Sunday, April 10, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Lee Eun-mi "Nocturne"

Words Behind the Music
Nocturne (녹턴)
-Lee Eun-mi

그 동안 잘 지냈나요
how have you been?
먼저와 기다렸어요
I came early/first and have been waiting
꼭 다문 그대 입술이
your lips closed so tight
왠지 오늘 더 슬퍼 보여
I don’t know why but they look sadder than usual

무슨 일 있었나 봐요
Something must’ve happened
초조해 숨이 막혀요
I’m so anxious I can’t breathe
떨리는 그대 눈빛에 자꾸
in front of your shaky/nervous eyes,
눈물이 흘러 내려요
tears keep falling down

이미 나는 알고 있어요
I already know
어떤 말을 하려 하는지
what you want to say
미안해하지 말아요
don’t feel bad/sorry
그대가 잘못한 게 아녜요
it’s not your fault
사랑 하나로 그 모든
love alone can’t cover all…
비난을 이길 순 없겠죠 안 되겠죠
…all the attacks. That’s no possible

꿈은 여기까지죠
the dreams end here
그동안 행복했어요
I was happy [through it]

꽃잎이 흩날리네요
flower petals are fluttering
헤어지기엔 아름답죠 그렇죠
it’s beautiful to breakup to. Don’t you think?

괜찮아 울지 말아요
It’s okay, don’t cry
우리가 잘못한 게 아녜요
it wasn’t our fault
대답 해봐요 그럴 자격이
answer me. Those that don’t have the right…
없는 사람들의 말 따윈 믿지 마요
…the right to say those things, don’t believe them.

꿈은 오늘까지죠
the dreams end today
운명에 우릴 맡겨요
let’s leave us to fate
꽃잎이 흩날리네요
flower petals are fluttering
내 사랑 그대 이제 나를 떠나가요
my love, you are now leaving me


  1. So Cool! Thanks for putting up a Lee Eun Mi video. She's so good.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.