Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Two Cents: Which k-pop entertainer will still be around in 10 years???

How was everyone's weekend??
I'm sure you all are sick of me talking about the weather, but I swear the weather's CRAZY! LOL
It's SUNNY one minute, POURING BUCKETS the next. Shouldn't monsoon season be over already?! It's practically September already!


This week's Y2C question is this:
Being that the turnover rate on which star is the "IT" star is so freakin fast in k-pop, it's hard to stay on top for a long period of time. For example, remember who was super hot last year? Perhaps Lee Min-ho from Boys Over Flowers? Not that he's NOT popular now, but nowhere NEAR as popular as he was last year! I barely hear about him anymore! And that's just one year!

So which kpop star (singer, model, actor, etc... can be in any type of entertainment) do you think will still be hot in 10 years! Let's be realistic, they probably won't be like NUMBER 1 hot because we'll have newer and younger acts coming out. However, still relatively hot. Like within the top 10 or something.

Some examples of stars still at the top after 10 years is of course Lee Hyo-ri, Yoo Jae-suk is still very popular, hmm...DJ DOC didn't exactly MAINTAIN their popularity throughout the years, but they still got it judging that it's been 16 years since they debuted and they hit #1 on the music charts with their most recent comeback. Shinhwa has been around for forever and they're MIA right now because of some of their members being in the military, but I'm sure they'd still be pretty popular. These are just a few give me YOUR picks!

Answer away and don't forget to tune into KPC all this week and KPI next Sunday...RAIN OR SHINE! ^^


  1. wow your weather sounds like Melbourne's weather :o

    i hope you had a great week though ^^

    hmm is it wrong to say Super Junior!!! hehe :P so biased XD
    but i think that...not all of them will be able to maintain that popularity, only some...or if they do they will all be maintaining it from different level or aspect of the entertainment industries
    like eunhyuk, teukie, shindong and heechul...all might maintain it with their radio broadcasting and their comedic acts
    as for yesung, sungmin might maintain it with their musicals :)
    BoA & Hyori...i think they can go for another 10 years ^^ they're doing great now ~
    Angie & Young ~ another 10 years or more with KPC & KPI!!! ~ hehe
    ahh i dunno hehe ~ but anyways, hwaiting to all artists: musicians, actors, comedians...etc

    Thanks ~
    much love
    Kim Valerio

    hwaiting Angie!

  2. Chill Angie noona~ It sounds like Singapore's monsoon season shifted to Seoul ;D

    Anyway, if it's about hosts, I think Yoo Jaesuk will still be the man for the job. You know, after watching so many shows that he hosts, I have to say he really deserves the title of "National MC".

    If it's about artistes (and I'm going to be super-biased here), I think Girls' Generation will be like S.E.S or Fin.KL, remaining the "In" group even after 10 years. They have that indescribable appeal that lasts for a long time. Lol, hope ELFs and Cassiopeians don't take offence 'cause I'm a SONE ;D As for solo artistes, I agree with Kim that BoA is the queen even after 10 years, as well as my favourite male solo artiste --> Lee Seung Gi.

    Heheh, in any case, KPC will run for the next 10 or even 20 years so Angie and DJ Young, don't even think about leaving us listeners behind ;D (I sound quite selfish here lol)

    Have a good week ahead ;D

    Aloysius, Singapore

  3. can i add another person!!
    junsu from DBSK ~ i think he'll go well even solo...he has a lovely voice ^^

    thanks angie

    kim valerio

  4. For sure BoA's gonna be around and on top for a while longer!
    and i think that Big Bang will be off and on for a while too. (i love big bang, so that's good for me) and the same thing with se7en.
    as far as actors/actresses go, i think Rain and Yoon Eun Hye will stay fairly popular. (seriously, who DOESN'T love Rain and Yoon Eun Hye?)
    and i'd like to say i think Kim Jong Kook will stay popular, but i haven't heard any of his songs on the radio in forever, so maybe that's just me and my wishful thinking....

  5. Hello Angie ^^

    I am going to be baised too^^
    I think that Super Junior would still be around after 10 years. I think that most of the Super Junior members would be still as popular after 10 years :) I believe that they will still be as popular after 10 years as all of them have their own admirable talents. Like Teukie, Eunhyuk and ShinDong, they are good in the entertainment industries and they even host on radio shows. Siwon and Donghae are also going to star in a Taiwan idol drama. Other members also having their amazing talents that i feel that would help them stay popular after 10 years.

    I also feel that Big Bang, TVXQ/DBSK/J.Y.J and Rain would stay as popular after 10 years ^^

    Take care Angie ^^


  6. Corina C. (South Carolina)August 29, 2010 at 9:15 AM

    Being the BoAjjanger that I am, I have to say BoA haha! BoA can make it another 10 years in the business, these past 10 years seemed to fly by so fast.
    But, besides BoA, I think, Big Bang could easily go for 10 years!
    I wish that I could say ALL the DBSK members as one, however, my optimism is fading =(...

  7. 안영하세요?

