Sunday, November 7, 2010

Your Two Cents: Significant lyrics???

New Y2C time!!!
Personally for me, this past week was one of the best weeks I had in a long time, so I hope the positive energy keeps flowing into this new upcoming week as well!

This is taking me extra long to type out this entry because I'm eating pistachios and as you all know, that requires hands. Kind of like typing requires hands. See my predicament? But they're so good that I can't stop eating them! Haha

ANYWAYS, for this week, I'm going to go with a listener's request: Selene from Malaysia!
Selene suggested that I do a Y2C question on meangingful lyrics from a kpop song. If you don't know Korean, this is the perfect opportunity to check through some of the translations I did on this blog! (Yup...self promotion!) Just type in "Words Behind The Music" in the search box on the left and all the translation entries will pop up! When translating, I try my best to preserve the beauty of the Korean language while still making it English friendly. Hopefully, I'll be able to have done those original lyrics justice! I'm sure there are plenty of other sites that offer translations too.

So the question is:
Is there any line from a kpop song that particularly stuck out to you? Perhaps it was so poetic? So funny? So weird? So awkward to hear in English? So funny sounding but you have no idea what it means? Just the catchiest part of the song? Whatever the reason is, post up any significant lines and their meanings IF you know them! If you don't I'll try to translate them on the show. We're talking LINES people!!! don't post up entire songs asking for them to be translated because that would take up the entire 50 minutes of KPI! ;)

Thanks guys and don't forget to tune in next week!


  1. Hey Angie,

    When I first went to Korea to teach English, my level 3 students found out that I liked Park Hyo Shin. So they wanted me to sing a PHS song, so I learned 가을편지 from his Neoclassicism (His Remake album) to sing for them...and Sophie ^^ (She was the teacher in the next room ^^). So it got stuck with me and was very poetic which I love about Korean ballads. (I had help from Sophie in translating, just the first verse.)

    가을엔 편지를 하겠어요
    I'm gonna write an Autumn letter
    누구라도 그대가 되어 받아주세요
    Whoever you are, take it and be my Love
    낙엽이 쌓이는 날
    As the leaves pile up
    외로운 여자가 아름다워요
    Lonely women look beautiful.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  2. Hi angie

    A song that i found be poetic is Yaesung's 'It Has to be You'. I first heard it while watching the drama Cinderella's Sister and I thought it sounded so beautifulin Korean and English. This song made me cry soo much while watching that drama.

    the part of the song that i realy like is the end.

    나 다시 살아도
    몇 번을 태어나도
    하루도 니가 없이 살 수 없는 나
    내가 지켜줄 사람
    내가 사랑할 사람 난
    그래 난 너 하나면 충분하니까

    if i live my life again
    if i’m born over and over again
    i can’t live without you for a day
    You’re the one i will keep
    you’re the one i will love

    Thanks, have a good week


  3. Hiya Angie,

    I don't really remember many songs with poetic lyrics... But I do believe many beautiful songs are actually part of drama OSTs. The one I would like to talk about is Girls' Generation's Seohyun's contribution to the "Kim Soo Ro" OST --- It's Okay Even If It Hurts.

    The pace and rhythmn of the song's really slow but very melancholic and aptly describes a one-sided love. This part of the lyrics caught my attention.

    눈이 멀어도 괜찮아요
    It's okay even if I can't see
    숨이 멎어도 괜찮아요
    It's okay even if I can't breath
    한번만 그대 볼 수 있다면
    If I could meet you only once
    내 맘 모두 줄 수 있다면
    If I could give you all my heart

    내가 얼마나 더 그리워해야
    How much more do I have to miss you
    그대 내 맘 알 수 있나요
    So that maybe you could know my heart?
    내가 얼마나 더 울고 울어야
    How much more do I to cry and cry
    눈물이 마를 수 있나요
    So that tears could be dry?

    It's really touching, isn't it? One-sided love described with pure emotion in a mere eight lines. I guess that's really the power of music, especially K-Pop (though this really doesn't qualify as Pop, more of Ballad?)

    Have a great week ahead, Angie


  4. Hi Angie,
    Thanks for using my question. Although Hweesung's "In A Year" is about romantic love, I took it to mean something else.

    Some years back, someone very dear to me passed away unexpectedly. I often wondered how long it would take for the wounds to heal. It takes much longer than a year but Hweesung's song helped somewhat to ease the pain.

    일년 동안 입맞추던 기억을 잊고
    In a year, people forget the memory of a first kiss
    어떻게든 목소리도 힘들게 잊어
    Somehow we even forget a voice
    내가 다시 파란 봄과 하얀 겨울 속에 행복하게 살도록
    So that I can live happily in the blue spring and the white winter once more
    그댈 보낸 길마저도 밟지 않아요 그대 닮은 사람마저 미워해봐요
    I won’t even step onto the street you left on; I’ll even try to hate anyone who looks like you
    또 들려오는 그대 소식에 내 귀를 막아보다가 그대라도 행복하기를 빌죠
    However, after trying to block you out, now I pray for your happiness

    BTW, if I were Hweesung, I would re-shoot the MTV for this song.

