Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your Two Cents: Most Overrated Kpop Star???

Uh oh...I have a feeling this question may open up a can of worms, but I'm gonna throw it out there anyway!!!! *cue evil laughter*

It's time to get a little bit negative. I mean c'mon! Let's be REAL. We don't ALL love ALL the kpop stars out there right? And there are some where we're like, "Um...why is this person/group SO famous?!" That's where this week's Y2C question comes into play

Which Kpop star/group (actor, singer, model, MC, comedian, etc) do you think is overrated? You don't think they're THAT good looking, THAT funny, THAT talented in singing or dancing, THAT stylish, THAT whatever!

Let's all respect each other's opinions! It's just an opinion that NOT something we all agree with. I think it would be interesting to see if some of the answers overlap or perhaps we all have different choices. Either way, it'll be a great way to get to know the listeners' tastes a little better!

Thanks guys and have a GREAT week!


  1. Haha I'm going to be so ironic with my answer for this question... I'm a SONE and like Girl's Generation. But there are times I really think, there are better singers than them, some of those better singers are even soloists, i.e. IU and G.NA. Well they do dance nicely, they have members who have great vocals, and they are on the better-looking side, but I think their management company has over-popularized them to the point that my interest in them has diminished... They just seem to be everywhere; CFs, variety shows and even drama cameos... I don't know about overrated, but they are simply "over-publicized"...

    I think for me, overrated Kpop celebs are mainly the idol groups... They appear everywhere, they have huge fan-bases and they are regular guests on variety shows. You just have to turn on the TV to see at least one idol group on the screen already. Haha, that's why I moved to listening more songs by solo singers currently. G.NA is my favourite solo singer for now ;D

    Take care ;D

    Aloysius, Singapore

  2. Hey Angie,

    How's it going?
    I agree with Aloysius. The idol groups are too idolized and get too much publicity. It's like they were put together to just earn a quick buck for the company. However, there are some in those groups who are good at singing, like Tae Yeon etc. Don't get me wrong, I do like some (a few) of their songs, and I do enjoy dancing provocatively like the girl groups (just for Sophie though, and maybe youtube). ^^

    Side note: Do you know when the members of MC the Max will be getting out of the military?

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  3. hey angie,
    Honestly before i thought dbsk was overrated. They were really popular and i tried listening to them but didnt really see why they were so famous. But i do have to say from their comeback i was very impressed ^.^ so i am getting to like them more now...


  4. I think kpop is addicting.Superjunior,wondergirls and snsd, I dont know why They are so overrated. May be they have a good management and they lived with a famous company. I like kpop but I realized that I dont respect some member of the boyband or girlgroup for their singing. Most of them are decent at singing but should decent enough for being a singer! Very few of overrated artists can stand solely on their actual vocal talent. I love them i like their music and humorous style but Some of them are not to fit to be singers instead they should be actors,models,dancers or whatever that suits them to the most. You know, that now Most of the singers use auto tune and really can not sing. the tunes are cathcy but their vocal ability is nothing special. sorry,its just my opinion. DONT ANGRY WITH ME, IF U DONT LIKE MY COMMENT ^!^ HEHEHE-Hermin-Indonesia

  5. Hi Angie,
    SNSD - Would they have been so successful if they didn't have music videos featuring them in skin-tight jeans or hot pants?
    Just chewing on my sour grapes,

  6. I'm probably gonna take some heat for this, but i really think that 2NE1 is just not as great as a lot of people make them out to be.
    Not that i don't like 2ne1, but i think they use too much electronic special effects, especially on their vocals, that sound really cool on the studiotrack, but can't really be used for a live performance. So you hear the original track, but then when you hear it live it's kinda disappointing because that neat sound that you liked originally isn't there anymore, and it just doesn't sound as good. :[
    and i think a lot of bands are doing the same thing as time goes on. there's not as much emphasis on actual performance value, so we have singers that can't even perform their own songs.

  7. Hi Angie Noona! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Well here's my answer. I think that TOP and Miss A are overrated. I really don't think TOP is that good looking, and I don't care for for his voice to much. I still like him a lot, But I think people (Ahjummas, lol) go way overboard with him. I think Miss A's vocals are fine, but just fine. Plus I CAN'T STAND "SEXY" GIRL GROUPS! To me this just translates to 'skanky'. I really hate it when girl groups expose their bodies and dance inappropriately. They are pretty enough, they don't have to act so slutty. Wells anyway I'll try to be more active on KPI now! Thanks!

    Isaac Semrad. USA.

  8. G-dragon he say so himself in one of his interviews.

  9. Hello , guys ! Sorry quite late . I've examination . Uuuhhh ! Lazy maaa ! Back to our topic .
    This week Y2C's question is quite 'hot' .

    For ME , I think it's Big Bang and SS501 . I just don't get it , why are they so famous and have many fans . It just because for me , they aren't that great . Yeah right , maybe because the everybody has different opinion .

    But , I don't hate them . I just can't be class as their fans .

    Hmmm . I've got nothing to say anymore .
    Then , Byebye .

    ~ aqilah zarime
    ~ Malaysia

  10. hi angie ...

    I like 2ne1 but in my opinion i think that for a girl group 2ne1 is so over rated maybe because they are diffrent but you didnt get emotionaly connected with there songs

    and for a boy band i think big bang and TVXQ is so over rated maybe because they have lot's of fans ...

    i really like them all big bang,tvxq and 2ne1 and im listining to their song in my ipod but this is my opinion

    this is my first time participating... hope its not the last

    all the best

    * A.R
    * from bahrain

  11. 안녕하세요.

    I think there are too many overrated groups to just pick one or two that stand out. Many Koreans I've met in the states admit that most kpop group, in there view, sound horrible in person or on live concerts. Kpop groups are getting to be like Korean dramas once the Korean wave started. Once something was seen to be popular, it got copied way too much and became overkill. I hope soon that more groups will come out and be put together based on their singing ability instead of for having a look they feel can be massed marketed to people who'll just think every kpop group looks and sounds the same.

    p.s. you look really cute in your pictures with

  12. Hi Angie!

    Hmmm, I don't really know that many artists, yet, but I do agree with the other posters above about MOST idol groups being overrated. I really can't see all the hype surrounding them and I only see it as a popularity contest, not a 'talent show' like it's supposed to be. =/

    P.S.: Thank you so much for picking me for the February CD drawing! =) I just received the newest SG Wannabe album, and it's awesomely great! =D Thanks heaps, and please tell Min-young the letter was an unexpected happy bonus. KPC rocks!

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  14. I definitely think that hyuna is waaay overrated, she isnt all that pretty like everyone says she is, her singing (in my ears) isnt all that good, and most people focus on her short skirts and sexy dance moves and her body, not so much her singing though