Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post Star Chat With Lim Jeong-hee!!!

Like always, here's the lowdown on how my latest Star Chat interview went. *cue evil laughter: muahahaha...*

So for those of you who missed it, I got a chance to interview Lim Jeong-hee for last week's KPI on KBS World Radio. If you missed it, never fear, you can just watch it again HERE.

When it comes to celebrities or ANYONE for that matter, you can tell a lot about them by their punctuality. So props to Lim Jeong-hee who came right on time with not one, but TWO managers. I have to say, her managers work really hard for her. They were very cordial with me and the staff. Brought me THREE copies of her latest mini-album and were carrying around a whole stack. I ran into them later after the interview and I realized they were circling the floor, giving out CDs to some of the producers they were running into. If you noticed during the interview, she kept mentioning how important it was to find a GOOD management team. I don't think that was just something for her to say. I think she really does appreciate her management, which is good because they do seem to work hard for her.

The first thing I really thought when I saw Lim for the first time was, "Wow, she's not photogenic." She looks so much prettier in person. Even the picture that she and I took together isn't very flattering of her. Don't be fooled all~ she's beautiful! I think the video clip is a little better though.

Okay so with the first impression stuff out of the way, personality-wise, Lim was very quiet and reserved. I could see why she's not exactly a singer known for her "variety show" talents. She's not cold or anything...not at all. She's very warm and sincere. She just seemed...REAL. She didn't care about the extra fluff, or about putting up an image, or about saying the "right" thing for the media to approve of. She thought about her answers and said it. That's all there was to it. Some of the younger stars or group stars think more along the lines of "how can I make this answer interesting or funny?". She didn't think like that. She just answered whether it was funny or not. It was pretty refreshing actually.

We talked a little about dieting and her weight-loss. She lost like 6-7 kilos! She said she hiked a lot up the mountain near her house. So ladies, that might be the way to shed those pounds if you're looking for Lim Jeong-hee's secret. Haha

We had to wrap things up quick because she had another schedule to get to RIGHT after the interview. She left asking if she could contact me when she needed help with her English. Haha

So that's it. Nothing all that juicy, but I really REALLY wanna emphasize that as just because some singers aren't right in the enter of the spotlight (in variety shows and lots of interviews) doesn't mean they should be overlooked. Lim is so sweet and RAW in a very genuine and souful way...whether it be in her music or in real life!


  1. Hi Angie,

    Lim Jeong-hee said she hiked a lot up the mountain near her house. How much is a lot? That's what I'd like to know. Everyday or twice a week?

    Anyway, am inspired enough to burn some calories at the hill nearest my home this weekend.Ha2.

    BTW, how about interviews too with the composers and lyricists of the well-known hits, past and present? Or for that matter, how about chatting with some managers? I think they'd have some interesting stories to share.

    May be easier to book them compared to the high-profile singers but more importantly it would be nice to know what they think about the music industry in Korea.


  2. Hi Angie

    Although she just said a hello in English, her English was GOOD or more than Good! I thought she'd continue the interview in English but you suggested she could either speak Korean or English.

    Selene's suggestions are nice and yes we could get to know other sides of music in Korea that way.

    Good Job