Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Two Cents: Best Song of 2010...Plus Some Thanksgiving Pictures!

Man it really is winter now huh?? I'm typing this all bundled up in my warm bed while it's snowing outside! It's actually kind of a lot too! So beautiful...

Anyways, this past weekend, I celebrated Thanksgiving with the expat community in Korea at my friend Dorothy's house. She holds an annual Thanksgiving party for all the expats that crave the American Thanksgiving feast, but doesn't have family here to make it. She provides the main Thanksgiving dishes (i.e. turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, etc.) while everyone else brings other side dishes or drinks. I contributed by chipping in for some pizzas and fried chicken! ^^ I can't really cook...or more like am too lazy to. Here are some pictures from the night. If you watch or listen to English broadcasting from Korea (i.e. Arirang radio/TV, TBS efm radio, KBS World), you may recognize some of the faces in the pictures...


This year was an INTIMATE party. Previous year's had doubled the people!

Cecilia (TBS efm reporter and previous Arirang TV weather girl), me (who used to also be the weather girl after Cecilia), Sunny (also known as Kim Sung-hyun, host of Breakfast Club on Arirang Radio), and Gina (Arirang Radio reporter and current Arirang TV weather girl)

Robert Joe (used to do some stuff for TBS efm and Arirang Radio/TV), Brian (as if he needs any introduction!), me, and Kasey (good friend of everyone)

Just looking at those pictures is making me hungry again!

Anyways, hope you all had a great weekend. On to the Y2C question for this week. By the way, this will be the last Y2C question for 2010. I'm gonna change up some things for the last few weeks of the year to squeeze in some more songs and things like that. It will be back in 2011 though so please participate lots and lots then too! =)

How's about we end the year off with:
Best song of 2010? What was your favorite song that was released this year?

Be sure to tune into KPI on Sunday (KST) to hear everybody's answers and of course have a few of those songs played! Thanks guys!


  1. I want to say that the Best Song of the Year for 2010 was Girls' Generation's "Oh" since I'm a SONE. However, frankly speaking I feel that the Song of the Year for 2010 should go to Super Junior's Bonamana. It's like the Sorry Sorry wave; when Bonamana was released, most people just swooped upon the whole song, lyrics, dances and all. And of course, Teukie and his boys once again impressed us not only with some terrific dances in the Bonamana MV, but with the powerful rhythm and awesome lyrics of the whole song.

    Conclusion, Bonamana should win the "Song of the Year Award" at the Golden Disk Awards.

    Hope you have a great Christmas, Angie. I probably won't be able to listen to KPI this Sunday, since I'm leaving for Korea on the 3rd of December, this Friday. But if i do find a wireless hotspot in the hotel, I'll be sure to listen to the program. ;D


    Aloysius, Singapore

  2. Hey Angie,

    Wow. The food looks delicious. Do you have one of the heating pads for your bed? They're amazing. Where did you get the fried chicken? I don't know if I told you already or not, but "With Chicken" was my favorite chicken place. It was right across my apartment in Suwon and it was the most delicious chicken I've ever had. You should try it.

    As for the Y2C question, I have two.
    I really like Park Hyo Shin's "I Love You"
    and Big Mama's "Fire." I know "Fire" wasn't a single, but it's one of my favorites of theirs.

    Have a great rest of the year Angie. I'll look forward to the Y2C 2K11.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  3. Hi Angie, Thanks for sharing the pictures and the food looks tempting now it makes Me hungry!!!

    Yup time runs fast and it will be the last month of the year soon. For Your Y2C question, I think I'll go for Super Junior Bonamana song. As what being said by Aloysius when everyone listen to it people just can't resist to sing along and also doing the dance moves so I think Bonamana is the Best Song of 2010.

    Michelle Lim

  4. Hi Angie unnie
    It's nearly the end of the year now.So,it's time for us to recall every unforgettable moments during the last 11 months and find out what we remember the most.In term of the best song of 2010,I think it should be Can't Nobody by 2NE1.Actually,there have been many marvellous song released in 2010 but Can't Nobody is the one that makes me crazy about it.It is like a declaration of girl power with strong and catchy melody,meaningful lyrics and of course,colourful video.In my chart of best song of 2010,the second one is Beautidul Hangover by Big Bang and Breath by Beast.I also like Bonamana by Super Junior but in my opinion,I don't think it could made a big hit and big influence like what Sorry Sorry had done last year.
    Best wishes,
    Anh Thư

