Saturday, October 16, 2010

Your Two Cents: Most Unique Voice???

Hi all~
Hope everyone's been having a great month of October so far. We've already passed the midpoint so far which means Halloween is just around the corner!

This week's Y2C question is about a singer's voice. I don't necessarily mean how great of a singer they are. Some people have nice voices, but they can't sing all THAT well. Some people have not such nice voices, but can do amazing things with it (vibration, falsetto, etc. etc.) that makes them an amazing singer. I think the best example of explaining my point would be Fly To The Sky. Most people think that STRICTLY from a vocal technique point of view, Hwanhee is the "better" singer. That man can put so much ups an downs in one breath that it leaves you in awe. However, (this is just MY opinion!!! please don't get offended) I actually like the tone of Brian's voice better. It's more clear and sweet. Do you guys get the point I'm trying to make?

Basically, I want you guys to get the difference between just the voice tone and quality versus singing ability.

ANYWAYS, so this week's question: Who do you feel has the most unique voice tone? Where the second you hear it, you know who it is. This isn't about who's the best singer. It's simply just the voice. Actually, re-using the example from before, I think Hwanhee is one of the singers at the top of my list. The second I hear Hwanhee, I know it's Hwanhee. Another example can be Bobby Kim or Kim Gun-mo. They both have unique voices.

Answer away, and don't forget to tune into KPI on Sunday! ^^


  1. Hi Angie!
    Hope you are having an amazing October as well.

    In my opinion, I think super junior's Ryeowook has an amazing voice. i think he also has good techniques. Maybe not the best, but very unique. That's only my opinion though.

    Other than Ryeowook, I also think Yesung has a great vioce. Even though his voice is pretty low when talking, he also can sing super high notes when singing. His singing range is really wide.

    so those are my answers~ I don't really know other singers really well since I am a total suju fan~ I AM ELF! :P GO SUJU!!!!

    lol...I kinda got a bit excited there...

    -HB Wang

  2. Hi Angie ~~
    Hope your having a great week :)

    Ah ~ I have to agree with HB Wang with Yesung. He is one of the people that I can tell everytime he sings...well I can tell all Super Junior's but his voice is just wow...and yes his singing range is wide :)
    Kang-in as well, he isn't as well known for his singing in the group but to me...CD or live...both Kangin and Yesung sounds exactly the same, it's mesmerizing!
    and HONGKI!!! & JOKWON!! haha must also mention them these boys take me to the moon and back with their voices!
    Last but not least ~~ BUMKEY, he has so much soul in him and just...his voice is so smooth!! XD XD sorry for such a long answer but yahh these boys are just too wow!
    let's add in some girls: Park Bom & the girls from Davichi :) :)

    hehe okkieee i finish :)
    thanks again Angie ~~

    Have a great week ahead!!!
    take care <3 <3

    Kim Valerio

    I wish I could sing like them!

  3. Heheh... I'm so SNSD-biased, so I'm gonna say Taengoo has a very unique voice. I totally fell for her voice, especially when she sang 만약에. It's really calming and I usually take a listen to that particular song at night. Also, out of all of SNSD's songs, I tend to be able to identify Taeyeon's voice first.

    Then, of course there's TVXQ's Xiah Junsu. A lot of people might say that he sounds like a guy who hasn't broken his voice yet when they first hear him, but his voice is really nice and has that soulful feel in it. His high-pitched voice isn't the piercing type; it's really smooth and pleasing to the ears ;D

    Lastly, I like the voice of 2AM's Changmin. It sounded even better when he collaborated with 8eight's Lee Hyun for HOMME's 밥만 잘 먹더라

    Enjoy your week, Angie ;D


  4. Hi everyone,

    I was thinking about Ryeowook too!
    Even though Super Junior has lots of members, you can tell easily who is singing right away. But Ryeowook really stands out.

    - Wing
    the Netherlands

  5. hye , all !

    for me , of course , dongwoon of beast ! hehe
    i don't know why but , when i heard his voice , i will know that's him and i'm falling for his voice ! huawwww ;(

    hmmm . maybe it just because he's my bias . huhu . but , it's not that , really , it just his voice ... .. is really unique ! and ... .. .. cute ! hehe ;)

    ahhhh ! my dongwoon !

    - aqilahzarime

  6. Hey Angie!
    How's your week-end going along? Mine wasn't bad =)
    Well,.. If I could pick someone with an unique voice it would be Yunho-shii. When he raps it's like any other rapper around but when he sings normally, live or whatever, it's different. I don't know, I just thought about him and it's something I notice a while ago. His voice is pretty and I like it =3

  7. Hi Angie,

    As for me, I would choose Sung Si Kyung. He has a wide range of voice in singing (Low-high tone). Soft but powerful. You will know that it is him.

