Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Words Behind The Music: UV “쿨하지못해 미안해” "No Cool, I'm Sorry"

Words Behind the Music

“No Cool, I’m Sorry” “쿨하지못해 미안해”

정말 예쁘게 아름답게 헤어져놓고
I really wanted our breakup/last moments together to be beautiful
드럽게 달라붙어서 미안해 So So CooL
I’m sorry that I’m being so pathetically clingy. So So cool…

합의하에 헤어져놓고 전화해서 미안해
I’m sorry that despite the fact that it was a mutual breakup, I keep calling you
합의하에 헤어져놓고 문자해서 미안해
I’m sorry that despite the fact that it was a mutual breakup, I keep texting you
답장도 없는 문자 받지도 않는 전화
Texts that go unanswered. Calls that aren’t picked up.
그래 이제 난 더 이상 안할께
Alright, I’ll stop now.
하지만 난 CooL 하지못해
However, I can’t be cool about it
너는 CooL해 넌 참 좋겠다 그래 참 좋겠다
You’re cool with it. Lucky you…you’re so lucky.
나만 울어 너는웃어 나는 울고 너는웃어
It’s only me that’s crying while you laugh. I cry and you laugh.
정말 비겁하지 나 이렇게 비겁하지
I’m such a coward…such a big coward
몇일전엔 0번으로 문자보냈어
I sent a text to the number “0” a few days ago
그럼 알줄알았어 나도0번으로 문자올줄알았어
I thought you’d know and send a reply to “0” too
근데 없어 486로도 보냈어 1004으로도 보냈어
But no. I even sent one to “486” and “1004” (“cheon-sa” or “angel” in Korea)

No CooL i'm Sorry
CooL 하지 못해 미안해
Sorry that I can’t be cool
No CooL i'm Sorry
하지만 넌 넌 So So CooL
But you, you’re so so cool

얼마전에 너의 미니홈피 들어가봤어
A while back, I visited your cyworld homepage (Korea’s popular social networking site)
사진이 보이지않아 왜 일까
I couldn’t view any of your pictures. Why was that?
생각해봤어 맞아 너와나는 일촌이 아니였어
I thought about it… and realized, you and I are no longer “friends”
왜 나랑 일촌끊었어?
Why’d you defriend me?
괜히 끊었어 괜히 끊었어 걱정하지마 다시 일촌하면돼
You shouldn’t have done that, shouldn’t have done that. Don’t worry because I’ll just re-request you as a friend.
뭐라고할까 뭐라고할까? 예전 그때처럼 내 사랑 유세윤 으로
What relation should I say I have with you? I’ll be your love, Yoo Sae-yoon like the good old days…

너의 일촌 댓글 파도타고
I then went through some of your messages and postings
널 볼수있지만 초라한 나
just so I can see you (what you’ve been up to). I’m such a coward…
어젠 너의 얘길 들었어
I heard about your recent events
내가 사준 핸드폰 바꿨다며~
Like how you switched the cell phone that I bought for you.

Chorus 2Xs

No CooL you so cool 난 No CooL
No cool, you so cool. I’m no cool…
soso cooL

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  1. Hahaha. Nice. You put up UV. After you posted this before I showed Sophie and she loved it. Who are the two guys? Sophie only recognizes the rapper.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.