Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best Male Star With Makeup???

These days all male idol group stars are wearing makeup. Man...these kids are wearing more eye liner than me!!! And THAT'S saying something! Hehe.. I have to be honest with you first, I was a little thrown off by this trend. Granted now there ARE some American singers sporting the eye makeup (i.e. Adam Lambert), but still. It's not exactly the norm for male stars to wear such heavy eye makeup. The more I see it though, I guess I can kind of understand the logic. Us Koreans, we're not exactly blessed with the same big, beautiful eyes as some other foreign singers so why not use a little bit of makeup to enhance them? And girls wear makeup, so if you think about it, guys are getting a little gipped when it comes to getting some help to look better. Actors on stage wear makeup for theatre performances and essentially, singers are doing the same thing right? Performing!

Anyways, regardless of whether you're FOR the male stars wearing eye makeup or AGAINST...this week's question is going to be more specific. (Although I DO want to know if you're FOR it or AGAINST it too!)

Which male star do you think pulls off the eye makeup look the best? Some stars look better with it than others. Some stars look COMPLETELY different with eye makeup while other stars don't look that different. All of those factors taken into consideration, which male star just looks the best with eye makeup?

If you're a guy, even better!!! I wanna know how you feel about this eye makeup trend. More importantly, would you do it?

Answer away and don't forget to tune in on Sunday for KPI! ^^


  1. Hi Angie ~
    I really won?!
    wow keke ~ thank you sooo much! i didnt get to listen to the whole week cus of studies D: but i will listen to the replays :D :D most definitely :D thank you again!!

    hmm as for the question hehe ~ SJ bias! eunhyuk & yesung of course hehe ~ i dont mind guys with it but not too much ~

    thanks angie ~ have a great week :)

    Kim Valerio

  2. cheondoong a.k.a thunder! he looks gr8 with eye makeup

  3. hye all ! my fifth time i'm writing on your , blog , angie unnie .

    kim valerio , congrats ! ;)

    hmmm . i think the completely look different is hwang chansung ! he looks really fierce and not suit him . i think nah .

    and , if you ask me which male star look cute with makeup , the answer is . . .DONGWOON ! he really an innocent guy even with thick eyeliner ! ahhh ! dongwoon-ah !

    that's all ! thanks ! ;)

    - aqilah zarime

  4. Hi Angie,

    I think Yesung of Super Junior and Dong Woon of BEAST pulls off the eye makeup look the best.

    Michelle Lim

  5. Hi everyone,

    I really really love male stars wearing eyeliner. Ofcourse, not too much. We don't want it to look like dark circles right :P

    I think it suits Yesung(Super Junior) and Gdragon (Big Bang) the best. ♥ The bad guy look.

    - Wing
    The Netherlands

  6. Hey Angie,

    I noticed the trend, too, but I don't really like it. However, the question is who looks the best with it on. I'd have to say, hands down, Kim Bum Soo, poor guy. One of the best singers ever, but his face scares Sophie everytime I watch one of his videos on youtube. I think he doesn't look too bad, but the eye liner makes his face more pleasing. Sophie thinks he needs longer, waivier hair like Lee Byung Hun's in the beginning episodes of IRIS.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  7. Hiya Angie,

    Make-up does make a guy look loads better on screen these days... But no smoky eyes on something like that --- it scares the crap out of me ;D
    Personally, I feel that eye make-up would be the best if it's a light one, just to enhance the gaze or stare of a guy and make it say, more powerful or alluring.

    I think someone like Lee Joon of MBLAQ can pull off eye makeup well. Since he sometimes has that really powerful stare, like bolts shooting out of his eyes, a little eye makeup would make that stare more irresistable. Lol, I'm a guy but I'm praising a male idol so much it's kind of weird, isn't it? ;D

    Since you put Shinee in the photo for this Y2C, I would like comment (since they are one of my faves) that the Shinee members look better with light foundation and some natural makeup, including the eyes as well. Their "Lucifer" concept was a little too much for me ;D

    Have a good day, Angie~

  8. Hi Angie:)
    okie...Although i hear your segments it's the first time I'm doing this Angie-and many more to come.

    I'm my opinion,I believe that there's nothing wrong with Korean singers (or anyone)to be able to wear make-up of any kind.of course,i do envy them because they wear more than i do ;and they can work it.:) Moreover,it would never affect
    my reason as to why I look up to them and my love for them.saranghaeyo!!!! :D

    As for the question,Lee Joon (thunder) of MBLAQ
    looks great with the think eyeliner.The eyeliner makes his appearance bold and,without it he'd be too cute and cuddly.don't you agree??? hehe
    My second choice would have to be Yesung from Super Junior.He just looks amazing. Don't get me wrong ,every Korean out there has there own beauty and personality .In the end , I love them the way they are.

    with much love
    -anais c.(or ana)

  9. hello angie!
    um... i think TOP of bigbang. he is so good when he got a smoky eyes make
    up. actually i'm not the fan of bigbang( i
    love another male group) but i can't stand tell about this-smoky eyes makes he look like bad guys.


