Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your Two Cents: Idol-Star Relationships...To Reveal Or Not To Reveal???

Hi all,
So this week, I thought I'd get your opinion on something that was a very hot issue last week in kpop...especially in the idol world. I'm sorry to rub more salt in the wound for you SHINee fans, but as we all know, Shin Se-kyung and SHINee's Jong-hyun were announced to be dating. I think it's been a couple of months already. Some fans are being happy for the couple while others have lashed out at the young actress, Shin, by leaving vicious comments on her cyworld page or joining anti-Shin Se-kyung cafes. Shin ended up having to shut down her mini hompy while SHINee members weren't left unsupervised for even a second at their weekly live music performances.

I almost feel bad for the two because everyone should have the right to date who they want freely, without being scared of the vicious netizens. However, I remember when I was a teeny bopper myself. I absolutely hated any girl that even came within a 100 foot radius of my favorite stars. Haha

Let me ask you all, if you were a star or the manager of a star, would you reveal it to the public who you're dating (or who the star that you're managing is dating)? Or would you go out of your way to keep it a secret? What do you think is the "right" thing to do?

Plus, if you have anything to say regarding the netizens' response towards the young couple, this is your chance to voice it!

To present arguments for both sides, there ARE couples that have been well-received. For example, Se7en and Park Han-byul are looked at quite favorably. If anything, it's helped their careers or brought them more positive attention.

If any of you guys ARE SHINee fans, I just want to say that REALISTICALLY, those two aren't gonna get married or anything. I mean it's possible of course, but HIGHLY unlikely. They're both SOO young with SOOO many future relationships to go through. So don't be too sad. =)

Alritey, answer away and don't forget to tune in next week on KPI to hear everyone's responses!


  1. Hi Unnie ~
    I'll answer this before I study hehe ~~

    If I was a star...I would definitely let everyone know, but I will talk to my partner first. Discuss with each other to stay strong through everything and ignore all the negative comments. I mean, a star or not a star...we're just humans right? We have feelings and our own private lives...netizen should be able to at least give the stars some space for their own lives...

    hehe ~~ I was furious with the people saying bad stuff about Shin Se-kyung :(
    it's not fair...Jonghyun has given us so much as fans...least we can give them back is privacy and space D:
    I hope people would get their act together...

    hehe i do get jealous when hyuk is with a girl...not to the point where i verbally abuse the girl lol hehe ~~

    good question unnie...wanna know what others think about this too ^^

    sorry for such a long answer

  2. Hi Angie,

    How i wish i could be in that celebrity-commmoner love line but i know that it will never happen.

    If I were a star or the manager, I would not have reveal the relationship until it is bond strong. I would keep it a secret and wait till the right time then i will reveal everything. Take example of Se7en-Park Han Byul (after 7 years) and Jang Dong Goon-Go Soo Young(2 years).

    I think that Netizen are sometimes way too much in controlling the idol that they love. I admit that i do hate any girls or guys getting intimidated to my favourite artist but that's their personal life, Their Destiny so we should respect that.


  3. Hey Angie,

    I think that the netizens who leave nasty comments should think about what they write and how it will affect the lives of the people they are writing about. Especially with so many celebrity suicides, they should be nice. They should write while listening to the "Kimbab" song, or a UV song (Great songs and videos). So they can be in a better mood. ^^

    If I was a celebrity, I would've definitely let the public know who I was dating. Because everybody likes Sophie ^^

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

    P.S. Here's a link to the kimbab mv ^^

  4. Hi Angie!

    It Depends!

    Basically I don't want my private life be the headline of news. As for revealing my dating the answer is no unless someone else is after my girl and I want to announce this girl is mine! LOL

    But there's a paradoxical point! A few weeks earlier we had a news and a Y2C about limitations girls have who are members of girl groups and they can't even be a normal girl, have PC and boyfriend! Now speaking of "Right" is kind of strange! Don't you agree? Unless boys can do whatever they want!

    I want to be optimistic but sometimes it seems every single move in this entertainment world is scripted and preplanned!

    From wearing the same earing by a members of two popular girl & boy group to temporary relationships annd dating of two people like Jun Jin and Lee Shi-Young announce their relationship and then they break up and then Lee Shi-Young is shifted upwards what else can be thought except a sort of behind the curtain agreements!

    For some stars there's no use for a relationship if it doesn't make any suspicious, gossip, discussed in some variety show and in one word making news for a week or two.

