Monday, July 26, 2010

Pics From Star Chat With Miss A!!!

Did you guys enjoy DJ Young's Star Chat with Miss A?!?!
They're so cute! Definitely another step for globalized idol groups considering between the four of them they can speak Korean, Chinese, and English! Min's English was a lot better than I expected...

Who was your favorite member? If you guys missed it, rewatch the interview here!

P.S. Courtney from Hawaii, please email me your full name and address so I can email you your 2wins' CD from our last 2wins Star Chat. If you missed this past KPI, I announced that I drew a name from the SIX commenters on my two blog entries related to the talented hip hop duo 2wins. COURTNEY was the winner and so you get your FREE SIGNED copy of the guys' new mini-album. After a week, I'm going to have to pick a new winner though so PLEASE email me your information before then! Thanks ^^


  1. i saw the star chat yesterday/today , well it aired 3:30 am today , but i still managed to listen to it ^_^
    it was so short , but yea min's english was SO GOOD ~ and i liked the part where they speaked chinese ~~they really are so talented
    i don't have a favorite member yet~ cause i'm still not so familiar with miss A, now i just like them all ^^

    and Congrats Courtney on your CD ~~ hope you enjoy it ^_^

  2. I thought the interview was great. The girls sound so nice and lively, that’s probably because DJ Young had them revved up with his awesome interviewing skills. ^^ Missed Angie, but enjoyed hearing a Young interview and hope to hear more from Miss A.

    -Kim ^^

    Kim Shaw
    Virginia USA

  3. hehe congratz to courtney!!!
    ahh ~ the girl's were so awesome and cute hehe ~ thanks Young for the awesome interview :)
    the girls are so talented and just being able to speak different languages ~ its hard!
    ahh dont have a fav yet :) soon when i get familiar with the girls ^^
    missed you angie!! ~

    keep it up angie & young :)
    take care

  4. Miss A's English was unexpectedly good! I really liked the part where they spoke in Chinese too because I'm Chinese!
    I like Korean groups that know English and Chinese because I can understand them without translations/subs!

    -Jenny :)

  5. Cheers to courtney for winning the CD ;D

    Anyway, intially I did not think much about Miss A. However, after this edition of Star Chat, I've changed my perception of Miss A and really appreciate the talents that they have. I hope they will rise to become one of Korea's best girl groups. 파이팅!!!

    Aloysius, Singapore