Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Words Behind The Music: Seo In-gook's "애기야" "My Baby U"

Words Behind The Music
"애기야" "My Baby U"
-Seo In-gook

정말 인형처럼 예뻐서 볼수록 사람 맞나 싶어
You really look like a doll. So much where the more I look like you, I question whether you’re human
세상 누가 널 앞에 두고 귀여움을 말할 수 있어
Who in all this world could talk about cuteness in front of you

너는 보석보다 소중해 감히 비교해서 미안해
You’re more precious than gems. Sorry for even daring to make such a comparison
너는 날개를 감춘 천사 갑자기 날아갈까 겁나
You’re an angel with hidden wings. I’m scared that you’ll fly away

내가 아주 너땜에 산다 거짓말이 아니야
I totally live just for you. This is not lie
사랑해 사랑해 이말로는 부족해
I love you. I love you. These words aren’t enough.

--사랑스러워 넌 나의 애기야
You’re so loveable. You’re my baby
너무 귀여워 넌 나의 애기야
You’re so cute. You’re my baby
정말 요리보고 조리봐도 어쩜 넌
깨물고만 싶어 꼬집고만 싶어
I look at you this way and that way. How is it that I just want to bite you and pinch you
넌 나만의 Baby 영원한 나만의 자기
You’re my only baby. You’re forever my honey
아주 꼭꼭 숨겨놓고선 나만 볼래
I just want to keep you hidden really well so I’m the only one who can look at you

가끔 정신을 쏙 빼놓는 너의 애교에 온몸이 녹아
My entire body melts at your aegyo (babyish/sweet/cute charms) which often I lose myself over
일부러 울려보고 싶어 그래도 예쁠지 궁금해
I want to make you cry on purpose. Because I’m curious if you’d still be pretty

이건 병이라면 병이야 네 목소리 없인 난 못 자
If this is an illness, than I’m ill. I can’t go to sleep without your voice
네 꿈 없이도 잠을 못 자 행복이란 이름의 큰 병
I can’t sleep without dreams of you. This illness has a name: happiness

내가 아주 너땜에 산다 거짓말이 아니야
I totally live just for you. This is not a lie
감사해 감사해 이말로는 부족해
Thank you. Thank you. These words aren’t enough

보면 볼수록 더 좋은걸 나 하루종일 네 생각만 하는걸
The more I see you, the more I like you. I only think of you all day
너를 보면 너무 행복해져 나도 몰래 내 입술은 사랑해 U
I become so happy at the mere sight of you. My lips start to go..."I Love U" without me even knowing it
U U U 이젠 네가 대답 할 차례 매일 들어도 듣고 싶어 어떡해 Stop
U, U, U, Now it's your turn to answer. Even if I were to hear it every day, it wouldn't get old. What to do? Stop
Please tell me ~ Baby

나만 볼래
I want to be the only one who can look at you


  1. WAH! Thanks so much Angie for posting the lyrics to this song! It's my favorite Seo In Gook song and now I love it even more. ^^


    Virginia USA

  2. OMG, I love this song! He's soo cute when performing this song!

    And Kim, where have you been? I don't see you on twitter anymore.. I didn't see you in L.A. either, but I hope you had a great time!!

    Kathy Xiong
    CA, USA

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