  5. nice pictures Angie , the food loos so delicious ,very tempting XD , thanks for sharing the pictures

    for the Y2C , in my opinion 2010 was full of great songs ,and witnessed the rise of a new promising stars Like MISS A , i loved the two albums they released this year , their songs are very catchy and interesting,
    for a girls group song , i choose girls' generation Oh! , i was just listening to it today , and i though , wow this song is really cute and special , even though many good songs was released after it , it still is the best

    for a boy's band i think 2am have been really outstanding and worked really hard this year releasing a number of a very remarkable good songs , and i think "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" deserves to be one of the best songs of 2010

    have a nice week :)
    Rihab Ibrahim

  6. hye , all . this is the y2c for this year . time passes quickly .

    best song of the year ? hmmm . for me , i'm gonna choose mworago by u-kiss . the song is really catchy and easy . i don't know why , after i watched their shut up's performance , i started to love u-kiss .

    at that time , i feel like .. . woah ! i didn't even know all this time that they're really talented . before , i hate them . really hate .

    i'm really a kiss me . in love with u-kiss especially alexander lee eusebio .
    he's really aaaah ! can't be describe . for me , he's just 90% perfect coz nobody's perfect , right ? huhu .

    i guess , that's all for now and for this year .
    thanks , angie unnie . thanks , guys . thanks , all !

    hope we gonna meet again next year .
    take care and always happy !

    ~ HYM

  7. Hey angie
    There were so many great and addicting songs released this year. I would have to say the best song of the year for me was I'm a loner by cn blue. Even though there was a lot of controversy over the song I really like it. It was cn blues first single and now they are one of my favorite groups ^_^ I only found for kpc and kpi this and I'm really glad I did. I hope next year I become a even more dedicated listener! 2010 ftw!

  8. Hi~ Angie..

    emm~ its really hard to choose asong because most of the Kpop songs are GREAT. I love Super Junior and their song "Bonamana"+"no other" & Hotpotatos song "passion" was also great & Super Junior's Yesungs song "It has to be you"....etc

    But the song which i really got touched by it is Eru's "white tears" coz i really like ballad songs n Eru s my favorite singer AND also coz this song is his FIRST song after Finishing his MILITARY service. >_<"

    Angie wish me Good luck coz i might have surgery this week.

    Have alovely day..

  9. Hi Angieee,

    Thanks for sharing the party pictures :P Looking at the smiling faces, the party must be a success. ^^

    As for the best song of 2010..
    I'd go for "Geu Saram" by Lee Seung Chul. It's an ost of Baker King. When I only heard 5 seconds of this song I already liked it.

    I really hope Super Junior will win the disk bonsang award 2010.


  10. Hi Angie!!
    WOW lovely pictures...yummy too haha
    makes me hungryyy~!!! ^^

    As for the best song of 2010...
    hehe can we pick more than one? :P
    I've got to say
    Bonamana & No Other - Super Junior
    Breathe & Beautiful - BEAST
    You Wouldn't Answer My Calls - 2AM
    Breathe - MissA!!

    keke wow that's a lot hehe yep yep

    take care!
    Kim ~

  11. Hi Angie!

    Definitely loving the picture update and it looks like everyone is having a great time and enjoying the yummy food. I love now Brian is always part of the crew (and definitely know that DJ D + Brian are just hilarious together and with ANGIE = AWESOME). But back to the question...

    For me I definitely have to say best song of 2010 goes to 2NE1 - Can't nobody. Maybe because I'm a little bias cause I am a hardcore 2NE1 fan, but they've won numerous times on music programs, and I love them both personality wise, music, fashion...everything!

    That is all for now,
    Felicia - Canada

  12. Hey Angie :)

    I actually had a lot of trouble deciding, but I'm going to have to go with "Hello" by SHINee ^-^

    Another song that caught my attention, though, was Oh Won Bin's
    사랑해 또 사랑해 (I Love You and I Love You)
    (feat. Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls) =)
    It's a very sweet song and I like it a lot :D

    D: But three other recent songs I love (because I can't decide) are
    Aing~ -Orange Caramel-
    Sunflower -SG Wannabe-
    You Wouldn't Answer My Calls -2AM-

    I still can't decide thoroughly. Since I'm a SHINee fan, their songs usually prevail, though! :D

    Kira - Illinois (USA)

  13. Hi Anige ^^

    Wow! Can't believe this is the last month of 2010! Time flies!
    I hope everyone had a great year!

    BEST song of 2010?... I'm a big fan of BEAST so all their songs that came out this year was AWESOME! I want to name all the songs from my other fave singers, but there's too many so I would say the song that stuck out the most to me was "Breathe" by MissA! The beat of the song is really catchy and the dance is really kool. Totally different and new for kpop.