    That said, these are stars, in the entertainment world. If they want to survive they have to abide by some rules even the most talented stars or they'd be pushed aside out of the spotlight. The media will ignore them and when they are not seen or named they are forgetten.

    You are more informed by marriage news of star-star couples or star-ordinary couples. Almost all of star-star couples make headline according to how big their names are or how popular they are. Revealing a relationship is not a big issue when some reveal they will have a baby, already have a baby or even older!

    Star-ordinary couples are more into keeping their personal life as a secret. Which is understandable why they do so.

    Regarding what nettizens do, I don't like negative comments. I remember U-Nee and Choi Jin-Shil as of victims of negative comments.

    When they make positive comments they seem to be more professional than real profesionals! One could think they are paid to post such comments!

    But nettizens are not from Mars, we are nettizens.

    I hope these two young lovers can have their private life.

    Good Luck

  5. Hi Angie ,

    If I were a star,i would most definitely reveal that I'm dating because everybody deserves to achieve happiness.:)that also means Jong-hyun.
    plus,announcing it to the public will make your relationship that much stronger.

    Regarding the netizens,they shouldn't leave harsh comments like that.i understand how it feels to accept the fact that a favorite star
    is dating someone that no one had happens,right??yeah ,you feel bad about it but it's absolutely wrong when your at the point where your making that person fear for herself or himself.

    on the other hand ,I can proudly say that I'm happy for Jong-hyun. I hope that he can endure the negativity that's been going around.

  6. Heheh... If I were the kind to get angry when my fave stars started dating other people, I think I would have died from jealousy.

    It's true that many of Jonghyun's female fans love him and idolize him a lot and wish that they would be the one to be in a relationship with him. But, after all he's like any one of us; he deserves to lead his own love life and fan shouldn't just go about bashing the girl he likes.

    Personally, rather than talking about whether a celebrity should disclose his or her relationship, I feel that a celebrity should avoid dating if possible. This is the most crucial part of their life and getting into any awkward situations would spell quite a big disaster. The press is literally everywhere; it doesn't matter how discreet a celebrity is about his or her love life, it's bound to be found out sooner or later.

    That said, I hope people and the press will stop harassing Jonghyun and Shin Se-kyung about their relationship. They do have their own personal life to carry on with. Any way, they do make a cute couple and I sincerely hope they don't break up because of all the media's "advertising" of them...

    Hope you have a good week ahead, Angie ;D

    Aloysius, Singapore

  7. Hii Angie,

    It's better for a star to not reveal it. I think it's too risky, you never know how people will respond.

    It'll most likely kill their own fanbase.. I mean there are always halfhearted/not so understanding fans. It will save so much trouble if they can keep it a secret or avoid dating. They'll get a chance to date but not when they are doing so well at the moment...

    Hearing about my favorite idol dating is like.. meeting my man of my dreams on the street but suddenly his girlfriend pops out. It's not like I know him or I'll ever meet him (again). But it will hurt for a bit :P

    Actually, I think (almost) all members of my favorite idol group is in a relationship at the moment but I don't need to know with who ^^ unless they're going to get married. Because I can look forward to their baby then~

    the Netherlands

  8. Hi Angie!!

    Hmm... I would't go out of my way to keep dating an idol a secrete, BUT I wouldn't tell any one unless they asked lol

    It would be nice If Idols could date In public like normal people, but fans are crazy (Seriously some fans can get scarry @_@) and some netizens too... But dating shows Idols are normall people too, so no one should get bent out of shape just because their favorite Idol Is dating someone. You should be happy for them!! I am!! ^_^

    Have a good week!! <3

    From Texas

  9. Hi Angie.

    I think that it's finr to keep the relationship secret. Just look at all the anti fans that have been created over the jonghyun/shin se kyung relationship.
    On the other hand, obviously no-one wants to keep their relationship hidden. It's just too bad that fans aren't accepting enough.


