Sunday, August 15, 2010

Your Two Cents: Kpop Group Formula???

How was everyone's week/weekend? Hope you all got a chance to rest up and recharge before we tackle this new upcoming week! I can definitely feel the temperatures starting to slowly but surely go down in Korea. Don't get me wrong! It's still hot!! But it's not AS hot as maybe about two weeks ago. ^^

Alright, without further adieu, let's get this week's question!

This week, I want you all to think like entertainment company workers. Pretend your Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment or one of the reps from SM Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment, DSP Entertainment, Pledis, Star, ete etc. etc. Gosh there are so many out there! You need to form a new boy or girl group.

1. How many members are you going to include?
2. What will each of their "roles" be? For example: the cute/baby one (Sohee from Wonder Girls), the strong and charismatic leader (Kahi of After School), the not exactly good looking one but funny one (Daesung of Big Bang or Shindong of Super Junior), etc. You don't need to name a role for every member, but just name a few of the important ones that you feel a group definitely NEEDS.

AND if you're able to answer one more question:
3. What will set this group apart from other groups out there? For example, you can describe their unique style, or maybe a little "talent" that the members will have to show off at variety shows and stuff (for example, Victoria from f(x)'s ability to be extra flexible). etc.

This week will definitely require a little bit of thinking! Answer away and tune into KPI to see if your answers are read!! ^^


  1. hi dj angie!.
    how are you?.
    hope your okay there!.. take care always..

    nice y2c question..

    1.For me, I want 8 members. why 8? I heard that number 8 is the most powerful number. I think the number of the members will help in the progress and success of the group.

    2. In that 8 members, I want to be fair on them. I will not choose a leader, hence, i will make each member as a leader of their group. They must be responsible and cooperative. I want each member will love, respect, help, share their talents and take care each other. I also want that their characteristics are opposite from each of them.coz i believe that in the saying 'oppostie attracts'. They can manage their responsibilities and can perform well.

    3. This group will be different from the other group. How? The artist will not only focus on singing and dancing. I will surely let them to use their other talents like using instruments, acting, DJ, MC. etc. They will not only focusing on one or two talents only but as long as they have others.
    And the one i really want, they will not only be an artist but be a role model for the other youth this days. I will let them to have some campaigns or programs that they can share to the other people. Have a public service campaign. They will use their talents as singers/dancers to engage the people to do good deeds and let all their fans to cheer up always.

    hehehe.. thats all.this question was so exciting. :)

  2. Hello Angie :D

    Erm for the first question, I think I will have 5 members. I think that is the BEST. It will be easier :D Actually i was thinking if 13 would be nice, but i think if there would be another 13 member group, there must be another WONDERFUL leader, like Teukie. But that would also be tiring. XD So i feel that 5 members would be fine :D

    For the second question, i think that there must be a good leader that can lead the other members, and take care of the members like their family members. Someone like Teukie would be the Best :D I think that all or 3 of the members must be powerful in their vocals. LIKE Super Junior KRY :D They should also be able to dance well. XD Second member must be funny and entertaining, someone like Shindong :D Third member should be someone like SiWon, handsome and charismatic and strong and muscular :D The fourth member should be like Donghae or Eunhyuk or Ryeowook or like Sungmin, cute. Nope, Super CUTE and lovely XD Lastly, i think the last member must be like someone like KyuHyun XD The EVIL MAKNAE that "bully" his hyungs :D but is also loveable and talented.

    OH MAN IM SO SUJU BIASED :D Hope you don't mind :D

    I think that this group apart from other groups out there might be their powerful vocals and their strong bonds :D

    Thank you Angie :D HWAITING :D
    - Suju biased: Yuki

  3. this Y2C question makes my inner fanfic-author squee like she just won tickets to a BigBang concert..... :D

    kk, so i would have 6 members. 6 is easy to split up without leaving anyone out, and if anyone's missing from a performance or appearance their part is easy to cover since there's so many people. (this setup would work for a boy- girl- or mixed-group)

    Their roles would be:
    1:The Leader
    2:The "Band Mommy"/second-in-command (think of Jaejoong from TVXQ)
    3:The Shy one (this would totally be me. i get SO camera shy)
    4:The "funny" one (this is the one that tries to be funny, then gets laughed at. think of Junsu's (again, TVXQ) gags from Japanese programs)
    5:The Mischevious one
    6:The innocent one (imagine Taemin or Changmin shortly after debut. they're so cute you want them to stay that way forever!)