    BoA for sure will be around for another 10. She's like Janet Jackson in that for so many people they have grown up with her. Plus her global presence will get bigger as time goes on. I also think that 비 will be around and groups like 빅마마 and 에픽 하이 will survive as long as they keep making the kind of music they are making. If their ego's stay in check, Wonder Girls have a chance to make it. So many times one person in a group becomes the favorite and leaves the group behind. I'm seeing a lot of fans in America saying 유빈 is there favorite and given her start to the group, I'm not sure how long she'll stick around. 효리 will have the hardest time staying around due to the level of sex appeal people expect from her. With taste in looks changing by the minute, companies will always be on the lookout for the next 효리. Hopefully she'll stay around a while longer.

  8. I would love to say DBSK but sigh, time to face facts, i'm not sure if they can even last the end of this year :( I'm pretty sure for MCs, Lee Seung Gi would be around. He has a hell load of talent and is Kang Ho Dong's protege anyway. I'm sure he'll make it far in the entertainment business.

  9. Hey Angie,

    Thanks for reading my Y2C answer last week.
    I would fund the KPC variety show, but I'm a teacher.
    How about we show it on youtube? ^^
    As for this week's Y2C, I think that Park Hyo Shin, Kim Bum Soo, Big Mama, and MC the Max will still be around in 10 years, because they seem to be in the business for the love of music.
    They'll also be famous all over the world and form a huge mega group whose songs will ride along the winds to the hearts of all people around the world. (We just finished watching Kingdom of the Wind) ^^
    And to just drop some more of my favorites' names, I think that W and Whale will still be around. They're such a unique group that doesn't get as much attention as they deserve, but I think that they'll make it big someday and stick around because of their awesomeness.
    Have you heard her sing covers? So good.
    Sorry for the long message, but I don't want to grade my kids' quizzes. ^^
    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  10. Hi Angie~

    Hope the weather in Korea doesn't get any worse!! It's been pretty cool the entire summer for me, and then it hit 100F degrees for two days. I can't imagine the weather shifting between sun and rain though!

    Anyway, for this week's Y2C, I have to agree that BoA can definitely make it another 10 years. She is the QUEEN of K-Pop!! Her comeback was smoking hot even after 5 years. Also, I bet Super Junior will still be around. The members may come in and out over the years for army service, but Super Junior fans are fiercely loyal - me included. They've got a huge international fanbase. ;D No doubt Big Bang will stay big. They're such a lovable, fun group, as is the rest of the YG family. ^^ Assuming Dong Bang Shin Ki reunites, I would say they'd be really popular in 10 years, even 20 years. It would be sad to see their incredible talents go to waste.

    I'd like to throw in a rookie singer too - G.NA. Though she just debuted, she's got the talent to make it big, and I hope she'll be even more popular in 10 years.

    Have a nice week, Angie!! :3
    -Michelle from California

  11. Hi Angie,
    I'd be keeping my fingers crossed that these musicians will enjoy looooong and interesting careers:

    Wheesung, Hwanhee, SG Wannabe, Xiah Junsu ( I agree wholeheartedly with Kim but he seems to spend more time on the stage than in a recording studio these days??) & Brown-Eyed Girls and BMK.

    Expect Bobby Kim will be in the Kpop music scene for a long time to come but then he is already a veteran.

    Here's hoping the typhoon season will go easy on Kores.


  12. Hi Angie,

    Good question this week! Although I love all the girl and boy groups that are debuting and have debuted, I'm not going to lie that its hard for them to keep up in the top 10 list for another 10 years. For the most part I still think these idol groups are more like a trend.They really have to "explode" the kpop scene with a large group of loyal fans in order to continue dominating. As mentioned before, Shinhwa fans are still going strong. I thinking (cross fingers) if DBSK was to reunite, I can still see the group going on 10 years later.

    Personally I think solo artists (or even certain individuals from groups) have higher chances to continue appearing on the top 10 charts after 10 years. I think for the most part its because you're just focusing and concentration on a particular persons charisma and talent. Once a solo artist captures your attention, it's hard to really keep your eyes away from them. Hyori for an example. And definitely BoA. They've really made a big impact on Kpop and I would really hope to hear new stuff from them in the next 10 years.

    As for MC's. I think Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong will still continue for the next 10 years along with Lee Seung Gi. This guy is good in everything and I like when he MCs.

    I hope everything I typed made sense. I'm in a hurry cause I have a whole list of things I have to finish for the day.

    Hope everyone has a great day whether it be rain or shine :)


  13. Hey Angie~

    lol Sounds kinda like the weather in Texas except It's temperature change but no rain :( Seriously It'll be 60F in the morning and 100+F by noon hahaa~

    Anyways I think:
    BoA~ I don't think any one can stop her
    Members of Super Junior~ All for different reasons (Singing acting dancing)
    Lee MinHo~ He's a really good actor in my opinion
    Members of Big Bang~ Big fan base I don't think they will be going anywhere soon!
    Members of DBSK~ Singing and acting
    Lee Seung Gi~ I think he's a really really good MC

    Brittany ^^

  14. hello angie!..
    same here in the philippines..
    it is very hot, then meanwhile, it will rain..
    even when raining, it still hot..

    hmm nice y2c..
    for me..
    i think SUPER JUNIOR
    will still around in 10 yrs.
    As long as their fans (ELF) are there to support and as long as they enjoy being what they are, they will stay and still be there.
    We will support them forever..
    and they have ability and talents that they can share to us as long as they want it. And i know that, they really want and their goal in life is what they are now.