Sunday, May 2, 2010

ONE WAY and April's CD Drawing Winners!!!

So as you all know, this past Sunday had a GREAT edition of Korean Pop Interactive (KPI)! Mainly for TWO reasons:
1. We had another Star Chat with the guys of ONEWAY!!!
2. I announced the winners of our CD Drawing for the month of April!

Let me first start with the CD Drawing Winners! Drumroll please.....*dumdumdumdum* (how do you imitate a drumroll through words?!?! haha)

Name: Ida Zawani Bt Zainal Abidin
CD: Super Junior "supershow 2"
Address: Perak,Malaysia.

Name: James Philip Torrato
Cd: Girls Generation "Oh"
Address: Cavite City, Philippines

Name: Rehab Elkhayat
CD: TVXQ's "Mirotic" CD
"2pm 1:59"
"Rain's Back to the basics"
Address: Tanta , Egypt

Name: Nikka
Cd: DBSK "Mirotic"
Address: Nevada, USA

Congratulations you guys!!! And like I ALWAYS say...even if you DID or DID NOT win this month, TRY AGAIN! Luck of the draw will only tell who wins NEXT month! ^^

If you're new to the KPI family, let me quickly explain:
1. We have a CD drawing every month where we pick FOUR winners to ship off a KPOP CD of their choice to where ever they are in the world!
2. To enter, all you have to do is email me with your name, mailing address, and which kpop CD you want!
3. Please limit entries to only ONE a week, because any additional entries will NOT increase your chances!
4. Good luck and try month after month!!

Now with all that business aside, let's talk about the guys of Oneway!

To be honest, it was really more for me to get the guys of Oneway in for an interview. I was totally on Sophia's case about it until we finally scheduled it for the most recent KPI airing! Haha This was the case for two reasons. One, I think they're incredibly talented with a fresh (not your "typical" kpop) sound, but kind of still under the radar. Two, they speak English! Which makes MY job much easier! ^^;;

They were ON TIME! In fact, WE (KBS) were the ones that were slightly late with another recording that kind of went overtime. -.-;; They were incredibly polite (Sophia LOVED them!) despite the fact that Peter was feeling slightly under the weather, and they were ALL EXHAUSTED from a couple all-nighters (they're trying to meet a recording deadline for tomorrow!) at the studio. They were incredibly down to Earth and a total pleasure to interview. They put all of their physical tiredness aside and did their best to deliver an entertaining interview for their international fans! They even brought me an autographed copy of their CD (which is GREAT might I add! Favorite track USED to be "Magic", but now I like "One Way"). Just incredibly talented yet HUMBLE guys. Show 'em lots of love you guys! They also have twitter accounts, and I know for a fact that they try super hard to get on it often and interact/respond to as many of their fans as possible! So "follow" them!

NOT TO MENTION DJ Young and my own twitter accounts that I would HOPE you all are ALREADY following!! ;)

(please indulge in my self promoting that I'm doing here... ^^;; )

ANYWAYS...we had a TOTAL blast and I was just disappointed we couldn't make the interview longer. =( Because the show is fairly short, I was very limited and only got to ask them like half of the questions I had prepared. Who knows though? Sophia loved them so much, we may see more of them in the future! ;)

Well, hope you guys enjoyed the interview and if you missed it, no problem! You can check out the video clip at (click on "Entertainment" up on top, and then "Star Chat" on the left).


  1. hi angie

    i'm ida..the cd draw winner...thank you so much for choosing u so much..^^can't wait for the cd.thank you once again..^_^ by the way my add is the same..

  2. Hey Angie!!! I'm nikka the cd winner! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D woohoo!!!! I can't wait to get my DREAM CD!!! :D I will forever support KBS WORLD RADIO!! Thanks again!! ^^

  3. I also love the song "One Way"! That was the song that got me into Oneway to begin with. Awesome huh? The interview was so cool. Go Angie!!

  4. hi Angie!!!! thank you so much for picking me!!!!! I always make it a point to listen to your program!!!! I can't wait for the cd!!! hahaha!!! thank you so much KBS WORLD RADIO!!!! Angie fighting!!! ^_^

  5. Congrates to the winners!!!Really happy for you guys(^^)/


  6. on your 5/24 monday show, dj young was wondering about a song. it's an annie lenox song.