Sunday, October 3, 2010

Your Two Cents: First Thing You'd Want To Do When You Visit Korea???

I've been getting a lot of emails ( and tweets ( about how many of you are planning on visiting Korea within the next year or so. GREAT!!! Especially because the country currently has a VISIT KOREA campaign going on until 2012 (I think...). I can HONESTLY say that Korea is WORHT YOUR WHILE. It's an amazing country with so much diversity depending on what region you visit. I'd assume most of you are visiting the nation's capital, Seoul. Seoul is AMAZING. The food, shopping, sights, food, nightlife, food, culture, museums, food...LOL There's ALWAYS something to do. If you're bored, just grab a sandwich and some coffee, walk to a bustling area, and people watch! That's always fun too.

Many of you have never been to Korea, so here's this week's Y2C question:
What's the FIRST THING you want to do when you come to Korea???

If you HAVE been to Korea before, what is the best/most memorable thing you did on your visit(s)???

Let me know and of course, be sure to tune into KPI this week to hear everybody else's responses! This week, I have a SPECIAL giveaway for Y2C participants! ^^

After our STAR CHAT with Lim Jeong-hee, she was so kind to give me signed copies of her latest mini-album featuring the songs "On The Way To Break Up (featuring 2AM's Jo-kwon) and "This Can't Be Real". She's an AMAZING singer with such a beautiful, soulful voice so I think it's a real treat. I haven't decided yet how MANY copies I'll be giving away. I'm going to make that decision after I see how many people respond. ^^

Ok~~~ Answer away!!!


  1. Hi Angie ~ hope you had a great weekend ^^
    As for me ~ first time i'd want to do when i visit korea is to meet you and dj young and no im just not saying being serious - ive saved your address so when i do go to korea i can thank you personally :) then of course see SJ keke ~ wahh biasness! but yes see you two, then SJ...then shop till i drop! ^^

    have a great super week ahead :)

    Kim Valerio

  2. hye all !
    my fourth time commenting in your blog , angie unnie ! i guess .

    hmmm . i wish it can really happen to me . but , i don't think so coz my parents are over protecting . and the ticket to korea is super duper expensive . but , sometimes not . hmmm . yet still i don't have the chance to go . huhu ;(

    hmmm . if only i can go to korea , the first place that i want to visit is jeju island . ahhhh ! maybe because when in korean dramas or movies , they always mention jeju island . so , i guess it must be damn beautiful . plus , it is world-class tourism center . right ?

    unnie and all korean must be really lucky . you can go to jeju island whenever you free . ohhh ! i'm getting jealous ! HAHAHA ! ;)

    i guess that's all from me . huhu

    ANNYEONG ! ;)

    - aqilahzarime

  3. Hey angle,
    By the way it's been a long time since I've been able to listen to you and dj young so it's good to be back. But what I would want to do when I get to Korea is just roam. Kind of like a waikiki thing. Eat snacks off the street, window shop,take pictures, and not really care about where I'm going or what time it is. And I really hope that somedaythis will happen. I really like this question ^_^. and hopefully I'll be able to comment and listen more from now on.
    --Stacey from Hawaii >_<

  4. Hi Angie~, mentioned food for so many times. It must be really good~ ^-^

    I am planning to visit korea sometime later, but donno when. However, I've already planned things out! =D
    When I visit Korea, first thing I'll do is buy tickets for Suju shows! then, go to audition for SM or JYP, or other companies. 3rd, I will go visit Leetuk and Eunhyuk at their Kiss the radio show recording place~
    I will then apply to go on the show Starking. Even though the possibility of getting on is faint. But I will still try.
    I will go shopping throughout that process~

    Ahhh~ can't wait! lol
    I will think of more things to do while I visit for a few more years.

    I am so jealous of you! You knows Korean, you live in Korea, you can talk to K-pop stars. and soooo much more! XD

    ahhh...that's all from me, for now. ^-^
    post more 2cents questions like this please! This is interesting to think about. even day dreaming.

    -HB Wang

  5. Hi Angie,

    I really want to visit Korea and especially Seoul.

    The first thing I want to do is to try some Korean dishes and.. Milkis. :D

    A must is to attend my very first concert and buy some concert goods as souvenirs.. I'm going to a music store too, buy lots of copies so my #1 could win an award at the end of the year.

