 난 눈물보일까봐 말못해
you just say it first. I can’t because I’m afraid my tears will show
우리의 이별에 마지막 그 말은 한번도 생각한적 없으니까
because I’ve never given any thought to the words for our breakup
아냐 내가 먼저 말할께 아픈말은 내가 다할께
never mind. I’ll say it first. I’ll say all the painful words
사랑했다는 말 넌 그 말만해야해 넌 착한 남자니깐
you just need to say “I love you”. Because you’re a good guy

내겐 너무 예쁜 사람이라서 만날수록 좋은 사람이라서
you’re such a beautiful person. The more we meet, the more it’s so
많은 친구들 앞에서 너를 자랑 했었는데
I used to brag about you in front of many friends

아닌거니 네 마음에 나는 없었니
Is it not true? Am I not in your heart?
너에게는 내가 부족했니
was I not enough for you?
난 눈치도 없는 바보라서 너밖에 모르고 살았는데
I’m so oblivious because I only look/focus on you so I had lived only for you

오랜시간동안 널 닮아가고 있었는데
I was starting to become more like you over the long period of time
작은 습관까지 그 미소까지 이젠 모두 버려야해
but now I have to lose every little habit and even your smile (that I picked up)

제발 웃으며 떠나줘 난 그 모습만 간직할테니
please smile as you leave. I’ll cherish just that image
날 바라봐주던 그 예쁜 두 눈에 눈물은 어울리지 않으니까
because tears don’t match those beautiful two eyes that used to gaze at me
아픈 기억들은 모두다 내가 전부 가져 갈테니
I’ll carry all the painful memories
좋은 추억들만 니가 가져가줄래 넌 행복해야 하니까
so can you just take the happy memories? Because you need to be happy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your Two Cents: Valentine's Day Shoutouts???

It's Valentine's Day on February 14th (along with DJ Young's birthday by the way!!! shoot him a bday tweet: This can be good news for those in happy, passionate relationships...or bad news for the singletons out there.

I thought I'd keep it pretty general to accommodate for all people for this week's Y2C. Anything to do with V-day, lemme know!
If you're in a relationship, this is your opportunity to give your loved one a shout out! Include any special songs that may have special meaning for you two (it doesn't have to be just kpop songs...).

If you're single, this is your chance to rant and rave about how stupid Valentine's Day is and how it's not even a REAL holiday. LOL Or maybe a less bitter question to answer can be what you feel is the perfect Valentine's Day kpop song? Or which kpop artist you would love to spend your lonely, single Valentine's Day with?

Hope you guys get to eat a lot of chocolates and even if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, give SOMEONE you love a big bear hug and word of appreciation this week! ^^

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Words Behind The Music: "어쩌라고" "What Do You Expect Me To Do" by Seungri

Words Behind The Music
"어쩌리고" "What Do You Expect Me To Do"

VI VI VI like this
can`t stop this
I`m break it down down down
break it down down
break it break it down down
I`m break it down down down
break it down down
break it break it down down

내가 니 남자라는 말
your words of me being your man
믿었는데 넌 왜
I believed them, but why…
날 위해서라는 그 말
why the words “it’s for you”
제발 don`t say don`t say
please, (you) don’t say don’t say

so tell me
도대체 왜 내게 이러는지
why the hec are you this way to me?
baby 나는 아무것도 못해
baby, I can’t do anything
이렇게 바보처럼 날 내버려두고 넌 떠나가니 왜
why do you just leave me here like a fool?
난 어쩌라고
what do you expect me to do?

이래도 싫고 저래도 싫은 너는
you hate this, and you hate that
왜 자꾸만 죄도 없는 나를 탓해
why do you blame me, the one who did nothing wrong?
그럼 난 어쩌라고
then what do you expect me to do?
난 어쩌라고
what am I supposed to do?

내 모든걸 다주고 너에게 다 바쳐
I’m giving up everything, everything for you
이제 남은거라곤 내겐 너뿐야
all I have left now is just you
더이상 나를 피하지는 마
don’t avoid me any more

I`m break it down down down
break it down down
break it break it down down
I`m break it down down down
break it down down
break it break it down down

널 다시 만나 볼 생각 없었는데 또 왜
I had no intentions of seeing you again, but why?
매일 밤 꿈속에서 넌 웃고있어
why are you smiling in my dreams every night

Let`s break it down
난 어쩌라고
what do you expect me to do?
hey I`m slowly break it down
I`m slowly break it down
난 어쩌라고
what do you expect me to do?
이대로 널 보낼수는 없어
I can’t just let you go this way
난 어쩌라고
what do you expect me to do?

I`m break it down down down
break it down down
break it break it down down
I`m break it down down down
break it down down
break it break it down down

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Your Two Cents: Shout Outs From???

Hi everyone!
It's been over a year since I've joined KBS World and tool over the reins of KPI and joined the duo of KPC with DJ Young.

I know we've gained (and I'm sure a lot of listeners over that period of time so I thought this week, we'd give shout outs from wherever country, group, fan club, etc. you represent!

Before, our listeners were dominantly from other parts of Asia, but these days, I'm seeing more and more feedback from the US, Canada, South America, Australia, Europe, etc.

So go ahead and let me know where you're tuning into us from!!! Perhaps even how you found out about us!

Thanks and see you guys on air :)