Sunday, September 26, 2010

Your Two Cents: How Do YOU Feel About The LIfe Of Girl Idol Groups???

Hey all~
Guess who's back re-energized, reinvigorated, and ready to dive back into work with gusto?!?!

okay so maybe that's kind of over the top, because I would've loved a longer vacation. Haha...just being honest! However, I do feel VERY refreshed. ^^ And I guess I got the confirmation that I'm meant to be in this field because I missed broadcasting, my shows, and of course, MY LISTENERS!!! =(

Well, hope you all have been listening to KPC. Me and DJ Young talked about this on Monday, so hope you guys got a chance to tune in.

The hard lives that girl idol groups go through. Refer to this article if you missed it.

Idol groups have a hard live despite the seemingly glitzy, glamorous life. We're talking demanding schedules, lack of personal space, no social life, hardly any free time, monitored cell phone/computer access.

What do you guys think about this? Would you do it? Is it worth it? Why or why not? What do you think needs to be kept or changed? ANY OPINION~~~~ let me know! Open and free-style!

Answer and tune in for this week's KPI to see what everyone had to say!


  1. Hello Angie! Long time no see ^-^
    how was ur vacation?
    I read the article, and i think it is horriable!!1 =O
    I understand the reason behind all this, because as the manager said, they cannot control themselves from those things like getting male idol cell phone numbers.

    I think it would be better if they do allow them to use the computer, and also allowing them to live at their own places, so at leasst they have some privacy. I mean, who would want to be watched when they take a shower, or sleep? It's soo creepy if you think about it, how someone is always whatching you. You can't even relax even if you are at home.

    They way how they would let them use computer freely and have cell phone after a year is reasonable. It's not reall that bad to not have a cell phone...I mean, I don't even have a cell phone... =P Though, not using computers for a whole year is kinda not understandable.

    If I was in a idol group, I would be able to live without cell phone and computer for a year, as long as it's only for a year, not longer. I don't really think I would be able to live right beside my manager's house though, just thinking about it is making me have goosebumps...-.-

    So ya....that was my answer. ^-^ Kinda long...hehe
    spend sometime reading it please~ I know you will ㅎㅎㅎ~

    -HB Wang

  2. Hi Angie! ^__^
    I think that this is awful whats happening to these girl groups. As a girl myself, I dont think I would be able to be live how they are. They are basically cut out of the outside world, not able to do what they want unless someone approves of it, or is monitoring what they are doing. I want to see these managers live thier lives and see if they are able to live how these girls are. I give credit to these girls for their hard work!

  3. Hiya Angie ;D

    I actually got to know similar articles to this particular one couple of months ago. The articles I read up on didn't only focus on girl groups but boy bands too.

    Incidentally, I do know that people may feel horrified or shocked when they read this article but to put in a word of fairness... I believe that for mature trainees, even before they enter the company they would probably have an inkling about their lives for the next half a decade. If they decide to push on with the training and such a life, it is their own calculated decision.

    For younger trainees, entering the company and undergoing such a lifestyle is a self-deprivation process and it might be a rash decision. However, with sheer determination there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long it may be.

    Computers, cellphones etc aren't too important. My whole family uses monochrome-display cellphones with nothing more than calling functionality and usually, I'm too busy to use the computer. (Except to listen to KPC ;D *Wipes a clear inch of dust off laptop cover*)
    What is exceptionally commendable is that despite all the mental grilling they have to go through for 5 years in the least, they give their best, be it behind-the-scenes training or stage performances.

    I would be nuts to say that the lifestyle of girl groups is enjoyable... BUT, it is this lifestyle that brings out the tough personality of each and every girl group member, which allows them to face more challenges after they debut.