    Michelle Lim

  8. Hi Angie

    Scarier Halloween is the speed that time passes!

    I hope I got what exactly you mean.

    I like Hwang Ji Seon the former vocalist of Loveholic. Because in my opinion Ji Seon is able to sing with different tunes/pitches.

    This may seem too much specific but it's how I can explain and she's the one I recall. I recognized this more when I listened to Loveholics' album In The Air in which many top singers have sung as guest vocalists like Chang Eun Ah, Park Hye Kyung, Park Ki Young, Miki, Whale, Mikka, Christina, Shin Mina and... Singers whom I may become a fan listening to more of their songs. Esp Chang Eun Ah

    But when I compare those songs with the one's Ji Seon had sung for Loveholic or could sing instead of these singers, I give the credit to her. Because the music Lee Jae Hak and Kang Hyun Min make is the same (to me) while the vocalist has changed and these top singers while all are very talented, don't seem to be able to do as Ji Seon could.

    As you may have guessed I'm their fan but I didn't say this because I like them.

    Can I recognize her voice? In duos I mix the voices but with one vocalist there's no problem!!


  9. Hi Angie,
    Your examples were actually the ones that first came to my mind, esp. Kim Gun-mo. Not a fav of mine but definitely recognisable voice. Bobby Kim's husky tones are more my kind of thing.

    Two other Kims spring to mind - the late Kim Kwang-seok who sang with all his heart and ex-g.o.d. member, Kim Tae-woo whose music is full of soul.

    Just coincidence that I seem to gravitate towards the Kims! BTW, do agree with Aloysius about Xiah Junsu and still hoping you can get to do that interview with Hwanhee!

    Not so easy to nominate female singers. Though of late, I've been drawn to Whale's laid-back singing( how or why did she choose that name?). Similar to Horan's style?

    Have a great week!

  10. hi all :)

    wow it's so awsome hearing my name on the radio!thanks for reading my comment.

    as for the question, i have to agree with evryone here that Ryeowook and Yeasung from Super junior have very unique voices. i can always tell when they are singing.

    Onew from shinee also has a unique voice. and Jonghyun has amazing vocal abilities, he can hold high notes for soooo long like in their song Lucifer.

    Have a nice week :)

  11. Hi Angie,

    The first person that popped into my head was Bi. He definitely has a distinct voice that no one else in the entertainment world has. The moment he opens his mouth and sing, you just automatically go "that's Bi".

    A girl that has a very distinct voice would Park Bom. Ever since she was introduced in Big bang's songs (Be belong together, forever with you) and even when she became a member of 2NE1, her voice is distinguishable not only within the group, but with all the other female singers.

    Anyways, that is all for now :)

  12. Hi Angie :)

    Actually, I totally agree with you when you say Hwanhee. I have to say that Junsu of TVXQ really has a unique voice too. Another example for me would be Alex of Clazziquai. Has has a really unique soft voice hehe

    Have a nice day,

  13. personally i think amber from f(x) has a unique voice. even though sometimes it's hard to pick her voice out when she is singing, i think her deeper pitching makes her more pleasant/calming to listen to. Tiffany kind of has the same deeper voice too.
    for guys i think Daesung or Onew have pretty awesome voices that are more pleasant to the ear.
    i think these unique voices are probably my more top voices for solo artists i would listen to


  14. Hi~ Angie~
    I have to agree Yesung and Ryeowook have really unique voices ^_^

    I also think Donghae has a very unique voice and I can tell him apart from other singers :) And Leeteuk also!!
    I agree Brian has a nice voice too...
    And Jessica from SNSD I can tell her voice when I hear It too and Sunny He voice Is so cute :D
    Onew has a soothing voice I could listen to all day...
    and TOP! even though he's a rapper I absolutely love listening to him :D
    And I could go on~

    Oh I love this question :)

  15. Hi Angie!!! <('.'<)

    How you been doing???
    Mmm... I think that if I could pick someone with an unique voice it would be G-Dragon. I don't even know why but, when I heard his voice, I will know that's him!!! :)
    Same with Eli from UKISS..... I love their voices!!! ^___^
    Have an awaesome day!!!

    United States

  16. Okay, the moment I read the question in the heading Gummy came into my mind. Her voice just gives me goosebumps because it is so strong. I was watching a drama and a song came on, I knew it was Gummy instantly. That is why she is a solo singer. That is what one needs, an unique and distinguishable voice.
    Now that I think of other artists, just to list a few; Lee Hong-Ki, Lee Sung-ki, TOP, (actually I can tell all of BigBang's voices apart), Park Bom is an amazing singer, and CL also has an unique voice, JoKwon, Chang-min.

    Well, have a great week...blessings!

    ~Jennifer (CA)

  17. Oh! Angie! I for got one I really really wanted to say! I can't believe I did that! >.<

    I think your voice Is really unique!!


