Monday, September 13, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Park Hyo-shin's "널 사랑한다" "I Love You"

Words Behind the Music
“널 사랑한다” “I Love You”
-Park Hyo-shin
from OST of Athena

내 심장에 살고 눈물에 살고
Lives in my heart, lives in my tears
또 기억에 사는 그리운 사람
also lives in my memory. This person that I long for.
지우지 못하고 버리지 못 할
I can’t erase them, can’t throw them away
아름다운 사람아
You beautiful person,
날 숨쉬게 하고 꿈꾸게 하고
Allows me to breathe, allows me to dream
또 아프게 하는 오직 한 사람
also makes me feel pain. Only one such person.
바라볼수록 더 다가설수록
The more I look at them, the more I get closer to them
눈물겨운 사람아
You tear-inducing (pathetic) person

--- 널 사랑한다
I love you
그 사랑 때문에 가슴 시려도
Because of that love, even if my heart is cold
그 사랑 때문에
Because of that love
또 다시 하루를 견뎌낸다
I can get through yet another day
널 사랑한다
I love you
사랑한다는 그 말보다 더
More than the mere words “I love you”
나조차도 겁이날만큼
so much more that even I get scared
미치도록 내 가슴이
Enough to make me go crazy, my heart
널 사랑한다
loves you---

닿을 수 없고 늘 머물 수 없고
I can’t reach for you, and can’t just stay here
더 가질 수 없는 머나먼 사람
Such a faraway person I can’t have

그저 눈물로만 가슴으로만
Only through my tears, through my heart
불러보는 사람아
You, the person I call out for,

단 한번도 전하지 못했던 바보 같은 나이지만
I’m such a fool for not having expressed this, not even once
I love you
널 사랑한다
I love you
널 기다린다
I’m waiting for you
그 사랑 때문에 눈물 고여도
Because of that love, even if tears collect
그 사랑 때문에
Because of that love
메마른 내삶이 빛나니까
my barren/empty life shines bright
널 기다린다
I’m waiting for you
영원이라는 시간보다 더
longer than forever
곁에서도 그리워질만큼
so much so that even if you’re right by my side, I’d miss you
아프도록 내 가슴이
So much so that my heart aches
널 사랑한다
I love you


  1. Hey Angie,

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    Thanks for posting this.
    I was only able to listen to the shortened KPI this week so I won't get to hear the whole thing until later.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  2. Hi Angie. I think using your blog for "words behind the music" is a great idea. Being able to link to the videos is an extra bonus! Thanks for being such an active blogger (I'm sure it's tough sometimes!). You do a great job keeping your listeners engaged and part of K-Pop Connection and K-Pop Interactive. You've really helped to grow a great community of listeners.

    Thanks for all that hard work!

    Jeff B.
    Baltimore, MD, USA