    I learned to read Hangeul not so long ago.. My first step has been taken ^-^

    much love from the Netherlands

  6. Hi Angie~ ^^
    Visiting Korea is one of my dreams. From what I've seen/heard of about Korea, I think it's amazing!
    There are so many things I'd want to do in Korea... I really want to try authentic Korean food! There are tons of Korean restaurants where I live, but they're all Korean-American. I'd like to eat a delicious meal at a legit Korean restaurant. ;D
    Also I love Korea's fashion style, so I want to go shopping in Seoul. While I'm in Seoul, I want to visit the Seoul Tower too. It looks so beautiful~
    Of course, as a huge K-pop fan, I want to see my favorite artists live. I either want to go to a show like Music Bank or attend a concert. Or I could visit the Super Junior members' radio shows, but I won't forget to visit you and DJ Young! ^^
    Hope you have a great week~
    Michelle from California

  7. hi anngie

    if i were to visit korean i would'nt know what to do first. i would love to go to myungdong street to shop and just roam around. but i also want to visit Jeju Island from the pictures i've seen it looks realy beautiful.

    i love your show! Thanks
    monique from Canada

  8. Hi Angie,

    I've been to Korea in 2005 and the most Memorable thing that i did on my visit was to make Kimchi (though not the full process) and wore hanbok for some photo taking.

    The Food is Awesome and the weather during Autumn season is the BEST time for visit.

    I will definately pay another visit to Korea and this time I will try to pay KBS World Radio a visit to meet the Two lovely DJs, Producer Sophia Hong, the crew and also Mail Girl Min-Young.

    Michelle Lim

  9. Hi there,
    The first thing I'd do is to buy a bus ticket from Incheon International Airport and head for the hills. Walking in the beautiful national and provincial parks is my favourite way to de-stress. I'd like to check out the newly opened Olles in Jeju or Dulles in Jirisan, for instance.

    The last thing I'd do before going to the airport is to drop by KBS to thank you guys for all your great work with some souvenirs from Malaysia.

    BTW, are the leaves in Yeouido Park changing colour yet?


  10. Great answers! Keep 'em coming~~~ ^^

    And regarding Selene's question about the leaves (sorry that I didn't get a chance to response quicker on the message board...), they're not REALLY changing yet. Unless I've been blind to them. LOL I only notice changing leaves when they're REALLY YELLOW, ORANGE, OR RED. So If I haven't noticed them yet, they're not THAT extreme.

    I'll try to tweet some pictures if I can when they do change colors!


  11. Hellooo Angie~ ;D I'm afraid I can't say what was the most memorable thing for me on my first Korea trip since I was like um... 6 years old at that time? I barely remembered landing at the old Gimpo Airport. If I don't remember wrongly, Gimpo is now a regional airport, right?

    Well, good thing is I'll be visiting Korea this end-of-year when the beautiful, white snow flakes fall upon the streets of Seoul ;D I personally want this trip to be more of a cultural one, like visiting more traditional structures and learning more about the Korean culture. I would really want to visit the canal which was featured in the "S.E.O.U.L, Infinitely Yours" MV where SuJu's Kyuhyun filmed at for the MV. (Can't really remember what the name of that canal is... Someone tell me if possible ;D)

    The other one place I would like to visit would be the Han River and the bridge that crosses the Han River. (Can't really remember the bridge's name either...) I heard a lot of South Koreans put their faith in the Han River or something like that and that the Han River is like an emotional attachment so yeah, that would be another place I would want to visit.

    Then, of course I would love to make a trip to Dongdaemun Market. Can't really miss that out for a shopaholic like me ;D

    Btw, KBS building is at Yeoui-do yeah? Will make a trip there if possible and try to catch you and DJ Young there ;D Ciao~

    Aloysius, Singapore

  12. First I would like to thank you for metioning me on the radio every time I have commented so far! (Three times) (About the dramas, 2NE1, and the girl groups) PS when you played the 2NE1 song, I didn't have to use the bathroom but I walked into it anyways. lol. Well my family and I are kinda poor, so we can't afford a trip to Korea, but if I could go I would like to: See the sights, eat tons upon tons of Korean food, vist a karaoke room, go for a walk at Mt. Jiri (I saw this on 2 days and 1 night), I would LOVE to see a live K-pop concert, I would also LOVE to meet a K-pop celebrity, and I would also LOVE to meet YOU!!! (and DJ Young ^_^) Meeting you guys falls under the same catagory as meeting a celebrity! I would really like to do anything in Korea, even just eat some dokkboki at a street vendor and go home. lol. Well, anyways thanks again for mentioning my comments. (I will now add the first letter of my last name. lol) Isaac S.