  18. I have always considered that SS5011's Heo Young Saeng has a amazing voice. It is the only voice that I recognize immediately among Korean singers.

    I believe that he has a really talented and unique voice.

  19. Thanks for metioning me again! Well, I think Onew from SHINee has a really unique voice. As soon as I hear SHINee, I know it's them. (Because of Onew's voice) I also think that G. Dragon has a really unique voice, It's so very diffrent fom any other voice I have ever heard. He could sing any song and make it his with his voice, I think he wins for most unique voice. Becuse it's not only diffrent but I like it a lot too. I also think Rain has a very, not so much unique, but a very recognizable voice. CL from 2NE1 and T.O.P. have unique voices too. But I personally like G. Dragon the best. PS. I thought you would say that about the cookie. lol. At least your real, and not like "OH THANK YOU FOR THE COOKIE! I LOVE IT!" lol. I might go to a college that has an exchange program with Korea, so if I can go, I'll bring you some Italian Kisses! (An Italian Cookie) (I'm part Italian) You like chocolate right? Thanks so much! Isaac S.

  20. Hey Angie,

    I think you already know who I'm going to say.
    I know you said not to just say our favorite singers, but the reason they're my favorite is because I'm so drawn to their tone. They are:

    Park Hyo Shin, Big Mama, and Kim Bum Soo.

    Park Hyo Shin has two unique voices, pre-Neoclassicism, post-Neoclassicism, and Neoclassicism the changing period.

    Big Mama has four unique voices.
    Yeona: Oldie, Jazzy style
    Ji Young: Amazing Husky emotional voice.^^
    Young-hyun: Diva-ish powerhouse voice.
    Min-Hye: Soulful powerhouse voice.

    Kim Bum Soo has the emotional voice that sounds like the heart weeping.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  21. Hey Angie!!
    Hoping you have had a great October as well!

    Personally, i think that SS501's Park Jung Min has a very unique voice. Whenever Park Jung Min sings, i know it is Park Jung Ming. He has this deep and low voice that, I think, what makes his voice one of the great.

    As well as Jung Min, SHINee's Jong Hyun has a very nice voice. when i hear him, i know it is him singing immidiately. He is able to sing very high note and can sing very long notes. he may be quite young, but his voice, to me, is one of the best.

    Although i am not korean, i do LOVE to listen to kpop. actually, i am part russian, turkish and chinese. So no korean connections. but ever sinve my cousin showed me Super Junior's song sorry sorry, i have been OBSSESSED with kpop, and can't live a day without my ipod.

    i would like to thank super junior for getting me into the wonderful kpop, and i would like to thankyou, wonderful Angie!
    thanks again!! Shadia S.

  22. Hope you had a wonderful October as wel!!
    the moment, i heard this question, i don't know why, but SS501's Heo YOung Saeng came to my mind. i tried thinking of other people who would have great voices, but, Young Saeng's voice wouldn't leave my mind.

    Being the second oldest in ss501, and not ebing that young anymore, i find his voice has really matured. being able to sing long notes and high notes, when ever i hear him sing, i know who it is, young saeng!

    thanks Angie
    and hwaiting!!

    Zamira Y.

  23. I'M BACK! i've been having problems with my computer AND my ipod, so i've been having trouble catching the show. :(

    Honestly i think that SHINee's Onew has a really
    unique and beautiful voice. The second he starts singing, you INSTANTLY know it's him.
    The same for TVXQ's Junsu and Jaejoong. And Changmin can hit some seriously high notes that you wouldn't think possible (i love it!!!!! XD)

    Ok, if we left out BIGBANG here, that would just be plain wrong. G-Dragon and T.O.P. have really unique styles and voices, and Taeyang's smooth voice really stands out to me.

    And i really do love Kim Jong Kook's voice. I know a lot of people make fun of his high voice, saying he sounds like a mosquito, but i think he sounds great, and nobody else has the same tone or range that he has. (any chance we could hear some of his old Turbo stuff on the show sometime?)

    As for the girls, i LOVE Amber from F(x). she's got this kinda aggressive in-your-face sound when she raps and sings that i love. (is it obvious that i like SM artists? XD)

  24. I like Park Hyo Shin's voice especially when he sang 눈의 꽃. It's deep and soft that is why I like it.

  25. Hi Angie!:)

    I wish you will be always in pink of health.

    As for me, i think K-Will and Daesung Big Bang.i truly love their tone of voice..very smooth and make my heart flying when i listen to their songs...(am i too exaggerating?hehehe)

    Thank you!:)


  26. Hey angle
    I think Jong hyun from cn blue has a unique voice. He has a clear voice that makes his tone sound strong and well...pretty. I just really love his voice when he sings, that's all. I love this question by the way. Have a great week! ^_~