Sunday, September 12, 2010

Your Two Cents: Favorite 2NE1 Comeback Song/Music Video???

I can't believe it's already Sunday night and I have to get ready for another week! The weekend flew by so fast =(

A bunch of friends (mostly others also in English broadcasting) went on a very short overnighter to Wonju in Gangwon province. It was very chill: good food + good company = good times. Here's a picture for you to enjoy of DJ Young cooking ramen noodles for his wife. It a was actually very sweet. I asked his wife if he did this often (cook for her that is) and she said yes. He likes to make things for her/people. Okay people, on the count of one, two, three: "AWWWWWWWWW~~~~~~~~~~~" Haha

ANYWAYS, so this past week was a big one for K-pop because one of the BEST girl groups out there have FINALLY made their long awaited comeback and they're taking the charts, album sales, industry by storm! So I thought to myself, I wanna ask a Y2C question specifically on this group...but is that playing favoritism??

Then I realized, it's MY blog so who the hec cares?! LOL So here I go asking a question specifically on 2NE1's comeback!

Out of the THREE title songs ("Clap Your Hands", "Go Away", "Can't Nobody"), which is your favorite?? And what about the three music videos? Which one was your favorite out of the three videos in terms of storyline and style?

If you haven't seen the videos yet, here they are:

"Clap Your Hands"

"Go Away"

"Can't Nobody"

Answer and don't forget to tune into KPI on Sunday! ^^


  1. Hello Angie :D

    Ah I am not really a 2NE1 fan :D but i like their previous songs: I don't care and fire.

    I like all 3 of the songs :D But if i have to choose the MV, i think the second mv, go away is the BEST. It seemed to be telling a story which i like out of the 3 music videos, even though i don't know what they are saying in the front part and singing :D

    Thank you Angie and have a nice week ^^


  2. Hey Angie,

    I agree that 2NE1 is one of the best girl groups.
    I like "Clap Your Hands" because the dance moves are better and it's very colorful.
    I just saw Moulin Rouge with Sophie last night and it really made me appreciate color themes. ^^

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  3. i'm not so much into 2NE1 ,
    i love their "i don't care" song

    and from this album i like "can't nobody "
    i think it's a cool song
    i don't fully understand the lyrics , but still i like it
    and out of the three MVs i like " go away "

    Rihab .E

  4. I LOVE 2NE1!

    Out of the three songs my favorite would be CLAP YOUR HANDS.. I just wanna dance & clap my hands when I listen to it, LoL...

    As for the favorite video.. definitely, GO AWAY!!!!

    I agree with Yuki, it's the only one telling a story... & I must say that CL's acting is really good! The guy in the video is just too mean, I would say "go away" too... Oh, the racing part is awesome cuz I love fast cars.. they're HOT! ^^

    CAN'T NOBODY & CLAP YOU HANDS is just very colorful & the choreography is really kool...

    Kathy Xiong
    Ca, USA

  5. I'm not too familiar with 2NE1's songs (save for "I don't care") since most of their songs revolved around dance numbers and I personally prefer ballads over dance numbers. But, basing on first-hand experience of the above 3 songs, I like "Clap your hands" most.

    Sorry if my comment's a lil short since I can't pass much judgement on 2NE1 ㅜ.ㅜ

    Take care, Angie noona~

    Aloysius, Singapore

  6. I dont like 2ne1 becuse they just arent my style musically. Im not a hater. just dont care for their style of music. to much rap for me. lol

    Isaac S.

  7. Since their debut 2ne1 caught my attention. I like their music style since it's different from the other girl groups.

    The MV that I like the most is "GO AWAY". I look for the lyrics on Internet and after watching the MV, I think is the one that best follow the storyline.

    All the songs are great. Congratulations 2ne1 for making an awesome comeback with a wonderful album.

  8. Hi Angie ~ Happy Birthday :) Hope you had a great day ^^

    For the question ~ umm, for me, musically, 2NE1's music isn't the style I usually listen to but these girls are amazing! hehe ~ They are different from some girl groups and I like that, they stand out.

