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Words Behind The Music: LeeSsang's 나란 놈은 답은 너다 / The Answer To A Guy Like Me Is You

나란 놈은 답은 너다 / The Answer To A Guy Like Me Is You
-LeeSsang feat. Ha-rim

Hook] 나란 놈은 답은 너다
The answer to a guy like me is you
나 쉽게 말해도 내가 말이 안 되도
I can put it simply, it may not make sense
나란 놈은 답은 너다 나
but the answer to a guy like me is you
설명 못 해도
I can’t explain it
내 맘이 그래 나 죽어 버릴까 Yeah (3xs)
that’s the way my heart is. Shall I just die?

Verse 01]
헤어지자는 너의 말에 난 화가 나 소리치고
I get mad at your words suggesting we break up. I yell,
술에 취해 벽을 치고 괜한 사람 어깨를 부딪치고
get drunk, punch walls, bump into innocent people’s shoulders for no reason
욕하고 뭘 보냐며 시비 걸고
I swear, start fights saying “Whatchu lookin at?!”
그렇게 세상 모든 게 다 싫고
I hate the world so much
그런 내 모습에 넌 또 실망해
and seeing me that way you get disappointed again
하지만 나 심각해
however, I’m serious
앞뒤 다 자르고 니가 없으면 미치겠는데
not knowing what’s the front or end, without you, I’ll go crazy
어떡해 오죽하면 내가 이래
how else would I be this bad?
너도 울잖아 아직 나 사랑하니까
you’re crying too! Because you still love me
무릎 꿇잖아 내가 미안하니까
I’m on my knees! Because I’m sorry
그러니까 붙잡아
so please hold on
구차한 변명 거창한 약속 따윈
I won’t make pathetic excuses, over the top promises
하진 않을게 돌아서지 마
so please just don’t turn away

Hook repeat]

Verse 02]
너는 왜 나를 못 믿어
why can’t you trust me?
말하면서 속으론 찔려
as I talk, I get guilty pangs inside
우리 사랑했던 1년
the year that we loved each other
그 시간 동안 못할 짓 많이 했던
I did a lot of bad things during that time
내 자신이 너무나 싫어
I hate myself so much
이런 싸움 끝엔 언제나 사랑을 잃어
at the end of fights like this, love is always lost
남잔 바람도 필 줄 알아야 돼
“a man needs to know how to cheat”
여자에 얽매이면 안 돼
“he cant be bound/hung up on one woman”
그렇게 말했던 이 남잔
that’s how this man (I) used to talk
니가 떠나고 홀로 남자 가슴에 불이 난다
after you leave, this man by himself will have a fire start in his heart
그리고 한다는 말이
and then what he says
나에게 정답은 너야
“the answer to me is you”
이제서야 니 소중함을 알았던 거야
he now knows how important you are now
니가 떠나면 난 다 잃어
if you leave, I lose everything
다 잊어 다시 한 번만 날 믿어줘 제발
forget it all. Just trust in me one more time please

Sub Hook] 오~ 나를 견뎌준 내 사랑아
Oh~ my love that has put up with me
지금껏 네게 준 건 눈물뿐인
the only thing I’ve given you is tears until now
이 못난 놈은 그래도 널 언제나 너만 생각해
however, all this loser thinks about is you

네가 내 옆에 있어야 힘이나
you need to be by my side for me to have strength
잘 알잖아 돌아와 Oh
you know all too well. Please come back oh
네가 내 옆에 있어야 완벽해
you need to be by my side for things to be perfect
잘 알잖아 돌아와 줘 Oh
you know all too well, come back oh

Verse 03]
80 넘은 부부도 싸우고
couples past their 80’s even fight
보름도 안 되서 또 티격태격 하지만
it hasn’t even been half a month, yet we’re already bickering again
오늘도 서로 사랑하며 살아가잖아
but even today we’re living, loving each other
넌 나에겐 그런 존재
you’re that kind of being to me
매일 핑계뿐이고 승질 부리고 우기고
everyday it’s just excuses, temper tantrums, stubborn fits
참 못났지만 나에겐 니가 꿈이고
I’m so pitiful, but even so, you’re like a dream to me
사랑이야 사랑에 답은 없지만
it’s love. There’s no answer to love
나에겐 니가 답이야 그게 내 진짜 마음이야
you’re the answer to me. That’s how I really feel.

Hook repeat]

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  1. Thanks for playing Lee Ssang. I really enjoyed the music and just watched "Turn Off the TV" which has an awesome video.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.