Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Words Behind The Music: As One "Sonnet"

Words Behind the Music

As One “Sonnet”

나조차 모르게 널 향해 뛰는 내 가슴.
My heart races towards you without me even knowing
나조차 모르게 내 마음 두 눈 멀게 해.
My heart makes me not able to see clearly without me even knowing
나조차 모르게 내 맘에 니가 들어와.
You entered my heart without me even knowing
Can't believe, I'm fall in love.

--Only, in my ear
자그만 속삭임.
A soft whisper
only. in my heart
향그런 바람처럼.
Like a sweet smelling breeze
only, in my dreams
살며시 내 맘에 속삭여준...
You’ve gently whispered to my heart
l love you.
so tell me
너의 맘이 속삭이는 달콤한 노래
The sweet song that your heart whispers
나에게만 속삭여줘. oh sweet melody.
Whisper it only to me. Oh Sweet melody.
wanna be with you and only you
이렇게 너무 소중한 너~
This is just how precious you are.
so tell me
너의 맘이 들려주는 행복한 노래
The happy song that I hear from your heart
너를위해 사랑스런. oh my sweet sonnet
The lovable sweet sonnet that’s for you
wanna be with you and only you
내게로 와서 빛이되줘. 널사랑해~
Come and be a light for me. I love you. --

이렇게 두근두근 대는 가슴속에 너.
You’re in my heart that’s pounding away like this
이렇게 한없이 내맘에 그려보는 너.
My heart that longs for you endlessly like this
이렇게 내눈속에 매일 살고있는 너.
You live in my line of vision everyday like this
Can't believe, I'm fall in love.

꿈처럼 내려.
Come like a dream
마치 꿈처럼 내려.
Come just like a dream
내게로 꿈처럼 와준 너.
You came to me just like a dream
너의 향기가
Your scent
이제 너의 향기가… 내 안에 가득해.
Now, you’re scent… fills me up inside.

i need you
맘결마다 숨결마다 나를 담은 너.
Every heartbeat, every breath is filled with you
마음 가득 나를 담은 그 맘이 좋아.
I love the heart that has filled itself with me.
spend my life with you. just me and you.
언제나 나와함께 해줘~
Be with me always.

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  1. Thank you so much~! ^^ I totally fell in love with this song thanks to your translation~! :D Thank you again~♥ ^_^