    As for their new album, I like Go Away, I haven't had time to read the english translation to it but the music video is good...I don't like the fact that she gets abused by her ex but I guess how she stands up for herself and her friends being there I guess, it's different from the other two. It confused me though, at one point the girls were standing in the middle of the race track with cars racing then at the end CL crashes but she was ok? huh? hehe I got confused ^^

    Anyways, Thanks Angie :)
    Have a great day!
    Take care ~

  9. Hey Angie,
    I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of hate for my answer. I think the song "Go Away" says it all. I kind of wish that they would just go away again. I'm not an anti-2NE1, I'm just getting sick of the over-the-top praise I hear from everyone. I really liked them at first. But after awhile their music starts to sound all the same. There is no real change in style between songs. And I wish that they didn't use auto-tune so much. I think the main reason I started to get tired of them actually had to do with yours' and DJ Young's show. Take recently on KPC when you were discussing how much you both loved 2NE1; DJ Young had to put down Brown Eyed Girls because he said he can't hear the difference in their voices. I feel that you shouldn't put one group down just to prove how much you like another group.

    Now that I have that off my chest. After listening to all three songs I have to say that not one of them is truly memorable for me. I would like to listen to the rest of their album and see if they at least tried to do a song that is a little bit different than their normal style. Sorry if I seem harsh on them.

    Take care Angie,

  10. ^ Wow, Max's comments were a bit hard to swallow (especially for a hardcore 2NE1 fan like myself), but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we're all not going to like the same music. That being said...

    Hi Angie! ^^ I love this question! My favorite comeback SONG would have to be "Clap Your Hands". It's so addictive and I dance to it everytime I hear it. The best MV for me would surprisingly have to be "Can't Nobody". I liked "Go Away" and was very impressed with CL's acting, but the "Can't Nobody" MV emodies that essence of 2NE1 that they brought in "Fire". It was like an MV saying "we're back!" you know. I really enjoyed all three vids though and will always be a fan of 2NE1 for bringing girl power and ultimate swagger to the kpop world. 2-N-E-1 Hwaiting! ^^


    Virgina USA

  11. hye all .! to angie unnie , happy belated birthday ! sorry for late ! hehe . . .
    hmmm . for their comeback this time , i think i love go away mv . maybe coz this mv seems real .
    i mean , like real ! really ! but they're really awesome ! ahhh ! wish to be like them to ! lol !
    i can never be like them ! hmmm . dreaming only ! ;( . btw , thanks ya ! love all ! ;)

    - aqilah zarime
    - malaysia

  12. Happy late Birthday Angie!
    Well, I have been awaiting the comeback ever since I found out the date. Overall, 2NE1 had an amazing comeback, not just in Korea but internationally. All three of their songs were the "top viewed videos" on YouTube!!! (I kept refreshing the pages just to make sure, because it was so cool to see them top the lists!)So 2NE1, Great Job!!!
    As for my favorite comeback, I instantly fell in love with "Go Away". The song was well written, sung, and portrayed in the music video. Also, the dance for Ingikayo was great too. At first, I must say, that I was disappointed with the auto-tune, but after I listened/analyzed the songs I thought that YG used the aspect well. In "Go Away", auto-tune was used as an effect for the beginning of the song, rather than a substitute for the voices. Anyway, overall, 2NE1 accomplished what they had envisioned and were able to show their unique style "To Anyone", and that is most important for YG and the girls. 2NE1, hwaiting!!!

    Have a fantabulous week,


  13. hi Angie-noona ^^;

    my favourite music video is Go Away. I love the storyline even though I don't understand when CL conversed with that guy.
    in terms of style, I like "Can't Nobody" because Dara raps so well and their outfits look fabulous :D


  14. Hey Angie~

    Awwww~~ Dj Young's so sweet to his wife :)

    First I'd like to say that one of my friends that doesn't listen to k-pop at all found 2NE1 on youtube the other day when she was bored and liked them! I talk about k-pop around my frinds but they aren't really Into It ^^; So I was suprised when she told me she liked them! :D She said If they were to come to America and sang their style In English they could make It big over here! She said her favorite song was Go Away ^^ And It was her favorite video also :)

    I have to agree It was my favorite video :) The others were more dancing than storyline and I like the storyline videos ^^ I did like the song Itself but I really really like Can't Nobody :D It's just a really good and catchy song hahaa