Sunday, October 10, 2010

CD Drawing Winners For September!!!

Congratulations to our September CD Drawing Winners!!!
For those of you who didn't know what they say! Try, try, and try again!
Just email me your full name, mailing address, and the top two kpop CDs that you'd like to win (just in case your first choice is sold out, we'll try to get your your second choice!).

Winners are picked and announced on the second Sunday of every month on our KPI program on KBS World Radio. ^^

Well, without further adieu...the winners!

1. Kim Valerio from Victoria, Australia
#1 Super Junior - Don't Don Repackaged
#2 Any 2AM
#3 And FT Island

2. Kristine Bui from London, England
any CN Blue or B2ST CDs

3. Stacey Agena from Mililani, Hawaii
CD: CNBLUE's Japanese singels
super junior bonamana repackaged cd album

4. Lilian Yau from Middlesex in the UK
1. B2st-Shock Of The New Era (Asian Edition)
2. SS501-Destination


  1. Thanks again Angie <3 <3


    Take Care!!! :D

  2. congrats , guys ! ;)

  3. Gratz to people who won ;D I'm so gonna try again for next month ;D

  4. Hi Angie,

    Sorry - can't answer this one as I don't watch Kpop shows. Just listen to you guys on the Net. But I'm hoping you or some listener can throw some light on this phrase which I just saw on the Entertainment news section of the KBS World Radio website.

    Just what does "Autumn Man" mean? Is it a uniquely Korean notion? Apparently Won-bin has been voted as Autumn Man of 2010. Is there a Spring Man, Summer Man etc as well?

    BTW, I think most people simply enjoyed answering last week's Y2C question. Not sure that the offer of a free CD was the main reason to explain the higher number of responses.


  5. congrats to the winners!!! hope you guys enjoy your CD ^_^

  6. Hi Selene,
    Regarding your question...

    Autumn Man isn't like a set term or anything. I think it's just another one of those "interesting" surveys conducted by companies. Think of it as the man that seems to represent the season of Autumn to you. Perhaps the man you most want to spend the season of Autumn with ;).

    Autumn is considered to be a cool, mysterious, almost lonely season in Korea. So I guess it's whatever man matches that image...? bring up a good point. I have no idea what the term is specifically referring to, but just think of it this way:
    all these surveys (regardless of the "topic") is basically about who's currently popular. So basically, Wonbin winning the survey shows how popular he is right now (mainly because the movie "Man From Nowhere" is in theatres around the autumn season).


  7. Hi Angie,
    Thanks for answering my question.
    Haven't seen the show Man from Nowhere but at least I'm hoping to feast my eyes this weekend on Jeong Woo-sung as he appears opposite Michelle Yeoh in Reign of Assassins.

    Very curious to see if there's any screen chemistry between the two. First time pairing of Korean and Malaysia as film leads - a tiny milestone in movie history but something close to my heart and home!

    BTW, sorry about the double posting. Couldn't undo the error.

    Have a great weekend!