    - i'm so weak of english, because i'm korean. anyway i really hope you inderstand what i'm saying haha.

  10. gee... not inderstand, understand.
    why i can't fix that:( sorry!
    anyway thanks.

  11. I'm the first guy to say something lol. This is really funny that you made this the Y2C for this week becuse I'm not kidding but, I just thought today that this should be the Y2C, and wondered if you would ever make it a Y2C! I think you read my mind! lol. Well as a guy, I really don't have a problem with male stars wearing makeup, not only that, but I think it makes them look better!!! It gives them a cooler and darker look. I think that MBLAQ, BEAST, and T.O.P. have really good makeup. I do however, think that it can be overdone. I thought that in 2PM's new music video, I'll be back, that the blue and silver eyeshadow was too much. I think that they should stick to thick black eyeliner. I think all male K-pop stars look better with a lot of eyeliner. lol. PS thanks for mentioning me again! I will hold you to that dokkboki!!! And you want a prize? Well I don't know your address, so I can give you a virtual cookie! *hands cookie* lol. I am really thankfull when you mention me! I wish I could give you something real!

    Isaac S.

  12. Hello :)

    i have no problem with guys wearing makeup. i love the edgy, bad boy look that eyeliner gives some male stars like T.O.P, G-Dragon and lee joon.

    Monique M

  13. Hi Angie,

    Sorry - can't answer this one as I don't watch Kpop shows. (Just listen to you guys on the Net.) Am old enough to remember Boy George of Culture Club - ha2. Don't care whether any male singer's loaded with mascara as long as he can sing.

    But I'm hoping you or some listener can throw some light on this phrase which I just saw on the Entertainment news section of the KBS World Radio website.

    Just what does "Autumn Man" mean? Is it a uniquely Korean notion? Apparently Won-bin has been voted as Autumn Man of 2010. Is there a Spring Man, Summer Man etc as well?

    BTW, I think most people simply enjoyed answering last week's Y2C question. Not sure that the offer of a free CD was the main reason to explain the higher number of responses.


  14. Hey Angie,
    Seeing as I have first hand knowledge of wearing stage make-up(which really isn't that different from regular make-up) I feel I can understand the usefulness of having it on for performances. During stage performances you have to wear some kind of make-up or you wouldn't be able to see their expressions if you're not near the stage. Also they need it for video shoots as their faces tend to get washed out by strong lighting. The only problem I would have is if they decided to wear the make-up all the time like *cough* Zack Efron *cough*. LOL
    I agree with several others that make-up is better when it is used to highlight and not over done to extremes like in 2PM's "I'll be Back". Don't get me wrong I love 2PM but the eye make-up was way too much. The rule I always went by is "a little goes a long way and too much makes you look like a tranny"! lol You don't have to say that on air. lol
    As for the artist I think looks best with eye liner? I can't say for sure but I have always thought Rain has done his just right to give him that bad boy look.
    And as for a side note I also feel that women can over do it too. I think most women look better with a more natural look with soft and warm tones. Too much makes women look like !?!?! well you know. hehe Thanks for another great question Angie. Keep 'em coming.


  15. Hi

    I'm not into image and think musical part of a singer stands first. Anyhow, some look quite feminine. So perhaps that makes them look different than others.

    I read somewhere that female singers, girls, now tend to show their bare face. Apparently it means make-up less! and now we see male singers who wear such make ups!

    Once you and DJ Young talked about male singers who have feminine face but muscular bodies and they are popular.

    Everything regarding idol groups is image and trend. Creating an image that creates a bigger row in the news and mong fans. And following a trend that is popular.

    And last week's Y2C was intriguing enough to answer so that the CD offer could be a side effect.

    Good Day


  16. Hi angie :))) First time here hehee

    I think it's Chansung of 2PM. He really has beautiful eyes^^

  17. definitely Key(SHINee) and Kikwang(BEAST) look the best with eyeliner

  18. Hello Angie,

    I just HAVE to agree with everyone who said that TOP of Big Bang looks amazing with make-up. With both heavy makeup and light makeup. I mean he still looks good without makeup, but in IRIS, i had to pause the clips for at least a minute every time he would come on screen. I do have to admit it was unusual for me to see that the guys are so conscious of whether or not they wear make up, but now I'm so used to stars wearing make-up. OOO, and also Junsu of 2pm, i think that he looks pretty good with eyeliner. (What am I saying, all the oneday guys look good. keke)

    Well, have a great weekend and make sure not to work TOO hard!

    ~Jennifer, CA

  19. Hello Angie,

    I wonder is it too late to post now :D Anyway, I think that it will have to be DongHae from Super Junior. :D SJ biased :)

    Angie, i wonder if you read the posts that are posted below :( You didn't seem to read mine :(

    Anyway, have a GOOD weekend :D