Sunday, December 12, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Shin Hye-sung feat. Eric & Nam Gyu-ri "안녕 그리고 안녕" "Hello And Goodbye"

안녕 그리고 안녕 Goodbye And Goodbye
by: Shin Hye-sung ( Feat. Eric, Nam Gyu-ri)
***first note that anyoung is hello AND goodbye in Korean

narr.) The promises... the places... and your smile... When we first met...

rap) Fallin' in love is like an ocean
잔잔한 파도 그 보다 큰 emotion
calm waves…an motion bigger than them
가까이와 비로소 한 번에 찬스 다음은 없어
Come closer for the first time. The only chance…there’s none next time
one time to shine next time is shame
but today
준비했어 많은말들
I’ve prepared a lot of words
I'm done
이벤트도 some 연애기술 테크닉
surprise events and some dating skills and techniques
I learned 머릿속은
I learned…in my head
blur too many concern
내게 안녕이라고 말해주는 love, I'm in love
love that says hello to me. I’m in love

날 사랑에 빠지게 한 그 말 나에게 건넨 맨 처음 그 말
the words that made me fall in love. The first words you spoke to me
내겐 봄볕처럼 설레었던 너의 안녕이란 인사
they made my heart skip a beat (excited) like springtime stars. Your words of hello

난 지울 수가 없어서 널 보낼 수가 없어서
I can’t erase it. Can’t let you go
눈물 삼키며 가지 말라고 온 맘 다해 막아보지만
as I swallow back tears, I tell you to not leave putting my whole heart into it trying to stop you
늘 안녕으로 시작해 또 안녕으로 끝난다
anyoung is how you start it and anyoung is how you end it.
미칠 것처럼 내 가슴을 웃게 하고 울게 하는 한마디 안녕
going crazy…that one word anyoung can make me both laugh and cry

rap) 그녀와의 만남 운명의 장난
my meeting her…it’s fate playing a joke
I don't wanna fake it no more
한순간의 판단
a decision made in an instant
She's a one of a kind, truly hard to find
못 말리는 심장 못 박힌
can’t stop this heart that has nails pounded into it
time to time what up shorty
아무리 노력해도 우리,
no matter how much we try
question with no answer
못 맞춰 발을 둘이
we can’t answer it
ask about me cutie
I still rappin' you're my beauty
잡을 수 없기에 저기 멀리, 저 멀리
because I can’t catch you…far away…way far away

날 슬픔에 가두게 한 그 말 나에게 남긴 마지막 그 말
the words that made me trapped with with sadness. The last words that were left with me
시린 겨울처럼 차디차던 이젠 안녕이란 인사
as chilling as winter, the words goodbye

rap) 어쩌면 난 너를 넘치도록 사랑 했어
Perhaps I overflowed with love for you
그토록 아쉽지만 미치도록 애절했어
that’s why it’s such a shame. I was going crazy with sadness
난 너를 멈추지를 못해 붙잡지도 못해
I can’t stop you, can’t hold onto you
나는 처절하다 못해 비참하지만 여태
I’m desperate and pathetic but couldn’t all this time

너 하나 밖엔 없는데 더 바라는 것 없는데
I only have you. There’s nothing more I want
사랑한다는 천 마디 말로도 끝내 막지 못한 한마디.. 안녕.. 안녕.. 안녕..
it can cancel out a thousand “I love you’s”…the one word that I couldn’t say: anyoung.

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