    I know my answer's a lil' long... Hope you don't mind and hope you enjoyed your Chuseok holidays and vacation ;D

    Aloysius, Singapore

  4. UNNIEEE ~
    hehe wahh i missed you!
    as you have seen my tweet to you keke ~
    I do hope you enjoyed your break though ^^

    now to the tell you the truth
    id be horrified with this lifestyle
    yes glitz and glamour but id want my freedom
    the whole monitoring is just creepy...just
    like that program...Big Brother T.T!!
    i dont want people watching my private life
    i think its a challenge for these girls
    and i applaud them for being able to live it
    ...if they dont have cellphones or computer
    how is it that some girls take selca pictures
    and upload them?? ehh? but i hope some rules
    do loosen a bit and give some freedom to these
    girls...they do deserve sure some bad
    things will come and go...mistakes and everything but thats part of life...i know these rules are to keep the girls together and not giving themselves bad names...but...again its for them to learn D: i hope they do loosen the rules up

    ANGIE!! WE MISS YOU! keke ~
    take care ^^

  5. Hi Angie,

    How's your holiday?

    It is a pity that all the Girl Group (or Boy group) had to go through such hardship before debut or even when they are already a famous artist.

    It is understandable why the company did such restriction on them. I'm sure the company wouldn't want to debut a singer who can't sing, dance and being criticize for that. Trainees should concentrate on building themselves up to standard in order to be a good singer in the Entertainment World. They need to be more in discipline and not be disrupted in their training process.

    However, lack of personal space, no social life, hardly any free time, demanding schedules, will surely brings problem to the company. Yes, the company should think of making money but at least have humanity.


  6. hye , all . hoho . my third time writing my opinions .

    actually , i don't know . but , i think their company is just too much . so , that means , they can't even call their families ? omg ! at first , i thought they're really lucky until i'm damn jealous ! but , i think i need to be grateful for what i'd all the time .

    hmmmm . i think it's not worth . for me nah . coz i think ya maybe , being an idol can make us a perfect girl even not really perfect . but , if we can't enjoy our life , what for ?

    also , we can't even have a handphone or computer , how we need to stay connected with family ? i think for me nah , i can't live without them . they're everything to me . ya , maybe i'm too spoilt but it just what i feel when cannot contact them .

    it's good when comes to how they trained and how they took care of the trainers . but , sometimes it's too over .

    that's all , i think ;)
    thanks .


  7. Hi Angie Noona!
    Thanks for mentioning my comments twice!

    Well, I think that going through that, though unnecessary, is worth the fame and fortune. I mean one year without a cellphone and computer, and become famous? DUH YES! (I know its more complicated than that, there's a lot of hard work and stuff) But I do think that its a little too much. I mean they should be able to brush off mean comments. (Though I think people and netizens can be really harsh and unfeeling) And they should be able to just tell the male idol groups that they have to wait a year. I do think that not being in a relationship is understandable. (you can't dance while your preggers lol) thats just what I think thanks for your program! I LOVE IT!

  8. Hi Angie,

    There's definitely a sort of Faustian bargain that goes on between those girl group members and their recording companies: fame and adoration in exchange for a very controlled life. The managers and companies see those groups as investments and they want to keep those investments viable for as long as possible. It's harsh, but I can see why they do it.

    The question/concern I have is whether or not the members of those groups are really mature enough to be signing contracts or whether they get manipulated by their prospective "handlers" to sign. I know that when I was 16/17/18 years old I didn't have the best judgment around.

    And some of them are SOOO young that I have to believe they weren't old enough to enter into contracts without the consent of their parents. If true, that brings to question the motivations of their parents. Though, if I'm the parent of a young girl determined to be a pop star, I'd probably want them to have a 24 hour-a-day chaperon!

    Thanks for another interesting Y2C!

    Jeff B.
    Baltimore, MD

  9. Hi there,

    Am surprised there aren't hordes of lawyers offering legal advice to these wanna-bes before they sign on the dotted line. Guess they figure the young ones or even their parents are too star-struck to care about the consequences.

    What's happening now to the three former TVXQ members i.e. blocked in Japan and Korea, should be a cautionary tale for those concerned.