Thursday, June 30, 2011

Words Behind The Music: Big Mama Soul "눈물나게 사랑해 / Love So Much Tears Come Out"

눈물나게 사랑해 / Love So Much Tears Come Out
-Big Mama Soul

내 가슴이 사랑할 한 사람 매일매일 보고싶은 한 사람
The person my heart loves. The person I miss every single day.
나 지금도 니가 그리워서 또 참기 힘든 말 눈물나도록 사랑해
I still miss you to this day and so I’ll say it again these words that are hard to keep in, I love you so much tears come out.

나를 부르는 소리에 그대일까 뒤를 돌아보며
Could that sound me you calling me? I turn around
그대 다녀간 자리엔 그대 모습 바라보는 나
I just stare at the image of you at the spot you used to frequent
I missing you
하루가 또 일년이 지나도 변하지 않는 말
The words that won’t change after a day…after a year
어제보다 오늘 더 좋은 사람 그런 사람이 너야
A person that’s better today than yesterday. That’s you.

내가 받기에 과분한 사랑이라 두려운가봐
Maybe I was too scared that it was too much of a love for me to receive
내가 해줄 수 있는게 없다는게 미안했나봐
Maybe I was sorry that there wasn’t anything I could do for you.
하지만 꼭 이것만은 알아줘 내 사랑만 믿어줘
But just be sure to know this, just trust in my love

< Chorus repeat>

누군가 사랑을 물어보면 최고의 사랑이 너라고
if anyone asks, I say the best love was you
저 하늘에 외칠게 제일 소중한 사람 너라고 말할게
I’ll scream it to the heavens. That the most important person is you.

이 세상에 나 대신 할 사람 어디에도 찾을 수가 없잖아
no matter where you search in this world, you won’t find someone to take my spot
너만 보면 가슴뛰는 그 말 가슴벅찬 그 말 눈물나도록 사랑해
the words that my heart races if I just see you. The words that makes my heart overflow. The words that I love you so much tears come out.

내 가슴이 사랑 할 한 사람 이 세상에 그대뿐인 걸
the one person my heart loves in all this world is only you

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