Sunday, August 1, 2010

Your Two Cents: Which Couple Would You Want To See On "We Got Married"???

Hi all,
Please bear with the simple blog entry. Although it's not like I ever went crazy with pictures on previous Y2C entries. Haha. Just that one picture of the question marks. -.-;; However, I'm not even going to put that one up on this entry because I'm not using my computer because it's BROKEN!!!! *gasp*

I was trying to be extra "efficient" by multi-tasking. I was eating AND working on my laptop. Well, as you can guess, I spilt some soup on the keyboard and now the keys don't work, and oddly enough, the computer will just turn off on its own after attempting to type a few keys. I'm actually very worried because if it's something serious and it can't be fixed, I'm losing a LOT of valuable information, pictures, music, etc. Ugh. And I don't back up. I know, I know! I need to start backing up.

Enough of that though because otherwise I'm going to start crying! LOL

Here's this week's question. It's going to require a bit of thinking from a TV production point of view.
Many of you know about the reality TV show "We Got Married". It's where celebrities are paired up and pretend to be married and living together. They get different type of "mission activities" or whatever and we all get to be entertained by watching good looking people deal with some everyday challenges that many married couples encounter.

Well, if you were to be in charge of picking out the next couple, who would you pick? It's not just about pairing up your favorite male star and favorite female star. You have to think about what would make for an interesting show to watch, who would get along enoughto work together, but challenge each other so that it's entertaining and not boring. For example, the original Ssangchu couple (Hwangbo and Kim Hyun-joong of SS501 had a six year age difference where the girl was the older one. I think it was six years...was it seven? eight? Well, you get the point!).

Tell me your couple choice and why you picked them! Answer away and check to see if your answers were announced on our next KPI!!


  1. OMG!!! I'm like a total fan of WGM! Been watching it since the day of Kang-in and Yoonji. It's been a really nice show even up to now, and I'm really enjoying the antics of the Adam and YongSeo couples. (Hope Seohyun doesn't get taken off WGM due to 소녀시대's Japan debut...)

    Incidentally, I think it would be great if IU and Seulong were paired up to be a couple for WGM. (Save for the fact that Seulong is a host of WGM) The chemistry that I felt between them when they collabrated on 잔소리 was really great and I feel that it would be awesome if they become part of the WGM couples. Petite wife and Joker husband.... That would be quite a mouthful ;D

    Aloysius, Singapore

  2. "We Got Married" is one of my favourite reality TV show, love "Alex&Shinae couple" & recently supporting"Khuntoria couple". In my opinoin,Ok Taecyeon & Yuna will make a great couple seeing that collabration in the Cabi CF, they do have great chemistry.

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  4. hehe ~ I love WGM - Jokwon and Gain & Hwangbo and Hyunjoong are my favourite couple.
    i would love to see eunhyuk with any female artist that's not in SM. i would love to see how he would treat his wife XD
    but ok someone who im not bias-ing hmm ~
    *thinking hard*
    jinwoon and luna or seulong and luna??
    i dunno, it seems like luna wont make things awkward and same with the boys
    they seem down to earth too :)

    Kim Valerio

  5. i don't watch WGM a lot , but i'm planning to catch up to the YongSeo and Khuntoria couples , my friend keep telling me about how cool they are XD

    i'd love to see Seoulong and IU as a couple , they looked so good together, i think they'd make a couple similar to they couple they were on the song , that would be something i wanna see XD
    i also think Taecyeon & Yuna will be an interesting couple to see as well
    if they have those 2 couples on WGM , then i'll definitely be the biggest fan of the show ^_^

    Rehab . E

  6. Hi Angie,

    I would love to see superstars Rain and Lee Hyori be a couple on WGM. They have such dominant personalities that it would be nothing less than AWESOME entertainment. Can you imagine Hyori being a wife or Rain being a husband? Oh the power struggle... then again they could both be completely passive during relationships and that would be amusing to see as well.

    BTW- favorite couples of WGM were the Ant Couple and the Lettuce Couple.


    Kim Shaw
    Virginia USA

  7. ALSO, so sorry abut your computer. That happened to me last year and all my music was lost. I cried for two days. LOL Yes, it was that devestating. Hope your laptop can be saved. T__T

    - Kim

  8. Hi..
    there s lots of Idols who r going to be cute as couple..
    in my opinion i think (( IU )) and (( Taeyang ))they are really really going to be great couple as IU is really crazy abt taeyang..
    And the other couple is (( Lee SeungGi )) n (( Han HyoJoo )) coz they were so cute in their drama Shining inheritance they really suit each other.. ^_^

    HudHud.... from Qatar

  9. I love WGM!!!
    My favorite couples are Ga In and Jo Kwon :D
    I would really like to see Rain and Hyori! I mean they are already close but I want to see them closer

    Connecticut, USA

  10. Well, I would like to see Boa and Kim Hyung Joon of SS501.
    He says that BOA is her ideal girl. So I was thinking that it would be interesting to see how they would interact in a marriage.

  11. Hey Angie,

    It is nice to meet you. I have just tune in to KBS World Radio. Actually I just know that there is the application in iPhone (laughing).