    Thanks as always for the music,

  5. Hi Angie unnie,
    Actually,I don't pay much attention to lyrics of Korean songs just because i don't understand it.But when I started to write English lyrics for some of my favorite Korean songs,I realized that there were many meaningful songs.Regularly,these kind of songs were released long ago but for me,the song I remember the most was released in 2010.It's A Short Journey by Super Junior.At first,i thought it was just a song about love like any other song of SJ.However,when I read the translation of its lyrics.I relized that it seemed to be written for me as well as for those who had to live far away from their beloved persons (family,friends...)

    *Oh Baby say Goodbye Oh 잠시만 Goodbye 내가 있던 그 자리로 돌아갈게
    저 문을 열고서 한 걸음 내밀어 보고 싶던 네 앞에 설 수 있도록
    Oh baby say goodbye, for a short while goodbye
    I’ll go back to the place when I once was
    When I open that door and take one step
    so that I can stand in front of you who i missed

    I have to thank Eun-Hae a lot for writing such meaningful song.Hope that they will keep on doing well.

    Have a nice day,unnie
    Anh Thu Le

  6. hye , all !
    hope all of you will have a good life :)
    late again coz i still have three papers to go . huhu

    actually , if you ask me , angie unnie , there's a lot that i don't know and have no idea what's the meaning . if wanna list it , maybe will never end . huhu :(
    i really want to learn korean . but , after my exam .

    don't know how to reply to y2c this week coz , really lot that i don't know .

    i guess , that's all . bye'' :)
    tiring week :(


  7. Hi! I hope you had a great week.
    Well, these lyrics are special for me:

    같은 하늘 다른 곳에 있어도
    Although we are under the same sky in a different place,
    부디 나를 잊지 말아요
    I plead that you please do not forget me.

    They are from the song "Don't Forget" by Baek Ji Young.

    Right now there's someone special for me whom I haven't been able to see and talk, and my hope is that he doesn't forget me and to meet us again soon.

  8. Hi Angie!:)

    As for me,i like K.Will song entitled "The Present". It was so meaningful and sweet!I wish someone will be sing this song for me one day hehe <3

    * 내 생애 가장 아름다운 순간은
    널 만나 눈부시게 사랑했던 순간들
    이제 나 알아 너라는 사람 내 생애 가장 큰 선물

    The most beautiful moment of my life is
    When I loved you after meeting you
    Now I know that you’re the biggest gift of my life

    I also like Mc Mong song entitled Circus because the song is catchy but at the same it is meaningful and could light up my spirit.In short,this song kind of a motivational song for me:)

    찬바람 불 때 내게 와줄래
    세상이 모질게 그댈 괴롭힐 때
    신나게 놀자 웃자 한바탕
    하 하 하 하 하 하
    이 밤이 다 할 때까지

    When the cold wind blows will you come to me?
    When the world is harsh and annoying,
    Let’s play! Let’s laugh out loud just once
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Until this night is over

    Thank you Angie!


  9. Hi Angie Noona! It's been about a month since you have mentioned my comments. So since there aren't very many comments on this week's Y2C, I hope you mention me! ^_^ So, I thought of a lot of of songs, but I figured I should only pick one. I am currently watching Boys Over Flowers for the second time. So I picked Making a Lover by SS501. I think the lyrics are really cute. I can't help but sing along when it comes on. lol. (I'm such a dork!) the part I sing is:

    sesange sorijilleo I love you
    neol saranghandago naui yeojaga doe-eotallago
    nunbusyeo Always, you're my star
    naega neol jik'yeochurke
    I can always be waiting for you

    To the world I want to shout 'I love you'
    To love you and have you as my girl
    Dazzling, you're always my star
    I'll protect you
    I can always be waiting for you

    It's so catchy too! I really like the whole ost, there are so many good songs on it! Well thanks a lot! ^_^

    Isaac Semrad. USA.

  10. Hi Angie ^^,

    I think SHINee - Love's Way is so meaningful.

    This is (a part of) the 1st verse:

    단 몇 방울 비눗물 녹이면
    If you put a few drops of soap into a cup
    한 컵 속에 나눠져
    The divided oil and water
    등을 돌린 기름과 물이 섞여
    That had their back to each other, mixes as one
    꼭 우리 둘과 비슷해
    This is so much like us
    다신 안 볼 듯 싸우다
    We fight like we will never see each other again
    사랑이란 비누에 씻겨
    And then become mixed in the soap called love

    Personally, I like the rest of this song too but I love the oil-water part the most.

    the Netherlands