Saturday, August 21, 2010

Your Two Cents: Favorite Variety Program???

Hi all~
After working ALL weekend cooped up in my home (literally left my house ONCE to pick up lunch), I'm taking a break watching some of the popular variety programs here in Korea.^^ Perfect way to unwind...lunch in front of a TV, laughing... haha

I mean I've thought this before, but I'm reminded once again how many variety programs are out in Korea. And on top of that, it's like all the same people. There are slight concept differences or thematic differences...but really it's all the same people.

I mean that's not necessarily a BAD thing because they are funny! No doubt about that!

Well, here's this week's question regarding this topic...

What is your favorite Korean variety program? And why?
BECAUSE they're so similar with the same people, I'm curious to know what show stands out to YOU!

Hope you all had a great weekend~ Don't forget to tune into KPI today (August 22nd) and every week of course! ;)
Post up your answers for Y2C so I can get your guys' input!



  1. Hi Angie ~ I won't be able to listen to tonight's KPI, or Monday's KPC - I will be giving up technology for 40hours for the 40hour famine :) I will listen to it next week though, the replay ^^

    Hmm the answer to your question, the only episode that I download are StarKing & Dream Team
    I also watch We Got Married but I have to wait for the english subtitles cus I won't be able to understand, unlike StarKing & Dream Team, I get the jist of whats going on ^^

    hehe ~ thanks Angie
    PS. I hope I don't miss out on too much hehe ~
    Take Care

  2. Hello Angie~ Exams coming up for me so I probably won't be able to listen to KPC regularly... *sobs*

    In any case, I reeeeeeeally like Korean variety shows. Nice respite from the American ones. Since I'm learning Korean now, I favour talk shows more, i.e. Star King, Strong Heart and Star Golden Bell. These shows allow me to catch on some Korean words and speaking skills, and also these shows really bring out the true personality of the celebs.

    Reality shows are definitely a must to watch. Shows like WGM and Invincible Youth ;D (Though I kinda lost a little interest in Invincible Youth after Sunny and Hyuna's absence...)

    There are some special variety shows that also catch my attention --- Chuseok Specials and stuff.

    Take care ;D

    Aloysius, Singapore

  3. go0d day dj angie!.. wahaha...

    hmm.. my favorite Korean Variety shows are Exploration of the Human Body, Dream Team, Star King and Strong hearts!.

    In exploration of the human body, it was aired last 2007. I really love it. Super junior was the regular guest, and in the whole episodes, i have learned so many things about human body. It was educational show which will surely encourage the viewers.
    In dream team, it was very exciting and fun to watch. The teams are really enjoying the game and have a cooperation to each other. Each part is very fun.
    Also in strong hearts. The best thing in Star King, they inviting different people wherever in the world who have unique and incredible talent which they can share in the sh0w. I think most f their guest there were discovered.

    i really love krean variety shows.!

    0kay, thats all angie!.
    go0d day again to you.
    i love this y2c question.. wahaha
    g0d bless!

  4. The first series of Family Outing was the best variety show in the whole world. The regular family members were the most hilarious people on this planet and in almost every episode there was something to learn about life in Korea. I kind of miss it.

  5. Hi Angie,

    I like 1 Night 2 Days, because whenever Sophie and I would visit her mom's, we would watch that program. Plus everyone is hilarious there.
    Any talks of having a KPop Connection Variety Show?

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  6. <3!

    I love watching Star King (duh, who DOESN'T like Star King?), because i love seeing the different acts and the way the Idols interact with their Sunbaes and their Fans, and of course, Kang Ho Dong (i'll watch anything he's on, golden Fishery, Knee Slap Taoist, on and on and on...)

    and I've been watching a lot of Star Golden Bell lately. It's a variety program with a lot of real Variety in it (does that make sense?) every episode is different, and every moment is LOL-worthy, so it never gets boring! :D

  7. Hi Angie!!
    I like We Got Married, it s my favorite tv show I like it because the couples are so funny like Adam couple although I miss so much the 1st season.
    I also been watching Family Outing and is amazing
    Korean Tv shows are the best!!!
    Take care^^

  8. Hi Angie.. i was busy these weeks so i couldnt listen to Radio..
    abt the Variety Programs.. I do watch most of the programs but the best program that i enjoy n also my familly do (even that they dont watch korean programs coz we are arab) Its 1 Night 2 Days..
    we really enjoy it.. it have adiffernt taste than the other programs.. ^^

  9. oh too bad, I've never watched a single program of Korean variety shows. so I can not say anything. sorry ...!!
    but after reading comments from other listeners, I'm so curious to watch star king,family outing,We got married, and others who have them mentioned above.

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  11. Hi Angie,

    Hope those variety Show did gave you a GOOD laugh. (Release Tension/Stress)

    My Favourite korean variety program does not exist anymore. It's Exploration of Human Body with MC Shin Dong Yup Featuring Super Junior. It's great to watch E.H.B not only because of Super Junior funny character but it is also fun to know what our human body could do. I did learn something new about human body from this program.