    I have been a fan of WGM since the show start in 2008. Even though the couples are paired-up but it's unique to see 2 unknown people get to know each other and I am so lucky to see their 'relationship' grow. Alshin coule was my favourite but I like all the couples because they showed different characteristics which make it more interesting. Right now, I am still watching all the new idol couples..Adam Couple is daebak!

    If I get to choose a couple to be on the show, they would be Super Junior's DongHae and Wonder Girls's SunYe. I once saw both of the groups in a show and DongHae seems to put a lot of attention to SunYe. They will make a lovely couple, sharing their happy and sad life stories and bring tears and laughter to the show. ( I was hoping they would date in the real world, just hoping haha).

    Even though it is just a show but I enjoy it. Thank you for the topic.

    Adeline Toh
    Medan, Indonesia.

  12. i agree @Jessica...i would like to see SS501 Kim Hyung Jun with Boa...when i watch SSangchu couple arranged a blind date for Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun,they were very cute^^

  13. Hi Angie,

    I favourite WGM couple are AlShin, KangJi, YongSeo and KhunToria. Now, I would like to see BeastDooJoon and f(x)Sulli on We Got Married.

    Michie (Michelle)

  14. Hi Angie!

    I'm Esra from the Netherlands and I've been listening to KPI for a couple months and following this blog since a few weeks ago.

    I think 비 and 소녀시대's Sunny would be a nice couple since 비 acts very mature (well he is ofcourse) and Sunny has a lot of 애교 so maybe sunny can bring the immature and funny side out of him. And ofcourse 비 is food for the eyes and it's fun to watch sunny.

    I also think that SHINee's Onew and 2NE1's Sandara will make a great couple.
    Onew's dorky side fits with Sandara's dorky side.

    - Esra

  15. Hi there,

    Hope your problem with your PC has been resolved and that your valuable data etc can be recovered.

    Can't really take part in this week's Y2C as I've never seen "We Got Married".

    BTW, happy 1st year to Young. Managed to catch the KPC show yesterday to celebrate the milestone. Kudos to Humayoon for his great eye for details and remembering!


  16. Hi Angie ^^

    This question has so many answers!! A lot of people seem to like IU (though she's probably too young T_T) and I'm one of them. ^^

    I would love to see Taeyang and IU, just because IU is such a Taeyang fan girl. I want to watch their interactions while she freaks out. I'd also like to see Super Junior's Eunhyuk with IU, because he once stated that he gets really nervous around her.

    Um... I think Doojoon and G.NA would be a cute couple too. They looked adorable together in G.NA's "꺼져 줄게 잘 살아" music video.

    Now, if we're talking guy-guy relationships, Eunhyuk and Dongae (Eunhae) is a must!! :D

    Sadly, Angie, I'm going to summer camp next week! That means I won't be able to listen to KPI, and I won't hear the winners of the CD drawing. :( I do hope I win, but I'll be sad because I'm missing out on hearing you~!!

    - Michelle (from California)

  17. hmmm this is an interesting Y2C.
    I can't pick my favorite male celebrities because I will be heartbroken when I see them getting married (even if it is fake), and I can't pick the ones I don't like because then I won't even watch the show!
    Decisions decisions...
    I know I definitely want the female celebrity to be either Yuri or Tiffany from SNSD. I know Seohyun is already on the show, but I think Yuri/Tiffany have wayy more interesting personalities! No offense to Seohyun, but I think she is kind of dull.
    As for the male celebrity, I really want to see Taeyang with Yuri. Taeyang said on Strong Heart that Yuri and him are really close friends. I want to see if they have chemistry!~ This will be the typical celebrity couple, but I think they are more interesting. Taeyang is so cute and shy; Yuri is so cute and happy. They both can dance really well. I think it'll be great!
    As for Tiffany, I think she's pretty well known for being outgoing and friendly with guys. I think her husband in the show should be someone from a new boy group. SNSD has been around for a while, and almost every guy in Korea is crazy for them! So I want to see her paired with a new boy group member and see him gaga over her!

    -Jenny (from Houston)

  18. I always like watching an 'odd couple' because it makes a good show.

    My pick would be F(x)'s Amber, and Big Bang's G-Dragon.

    I love Amber. English is her main language, and GD only knows a bit. So that would be cool if they talked english back and forth. And she is also a tomboy-type person, so it would make great TV since that is not the type of girl I think GD would pick for himself.

    They are from rival companies SM and YG. Pop vs. Hip-hop. As professionals, GD could teach Amber a lot. However, as a couple, GD can be very shy around girls (Note: when its offstage...we all know the 'incident' at his concert LOL), and I believe Amber would be very outgoing. That would be make for interesting TV for sure.

  19. Hi Angie,

    I didn't get to answer this because I didn't have internet, but I'd like to see Park Hyo Shin and Lee Ji Young (from Big Mama) because they're my favorite singers. Well, I like Kim Bum Soo also, so maybe he can be their son ^^
    I don't know.

    God Bless,
    Paul T.

  20. Jang Guen Suk & Park Shin Hye please!