    This group would stand out because they would do a lot of Accappella stuff (like TVXQ) and combine both modern and classic dance styles, (i have yet to see a kpop idol do salsa onstage, but it's probably out there somewhere....)
    and i would totally send them to europe instead of America after they got big in korea/japan. GERMANY FTW!

  4. Hi Angie ~
    what a great but hard question!

    1. I will have 5 members, 3 guys and 2 girls. I've always liked the concept of girls and guys in a group. I guess with guys and balances things out, less drama too maybe. I noticed that girls causes alot of dramas with other girls, so maybe if they have oppas or dongsaengs that are guys, they could balance it out.
    2. Of course the most mature, whoever it maybe, age doesnt matter will/can be the leader type of person. Another is someone who's like Heechul, outgoing and is friends with everyone. I want them to vary, from gamer, sporty, nerdy/smart, neat/quiet. Of course talented too, singing, dancing, mcing, acting! hehe like Super Junior ^^
    3. This group will stand out because of their great vocals, dancing skills, charisma...hmmm sorry Angie, SO SUJU bias! Their bond will stand out too, even guy to girl. A sister-brother bond. Like a family, yes a little teasing and annoying will be shown hehe ~ This band will also be known in Australia!!!! YAY!!! hehe :P

    Thanks Angie
    keep it up :)
    take care ^^

    Kim Valerio

  5. Hiya Angie~ 야아~ 이질문이 너무힘들하다!

    1. I have an affinity with 5 members... Not too big, not too small a group either. 3 girls and 2 boys. I have seen too many single-gender groups and hoping that more mixed groups will jump on the bandwagon. Also, maybe some of the members could be foreigners i.e. Chinese or Japanese
    2. Well, to me...
    - I would pick someone who has the ability to bond all the members together as a group as the leader. This is very important as the wrong choice of leader could lead to the disbanding of the group.
    - The joker. The group can't possibly be a totally emotionless one, so the joker is there to brighten up the day or clear up the awkward atmosphere by cracking a joke.
    - The outgoing extrovert. A rookie group would do well with some advertising so the extrovert is there to ensure that his group receives attention ;D
    - Of course, all members must be passionate about singing/dancing. Or else, why is the group even existent in the first place.
    3. The group should stand out with not only vocals, but with the wit and ability to react to variety show requirements. Their affinity and bonds with fans should be strong as well.

    Heheh... It'd be quite hard to fulfill all these requirements. But that's the beauty of current groups. As they improve, we as fans grow to love them even more.

    Take care and give a shout to DJ Young for me ;D

    Aloysius, Singapore

  6. Hi there,

    This isn't a new idea but if I want to form a boy or girl group to make waves in South-East Asia, I'd pick GREAT singers who'd be fluent in various languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Tagalog, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia or Malay. If I wanted to make it a group of 6, then I'd include a member who can speak Vietnamese as well. All of them would also be able to hold a conversation in English as well, naturally!

    Would it be too much to ask if each member could master a different traditional musical instrument as well?

    For another group, I'd pick members from mixed parentage - just to shake things up a bit and challenge expectations.


  7. Hi Angie,

    If I am a entertainment company worker, I would find someone with Raw Talent in composing, dancing, singing, great sence of humor and have a great personality. I would choose a group of 7 (Lucky 7).

