Saturday, August 21, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Zia "웃음만" "Just Laughter"

Words Behind the Music
“웃음만” “Just Laughter”

묻는다 너를 맘에 묻는다 묻는다
I ask. In my heart I ask you, ask you
차마 놓칠 못해 맘에 묻는다
I can’t hold it in and miss this opportunity. I ask you in my heart
빙빙빙 자꾸 맴돌아 빙빙빙 가슴안에서
Round and round and round, I keep spinning. Round and round and round within my heart
묻는다 내가 내게 묻는다
I ask. I ask myself
묻는다 이게 잊는거냐고 물어본다
I ask. I ask if this is how to forget
꺼내고 꺼내보면서 뭘 대체 잊는 거냐고
I keep taking it out and bringing it up. What do I expect to forget this way?

--그저 웃음만 그저 웃음만 그저 웃음만 나와
It’s just laughter, just laughter, just laughter that comes out
흔한 눈물도 헤픈 눈물도 다 말라 버렸어
Tears that run amany, these overflowing tears have dried right up
이제 어떻게 해야 살아갈수 있겠니
What should I do now to keep alive?
이제 어떻게 내가 너를 잊을 수 있니
What do I have to do now to forget you?
웃음만 웃음만..—
Just laughter, just laughter…

덮는다 거짓 웃음으로 널 덮는다
I cover it up. Cover you up with fake laughter
애써 감춰보려 마음을 덮는다
I try my best to hide it. I cover my heart
핑핑핑 자꾸 눈물만 윙윙윙 또 자꾸 들려와
Drip, drip, drip my tears. A buzzing, buzzing, buzzing in my ear

웃음만 웃음만 난 웃음만
Just laughter, just laughter. I just laugh.
Just laughter…


  1. thank u...Angie!!!
    I'm a big fan of ZIA...

  2. omg.. thanks so much!!