Saturday, August 21, 2010

See! Romance ISN'T Dead!!!

So I've discovered a great way to pass the time on the web...
Now it sounds a little desperate/psycho/etc., but it's just so stinking sweet that I can't help it...

I've been reading some of the entries and updates that Sean (of the famous 1990's hip hop duo JINUSEAN) has been posting on his Cyworld page. If you guys aren't familiar with Sean, shame on you! JINUSEAN was so big in the late 90's! They're kind of what really put YG Entertainment on the map! YG Entertainment is now known for Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en...but JINUSEAN was one of the ORIGINALS. Also, his wife Jung Hye-young is an actress also signed under YG. She's played the role of Janice in "East of Eden" with Song Seung-heon, Baek-ma (I think...?) in "Iljimae", she was in "Playful Kiss", etc... Sean and Hye-young are known to be like THE lovey-dovey couple in kpop. They love each other so much and do soooooooo much good in the charity sector that they make you almost want to barf. LOL They're KNOWN for making consistent donations, they do volunteer work all the time, Sean also is an advocate for Lou Gehrig's disease, etc. etc. etc. They've been together for almost 10 years now (dating + married life) with three kids (1 daughter and 2 sons). Sean's a devoted Christian and Hye-young came to be a Christian too through Sean. Sean also has this thing with numbers. He keeps count of ALL the days that him and Hyeyoung were together, how many days it's been since they got married, etc. If you were to ask him point blank, how many days as it been since you've met Hye-young? He'd tell you right away because he would know off of the top of his head!

Anyways, I read these two particular passages and found them so sweet and thought I'd translate it and share with you guys. Pretty much every entry is as sweet as these two. The first one is a message Sean wrote while the second one is one that Hye-young wrote. I think they share Sean's cyworld page because there are just as many entries written by Hye-young as there are written by Sean. It's kinda too much sometimes (to be, but when you're in a really cheesy, lovey-dovey mood it's kind of moving.

나의 사랑하는 혜영이에게
혜영아 하율이 낳느라 수고했어.그리고 한달 동안 키우느라 수고했어.
지금 이순간 하음이,하랑이,그리고 특히 하율이 엄마로 살아가는 너의 모습을 보며 얼마나 감사한지 몰라.
하루에 최소 8시간 정도 하율이에게 젖을 물리고 그리고 하율이에게 온 정성을 다하느라 밤에 잠도 잘 못자고 그리고 자신을 위해 쓸 시간이 하나도 없으면서 몇일전에 나와 하음이 하랑이에게 충분히 못해주는게 마음이 아프다며 눈물을 보이는 너를 보며 나는 또 감동했어.

너의 그 마음.
그리고 우리 아이들을 위한 너의 희생.

이제 3번째 우리 아기 하율이도 잘 키워보자.
하나님을 사랑하는 아이로.
이웃을 사랑하는 아이로.
기도하는 아이로.
행복한 아이로.
웃음이 많은 아이로.

혜영아 항상 기억해.
너가 아이들을 키우느라 하루종일 세수를 못해도 너를 보는 나의 마음은 오늘도 설레여.
너의 존재 자체가 나에게는 설레임이니까.

혜영아 사랑해!
너와 너의 모든 것을.

어느새 세아이의 아빠가 된 션이^^

PS 혜영아 딸 하나 아들 둘 낳은 너는 10점 만점에 100점이야.
하음이 하랑이 하율이와 함께 행복하게 살자!^^

To my beloved Hye-young,
Hye-young, you've been through a lot giving birth to Ha-yool. And even more during the past month raising him.
You have no idea how grateful I am at this very moment when I think of you living as Ha-eum, Ha-rang, and Ha-yool's mom.
I was once again moved when you recently started tearing up, talking about how sad you felt about not having as much time to be there for Ha-eum, Ha-rang, and me...
This is all the while you are busy running about doing your best for Ha-yool while he's still breastfeeding for like 8 hours out of the day, without enough time to even sleep or have to yourself.

Thank you.
For that heart of yours.
And for the sacrifices you make for our children.

Let's now try to raise our third child, Ha-yool well
Into someone that loves God
someone that loves his neighbors
someone that prays
someone that's happy
someone that's full of laughter.

Hye-young, always remember this:
Even if you don't get a chance to wash your face all day while busy taking care of the kids, to this day my heart still flutters when I look at you.
Your entire being is a heart flutter/excitement to me.

I love you Hye-young!
You and everything about you.

Sean, who's become a father of three in a blink of an eye

P.S. Hye-young, the mother of 1 daughter and 2 song: you're a 100 out of 10!
Let's live happily altogether with Ha-eum, Ha-rang, and Ha-yool!^^

저는 이런 꿈을 가져봅니다.
천국에 가서도 남편과 같이 부부로 사는 꿈을...
저는 천국을 알지 못했지만 남편을 만나 천국에 대해서 알게 되었습니다.
그리고 천국에 대한 소망도 갖게 되었습니다.
남편과 결혼해서 가정을 꾸리고 행복하게 살면서
천국에 가 본적은 없지만 그냥 우리 가정이 작은 천국이다라고 생각하며 행복하게 살고 있습니다.
이렇게 서로 사랑하며 서로 아끼며 그리고 서로 감사하며 살다가
이 세상에서의 우리 삶이 끝나고 천국에 가게 되는날 저는 하나님 앞에 서게 될겄입니다.
그리고 말도 안되는 일일수도 있지만 하나님께 부탁드리겠습니다.
천국에 가서도 제 남편과 부부로 살게 해달라고.

I have this dream..
A dream where I get to live together with my husband as a couple even in heaven.
It wasn't until I met my husband that I even came to know about this place, heaven.
I came to also have hope for heaven.
I've never been to heaven, but I can't help but think as I'm living so happily married to my husband and creating a family together with him, that our family is like a small piece of heaven.
We'll continue to love each other, cherish each other, and be thankful for each other
until the day comes when our lives here on Earth ends and I'll have to stand before God in heaven.
And this may sound ridiculous, but I'm going to ask of God for a favor.
That I get to be together with my husband even in Heaven.


  1. wow unnie, reading this makes me wish for that someone hehe~~~~
    very very sweet :)
    dont worry unnie, we'll find that one person ^^
    hehe ~ take care ok

    have a great week
    Kim Valerio

  2. Too cute. Daksal couple ^^

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  3. so sweet!!!Nice couple, make me jealous!! hehehehe

  4. Blessed Couple.

    Thanks for sharing Angie!


  5. Right!

    What a romantic couple! Good for them and their children.

    Expressing one's love through words and deeds is a key to have a successful family! Surely their children will learn it as well.

    And, they teach us too.



  6. I just LOVE the Sean HyeYoung couple! They are my inspiration for relationships period. Thanks for sharing that Angie- really put me in a happy place. ^^