    Have a good day!

    Kathy Xiong
    California, USA

  14. Omg! Miss-spelled ANGIE's name.. Forgive Me! ;(

    Kathy Xiong
    California, USA

  15. Hi Angie dearie!:)

    Wish you will be always in pink of health.

    As for me,i think the best 2010 song is Shock by Beast!!!From that song,i'm starting like BEAST and all of their songs like Bad Girl and Mystery and of course Breath and the latest song Beautiful.I really looking forward more from Beast because they are so talented!

    Aja aja fighting Beast!(^^)/

    Thank you Angie!


  16. Hi Angie ^-^

    I'm going to have to say my favorite song of 2010 is "Lucifer" by SHINee.
    My 2nd favorite song of 2010 is "Hello" by SHINee

    o-o Bonamana by Super Junior is also good, but the music video confused me because Leeteuk was the only shirtless (not that I minded...) so it lost points down to #3 favorite c:

  17. Hi Angie! <3

    GAH! You're gonna make me pick just ONE song? oh no! haha

    well, i can't say that any ONE song was my favorite over all the others, but Lucifer has been a major fave since the first time i heard it. I actually liked i so much that i downloaded it from a filesharing site (i'm a bad fan, i know T_T ), but then i went and bought it from Itunes, and i play both files so much that the song is in my 25 Most Played list TWICE!
    Next would have to be Shock, by B2ST, because it's the 2nd most played song on my ipod, and both of my brothers love it, despite the fact that it's "not in english".
    and of course, i do love BigBang, so i'd have to say Lollipop as my number three song for the year. And even though it might not really count, i loved G-Dragons little songlet that he did for the GMarket cf. <3 <3 <3 <3
    Even though i might be biased toward SME artists, BigBang has a special place in my heart.

    *Also* in response to your comment from last week, English actually IS my first language (born and raised in Kansas), but i've studied French, Spanish, Mandarin, and German, and I'm also trying to teach myself Korean. My mom's half German and half Puerto Rican, so linguistics kinda runs in the family :D

  18. AKKK!!!! The last Y2C of the year??? What am I gonna do for the next three weeks? Ummmm.... I can't pick one, so here's a couple: BoA ~ Hurricane Venus. Its such a cool song with dynamic dance moves and catchy lyrics! (I rally think that BoA has such a good presence, whenever I see her, I just think "WOW, She's cool.")lol. Also KARA ~ Lupin, B2ST ~ Shock, U-Kiss ~ Shut Up, and MBLAQ ~ Y. So many great songs this year. I hope 2011 is even better! I'm gonna miss writing on here. :( Talk to you later!
    Isaac Semrad. USA.
    P.S. My mom is having a boy. My whole family now refers to him as Se7en. lol.

  19. Well, for this year, because I couldn't choose one, the two songs I would chose are 2AM's "I did wrong" and 2NE1's "Go Away." (By the way, would you please tell THE DJ Young that he should keep talking about 2NE1 and their awesomeness, because its not his fault that some people don't like that he has such great taste in music!)
    ANYWAY....I received the cd today! So thank you very much...kbs, Angie, and all who got it to me safely!

    ~Jennifer, CA

    P.S. Isaac, congrats on your soon-to-be baby brother. I have a 9 month old brother crawling around so its A LOT of fun. (Okay, maybe I'm just a little sarcastic. ^^)

  20. Hi Angie

    I'm going to say JYJ's Itsudatte Kimini (To you, always) is the best song for 2010. Especially when it was performed the first time at Kyocera Dome when JYJ first formed the trio unit. I think 2010 has been a long year for the five members and I wish them all the best of luck for the years to come ! and of course, best wishes for everyone listening the radio! May the new year brings more than this year has been.

    Best wishes,

    Sydney, Aus

  21. Hi Dj Angie....

    Best song 2010 for me is Saranghae U by Seo In Gook....
    Its really nice song for me....

  22. Hi there,
    I'd say JYJ's Found You for the Scandal drama was the most SIGNIFICANT song for 2010 as it showed there is life after breaking away from the Goliaths like entertainment agencies.
    I hear the JYJ boys ( the Davids in this story? ) have faced many obstacles and difficulties in staging concerts but it's encouraging to know that their fans continue to support them.
    What's happening to the remaining members of TVXQ?

  23. Hi Angie!!!
    Good 2010 for you!!!
    Good guys in this party. Can you show me them whom going to Korea in no shows or events who I can"t meeting the KBS guys.