  13. Dear Angie,
    Thanks for the reply and update on the autumn leaves. As someone living near the equator, I envy those who live in the temperate zone with four seasons although I know slipping on ice is no fun and the summer heat can be worse than in my own country.

    Thanks for the offer to tweet photos of the leaves but would it also be possible for you to post pics of Yeouido Park from the KBS Office? I know the English section has a great view of the park unless you guys have shifted since 2008.

    All this talk about visiting Korea is really tempting me to shove aside obligations and book a ticket for Seoul. My bedtime reading these days is a map of Korea as I fantasize over routes I'd take for my next holiday.


  14. The first thing I would like to do is visit the you and DJ Young hahaha. Then go look at the Olympic Stadium.


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  16. Hi Angie,

    Very good question. The first thing I would do would be to go visit my boyfriend's parents, haha. If I go get food first, I'd be reprimanded for sure! xD

    Then, I want to go into the streets and get myself some street food. I've seen in so many dramas and they all look so yummy! I definitely want to get jjajangmyeon (자장면) since I can't seem to get that dish at any Korean restaurant I go to here. ;_; I've been enticed ever since watching "Fantasy Couple".

    I'd probably not go to any tourist attraction since they will be overcrowded. I'd probably explore the city and go site seeing. :o)

    Until next time,

    Thuy "Twee"

  17. The first thing I'd do would go to a musical or to a film location. I love dramas and to see the actors filming a drama or film would be amazing.
    Or I would buy a ticket to any concert and have fun in it.
    I've never been in a concert before and it would be nice to be at a concert in Korea.
    I would walk or run in a park early in the morning.
    I would buy a hanbok and wear it.
    There's too many things I would like to do but the first one would be to see a musical or a filming location.

  18. Hi Angela,

    The first thing I want to do if I come to Korea is eat a lot of good (korean) stuff, such as kimbap, dakgalbi, bulgogi, etc. Besides eating, I would like to visit Lotte World(I have seen this place in a korean tv-show (running man) and tv-drama (stairway to heaven) and I want to go there too in person) and Namsan Tower (I believe it has a great view over the city and there are a lot of couple chains (as seen in a We Got Married episode).

    The Netherlands

  19. Hiya Angie! I'm back from vacation, and now this Y2C question just makes me want to go away again!!

    And yes, I am one of the many that plans to go to Korea next year. The first thing I would like to do is obviously attend a concert!! That would be a dream come true.

    However, the chance of a concert happening that very weekend is slim. LOL. Therefore the first regular thing I'd want to do is definitely to go to Hongdae and do all the clubs!! I love to dance and going to night clubs where they play all the different korean music I love......Wow!! I think I would freak out and never want to leave!

    I live in a small town that has one "club" and it kind of sucks to begin with. So that would blow my mind! LOL.

    If for some reason Hongdae was closed that weekend...(ya right...), I'd definitely go to a noraebang!

    Talk to you soon!

  20. Hey Angie,

    The first thing that I did when I got to Korea was have Christmas in Orientation for teaching English ^^
    I flew there on the 24th, the next morning we had orientation. My first Christmas in Korea.

    Of course, the most memorable thing for me of Korea is Sophie, going to Seoul with me on Feb. 6, 2008 for our first date.^^
    We also went to a lot of places, one of the most memorable was Nami-sum. We biked, walked, rowed boats, and ate delicious Kimchi doshirac.

    Take Care and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  21. Hi there for the third and last time ( as far as this posting goes!)

    AAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Abbas Kiarostami, Zhang Yimou, Mani Ratnam and Carlos Saura in PIFF 2010. THAT is where I'd head for first.

    Any idea how one can watch recordings of lectures or interviews by these directors done during the PIFF?