  10. Well, first of all, if i was the one DATING the star, i wouldn't want my relationship publicly announced. i'd prefer to live past the age of 20.
    Second, i really think that instead of coming out of nowhere with a big declaration like that, it would be better in the long run to let the rumors play out, and not directly say anything that confirms or denies the relationship, and wait 'till it's been accepted that "hey, this person might be taken", and then officially announce the relationship. Think about Se7en for example. Rumors were flying for YEARS before there was any kind of official statement confirming that, Yes, he's in a relationship and has been for a while. and it worked out for him in the long run, right?
    (while we're on the topic, apparently Lee Jun Ki has a girlfriend. i don't know if anybody else stalks his Formspring page, but he's kinda been hinting at it for a while. maybe (hopefully) he'll get a better reaction from his fans than Jonghyun got fromthe Shawols)

  11. hye , all !
    late cause my exam is coming ! hoho .. dup dap .

    when the title of y2c this week about this , automatically i think of jonghyun and se kyung .

    for me , i will just reveal it to public . my feeling at that time like , do i care if they know ? so what ? . i guess that's what i will feel . if we really love that person sincerely , we wouldn't care even if our career will destroy . isn't it ?

    as a manager of a star , you need to support your aritst relationship and not doing something that gonna break their relation .

    as a fan of a star , you maybe will have that kind of feeling that we called JEALOUS . but , be matured please . it's not like when you worsen the issue , he/she will be with you . so , just let the star (he/she) be with whoever they want . it's not like the star is the most perfect person in this world . there's lot waitng for you !

    ~ i guess that's all .
    bye'' . 8]]


  12. Hey Angie,

    You'll be reading this on by Birthday so, yay (Well, KPI is going to be on my B-day :D)
    Anyway, to answer your question, if I were a manager and one of the stars was/wanted to be in a relationship I would most likely ask them what they wanted.
    Fist off, I would ask how deep the relationship is and whether or not the understand what could happen (discuss the pros and cons). Whatever their decision I would support them all the way and try to protect them as much as possible. I don't know, I have this idea that even though a manager may be getting payed for looking after the stars, it is most important to have a close relationship so that both sides can trust and respect each-other. After-all, many times we fans forget that our favorite stars are human! I wish the best to the Shinee couple and all the other stars who are trying to live in the harsh spotlight! Korean couples...hwaiting!

    ~Jennifer (CA)

  13. Hello!!!!
    If I were a star, I will make it public if my partner agrees to it.
    If I were a manager I will inform him/her about what will happen once the news is public. So he/she knows what he/she will face.

    To all those fans who are angry, please don't be. Jong-hyun is a star who is trying to have a normal relationship with a girl he likes.

    Please fans respect your favorite star decision and personal life. Fans are supposed to support stars.

  14. Hi Angie,
    Sorry but I've a few questions for your question
    ( to make up for the lack of response to last week's y2c about K culture- ha2)

    1. Does the manager work for the star or the entertainment agency?

    2. Are independent managers more or less common than those on the payroll of the big entertainment companies?

    Hope you can throw some light on these. After watching the drama series, On Air, I wonder about the balance of power between the agencies that represent the stars and the companies that create job opportunities for them.

    BTW, what's the latest on the ex TVXQ trio who are trying to do their own thing? The conflicts with their former company sounds like the stuff of K drama!


  15. Hi Angie!:)

    Wish you will be always in pink of health!:D

    If i am a star,i think i'm prefer to keep it first as secret until my relationship is stable and confirm to get marry only then i will announces it.It is because i would like to take care(privacy) of my partner,his family and my family and maybe my company who take care of me from being harass by certain people who wants to know about me and my partner.Maybe my fans will feel disappointed with this announcement but in order to redeem it i will make a special day me and my fans with my partner.Therefore, they can take pictures of me as many as they want.

    But,somehow i do think, since honesty is the best policy,i'm planning to announce about my relationship and just hoping the best from the action that i have take. Hopefully i have fans that understand and support me no matter how i am.

    Thank you,


  16. Hi Angie Noona! Well, If it is kept out in the open from the beginning. The headlines can't say "So and so are in a SECRET relationship!" But there could be bad publicity if the couple breaks up. On the other hand, if no one ever knows about the relationship, then there can be no scandal. But if the relationship is ever found out, it leads to huge scandal. So in the end, I would choose to keep it out in the open from the beginning. Honesty is the best policy. Secret relationships have to be brought out sometime. Why not from the start?

    Isaac Semrad. (Isaac S. lol I finally used my full name) USA. (BTW the A in Semrad is pronounced like "Ahh... " like in father)

  17. I also have to say that I think fans become to obsessive. I mean, I like BoA a lot, but if she says she is dating Choi Siwon, am I going to hate him? NO! People need to get over themselves and let them be happy.

    Isaac Semrad. USA.