    Specialty of the group is that they not only able to speak many languages but also able to compose songs for their own album (music composition with traditional music instrucments/percussion), choreograph dance, able to sing in many types of genre and able to collaborate with many singers (individually or as a group)


  8. Hi Angie.This is the formula of my ideal band.
    1.There should be 5 members.
    2.*The band may create a small family with 2 older members who are responsible for taking care of the younger ones.
    *All of them should speak foreign languages (especially English) fluently.
    *One will be in the role of making the other laugh (just like Heechul or Daesung).However,all the members should be flexible and active as well as humorous (more or less)
    3.I think this ideal band should compose and sing their own songs and create the choreograph for the band as well.They also are able to play musical instruments even the instruments which are rarely used.In aspect of stuff shown in variety shows,there may be member who can imitate every sound of animals or instruments.

    That is my opinion^^

  9. Hi Angie!! This is a really hard question, but I think what I would want in a group has already mostly been said.

    1. Since there's been so many girl groups debuting recently, this would be a boy group with five members. Five isn't too big or too small, and there's just enough people for everyone to get along and cover parts.

    2. Leader - He would be the most responsible and mother-like, though he may not be the loudest/oldest of the group.
    Variety one - I think there should at least be one funny member. He would be loud and able to keep the group alive on variety shows.
    Smart one - One member would be really smart, and enjoys composing music and writing lyrics. He'll be kind of like the genius nerd musician, but he'll still be adorable at the same time.
    Actor - There would be a member that not only concentrates on his musical career but really loves acting too. (Though he should still be passionate about singing/dancing.)
    Rapper - I think every group should have a main rapper who writes original raps.
    Of course, there could be more than one of some categories and people who can be multiple, but those are what I believe every group should have.

    3. This group would be the best of Asia. Every member would have trained for many years, perfecting their vocals and their dance skills. They can hit all notes, high or low, and perform synchronized choreography. They won't use auto-tune, ever, especially during live performances.
    It would be great if they could speak foreign languages. There would be, at most, one native Korean, while the other members are from other countries, like America, Europe, Japan and other Asian countries. In addition to their home language, the members would also speak Korean and English fluently.
    Also, since they've trained for so many years, this group would have an unbreakable brotherly bond. They would last several years in the K-Pop industry, rising to the top and never disbanding. ^^

    This would definitely be my dream K-Pop group, hehe. (:
    -Michelle from California

  10. Hi Angie,
    1.)If I am a entertainment company worker,I will form a group of 5 member and the group name will be M5.The member will come from 5 different country in order to get into the international market.
    2.)There will be the vocalist as the leader,two dancer member ,one guitar or drum player and another second vocalist and rapper.Maybe sometimes the leader will write the song and compose by one of the member.This would be fun if a group can sing all the song that write by themselves.
    3.)This group will totally different because this is not only a 'local' Korea group but an international group that will sing different language of song.This group will be like S.M.A.P
    in Japan even though the group member will have their own career but they will never disband.The song they sang will be totally different not some ordinary rap song or electronic music but also will include classic.They will be the Westlife of Korea.

  11. 안녕하세요? 안대웅 입니다.

    1) I would pick a group of 4 women. It can be hard even with a group that size. If it were any bigger, you would have too many people in the background who will potentially cause drama and want to leave the group.

    2) It would have to be a group with something for everyone. 1 rapper, 1 lead vocalist, I would also want 1 good song writer and 1 good dancer so that everyone could combine their skills to have a good stable sound and make up for what the others may lack. They would also need to harmonize very well.

    3) The way I would make them different is by have a group of all 외국인's. One of the complaints I would always about many K-Dramas years ago was that they all seemed to be the same just with different titles. K-pop could get the same way if you have everyone trying to look the same and sound the same. My group would have more of a Big Mama image and would mix the best parts of Korean culture with other cultures as well. They would not be raunchy or dirty but would be a group even older Koreans could be proud of. Love the show. Keep up the good work.

  12. Hi Angie,

    There would be 3 members of the group.
    2 ladies and 1 guy.
    The leader: Sophia
    The Rapper: DJ Young
    The break dancer: you
    Your group name: KPC
    This group will be different by being LEGENDARY!

    The Fanboy: Me ^^

    Take Care and God Bless,

    Paul T.

  13. Paul T's great idea is inspiring. How about a special for this year's KPC anniversary? Make a recording of the trio performing and post it on Angie's blog???

    Encore! Encore!