  12. Hello!
    I don't watch a lot of variety programs but the ones that I have been able to watch are Star King and Star Golden Bell. I like them because you get to know more about you're favorite stars.

    Which is yours?

  13. Hey there Angie i hope your week is going well :)
    ...Starting on a different note, i feel kind of bad for not listening to KPC or KPI recently, very sorry, but hopefully I'll be able to start listening properly in the next week ^^

    Now, in answer to the question, there are quite a few variety programs i absolutely LOVE watching include StarKing (surprise surprise), We Got Married, Family Outing, E.H.B and Dream Team.

    I love watching Star King, WGM and Family Outing becaue these shows just crack me up completely, if im ever feeling down from school, i just search for any episode and immediately feel much happier ^^

    The reason i like watching E.H.B and Dream Team, is because i learn a few things and it is funny at the same time...E.H.B you learn so much yet the way that SJ did it made it hilarious, and Dream Team, its great to see everyone's competitive side and wonder if you could ever beat them (not to mention, you get to stare at Minho...the show doesn't get better than that...except for when Taemin filled in!! >.<!!).

    I've taken far too long again to answer your question, but i hope that you like it :)

    Have a good week Angie, stay cool!
    Kathryn, Australia

  14. Hi Angie,

    My favourite variety program would be : Invincible Youth( Get to watch G7 working hard in the field), We Got married , Happy together( MC Yu is damm funny!) Vitamin (get to learn lots of extra knowledge!), Strong heart

  15. Hey Angie~
    It's been forever~~! D: But I have reliable Internet connection now so I can listen again!! ^__^

    Anywayz I really like Strong Heart <3 It never fails to make me laugh and cry!
    I like Star King also mainly because It was the first Korean variety show I watched ^^ and It's entertaining :)

    Have a good week!! <3

  16. Hey Angie
    Though I love watching the same variety shows as everyone else, like wgm, star king,ehb, recently I've also started watching running man. I've only watched the first episode so far because I have to wait for english subtitles.......-_- it's
    really funny, I swear the things they do is hilarious......ahhhh....yea.....

    --Stacey from Hawaii

  17. Hello Angie

    For me, it's Exploration of the human body ^^ WOW it have been a very old variety show, but i would always replay it. Very nice to watch ^^ Never fails to make me laugh. You can also learn a lot from the show :3 & it also starred super junior! ^^
    Strong heart is also another variety show which i think is very nice. It is still airing now, every tuesday. I will always wait for the chinese sub, or the eng sub to be out before i watch :D Always can't wait for the next episode to be out. ^^
    Chef's Kiss is also another nice variety show. U-Kiss starred in this show. This show is about the U-Kiss members, competing in teams, to be the chef of the week. They are given a theme and they have to learn and prepare a dish to sell in their restaurant, U-kiss steak House. The money they earn will be used for having a scholarship for their fans :D It is quite funny and interesting to watch. I think it have stoped airing :D I wonder if anyone have watched :D

    Have a good weekend and stay healthy :D


  18. I'm the same as the rest Angie! LOL. My two favorites are Star King and Dream Team.

    Star King because it does give you a variety of acts. It's not just the i-dols performing all the time. They show new, different people from around the world that do incredible things. I think that show could work in any country, but Korea would always be the best because no one else would have the best MC Kang Ho Dong.

    I like Dream Team because I love weird athletic competitions. And who wouldn't like watching their favorite i-dol star do that, and sometimes fail miserably. That is great TV. ^_^

    In addition, I agree with Michie. Exploration of the Human Body with SuJu was awesome. It was the first full variety program I watched, and it was one of the first shows where I got the members' personalities. It was educational and hilarious!

    Talk to you later!

    - Nova Scotia, Canada

  19. Hey Angie,
    My favorite used to be Star Golden Bell. I don't get the chance to watch it anymore, but it doesn't really matter seeing as they took my favorite part off. I loved the segment with Nicole(Kara) I swear I would always laugh because she has the quirkiest sense of humor. And she started off not having the greatest handle of the Korean language, she would try to explain words and seeing how the other stars would react was so hilarious.
    My second fave was "Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies". I think that was the English title they gave that show. The one with women from around the world. I loved the fact you got to see the difference between Korean culture and the rest of the worlds' cultures. Although the woman from Italy bugged the heck out of me with her voice. lol I really wish that I would be able to watch all the variety progams like everyone else. Oh well. Nice question Angie, keep em coming.


  20. Hi unnie.My answer to the question is Family Outing season 1.I like the way artists who are used to city life try to work on farms,cook without help from modern appliances and I like how close they are when they sat together to share their memories and emotion.I also like the jokes,tricks between members of the family,which always make the others brighter and happier.However,Family Outing 1 had been ended,I did watch some variety shows of KBS but I didn't find any of them more funny and meaningful than Family Outing.