Thursday, September 30, 2010

STAR CHAT: Im Jeong-hee!!!

Hey all,
quick update:

We FINALLY have a new STAR CHAT on this week's KPI! YAY!!!! It's been a tough streak because stars are starting to jam pack their schedules so much that it's hard to grab them even for a quick interview =(

Also, as you all know, these days, the BEST way to promote yourself as a star is VARIETY PROGRAMS...
this makes radio interviews almost...obsolete. I mean it DOES happen, but it's not as appealing to entertainment agencies anymore. Who knows, the stars themselves may enjoy radio interviews more because they're a lot more raw, free-flowing, and less burdensome. However, the moneymakers backing these stars up (aka their agencies) are all about the coverage/exposure/promotional effectiveness.

Alright, with that ranting aside, we have IM JEONG-HEE coming into the studio!!! For those of you who aren't as familiar with her, she's the singer that 2AM's Jokwon recently did a collaboration with. Refer to the blog entry before this one for the song and the words behind the lyrics. =)

Hope you guys tune in! I know it's been awhile since we had a Star Chat so I wanna thank you guys for being so patient with us! Chuseok and summer trips/vacations/etc. didn't make the past couple months the most ideal time for scheduling interviews...hehe

Always trying to improve our programs for our LOYAL listeners,


  1. Hi

    Thanks for your efforts! RIGHT! Money, money, money / Must be funny / In the rich man's world

    It's not your fault, it's Their fault that don't know and appreciate our KPI!

    It's great that you could bring Im Jeong Hee.

    I've always enjoyed Star Chats and those were speaking Korean, I liked them more!

    Good Luck

  2. Hi Angie,

    I heard yesterday's Star Chat, and she seems really cool. I was really impressed with her answer to the variety of genres in korean music. That's why I like bands like YB and W & Whale, they're not following the mold. Anyways, she's really good at singing too. I would have liked to have heard her sing live though ^^

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.