Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Two Cents: Bedtime Rituals???

What a gloomy Sunday it is in Korea! :(

Weather's very gray...temperature's kinda chilly thanks to the wind.
One of those drink-hot-cocoa-while-wallowing-over-sad-music-or-movies kind of day...

ANYWAYS, hope you all had a great weekend! :) it bad that I'm trying to be upbeat after that kind of an opening to this blog entry?

I've been having trouble sleeping these days...perhaps it's the changing of the seasons. In Korea, we say, "봄 탄다" (bom tan-da). This means that we're feeling the effects of the changing of the seasons (becoming Spring). In English, we call it "Spring fever". People feel lazy or restless...perhaps on the other end, excited for no particular reason it seems.

So this week's question has nothing to do with kpop, but I figured it's a good way to get to know the listeners. Perhaps there are some cultural differences that can be seen too. :)

What are your bedtime rituals? What do you do to help you go to sleep? What do you do right before you drift off to sleep? Read? Watch TV? Write in your journal? Listen to good music? Tweeze your eyebrows? Log in your food journal about everything you ate that day? :P

If you have any kpop favorites that always put you in a peaceful sleepy mood, lemme know too! I mean, I don't wanna put my listeners to sleep during the next episode of KPI, but I will play them for you guys.

Well, answer away, and don't forget to tune in next Sunday to hear everyone's reponses!


  1. For the first time in a week, we had clear blue skies here in South Africa, which means that our winter is on the way. Its always weird to know that someone on the other side of the world is getting ready to pull out their summer clothes while I am looking for my scarves and jerseys.

    By bedtime rituals are nothing crazy, they usually involve listening to music to calm my brain down from the late night working (at the moment - Kasio by Taru or IU's slower songs) or reading a good book.

    But one thing I always have to do is move my cat from the top of my bed and let him in under the blankets so he can sleep against my back.

    Thanks for the great show. Will definitely tune in next week.

  2. Well, i generally don't sleep well between seasons because of the weather and my allergies, so instead of a bedtime ritual, i have a morning routine that i always go through to wake up after a night of poor sleep.

    i ALWAYS 1: grab my ipod and read some fanfiction to wake my brain up. 2: turn on my laptop and check Facebook (i think everybody does this....) and 3: play some kpop and dance! usually whatever i was listening to the night before. Lately i've been listening to a lot of Big Bang and Miss A because they're catchy enough to help wake up, but not so bouncy that they sound obnoxiously hyper at 7 in the morning.

    hopefully nobody else has the killer allergies like i do. Sleep well everybody!

  3. Hi Angie,

    No real rituals to speak of but I do have a stack of books by the bed to dip into before I drop off. Sometimes though the book is too exciting to put down and then I've problems sleeping.

    If I do remember or bother, then I also try to give my skin and face a drink with some moisturisers.

    Hope things improve soon for you, sleep-wise. Thanks too for the Lee Eun-mi song and translation. I heard she's getting married soon. So could you please play her song,"I Have A Lover"?


  4. Hi angie

    How was your week??!!

    I like this week question ... its really Different

    My bedtime rituals is nothing unusual but it depends on my mood

    If I’m in a good mood I would like to read some novels such as Agatha Christies detective stories "don’t think I’m a weirdo” lol

    but if I’m in a bad mood I think my iPod will be my one and only friend ... when I’m in a bad mood I like to listen to some ballad songs specially 2AM songs such as "why you wouldn't answer my calls" :p

    And of course praying before sleep despite my mood

    Have a great weekend angie :)

    KPI is so addictive … I can’t wait for a whole week now



    A.R from Bahrain

  5. Hi Angie Noona!!!

    Well, my bedtime ritual goes like this:
    I have a korean vinegar-drink
    I brush my teeth
    I wash my face with Korean whitening soap.
    I Moisturise my face.
    (I might use a Korean facial mask about now)
    I read my Bible
    I listen to some Kpop. (I love to listen to 'Say goodbye' from 'The melody' (It's also from Coffee Prince OST), but the bad thing about it is that this song almost always makes me cry, like a ton. lol. but I still love it^^)
    And then I pray.

    Nothing special, but that's what I do! ^^
    Have a great week!

    Isaac Semrad. USA.

  6. Hi Angie,

    For the last few months I've been experiencing insomnia, mainly due to the fact that I have really irregular sleeping routines (not good, I know). But I can't help it, because assignments and studying just never end :(

    but recently I've been getting into the habit of exercising before going to sleep. I tend to eat during my studying sessions and I thought, "what a better way to try to boost up my metabolism at night and exhaust myself before going to sleep". I take a mini bubble bath after exercising and head of to bed. To my surprise its been working and I definitely think this is a better regime than taking sleeping pills :)

    What about you?

  7. Hey Angie,

    Hope you sleep well soon.
    Try wearing warm socks while sleeping.

    As for our bedtime rituals:
    We study the Bible together.
    Listen to KPop Connection.
    Surf the internet.
    Sometimes I write lesson plans.
    Brush our teeth.
    I check my phone's alarm 2-5 times.
    Sometimes we do exercises.
    We pray and then sleep.

    That's it. I was gonna mention the fire juggling and knife throwing exercises, but those are right after dinner. ^^

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.