    Too long away from a film fest,

  22. Hi.. Angie~ its been really long time since i wrote for u.. "Ahhhh~ work =_="

    emm for me the 1st place that i want to go to is: (Korea's Airport)its like ajoke right but really sis i just want to step in her land n by this my dream will come true..

    n if ill choose where to go ill choose KBS building coz i wnt to see my favorite stars like: Leeteak & Eunhyuk from SuJu, Narsha, KangHodong,Lee seungGi, Gag concerts comidians AND You Angela.

    n if its hard for me to go there i want to go to Namsan tower coz i think its really aspeacial place..

    i really want to go to korea.. Angie pray for me to come..

  23. Hey Angie,
    I'm planning on taking my trip next year. Though I might have to put it off till May instead of March. Still looking foward to taking you and DJ Young out for a meal or to the noraebang. hehe
    The first thing I'll probably do is go to a hotel and crash seeing as the shortest flight is a direct one that last about thirteen hours! lol But in all seriousness the first thing I will probably do is make a beeline to Songnisan to get some hiking in. It will also allow me to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery that I know abounds in Korea's national parks.
    During my planned two weeks there I hope to get to some of the places I truly want to see. I plan on going to Gwanghallu-won to visit the place where the story of Chunhyang took place and also see a pansori performance. I will also go to Changdeokgung to see the famous secret garden. Those are just a few of the places I want to see. I want to visit as many of the palaces, fortresses, and temples as I can. Of course there are the many markets and places to eat that need to be visited. hehe And the one place I think everyone that goes to Korea needs to visit and one that I'm very much looking foward to is the DMZ. One can always study and read about the conflict between the North and South and it would never really sink in until you at least see the DMZ. It will be an eye-opening experience in my opinion.
    The more places I find that I want to visit the more I feel I would need to be there at least a year to vist them all. lol Maybe my mom is right and I will choose to move there. lol
    Looking foward to seeing you this coming spring Angie!


  24. Hello Angie,

    Hmmm, this question got me thinking and I actually had to do some research. And in the end I decided that after I get off the plane, I would take a tour bus around the whole city of Seoul (hopefully there won't be a nuclear bomb in there like in IRIS...keke, sorry for my bad joke), then I would just love to roam around Itaewon and the Namdaemun Market just to get a feel for the people and the Korean culture up close. After, I would find the upcoming concerts and go see my favorite k-pop groups!

    Thanks for this great question!

    -Jennifer, CA

  25. Hi

    This may not be an exact location to visit specifically, but I really want to see life in general and in a neighbourhood to be precise. the small shop with Ajussi or Ajumma, the grocery store, bakery, restaurant, people going by and ...

    There's an underground market, I don't remember its name and I searched there're some underground markets but the one I saw in Sarah's blog has EVERYTHING one may need from Chicken's Milk to Human's Life!!! Perhaps it was Namdaemun Market.

    Of course visiting popular spots is indeed fun. Like 63 Building.

    Good Luck

  26. Since I have never been to Korea, it would be cool to learn more about Korean history. The first thing I'd want to do when I visit Korea would be to visit various historical sites like the Gyeongbok Palace. After I would explore around Seoul City and of course eat Korean cuisine!!!^_^

  27. Hi angie!^^

    Well, something I really wanted to do in Korea was to taste jjajangmyun. Yes, jjajangmyun!!! I saw it in dramas and really wanted to do it, so when I went to Korea this summer, I ate a lot of jjajangmyun! :)

    Also, when I went there I meet Korean actors and went to drama filming locations, as well as 2PM's concert ^^

    I have to say that my most memorable thing in Korea is to always have kimchi on the table. Now I miss it a lot a lot!

    Ahh~~ mashitta!

  28. Hello Angie dearie!!!(^^)

    Omg!it such a long time i didn't come here due to study and i am totally misssss it!!!I hope all of you here will be always in pink of health:)

    i truly love this question!<3 i would like to do many things if i get the opportunity to visit Korea!and the first thing that i would like to do is to go to KBS building...i know it is not that easy to get into the building but i would like to see it with my own eyes.For me KBS has cheer up my life in term of the infos of Korean thingy.If i have given a chance to choose what i wanna do in that building,of course i wanna meet you Dj Angie and Dj Young!hehe:D

    Have a nice day always!:)